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What I Brought Home From Australia


I didn’t get enough shopping time in Sydney. I visited exactly 1/10 of the stores that I wanted to and lamented that fact daily. If it were morally legal to cry because you didn’t get to go see Sibella Court’s store, then I would have. But I didn’t cry, because I’m not a total spoiled idiot. I have now realized that until the kids are 5 and 7 that shopping isn’t something I’ll be able to do so much on vacation and that’s ok. But I did get 5-6 hours of shopping in and like a lizard, without water for months who spotted a river nearby, I ran fast and gulped it up.

What I Bought In Australia - Emily Henderson Home Design Shopping-409

The tricky part of shopping while on vacation is trying to get it home without adding another suitcase (I failed at this). So I have a general rule – if you can purchase this online in your own country, then don’t buy it. That sounds obvious but its not. When we were in Spain I went to Zara and had two carts full, mostly because it was so much cheaper and better than the Zara here. But ultimately I didn’t buy ONE thing because I realized how silly it was for me to schlep it all the way home when I could buy most of it online.

Enter my biggest problem: Citta.

What I Bought In Australia - Emily Henderson Home Design Shopping-413

Citta is a New Zealand design house that makes such pretty things and they have a new store in Sydney (but is completely unavailable in the states). I bought a stupid amount there, including my new favorite blush linen bathrobe (similar found here) which is not-shown, because I only had time to photograph a few things and every time I tried to ‘model’ that robe it looked like I was trying WAY too hard to be in a 2016 blogger L.L. Bean catalog. That blanket (which I can’t track down online but similar found here) and the new blue patchwork pillow are both from Citta and I love them so much. The pink diagonal stripe pillow is from Rebecca Atwood which is amazing, the oversized blue pillow is from Target, and the blush pouf was from the Lulu and Georgia holiday sale for $50. HA.

What I Bought In Australia - Emily Henderson Home Design Shopping-408

That mug, pink bowl and pouches are all from Citta. Its pretty affordable, like Crate and Barrel prices. Not cheap, but not expensive. The rest of the items are from Hay. You can buy some Hay pieces in the states but not enough and only in some random stores (they don’t have a direct site here). Those pretty pens/pencils, that beautiful glass covered dish and the gold nail clippers are all A+ hoards that are unique, easy to pack and were inexpensive. That rose gold locket I didn’t exactly buy there but its new and it has to be shown off.

What I Bought In Australia - Emily Henderson Home Design Shopping-400

I went to only a couple clothing stores. One was this designer consignment shop called Di Nuovo, that had a STRANGELY good selection of clothing. That little ruffle skirt is so cute and fun to wear (similar found here), and those shoes (last year’s Acne) are so pretty, comfortable and flattering. All my social media feeds tell me that ruffles are happening, so yea, I’m pretty in these days.

What I Bought In Australia - Emily Henderson Home Design Shopping-412

That denim shirt is my new favorite, from Vanishing Elephants (the shorts are from The Gap). I wish they had a stocker in the states because I love ALL of their clothes (for men, too). I bought those shoes in Spain (but you can get them here, too) and hadn’t worn them yet so it seemed like a good time to break them in. Also holding that pose was VERY difficult.  Not sure why I thought that was a good idea …

What I like so much about the shirt is the really wide stiff collar, the bell sleeves and the tent shape.

What I Bought In Australia - Emily Henderson Home Design Shopping-414

It’s tailored, but comfortable. I bought a few more things, this dress (which is currently on pre-order) and a blush pink leather bag (I couldn’t find a picture of it but now I really want this bag).

Well, that’s what I bought while I was in Australia. Nothing too groundbreaking but all stuff that I really love. While I missed a lot of stores that I really wanted to go to, what I got to see/buy was really great. Next time, folks. Next time.

If you are an Aussie please leave your favorite stores in the comments so other travelers can see them and so I can google and ogle from afar. xx

*Photos by Tessa Neustadt. If you are curious about our Australia trip, check out this post. 

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I LOVE the tassel throw so much! And $50 for the blush pouf? That is such a great deal. #shoppinggoals

There is nothing I love more then laying out all my little treasures after an amazing trip! You picked out some incredible stuff!


I lived in Australia for 2.5 years and could hardly wait to get back to the US for shopping. Granted I lived in Perth and not Sydney or Melbourne so I did like shopping there when we went on vacation but it’s all so expensive. Country Road is a good store for clothes and housewares – kind of JCrew-ish. But honestly IKEA was best for a lot of home shopping. It all starts to look the same there after a while. Super modern or mid-century modern. People flipped over my Ballard Designs linen slip covered sectional. I did like their interior design magazines and brought all of them home with me – InsideOut, Home Beautiful, In Style, Vogue Living. So happy to get Domino again!! And they had a fun show on tv called “The Block”.


I am just happy to see that a popular blogger knows Sibella Court’s name. I think she is absolutely incredible, a true original, and I don’t understand why she isn’t better known in blogger-land, especially those who pride themselves on Boho style, or who love Anthropologie. Love your blog as well…you are a true original, too 🙂


Sorry, I should say that you are a popular stylist and blogger. Didn’t mean to short change that part.

Looks like you hit the motherlode on vacation! Love it all!


I would have cried about not going to Sibella Court’s store and I wouldn’t have felt bad about it. GAH, she’s amazing. Just the pictures on her site of the shop make me drool. Additionally, those pillows were worth the additional piece of luggage.

LOVE that pink mug. so pretty! is it matte on the outside? and $50 for that pouf?! GET OUTTA HERE. so jealous.


where’s the big blue pillow from? so lovely with the pink


You got the Lulu & Georgia pouf for only $50!?!?!? Next time they run that special- please alert me!!

Elisa F

If I had get-away-sticks like yours, I would ONLY wear shorts and that cute ruffled skirt – all the time.


I am married to an Aussie and go every couple of years. One place I always love visiting is Gorman I think it might be only be in the Melbourne area, but it’s super quirky and fun.

Gabrielle Smith

Gorman is everywhere is Australia! Like evvvverywhere. It’s the best for finding something different and fun!


Gorman is KEY!!! And they have really easy and cheap-ish shipping overseas. Their stuff is amazing!


Fun fact: Citta is pronounced “cheetah” 🙂

When I go to certain country, there will be stuff that comes out cheaper that my country. So I thought why now stock up at home while I can buy them on a website. Anyway, great post xo


Stoked you liked Sydney. Sydney is my home and I couldn’t think of a more beautiful city. There are so many places you missed out on but definitely worth checking out on line. I work in props and wardrobe for TVC’s. Here are a few of my fav’s. Zimmerman is amazing for fashion. Alice McCall is fun. Bec and Bridge. Bassike is relaxed tailored fashion. The Upside for activewear. Ellery is just beautiful. In terms of local homewares, Koskela is such an iconic store, Ahoy Trader is really beach you, The Design Twins are a local couple who make concrete planters etc. also around the corner from Society Inc, Sibella’s shop. Jardan is an Australian furniture company and its sooooo good. Also next time head to Byron and stay at The Atlantic and Halcyon House.

Beautiful porcelain range made here in Sydney and you can find stockists worldwide. oops..forgot the link

Thanks for sharing Emily. Does Vanishing elephant fit true to size? Thanks. Liking their pieces.

Kara is a stylist and photographer. Amazing prints and homewares. Ships worldwide.

Carlene Duffy

I understood Sibella’s Court’s Sydney retail space had closed?????

Ellen de Vries

It didn’t close, it just relocated from Paddington to St Peters 🙂


Where did you get those black comfy shoes?? They’re amazing!

Hi such a pity that you actually bought the dress from my store KOH WOMAN but are tagging another store!!!
Oh well


Legs for days! Gorgeous, I am inspired to work out to get the legs of my youth back 🙂


Where is the scallop rug from??

Ellen de Vries

I work above HAY here in Sydney and Citta is just around the corner. Talk about temptation…

P.S. Just a bit of nitpicking – it’s Vanish Elephant (not Elephants). I let it slide the first time 😉


I traveled to New Zealand & Australia like 15 years ago (I am from LA) and was similarly in love with the shopping there, even back then. The design just seemed better and more affordable, at the same time. This might be TMI but my fav pair of comfy underwear is still a pair I bought in New Zealand at just some random store, that have held up all these years!


We Aussies still have “The Block”…addictive show! We also have “House Rules” (my fav) where teams do each other’s houses according to “rules” left by the absent couple who await the great reveal. Great shows and not so ‘staged’ as US shows. But…I hafta say, Tracey, that Perth so ain’t wot it used ta be as far as shopping goes. So many things happening here by makers and original designers and at crazy-good-affordable prices! I was given a truly beautiful, hand made large bowl in acid yellow, blue and a touch of black. It sits on the centre of our scrubbed dining table, surrounded by brightly coloured chairs and it’s a drop in the ocean of ceramics, textiles, hand made wooden furniture, the list goes on! We still do have one issue though, being the most isolated capital city on the world…..the time factor. Many of us couch the term WA (Western Australia) as Wait-A-while, since many-a-time, we have to wait about 6 weeks for stuff to get here from the East coast after we’ve made a down-payment for it. Mr and I tend to buy what’s actually there, in the shop and sometimes pay a little more, just not… Read more »


My husband lived in Perth for a year for work (I stayed home in Melbourne) and while he was there I fell in love with a furniture and home chain called Empire. We ended up ordering a piece from them; the trouble is we ordered in June and I didn’t get it until May! Granted it was a custom piece made in Indonesia so with manufacturing, shipping to Perth and then Melbourne, etc it was always going to take a while but omg. They also screwed up the order so the original wait time doubled. So basically when we bought it my husband was halfway into the year and was going to take it home with him, but by the time it had arrived we had to organize cross-country shipping! I was also not pregnant when we bought it, and when it arrived my daughter was 3 weeks old 🙂 All this to say: I love Empire and wish shipping our way wasn’t such a big deal either!



Come to Melbourne, Emily and I will personally escort you to my favourite stores. There is so much great design here. Aussie-made geniuses abound.

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