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The Link Up: Em’s TOP Mother’s Day Gift Rec, Ryann’s Perfect T-Shirt, And The Spring Dress Caitlin Is Wearing To Every Event On Her Calendar

It’s Sunday, it’s the first day of May, and Em’s book comes out in just over ONE WEEK (have you preordered yet?)!! We hope you are about to have an equally exciting week and that it starts off right here and now with this link up. Enjoy!!

This week’s home tour is from none other than the wonderful Hopie Stockman (co-founder of EHD favorite, Block Shop) via Cup of Jo. Her home is magical. Hand-painted walls drench in happy peaches, blues, and greens. Just go experience it. Jess actually has the sweetest story about Hopie. Jess and her cousin went to Block Shop’s studio for an event about 4 years ago and quickly started chatting with Hopie and her sister. After telling them that they were cousins, Hopie sweetly looked at them and said, “So your cousins AND best friends??” Jess and her cousin looked at each other, never really before expressing to each other they were best friends, turned to Hopie and said, “Ya!” Now Jess and her cousin refer to each other as CBF (Cousin Best Friends). She helped them take their relationship to the next level:) Needless to say, Hopie’s sweet and kind spirit emanates from her and her warm home.

From Emily: It’s no secret I LOVE my infrared sauna blanket (my sweaty proof is here). I also was sent their red light face mask and from what I’ve seen on the market it’s a DEAL for this kind of thing. All this to say, for today only they are offering 20% off side wide with code EM20. I thought that with Mother’s day literally one week from today this might be a really nice gift to give (or maybe ask for). I honestly love mine.

Speaking of Mother’s day, we did a massive call-out last year to real moms asking what they ACTUALLY wanted and we did a big ole post about it. We still love that a paddleboard was requested by MANY moms. Bet you didn’t expect that, huh:) So if you are stumped look no further than this post.

From Ryann: When I tell you I am obsessed with these t-shirts please believe that I am not being hyperbolic. I’ve worn it in this brown color 4 times this week, and I have them in 4 different colors (but am going to absolutely buy more). They are the PERFECT baby tee and I love the length of the little cap sleeve. They are also ribbed which I find extremely comfortable. Excuse me while I add like 10 more to my cart!!

From Jess: After listening to this podcast episode about a new documentary called The Business of Birth Control (that I think everyone should listen to) I was immediately intrigued and watched the documentary the same day. They are the same people who did The Business of Being Born if you’ve heard of that documentary. I want to state that I and the people who made this documentary are pro contraceptives and in no way want to diminish the life-changing impact the pill had on the women’s liberation movement. But it’s been 72 years since the first pill was invented and not much has changed which isn’t a good thing. This documentary is purely about asking for better options and educating women (and doctors) by conducting actual studies on the very real and sometimes deadly side effects. I’m feeling very fired up and infuriated at the lack of research on women’s and people with female reproductive parts bodies. We still have suuuuuch a long way to go and I think this film is a really important start to get things moving. FYI it’s $14.99 to watch but promise it’s more than worth it.

From Mallory: Meet my new go-to purse/crossbody bag. I’ve always wanted a grab-and-go, throw over your outfit kind of crossbody that’s shorter than my insanely long crossbody and this one is the DREAM. Parker clay is such a cool brand I just found out about – if you’re in the market for a really good quality leather laptop bag (this one’s my fav) or really any kind of bag (or wallet), their stuff is INCREDIBLE. FUN FACT: I didn’t realize that Em has been onto Parker Clay for years! Makes this rec even more legit:)

From Caitlin: (siren sounds) I JUST FOUND THE BEST SPRING/SUMMER DRESS!!! (more siren sounds). OMG. Here’s the thing: I love a sleeve on a dress (have tattoos, don’t always want to talk about them with strangers, you know?) but it can be really hard to find long-sleeve dresses that are cute, well-fitting, and lightweight enough that I don’t get sweaty and that icky feeling if I’m doing something in the sun. This one is SO flattering (seriously, all the reviews are just like “this is so flattering”) and the construction is SO impressive for the price (like, special hook-and-eye closes in the chest, hooks for your bra, etc.). My weekend social calendar is currently non-stop bridal and baby showers – right now on week 2 of FIVE STRAIGHT WEEKS of said showers, y’all – so I’m so excited that there’s an affordable grab-and-go dress now in the rotation. It’s offered in sizes 00-24 AND in petite and tall and I’m pretty sure that like, EVERYONE would look amazing in it??? 100000/10.

Thanks for joining us today and see y’all tomorrow!!

Opening Image Credit: Design by Hopie Stockman | Photo by Laure Joliet | via Cup of Jo

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omg. this house tour is wonderful!

Cris S.
2 years ago

Jess – thank you for the The Business of Birth Control rec. I will try to watch that (hopefully wit my daughter).
I’m a fairly easy going, middle of the road, middle aged woman, but more and more I find myself thinking that, as a woman, if you aren’t really angry at the state of things, and the structures set up in this country that ignore women as human beings (as a nonpolitical example, that car driver safety testing uses only men’s bodies as the standard) then you just aren’t paying attention.

2 years ago
Reply to  Cris S.

YES Cris! The 99% invisible podcast ep that had to do with how women are basically ignored when performing tests and designing products, such as the car example you mentioned, and countless others (“common” signs of a heart attack, for example) had me shocked and then seething. Ep #363 for those interested. I will definitely check out the doc!

2 years ago
Reply to  Holly

For what it’s worth, those in the healthcare field are heavily taught on how unusual symptoms present in different populations. Typical heart attack symptoms present across the board and are just what one would suspect (left-sided chest pain, shortness of breath, etc.); but women may (or may not) have unusual, unexpected symptoms such abdominal pain. It’s not as malicious anti-woman as one might suspect. On the contrary, as an ER nurse, I found a great deal of focus was placed on looking for unexpected symptoms in certain populations, such a diabetic patients and women.

Alison Sanders
2 years ago
Reply to  Cris S.

There are a lot of valid critiques about the Business of Birth Control. I would recommend viewing it through the lens of opinion, as the documentary is at odds with decades of peer-reviewed clinical research. One good summary is below:
Ricki Lake’s Business of Birth Control Documentary Review (

2 years ago
Reply to  Alison Sanders

Thank you Allison, you saved me from using my time to watch a “scientific” documentary that advocates the rhythm method. As an “old” person raised Catholic, I can assure you the rhythm method does not work very well. 🙂

2 years ago

Hopei’s home is gorgeous, creative and so wonderfully personal – just LOVE it!
The fact that it’s a rental is also inspiring, and I am especially drawn to the hand painted bathrooms, the whimsey, and color are stunning. I have hand painted designs/mural walls on my home (not a rental) both bathrooms and my office/studio that I did years ago, love them still, though I am going to re-do both baths someday with other color stories I am planning on more in the kitchen, a chinoiserie inspired design that works around the walls, cabinets, appliances, windows and doors of my kitchen. 🙂
Thanks for sharing that home tour!

2 years ago

Thank you so much wonderful EHD team, I’m so touched to see this and be reminded of that lovely moment of connection with Jess…sending all my love to Jess and her CBF!! Xoxoxo

2 years ago

Thank you for spotlighting the business of birth control! I basically lost eight years of my life due to hormonal birth control side effects. Many, many (female) gynecologists telling me to just “use more lube” I finally found one who recognized that my symptoms were coming from the pill and took me off of it and prescribed pelvic floor therapy. It’s taken 2+ years but it’s honestly been life changing. I can’t describe how broken I felt not being able to function like a normal twenty something woman. I’m not anti birth control now but I hate how nonchalantly doctors treat prescribing it. If I had known what was possible I would have made different decisions. It wasn’t worth it to me.

For a good related book I recommend “This is your brain on birth control,” it talks about a lot of the studies about birth control side effects and why until recently there was a lack of research done on how “routine” medications affect women. Highly recommend!

2 years ago

we can’t see enough dresses in summer with sleeves. Industry should think about women who doesn’t want to show much or have body problems.