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The Link Up: Emily’s “Teeth Cleaning Lollipops” invented by a kid, Jess’s $30 Shearling Jacket & An At Home Nail Kit

HI FOLKS. It’s officially 2022 and we are officially full of hope that this year will be vastly better than the last. Are you with us?? Great. There is no time like the present so let’s get right into the links for this week:

Today’s home tour (via The Design Files) is a contemporary home that incorporated salvaged items from stables from the 1800s, so that should be all you need to convince you to click here and check it out. The project belongs to two sisters and their intention to highlight the history of the property is both inspiring and beautiful.

From Emily: I’m a sucker for this. I know it sounds too good to be true (and it might be) but I keep hearing about these ‘teeth cleaning lollipops‘ that can act as a treat for kids (and grownups) but are supposed to mitigate tooth decay and cavities. My spidey sense warns me that they can’t be better for your teeth than actually brushing teeth, but I see it as a good alternative to a sugary sweet. It was invented by a 12-year-old ‘candy-preneur’ who obviously saw a hole and filled it.

From Mallory: I’m VERY into powder dip nails right now (they last longer than gel IMHO!) so when I saw this powder dip kit, I got very excited. I recently purchased it as a gift for my friend who’s also heavily into powder dip…I’ll report back on how she likes it and when I’ll cave in and get one for myself!!

From Jess: I’ve been wanting a sporty shearling jacket but simply didn’t want to spend the money on an expensive one. So when I was shopping for my last trip, I saw this little guy for only $30! It’s cute, I love the super small hits of neon and I feel fun and put together when I wear it with just jeans or workout leggings.

From Ryann: I have a Nordstrom Rack less than a mile from my apartment which is a blessing and a curse. The other day I went there with only the purest intentions to find a gift for a White Elephant game but I somehow left with a few things for myself?? Very strange. One of the things I got is this jacket that is insanely cozy. It’s a steal at $45 and I really love the crop fit and the way it drapes. I got an XL but I think I could have sized down to a L for a more fitted look. I also bought these platform heels and this velvet dress that by the time you are reading this I will have worn on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. 🙂

From Caitlin: In the spirit of the new year, I wanted to share the 4 things on my phone that I could not live without: Robinhood, for making stocks and ETFS easy; Coinbase, my crypto wallet of choice (if you’ve ever been interested in learning more about the whole space, their resource library is great); You Need a Budget for all things financial; and Axios’ daily newsletters for staying up-to-date with the world (I subscribe to AM/PM, Pro Rata, Capital, Media Trends, Login, Science, Space, and World). Highly recommend all of these if you’re looking to start off 2022 on the right foot!!!

Alright sweet friends, that is all for now. Happy 2022 and we hope to see you tomorrow for a fun farmhouse update. xx

Opener Image Credit: Design by Sibling Architecture | Photo by Katherine Lu | From: An 1800s Stable Turned Contemporary Home Connected To Bushland, History + Family

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2 years ago

wow, a beautiful house with an amazing family. it’s fantastic. thanks.

2 years ago

I’d prefer to see links/reviews for products you have actually used. That nail kit has very middling reviews.

2 years ago
Reply to  Emily

Agreed and imo…SKIP IT! I have it and it’s really hard to get the coats thin enough. And it looks ridiculous when it’s too thick. I’m pretty good at home beauty stuff (I do my own lash lifts 🤣) and I still couldn’t get my nails to look nice with any consistency. (And the few times I did, the polish lifted really easily.) Oh! Also my nails were super damaged after using the kit.

2 years ago

Please make sure your dogs never get into the lollipops! Xylitol Is extremely poisonous to dogs.

2 years ago
Reply to  Ano

And wait till you see what it does to your guts. NEVER AGAIN

Olivia Jane
2 years ago

Caitlin, I always love your recommendations! I might be a decade older than you, but I want to be as savvy as you when I grow up. 😉 Also would loooooove a Caitlin Slow Fashion post in 2022 — it’s one of my big goals for the year.

Kelly P
2 years ago

I have also recently got into dip powder nails. I haven’t tried the kit you linked to, but I got the starter kit that comes with 1 color of your choice from Revel Nail and I’m extremely happy with it. It was easy to use (after watching a couple of YouTube videos, obvs) and it turned pretty great for my first time. I got the color D246 Festival and it was the perfect shade of red for the holidays. I’ve now got my eye on several new colors and am even considering a glitter(!) so be forewarned that it can be somewhat addictive. Here’s the link to the US website I’m actually in the UK and ordered from here though The kit shipped from Germany and took about a week to arrive.

2 years ago

Xylitol can’t be digested by cavity causing bacteria. It also isn’t great for gut health. Use it as a rinse but don’t consume it. If you do consume it, use birch xylitol and not GMO corn xylitol.

Also, NOTHING replaces brushing twice each day and flossing once each day with STRING FLOSS in a C shape around each tooth.

(Trust me, I’m a dental assistant)

Ruth Ann
2 years ago

Caitlin – great suggestions for the New Year! Thank you

2 years ago

Just want to let Emily and other readers know that the “teeth cleaning lollipops” contain Xylitol which is EXTREMELY TOXIC to dogs. I have unfortunately heard many tragic stories involving dogs dying from ingesting small amounts of this substance, enough that I personally think they should come with a warning label. It’s also found in some gums and toothpastes. Have a safe new year!

2 years ago

Please reconsider promoting cryptocurrency on your blog. I know it is hot these days, but it is also literally warming our planet! Ethereum alone is estimated to contribute 0.1% of all global energy use. That might not sound like a lot, but we need to be reducing our emissions, not increasing them. Unlike heating our homes, there’s no need for cryptocurrency to exist.

2 years ago

After seeing a few people recommend it online, I tried a Dazzle Dry manicure in a salon. I liked it enough to buy the kit for myself (although I can’t get it to last 2-3 weeks). The best thing is the 5-coat system is easy (just brush on) and dries rock hard in less than 20 minutes. It’s all natural, good for your nails and removes with any nail polish remover. I don’t have long/beautiful nails so I just use the “Rose Quartz” (basically my natural nail color on steroids), but they have tons of colors available.
*This sounds like an infomercial, but I really like it.