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How To Hang Lights, Garlands, And Wreaths Without Destroying Your Walls – Our 5 Go-To Hanging Hacks

Just yesterday I got a very exciting package in the mail–one that I’ve been waiting by the window for ever since I clicked purchase. It was the Christmas stockings I ordered for Rocky, Gus, and I!! I ripped the packaging open like a bear and couldn’t wait to hang them up. I of course quickly realized that I did not have any adhesives or hooks that would allow me to do so which is the worst feeling when you are so excited to start hanging holiday decor. Instead of hanging them up right away like a little kid, I had to run to the store and get the proper materials for such a task. This got me thinking. What are the best ways to hang decor without making holes or ruining furniture? A few weeks ago I bought some indoor lights and I did the childish thing which was nail holes in the walls that future Ryann will need to come to terms with. Surely there’s a better way! Well, folks there is. So if you are also looking for the best non damaging ways to hang decor, this is the post for you. Let’s get to it.

Hanging Wreaths With A Ribbon

I love this hack. Not only does the ribbon add another whimsical holiday element, but it is also the prettiest way to hang your wreaths. I also appreciate that this hack allows you to hang wreaths in some non-traditional places. Jess hung hers over a window in her kitchen and Emily hung them asymmetrically along her staircases in the mountain house (she used very small nails in the stairs so it wouldn’t leave a random hole– you can also use strong double-sided tape or putty). I’ve also seen them hung over kitchen cabinets which is VERY cute. The sky is the limit, my friends.

1. Antique Gold Swiss Velvet Ribbon | 2. Double Faced Satin Ribbon | 3. Double Face Satin Ribbon 20 Yards  Gold | 4. Double Face Satin Ribbon 20 Yards Green | 5. Black and White Buffalo Check Plaid Ribbon | 6. 2.5in 21ft Velvet Black – Wondershop™

Use Command Strips Or Putty

We use command strips all the time for photoshoots and they work incredibly well and are so easy to remove. With white walls, the white ones are hardly noticeable but we tend to opt for the clear ones. If the decor you are hanging doesn’t require a hook you can also use putty. I personally love putty because it’s reusable but they don’t work for everything (like stockings for example).

Funny story. I was about to stick some command hooks on our record cabinet to hang our stockings and my fiancé stopped me as if my hair was on fire and said “don’t just stick them on! What if it pulls off the finish!!!” Oh, right. So we read the packaging to see if there were any warnings about sticking them on wood furniture (there wasn’t) so I chose a spot you can’t see and did a little test run. I VERY MUCH RECOMMEND YOU DO THIS. The strips didn’t do damage to the record cabinet but when I tested one on our front door, the finish did indeed tear off a bit. Emily also suggests following the directions and pull down to remove so you don’t rip paint off your walls. So that is a little cautionary tale for ya.

1. Command Large Sized Decorative Hook with Strips Clear | 2. Museum Gel, Clear | 3. Command Clear Medium Hooks, 7 Hooks | 4. Scotch 2oz Removable Mounting Putty | 5. Command Outdoor Light Clips, Clear, 20-Clips | 6. Collectors Hold Museum Putty

photo by veronica crawford | from: 5 easy ways to create a holiday mood

Believe it or not, these curtain lights were hung with clear command hooks! If you’ve ever used command strips before then you know they are not invisible but your eye isn’t drawn to them as you would think. The fairy lights distract from the hooks and you’ll have no holes to worry about.

Tape Twigs And Garlands To Wall Art Or Mirrors

Here is a way to display your garlands without using any hooks. Just simply use double-sided tape or any adhesive and stick them to the top or around the border of any wall hanging. It’s such an easy hack and it makes your holiday decor look intentional as it blends with your regular decor.

Use Zip Ties Or Fishing Line

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: how we decked our halls for christmas

Zip ties are great for hanging garlands on curtain rods, staircases, or even for hanging wreaths. You can get zip ties in any color so if you are hanging a garland for example you can get green ones so they are less noticeable.

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: my first refined traditional holiday look…target style

If you really want to seem like a magician you can use fishing line which is basically invisible. Emily used fishing line to hang that wonderful oversized wire wreath above and it looks like it’s suspended in mid-air. I love it. Just make sure you leave some wiggle room to remove them when the holidays are over. If the wire is too tight I can imagine it being a real pain to undo.

Over The Door Wreath Hangers

photo and design by studio mcgee

For a quick and dirty wreath hanging option, an over-the-door hanger will get the job done and requires no holes or adhesives. Just like any over-the-door hook, they slip over the top of the frame and are usually thin enough that you can still shut your door all the way AND you will have a beautiful wreath to show for it.

1. Sterling 1 X Metal Wreath Hanger 12″ L Black | 2. Home Leaf Wreath Hanger in Metallic Gold |3. Modern Metal Wreath Hanger. | 4. Over-The-Door Wreath Hanger | 5. 13.5in Wreath Hanger Matte Red | 6. Wreath Hanger, Copper

Now I hope you feel confident and ready to hang your holiday decor without doing a ton of damage. I know I am! xx

Opener Image Credit: Photo by Veronica Crawford | From: 5 Easy ways To Create A Holiday Mood

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E E Deere
2 years ago

Ryann has been hitting it out of the park with her posts lately. Love the content and inspiration. I hope Santa is good to her!

2 years ago

I just made two wreaths last night and didn’t know about some of these products. Gah, I love this blog.

2 years ago

I just got these( suction hooks for my wreaths. I got it for my glass french door, but it also works on my interior wood door. And I love that it is hidden behind the wreath.

Michelle T
2 years ago

Any chance some holiday home tours are on their way? This site always has the BEST inspiration and holiday style, no matter the designer or home. The Target post was lovely, but I always prefer seeing what you all do in your own homes for the holidays.

2 years ago

be careful with command hooks. they tore our wall when we tried to remove it.

2 years ago

Great ideas! Just beware if you have kittens/puppies and you hang garland with command hooks! We had gorgeous garland hanging and then our 8 month old kittens jumped on it, ripped it down, and took the paint and part of the drywall off with it! haha.

2 years ago

I’m in the UK, so not sure if you guys have them, but I use garland ties to hang garlands. I get them in pound shops (our equivalent of dollar stores)

2 years ago

I have had several failures with the clear command strips but was fine with the solid color. If you have to hang something on the heavier side or something that pulls, use the solid adhesive strips with the hook that snaps on. For stairway garland, I’ve used zipties over strips of brown felt (to match the handrail). The felt keeps the zipties from ruining my finish and I can make them as tight as I want.

2 years ago

WOW! What an idea for Christmas, I would love to try one of them as Christmas is just its way.
Thanks a lot!

2 years ago

The best hack for wreaths on a door is to use ribbon and two wreaths. Loop the ribbon through each wreath and put one on either side of the door. Zero nails, hooks or putty needed