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It’s Jess’ 6 Year Workaversary And Here Are The 6 Biggest Things She’s Learned So Far (+ A Never-Been-Told Story)

*** A highjacking from me, Emily, real quick. Today is Jess’ six-year workaversary and I literally couldn’t be luckier to call her my #2. She brings and gives so much leadership, creativity, insight, innovation, compassion, loyalty, love, organization, ease, and FUN – I’m just constantly grateful and impressed. She has talked me up when I’m been so low, and effectively helped save the company when I was at my lowest. This blog would absolutely not be as great as it is without her steering this ship through the incredibly difficult waters of digital media. So let’s show Jess so much love in their comments. WE LOVE YOU JESS AND THANK YOU FOR SIX WONDERFUL YEARS. Love, Emily.

6 years. I can and also very much can’t wrap my brain around it. All I can think about when I see that number is how when I was living in New York I told my friends that my dream would be to work for Emily Henderson but she’s in LA and I’m definitely not moving to LA. Well, the joke’s on me because fate decided to play the long game by moving me to Australia with an ex, then to San Diego for a short 5-month stint, until an opportunity from my cousin got me an interview with Emily for a graphic design/admin position. To say I literally couldn’t believe it at the time is an understatement. But I eventually let myself believe it, put on a light blue wrap dress from H&M that I bought for the occasion, tried to calm the nausea, and went to my first interview. Then, like a little crazy person, emailed her once a week for a month to check in to see if she had made a decision. After that fourth email, I decided it was time to let it go. I got the hint. Ha. Honestly, I wasn’t too shocked but I was a little heartbroken. It just felt too serendipitous not to work out, right? Why was the universe doing this to me? What a tease! But then, after I had finally let it go, about a month later, I got the email asking for a second interview which turned into a week-long trial. I think that’s where we should actually start today’s lesson plan…

1. A Little “Fake It Till You Make It” Attitude Isn’t The Worst Idea (Sorry, Em!)

as a test, em asked me to create my dream living room and this is what I came up with. is it still the dream? no. but i still like it even though the price is WILD and it’s not even styled!

I didn’t technically lie (see above graphic for proof) but I maybe didn’t say that some of the required skills for the position were pretty new to me…as in I started learning photoshop when getting an interview was a real possibility. In a perfect world, I would have been a photoshop wiz, and a photography pro but I was neither. However, I had very basic skills and was a dedicated learner, willing to put in whatever work I needed to so I wouldn’t screw up my big shot. To my credit, I did have a decent amount of admin experience:) Now, this isn’t a new idea but it’s so true that women especially feel like they have to be experts at something before they even think about applying to a job, and normally that is 100% me. But I didn’t know if this chance would ever come back around and I wasn’t going to let my insecurities take over and not even try. So let this be a lesson in confidence. If you’ve literally never touched photoshop and that’s a huge part of the job you’re applying for, then maybe wait until you have some skills. But a lack of confidence with basic skills versus not being able to do the job at all are clearly two different things:) Also to any actual graphic designers, I apologize for these amateur GIFs you are about to see…

i actually sent this to emily with my resume and a few other graphics that I’m too embarrassed to put on the internet. smh.

I’ll never forget the first photoshop assignment that I was given on my first day. It was a GIF of Emily’s LA kitchen to help the readers see the vision. Brady asked me, “So you know photoshop, right?” to which I responded cool and calm with a quick “Yes.” Then with an “Ok, we’ll see” from Brady (accompanied by a gentle smirk as if he saw right through me!) I was off to hopefully be asked back the next day. Here is my masterpiece:

doesn’t this feel soooooo long ago?

2. Kindness And A Positive Attitude Are CRUCIAL For A Happy Work Environment (And Climbing The Ladder)

I can’t stress this enough and is HUGE to Emily (and me). When I say it’s essential to not only enjoying your work but also climbing the ladder is because I know that it was a factor in my getting promoted every couple of years. Yes, I work really hard and take pride in what I do so that’s paramount. But it’s much easier to hire someone who is clearly happy at work and brings good energy, right? If you were a boss isn’t that a person you’d want to keep around if their work was also on par? So even when some days are hard because you’re frustrated for whatever reason or you’ve got something hard going on in your personal life it just affects everything and everyone if you bring it to work. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t feel your feelings and bottle them all up, but your energy has power both positively and of course, negatively. Using it intentionally will make the work better, collaborating way more fun, and the overall morale of the company high. I think everyone here can attest to that. Please don’t take this as me promoting toxic positivity. We are really aware and sensitive so we can tell someone is off. Sometimes we check-in right away while other times we can tell they just need a little space. It’s just that at the end of the day, especially in a job that requires creativity, collaboration thrives with positivity and dies with the alternative.

The pandemic was, for obvious reasons, one of the most challenging times for this and I was promoted to editorial director less than a month before lockdown started. I am naturally a pretty positive person and felt I had learned so much about leading in this position from Brady and Arlyn who had been in this role before but this was uncharted territory. This was ALL of our first time being remote. We all, of course, had Emily but I wanted to prove I was up for the job and that she hadn’t made a mistake by promoting me. But I didn’t know how was I going to do my job and keep morale in a good place when all I could do outside of work hours was lay on the sofa in a near fetal position staring at the puzzle I had bought which was now taunting me. To be fair, everyone on the team has an incredible attitude but understandably we were in an uncertain time and I wanted to be there for everyone if they needed it. 

We clearly made it through those extremely tougher times, navigating it daily together. As a whole, it’s everyone’s positivity and kindness, creativity, and humor that make me happy to come to work, even when life is really hard. 

kinda staged but mostly not<3

As a side note, a huge reason for all of this is Emily’s hiring skills. She hires great people that only add to the strength of our content and our team. While I don’t know all of her secrets, her gut is usually right and she tries her best to take her time. If I’m ever in a hiring position, I will absolutely take this with me. Skills are absolutely important but attitude and energy might be more…or at least equal.

I mean look at this hardworking, fun group! Not mandatory to all like each other, but definitely a HUGE perk:)

3. Embrace Change And Be Flexible

At this point, I think I’ve been through six or seven versions of EHD. All special in their own ways. Every once in a while I’ll drive past our first office and really miss those days. Days when I was so new and SO scared but also incredibly happy because I loved the work and finally felt like I was building a career in the industry I’d dreamed about. But then we moved offices, decided to no longer take on private clients which meant Ginny and Mel were going to start their own companies, and a year after that, Brady decided it was time for a change. I remember thinking, “Brady can’t leave. What is EHD without Brady???” And while that shift was really sad because we all learned so much from him, we were ok. We knew what to do and of course, we had our Arlyn. Arlyn was the one who was willing to let me become a writer, drilled into me the importance of a work/life balance, and became one of my dearest friends. Then after a couple of years, Arlyn was ready to try her hand in a new field, giving her a new challenge after a decade in editorial. This then led to me getting the chance to take a stab at leading despite the similar feelings of not knowing how we would move forward without her. But here we are! We made it through lockdown, were are still doing great, and our real leader, Emily, is in a different state. Some of those shifts were easier than others, missing old coworkers persists, but I’m never not incredibly grateful for our team now. So just remember that change can be hard but also just be another kind of wonderful. Resisting change whether it’s employee shifts, location changes, or even a stupid algorithm, will only hold you back. Being adaptable is really the key to success. Em is the champ of this because after 12 years her business is still going strong and boy has she had to be willing to roll with the internet punches.

4. Fight For What You Believe In

Sorry for that wildly cliché header but you are about to find out why it makes the most sense. This is also something I never thought I’d write about but got Em’s permission so here we go. Curtain lifted. Back in September 2020, it was a particularly tough time as a company. Our dearest Sara and Em’s #2 was ready to go freelance. We simply weren’t shooting any projects so most of the admin/HR stuff was given to her (and because she’s great at everything, she was nailing it but it wasn’t what she wanted to do. Very understandable.) As happy as we were for her and knew she would still be our photographer and friend, it was a really hard loss. That lady is a rock that we all leaned on. I know I did. So with Sara leaving, the world going through a raging pandemic as well as a necessary racial justice uprising, Emily understandably was having a hard time seeing the future of the company and if her voice could be of service or was even needed anymore. On top of that, Em had an offer to potentially sell the blog to a larger company. That’s hard to not consider when everything feels so uncertain.

So on a Monday call, she and Sara announced that Sara would be leaving in a few months (to become a full-time freelance photographer) and we could tell Emily wasn’t sure what the future of the company was going to be without her while being in another state. For that whole day, I was nervous and trying to stay calm. Could this job that I loved, that had been my home, that was a catalyst for my creativity just going to vanish? But then on day two, I said “no”. I got extremely fired up and decided, with the help of the team, we were going to prove to Em how we could make this work, even with her in Portland. We pulled together a PowerPoint presentation showing ideas for the blog and social, ways for her to be less involved if/when she needed a break, and financial projections. I’ve never been so nervous but with Caitlin by my side, we gave her our presentation. It was a beautiful and emotional meeting and when it was done Em was really grateful for the work we all had put in. Naturally, she took some time to think about it but the presentation gave her the confidence she needed to know that we’ve got this. Everyone, especially at that time, goes through hard moments and while this blog needs all of us to run it, ultimately it’s all on her. She’s the leader and the face so that comes with an unbelievable amount of pressure as well as scrutiny. I’d like to think (which she has confirmed) that us being so passionate (and researched) made her feel super supported during that time and you may have guessed the outcome because well, we’re still here baby, 2 years later:)

5. I Don’t Want To Own My Own Business

This feels like a strange and almost shameful thing to admit because it almost feels un-American as if you aren’t an ambitious person. Not that I care at all about “being American” but we are raised to strive for it. It’s seen as the ultimate goal because if you’re lucky there are big financial pay-offs. But working here has taught me that it’s not my goal and here’s why. First off, when you have a boss who trusts you, gives you autonomy and agency to say, go to a doctor’s appointment without needing permission or making you use PTO, encourages/supports creative ideas, and generously gives you financial and experiential perks, there is not a lot that leaves you wanting too much more. Imagine that! Look, more money is always great (especially with the cost of living increasing by what feels like every hour) but HOT TIP, treat your employees well and like real people with lives and they may want to stay working for you. Of course, if starting your own company is your dream then yes, go for it. But I’ve found that I really enjoy being a leader while still in a supporting role, I thrive in it. And it’s not that I don’t think I could start my own business but I also see the pressure that a job like Emily’s has. Not to mention once again, the intense scrutiny of the internet. So despite being grateful and excited to show my work to the world and get a little recognition for it, even I still feel some pressure. I give so much credit to Emily for how she handles it all and yes, there are SO MANY wonderful parts about Emily’s job that are extremely enviable. It’s such a great life! But these six years here have shown me more of who I am and how I’m built and I’ve realized that I am really happy in this type of role. I say this to hopefully release any weird shame around this if you feel this way too. The world needs awesome new businesses with strong, generous owners, but they also need talented people to help run them.

6. The Story Behind This Photo (That Ends In Good Lesson)

TW: Body Image

This is more of a personal lesson I continue to learn as opposed to a work lesson. So my eyes look pretty bright and green, right? Well, there were especially green for this photo because I was crying before it was taken. Up until this day I had been on a really great routine of eating well and exercising which resulted in losing a little weight. Body image has always been my biggest hill to climb and has taken up the majority of my therapy hours. As much as I know it’s SUCH a waste of time that I wish I could get back and not continue to think about – we weren’t there then and honestly are only a tiny bit better now. Anyway, we started taking photos in the office and every photo of me I looked at made me want to crawl into a hole. It was as if all of my hard work vanished. I could feel the tears coming so I quickly went into the bathroom to let them out. So not only was I upset with how my body looked but I was also pissed off that I was so upset to the point of tears. How was I still so affected at 30?! Anyway, we moved outside and sweet, patient Veronica took some more shoots and we got one that I was happy with. And it’s not that I think anyone who sees this photo even has two thoughts about the person in it. But I just want to remind you (and me) that no matter how beautiful the room on the internet is, there’s a room right next to it that’s A MESS. And no matter how confident a person may look in a photo, they are likely dealing with a few issues that might be the same as yours. It’s a story as old as time but working at this wonderful job, with incredible people in what is considered by most a dream industry, isn’t perfect and doesn’t lack lots of mess. So while I am absolutely still guilty of comparison, and I know Em is too (we are human, unfortunately), remember that a photo or an instastory or whatever it is almost never tells the full story. Also, do your best to love yourself for every part of you. We’re stuck with ourselves and I’m working on it too<3

the blue dress and shoes i wore to my interview and honestly probably too formal ha.

Lesson plan/story time is over. Hope this was helpful or relatable, or minimally was fun to look at some old photos…and GIFs. It’s been a wonderful and wild six years and I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store<3

Love you, Most definitely mean it.

Opening Image Credits: Left Photo by Tessa Neustadt, From: Our New Design Library and a Sneak Peek Into Our Studio | Right Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp, Styled by Emily Bowser, From: MOTO Reveal! How Jess Made Her WFH Office/Living Room Totally Multifunctional (With Big Help From The World’s Most Beautiful Smart Monitor)

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3 months ago

As I read your stories, Jess, I laughed, I cried, I felt your highs and lows, and I admired your courage to be vulnerable on the internet. I dig the blue wrap dress. And I can totally relate to that scary, sinking feeling one gets when the wildly knowledgeable and super experienced colleagues in a work group begin to take their leaves, and suddenly YOU are at the top of the heap. On paper, Jess, your life and mine look considerably different but that’s the glory of stories like these – once the surface layers are peeled back, we see that we all share the common bonds of being human and that is a beautiful thing. Happy workaversary, lady, and here’s to many more!

3 months ago

Whew! As I was reading I started to worry you would be announcing your departure at the bottom. Happy anniv! I remember all those changes too and I am glad to have you along for the journey, Jess!

3 months ago

Happy work anniversary! Thank you and the whole team for keeping the blog running! It’s one of my favorite daily reads!

3 months ago

It’s not the popular thing among young people today — to stick in one job for longer than 2-3 years. But there are most definitely rewards for sticking around a work environment where you are thriving. I’ve been in the same company for (gulp) 30 years and I’m still learning and still liking what I do. Happy Workiversary. And just like you shouldn’t fixate on what size clothes or shoes you wear, you shouldn’t fixate on how long you’ve been in one job or one place if it’s a good place for you. Cheers to 6 years!

3 months ago
Reply to  LouAnn

I think people of all ages are willing to stay long term at companies that treat them well and pay appropriately/market rate. The generational difference only seems to come out in tenure at companies that don’t treat/pay employees well.

3 months ago

I would describe my boss just the same way! It is 100 percent the reason I kept working through the pandemic while schools were shut down. I wouldn’t have done it for anyone else.

Leigh H
3 months ago

Happy 6 years! Thank you for this, especially the last part about body image. You are amazing in your generosity and vulnerability. This is what the world and the internet need, thank you! I am a close follower of this blog since the beginning, thank you for saving it and all that you do. … and for emphasizing that kindness matters, it so does 🙂

Karen T.
3 months ago

Thanks for the peek inside your life and EHD. I’m chiming in to validate #5. I’m 20 years in as an individual contributor and wouldn’t have it any other way. I love my boss and love the work that I do and enjoy so many perks beyond the financial including the ability to shut it down at the end of the day without stressing over the entire business!! Here’s to many more years at EHD!

3 months ago

Wonderful Jess! Happy anniversary! I so enjoy your posts and especially love the rooms you design. They feel so inviting and livable. It was great to get some insight into your journey at EHD! Thank you for sharing. I could relate to so much of what you wrote.

3 months ago

As someone who reads this blog every day, I am so happy that the team decided to continue on with it. I love the variety of content both design and life related. It is part of my morning ritual and has been for 5 plus years now! Happy 6 years with what seems like an amazing team! Keep them coming. -XO From Halifax, NS, Canada

3 months ago
Reply to  karrie1234

Hi, Karrie from Halifax! I’m Dana, from the south shore area of NS :). Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jess and EHD Team! I’m a daily reader and so grateful for you all!! xoxo

3 months ago

What a wonderful person you are! Thanks for doing what you do! xoxo

3 months ago

This is a lovely, lovely post. And as a people manager, I can tell you that team members and leaders like you are worth their weight in gold! My mother died last week and I had to fly back from London (to Australia) within hours to be with her while we are running one of our biggest projects ever. I was able to be with her for her last days and take time since her death, and not look at my emails even once, knowing I can 1000 per cent rely on my very loyal team to keep everything running perfectly. You have no idea how much that means.
I can tell you that as a reader, I love reading the articles that feature the teams’ homes and really, REALLY enjoy all your different personalities. I like it even more than seeing Emily’s house, which tends to be more aspirational!
Congratulations on six years, congratulations on knowing yourself and thanks for your lovely openness.
And of course, thanks for all the great design inspo!!

🥰 Rusty
3 months ago
Reply to  Sally

Sorry for your loss, Sally.💗

3 months ago

Emily is so very lucky to have you on her team. You’re beautiful!

3 months ago

Love this post!

3 months ago

Happy Workaversary! You are (much) younger than I, and yet I still loved and learned from this post. All of you are inspirations with your creativity and work ethic. And you can totally tell you all love working with one another. What a gift that you found that environment! And what a gift for us that you share yourself so intimately and generously.

3 months ago

I found your post so relatable Jess, it made me feel quite emotional if I’m honest. You mentioned so many people who’ve impacted you – Emily, Arlyn, Sara, Brady – and all I can say is, if you are their legacy, they must be so very, very proud of you. Well done, here’s to lucky No. 7!

3 months ago

Happy workaversary! ! I love this blog and hope it never goes away! And not that it matters, but Jess- I’ve always thought you were so stunning! Thanks for all that you do because you’re definitely doing it right! ❤️

3 months ago

Happy work anniversary!

3 months ago

Congrats Jess! You are a very impressive young woman. I will be showing this post to my high school and college-aged kids as a wonderful primer on how to succeed, not only at work but at life! Emily, and us readers, are so lucky to have you. I know you don’t want to be an owner, but what about a partner? Given the value you create, maybe that could be a future power-point you present? Seems like a no-brainer to me! Also, agree with the the previous comment, you are a stunner! Know it, feel it, enjoy it!

Roberta Davis
3 months ago

So glad you’re here, Jess! And you are beautiful in every way!

🥰 Rusty
3 months ago

So scary to think that the blog was nearly absorbed by another! 😳 Emily, tgank you for being such a stayer and amazing leader. Over tge years, the genuine love (in the true meaning of the word) and respect all your team members gave demonstrated towards you, is palpable. Yup, coz you truly are a good human!!💞

Jess, you’re a gem. I’ve believed your “Love you, mean it.” when others questioned it. Good people need good people, can estimate a good human vs not, and Emily chose you! Yaaay!
Thank you for sharing in tender vulnerability.
Some of my favourite posts from you have been your take on social issues and the volition of your research has been so evident in your writing. Some truly moving pieces that caused me to pause and really think.

“Being adaptable is really the key to success” That’s like the story of being human and succeeding.
Rusty 🥰xx

3 months ago

This really got me right in the heart. I started reading this blog long before I owned my own creative company, and coming here the last couple years and getting a small peek into the really hard questions that Emily has been navigating has given me some sense of comfort, that I’m not alone and we can figure this out. Hearing how you (and Caitlin!) stepped up, supported, and very likely picked her back up literally brought tears to my eyes. Maybe it’s because I’ve been bedridden with COVID for the past 4 days and I’m emotionally raw and feeling extremely grateful for my own supportive team members, but thank you so much for sharing. <3 

emily jane
3 months ago
Reply to  Becca

Me too Becca -I’m currently part of a small team but the only on-property human (and only temporarily due to my partner’s family emergency) with lots of wonderful animals under my care and I am also moved to tears by this post.

Happy Work Anniversary Jess! Genuinely (and emotionally ; ) grateful for everyone here…

PS. Feel better soon Becca : )

3 months ago

Happy work anniversary! Thank you for doing all of the awesome work you do and for saving the blog!!!! For what it’s worth, I think you are stunning. 🙂
3 months ago

Thank you for your openness and honesty about NOT wanting to be a boss. Emily is fortunate to have you.

3 months ago

Hi Jess! Thank you so much for all that you do for EHD! Reading this blog is a bright spot every day for me and I know you are a huge part of that. I hope you can take some time to celebrate this momentous occasion!

3 months ago

Loved this as I love all your posts. This blog is such a happy place 🙂 Happy workaversary!

3 months ago

Happy six years, Jess! Your voice and the creative aesthetic you bring to the blog are such a joy. Thanks for all you do!

3 months ago

Congrats Jess! I really enjoyed this post and appreciate you sharing some of your innermost thoughts and behind-the-scenes experiences. Positivity is sooo important as a leader — Emily is lucky to have someone who can bring that to the table when she needs help. Thank you for being such an integral part of the team.

3 months ago

Ahh!! This post and the comments have me all choked up.
Jess, I always enjoy your posts so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you for stepping up in that hard time. Thank you Emily! Thank you Caitlin and whole team! You ladies are very dear to me. We all receive so much comfort and joy every morning from EHD and I’m just so grateful it continued.
Happy workaversary Jess!!! Congratulations! 🎉❤️

P.S. Here in Canada where owning your own business is less pursued, I was surprised to read that there might be any perception of shame at all in working for someone else! To me it is the norm! 😊

3 months ago

Happy workaversary! Thanks for sharing your story and insights. I’m sure it hasn’t been easy to see the place you work change so much (even though you seem to have an optimistic view of change). Sounds like a lot of uncertainty, but I appreciate your candid thoughts on it. Keep on doing all the great things you’re doing.

3 months ago

Wow. A presentation to convince Emily not to sell – this moved me so much! What an incredible vote of confidence for your leader. I’m glad you’re all still here and glad your support could help convince Emily that her voice still matters. Thank you for your determination and your commitment to a healthy company culture – that’s what elevates this site over every other blog or site on design, fashion, and lifestyle.

3 months ago

I’m late to the party but also wanted to wish you a happy work-aversary, Jess!!!! I always love hearing your voice on the blog!!!!! <3 <3 <3 And I loved your perspective on recoginising how you like to work and that that doesn’t always have to mean being the boss. I feel very similarly about myself but it seems to be a perspective that many people don’t share and seem to find confusing. It was really lovely to read your thoughts on this! 🙂

3 months ago

Happy Work Anniversary Jess! 🙂
I enjoyed reading your journey from interviewee to becoming Editorial Director at EHD, such a heartfelt story.
Your courage, hard work, creativity, positivity, flexibility, initiative, tenacity and lessons learned from your Dad (Hi Jess’s Dad!) and Mom, plus the thoughtful, generous leadership from Emily, and the kind and friendly support from the EHD Team have combined to lead you where you are today – Congratulations!! Well Done! 🙂
Having a job where you are valued, allowed to grow, and love is not common (but is should be) ….it is priceless and you deserve it!
A BIG Thank you for all that you do, and all the EHD contributors, the Team and Emily! 🙂

3 months ago

I love you SO much it hurts. I’ve seen you grow into your role as a leader at EHD (let’s get real, you were always a leader) and it makes me so proud of you and full of joy. You are a LIGHT of a human being. From our very first email when I was just freelancing, I knew you were special. Anyone who knows you (and gets to work with you) is blessed and privileged.

3 months ago

Ah. Arlyn. We miss you (and would like to squeeze that baby!). Jess is VERY VERY SPECIAL (and so are you). xx

🥰 Rusty
3 months ago

Arlyn!! You guys are making me cry…(happy tears)

3 months ago

Jess, Happy Workiversary! I’ve stopped reading so many blogs over the years, but EHD is still my favorite read every single day. In fact, my kids know NOT to bother me on Sunday mornings if they see me with my coffee and your link-up post. Ha! One of the reasons I’ve stuck around is because of you and your voice. Your work ethic and love for your job both shine through in your posts. You bring so much to EHD, (as does your family-love it when Les Bunge makes an appearance!). So happy to celebrate this day with you!

3 months ago

Jess, you are my FAVORITE voice on EHD and I just love you (and every space you’ve ever designed for yourself – always so great)! Loved reading this and really proud of you as if you’re my actual friend that I know in real life haha. Congrats on 6 years!

3 months ago

Happy work anniversary! I’m so glad you joined Em’s wonderful team and grateful for all the work you’ve put in. I’ll add my voice to the many…We appreciate who you are and what you do!

3 months ago

Hi Jess-what a heartwarming post! Love your thoughts on varied topics but especially on not wanting to be a boss. As a reader, I have sometimes wondered why Emily doesn’t have a rug or furniture collection or chose not to take private clients anymore. The fact that she draws boundaries and chooses to do what she wants and you and the team do as well is so great to see; especially for people like me who sometimes struggle to find a balance.

Wishing you and EHD many many successful years ahead!

3 months ago

Wow, you are very accomplished for a mere 30-year-old, and beautiful inside and out! I never comment, but this is a special occasion! Happy Anniversary!

3 months ago

Loved this self reflection and I can feel the passion leaping off the page! As a daily reader, we’re so glad you (and others) cheered each other (and Emily!) on during a very uncertain time. I also loved your insight into how you didn’t want your own company, and THAT IS MORE THAN OK! Leadership comes in many forms-and you clearly have that and a lot more! Thank you for sharing!

3 months ago

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3 months ago

Congrats, Jess. Your light, positivity and vulnerability shine through in your blog posts and are a big reason why I enjoy this blog.

3 months ago

I could totally relate to your story. I worked as a software engineer for many years, then quit when I had kids. Once they got a little older I created and ran my own blog for a number of years and now I paint and just created a website for it (it’s not up yet, but almost). I’ve had so many doubt at various points along the way but it’s always worked out in the end

3 months ago

I had no idea I almost lost my favorite blog! Thanks for your work, Jess, and thanks for saving us! So many lessons learned here – necessary racial justice uprising (what a perfect way to refer to the summer of 2020), real talk about body issues, discussion of how women thing they have to be masters of 100% of job requirements, securing someone’s permission before sharing their story. Cheers to your 6 years!

3 months ago

Happy workaversary, Jess! Yours is one of the wonderful voices that brings me back to this blog regularly and I’m really glad you got the job and moved into writing too. Love you, mean it!

Sarah W
3 months ago

Wowwwww Jess! Thank you so much for this!

3 months ago

Happy work-anniversary!

Mara P
3 months ago

Happy 6 year anniversary! I love your dream living room, green eyes, and every word you graciously shared about your journey. You are an inspiring creative and your leadership to help EHD evolve into its current form commands so much respect. Thank you for all you do and for all you share!

3 months ago

Has it really been six years?! That seems so long but also like you’ve always been part of the EHD team. Congratulations on your career path, achieving your dreams, MAKING IT, and growing as a human, employee, and friend.

3 months ago

Happy Workaversary! And thank you for pulling back the curtain and letting us into your work lives. THANK YOU for convincing Emily not to sell to a conglomerate. So smart of you all to demonstrate how a team can step up, share the heavy load, and make work better for all. I have been reading this blog since it was once or twice a week. It’s my morning friend! And I open it every day. And special mention to the post that you and Caitlyn wrote about riding out the shut down as a single person. You eloquently captured what so many people of your generation were experiencing. Here’s to many more!

3 months ago

What a beautiful story! Thank you for sharing.

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