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Design 101: Let’s Talk About Throw Blankets And How To Style Them + Shop Our Favorites

If you haven’t noticed from the multitude of pumpkin items at the grocery store… fall is in the air. That means with each passing day the undeniable urge to “cozify” our homes is getting stronger and stronger (and I’m not mad about it). Have you given in yet?? There’s one easy way to start leaning in and that’s (you guessed it) THROW BLANKETS PEOPLE!

I’ve personally always been enamored by the art of the throw blanket. How to throw it, where to throw it, which throws to buy… the questions go on and on so… Welcome to the official EHD throw blanket guide.

I felt the best plan of attack for this post was to break it down by furniture item. Meaning, I’m breaking down all the pieces of furniture you can throw throws on…including some you may not have thought to throw throws on before. We’re starting with the most obvious: the sofa.


I started asking my throw questions to Emily a while back, who created this IGTV to teach me how to throw a throw (if you haven’t seen it –– give it a watch it). If you’re anti-Instagram or if you just want this video clearly laid out…here’re your throw placement options for your sofa:

The Corner Throw

Quite possibly the most widely used option…here is the corner throw drape. It can be casually thrown to look more “organic” or you can go with a folded, more clean-cut look. Here are some examples:

So you’ve made the choice to either be organic (right) or folded (left), now you have one more stylistic choice you need to make…all the way up and over the back of the sofa, or the seat-cushion-only throw. The options above are the up and over option…here are some SCC (seat-cushion-only) examples:

As you can see here, you also have the option to go clean-cut or organic. The choice is yours my friends πŸ™‚

The Arm Throw

The over the arm throw is an EHD favorite –– especially if the arm of your sofa is the first thing you see when you enter your living room. It visually catches your eye and can add color, texture, and layer to a room upon entrance. Now the same rule applies if you enter your room to find the back of your sofa. Behold…

Back of the Sofa

This lil trick can give the back of your sofa the glow up it deserves. Look how much more visually interesting the backs of these sofas look? Not to mention it’s a VERY budget-friendly and easy option. 10/10.

The Chaise Throw

If you have a chaise on your sofa –– this one’s for you. This is a technique Em’s used in her own house for years. Specifically, with this very comfy, modern couch that just never goes out of style. Here’s how she used it in 2 different houses with 2 different throws…

As you can see, this is a great option for sectionals (especially if you wanna double up on throw blankets as seen above). If you’re more of a casual minimalist, you can do what Em did in her best friend Suzanne’s living room, where they went for a more “effortlessly casual” throw over the chaise. To achieve this look, don’t fold the throw –– just throw it and see what happens (This is Emily’s actual method). Here’s an example below:

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: a pet-friendly, modern living room reveal

So those are our go-to sofa throw options, let’s get steamy and move right along into the bedroom…


photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: elevated prairie: target’s fall collection 2019

A throw for your bed is NOT to be confused with a bed blanket (there’s a post about this coming soon). A bed blanket is MUCH bigger than an average throw because, well, it covers your bed. If you think a throw is the only blanket that goes across the bottom of your bed, you’ll be sad to know that you’re wrong (that was a classic design mistake I made before working here). A traditionally sized throw is too small to cover the entire bottom of your bed (unless you have a twin…then maybe…). This should be used purely for decoration purposes & to add texture. That’s why it’s generally draped on one corner of the bed & not perfectly straight (otherwise it will look like it’s trying to be it’s older sister, the bed blanket). We typically layer a throw on top of a quilt, blanket, or bedspread so it feels more anchored, but can add that extra pop of color beds sometimes need (plus we love a layered look). Here’s how you throw it on your bed…

photo by tessa neustadt | from: elliot’s room styled to sell

I’m so glad we’re not confused about the difference between bed blankets and throws anymore. It personally took me a long time to figure out, but ain’t it better on the other side? Let’s jet right into the last place you can throw your throws…


If you couldn’t tell from the above photo, we LOVE a throw on a chair moment. It makes a chair look so much more inviting –– like you could snuggle up w a book and some cocoa (sounds dreamy, right?). Here are some examples of what a throw can be on a chair:

As you can see, it can either go on the seat cushion, arm, or both (if the arm is really low). Just like in the couch throw examples, you can either do a more organic looking throw, or you can fold it (it’s completely up to you). If you wanna go for the clean-cut fold, you can drape it over the arm OR go for the next option…

Over the top

We love the over the top, folded look. It gives the chair some texture and is just like “over the back of the couch” throw option, this is a great choice if you can see the chair from the backside to add texture and interest.

Now we love throws on chairs, but let’s talk about one last place you can put your throws. It’ starts with a B and rhymes with henches…

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: elevated prairie: target’s fall collection 2019

Benches! You got it. A bench throw adds so much texture and really makes it look like a cozy seating area that stands on its own. And just like always, don’t forget you can either fold or go more organic. The choice is yours (make it count).

Hopefully, you feel like a throw blanket expert by now & are feeling inspired to add some throws around your house (especially now that fall is imminent). Don’t worry the fun isn’t over because I have some GREAT shoppable options for you.

1. Stargazer Plus Throw | 2. Geometric Sherpa Throw | 3. Winston Porter Textured Throw | 4. Double Sided Faux Fur Throw | 5. Ribbed Plus Throw Blanket | 6. Chunky Oversized Throw | 7. Anti-Allergic Chunky Blanket | 8. Paige Sherpa Throw | 9. Chenille Throw Blanket | 10. Chunky Knit Throw | 11. Heathered Fleece Blue Throw | 12. Black and Beige Woven Throw

1. Elulia Throw | 2. Everyday Cotton Throw | 3. Tapestry Throw Blanket | 4. Picasso Throw | 5. Border Stripe Throw | 6. Three Posts Throw | 7. Happy Habitat Recycled Cotton | 8. Arcadian Throw | 9. Dots Black and Ivory Throw | 10. Ivory Diamond Cotton Throw | 11. Gabi Ethiopian Cotton Throw | 12. Abstract Embroidered Cotton Throw

Where are you throwing your throw??? Bed? Chair? Sofa? All of the above? Let’s chat about it below. HAPPY THROWSDAY! πŸ™‚

Opening Image Credit: From Elevated Prairie: Target’s Fall Collection 2019 | Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

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Suzanne Mercier
3 years ago

I must point out that you’ve forgotten the “front of the arm throw”, which is used to cover up the chunk of the sofa that my cat used as a scratching post. Form AND Function! πŸ™‚

3 years ago

I use a throw on the end/corner of my bed and I really struggle with getting it to look good! The ‘art of the throw’ has not been easy to master!

3 years ago

I’m so ready for this time of year! How do I keep my throws from sliding all over my leather sofa? It’s a struggle.

3 years ago
Reply to  Yolonda

I was about to ask this! Pillows too! Help!

3 years ago

the beautiful deep colors and textures on the Target fall collection made me want to go back to 2019 and shop….. love that elevated prairie. this post is the first thing that has made me happy about impending autumn so far this year! thanks!

3 years ago

YAY — Thanks so much for this!! For years, I’ve needed pointers on ways to arrange throws so they don’t look stiff, weird or like the proverbial “one thing too many.” You’ve saved me!

3 years ago

How many throws is too many in one room? I have an open layout living-dining-kitchen. I currently have a throw on each couch and one on a bench (to hide where my now 9-year-old’s leaky diaper somehow removed the finish). I’d love to add one (or two?) on some side chairs that aren’t very comfortable, but don’t have the bandwidth to replace now.
At what point does it go from cosy/eclectic to bonkers/crazy cat lady?

Christina Wellhouser
3 years ago

Can we hAve a dedicated follow up on the bed blanket- sizes, roundup, etc.?! Xo

Margrethe Aavatsmark Berg
3 years ago

Dear Emily. I was hoping to find a source for a specific throw/blanket here. In one of your recent videos where you show how you make and style your bed nowadays you have a BEAUTIFUL throw with stripes in light and dark blue, yellow/orange/golden and light grey. Could you please tell me where this throw can be bought? And is it a wool throw?