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Kid & Coe Instagram-Worthy Properties


Last Friday I wrote a post about traveling with kids, and I mentioned Kid and Coe, but now it’s time for an official shout out because they are a seriously great resource for families that travel with kids. They have over 850 rentals all over the world and no matter where they are all of them are so pretty, properly photographed, vetted, stylish, and family friendly. They aren’t your average Airbnbs (as you’ll see below).

When I say “family friendly” I mean that they often have toys, games, high chairs, cribs/pack’n plays (not guaranteed, but usually) and generally they are not full of toddler height glass objects or knife collections. A family lives there, therefore they get it. When we went to Australia they gave me a discount on our stay and we had such a great experience that I wanted to give them a huge shout out. It’s a service that you can use, but you can also rent out your own house as a Kid and Coe rental if it fits the bill. I’ve been super hesitant to Airbnb our house even though we often have to pay a house-sitter to stay while we are gone. But I’m seriously considering, once the construction is finished, renting it out via Kid and Coe because the idea of a vetted family, with kids seems so much less weird for some reason. It’s not like parents of kids are all of a sudden better people or less creepy, but there probably aren’t going to be big parties or weird things happening on my bed.

To prove the fact that these vacation rental houses are beyond what you are used to, we’ve rounded up our favorite, most destination worthy Kid and Coe homes out there. But don’t worry, if France isn’t an option there are a lot more out there to choose from in these here United States. Just put in your state/area and see what beautiful things come up.

The Fogo Residence – Brazil 

Emily Henderson Kid And Coe Properties17

The Hasseltssteeg Residence – Amsterdam

Emily Henderson Kid And Coe Properties9

The Luxembourg Residence – Paris

Emily Henderson Kid And Coe Properties8

Casa De Manquinas Residence – Mexico

Emily Henderson Kid And Coe Properties16

The Sisal Residence – Mexico

Emily Henderson Kid And Coe Properties15

The Can Mata’s Residence – Mallorca (Spain)

Emily Henderson Kid And Coe Properties6

The Zuma Barn – Malibu 

Emily Henderson Kid And Coe Properties14

The Trifillianika Residence – Greece

Emily Henderson Kid And Coe Properties20

The Swan Loft – New York City

Emily Henderson Kid And Coe Properties10

The Dar Beida Residence – Morocco

Emily Henderson Kid And Coe Properties19

 The Mariahilfer Residence – Vienna

Emily Henderson Kid And Coe Properties7

The Century Residence – Marin (SF)

Emily Henderson Kid And Coe Properties13

The Rivarella Villa – Croatia 

Emily Henderson Kid And Coe Properties5

The Cap Ferret Residence – Cap Ferret (France)

Emily Henderson Kid And Coe Properties3

The Mazzini Residence – Italy

Emily Henderson Kid And Coe Properties2

The Drakothea Residence – Greece

Emily Henderson Kid And Coe Properties1

The Oak Residence – Hamptons

Emily Henderson Kid And Coe Properties12

See, I told you. So stunning. Obviously for someone like me who wants to get instagrammable photos out of my vacation as well, these houses double as beautiful interiors as well as a home to stay in. Now I don’t know if everyone gets as good of customer service as I received, but the people that built and run this company are so lovely and make the experience feel really personal. Questions were answered immediately and advice was given quickly.

Want more travel advice? Check it out here: Traveling With Kids – Our Successes and Failures, What I Brought Home From Australia, My 8 Favorite Things About Our Australia Trip (And One Sad Thing)

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It’s always so dreamy to see the really good rentals rounded up. Thanks!

P.S. The last photo (Hamptons) is a shot from the Marin house. But very similar! 😉


I am kind of a germaphobe, so I’m curios whether the houses that participate get a professional clean before they are rented. They look beautiful and I love the idea!


This is amazing. We have had such a hard time traveling with two kids before due to the cost of renting multiple rooms, trying to get a cot rolled in from downstairs, or just the stresses of trying to make it work in a small room. I will definitely have to check this out.


Thank goodness for this. I am bookmarking this for our next family vacation!

The kitchen in that Amsterdam house <3

It's not pulling up right now but I hope it comes back because I really want to check out the full place!


Ok. These are amazing. But, I don’t understand how this works?? If you invest that much in your home and take that much care into the design, how on earth are you okay renting it out total strangers with kids??? I have a 2.5 yr old, and I KNOW he would stain or destroy something. Am I on the hook to replace that $25k carpet that juice splashes on?? Are they not actually personal residences, but just homes that Kid & Coe designs and rents out? If I actually stayed in ones of these houses, I’d be on pins and needles the whole time terrified my kid would destroy something that I could never replace….lovely, affordable rental properties…but I just don’t see many of them as kid (or maybe toddler??) friendly. lol!!

Too delicate decoration. I like the photo”The Mariahilfer Residence – Vienna”.

This is amazing, Emily! Our best mom/style advice keeps coming from you. Thank you for your kind words! Love, the Kid & Coe team

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Beautiful spaces and eye candy! But the photo of the Century residence in Marin shows the same room as the photo of the Oak residence in the Hamptons, no?


The SF one is the only one that looks like a kid might enjoy staying in, funny to bill the homes as kid friendly but no signs of toddler beds, toys, etc….

Very good brief and this post helped me a lot. Say thank you I searching for your facts. Continuous it..

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Emily you are one gorgeous lady…and you are insane! You are too well known to rent your house out!! You have lots of adoring followers who feel like they know you, the potential is there for one of them to be an “extremist” fan who would go Single White Female on your a**!!! Then there is the issue of all your gorgeous stuff going home as souvenirs…I mean I would probably book a stay for next time I am passing through LA, just for the opportunity to meet you and stay in a house designed by you…but the temptation of some vintage art or ceramics ending up at my house (or go all out and snatch the string art!!) would be too overwhelming. Don’t get me wrong, I am honest and trustworthy every other day of my life, but yeah, you’ve got too much good stuff! The devil on my shoulder would win!! Hahaha!

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