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Fall Entertaining with Target

Gather Around …


The second fall Target video is up and ready for your viewing pleasure. We are lovingly calling this one ‘Gather’ because its all about how to style and decorate for a casual fall gathering – in your kitchen, dining room, or any room in the house. As you can imagine I’m a big fan of low maintenance, easy, casual parties with lots of food and drink, mostly because that’s the kind of party that I like to go to. And while sure, it took a big crew to turn the kitchen into this fall mecca, all the ideas here are easy and attainable. It’s mixing what you already have with some new pieces from our favorite national retailer, Target, for a look that is warm and inviting, and yet affordable and timeless.


Start with a color palette, per usual. For fall you have the world’s permission to go more warm-toned with everything. Woods, coppers and pinks are always in of course, but this is when oranges, cranberries and mustards get their season in the sun. It’s almost like our little brains need season indicators – these colors tell us, even when the weather doesn’t, that it’s time to get cozy. Fun fact: It was probably 97 degrees outside 2 months ago when we were shooting this. We were REALLY cozy. Like as cozy as a fully dressed scuba diver in a sauna.


Speaking of hot. Target is hot on the plaid and metallic trend – a combination that could not be more me right now. The plaid is warm, soft, masculine and inviting and then BAM all shiny and rosy pink.

After you’ve got your color palette go for texture – as you all know fall is about layering, and the easiest way to layer without getting too insane is to layer soft textures in addition to a few patterns – but keep your patterns calm and quiet so that you aren’t entering into wacky world.


I love those Moscow mule mugs and have 6 of them. Someday (in FIVE WEEKS) I may also have an actual Moscow mule inside that mug and then inside my mouth. Also most copper Moscow mule mugs are $25 – $60 each (crazy, I know), but at Target they are only $10 (they aren’t online, but they are still in the store).


One of the reasons that I like white on the walls is because it’s such a blank canvas to add any colors, no matter what style/season it is. White, like mentos, is the fresh-maker. But if these colors would clash with whatever you have already going on right now in your house, adjust it so you aren’t fighting too hard to make it work. I always try to make my party palette work with the color palette of the existing room. How is it possible that I’ve never said ‘party palette’ before? For shame.


Think outside the flower. For this video we utilized feathers (which you can get at a craft store like Michaels, or your local wholesale flower market), branches, and artichokes – which is something you can order although isn’t always stocked at florists. Those artichokes are wild, and while they can be expensive ($5 each) they last a long time and are so graphic and unexpected.


On the other side of the room we created this wonderful plaid wallpaper accent wall – probably not something you’d do unless you are in a neck to neck styling contest with Sir. Martha herself, but we wanted to do it because it would look so smart in that photo. We took a pattern from one of their new plaid throws and had it made into contact paper that could act as temporary wallpaper. We are very sneaky.

This next tip is one that I didn’t do ’til last year, and then when I did it I wanted to kiss myself for doing it.


Create a sensory experience by brewing apple cider (or mulled wine) on the stove. Throw some cinnamon sticks and or cloves in there (follow a recipe – don’t listen to me). It created the happiest smell ever – it’s like an insta-holiday in your house. Add some bourbon or red wine for the full sensory experience, obviously.

Rustic_Fall_Kitchen Emily_Henderson_Fall_Style_Board

If you are staring at your disgusting plastic measuring cups and thinking that it’s time to get new ones, but don’t want to buy pretty handmade porcelain ones from an Etsy (well you do, but they are impractical) now is the time to get those pretty copper ones. Be those people who have pretty things inside their drawers – that is a 2016 challenge of mine which I’ll be documenting, so stay tuned.

Rustic_Country_Kitchen Target_Fall_Gathering_Kitchen Fall_Kitchen_Decorating

Make food an activity but not work. For this party/shoot we did a DIY pie bar which basically means that each person or couple brings their own pie either that they make or buy from a store and then you create a big pie topping bar.


Now this could be because I have a massive sweet tooth right now but I LOVE this idea and would love to shove any of those pies below into my pie hole. In fact that is what I tried to get them to write on that little chalk board up there. I thought ‘shove it in your pie hole’ had a certain ring to it that felt very holiday but ‘Easy as Pie’ was probably more appropriate.


So pretty. Jeanne Kelley was the food stylist on this job and she did a beautiful job.


There you have it – a fall gathering to help you usher in fall, cozy up with loved ones (I’ll take a new baby) and eat and drink. There will be no bikinis for 6 months and new years resolutions don’t start ’til January so it’s time to relax, hunker down and indulge in the season.


1. Pendant Light | 2. Copper Stag Head | 3. Moscow Mule Mugs | 4. Cast Iron Dutch Oven | 5. Stool | 6. Decorative Pumpkin | 7. Plaid Throw | 8. Tall Plaid Mug | 9. Short Plaid Mug | 10. Dining Chair | 11. Iron and Glass Lantern | 12. Copper Salt & Pepper Mills | 13. Canning Jar | 14. Plaid Appetizer Plates | 15. Mango Wood Tray | 16. Chunky Knit Throw | 17. Mini Plaid Bowls | 18. Area Rug | 19. Woven Kilim Pillow | 20. Plaid Dish Towel | 21. Geometric Grid Pillow | 22. Plaid Table Runner | 23. Plaid Spatula | 24. Linen Napkins | 25. Cheese Utensils | 26. Rolling Pin | 27. Wood Cheese Board

Want more Fall Target Style? Check out my last Target video,   and check the post for details.

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*Photos by Tessa Neustadt for Target. Hair and Makeup by Danielle Walch, Wardrobe by Jordan Rudd.

  1. Emily, you are inspiring and did a great job sharing these ideas. But my biggest remaining question is…where is that top from???

    1. SAME QUESTION!!!!

      1. Yes, I want to know too! Such a pretty color.

    2. Same here please share 🙂

      1. I NEED to know where this top is from as well! It’s the perfect top to hostess Thanksgiving in…

  2. I LOVE this fall set up! The colors, accents, small details, everything. Unconventional, non-tacky fall decor. Gets me excited!

  3. Love every little thing about this but especially your outfit!

  4. I’m staring at my disgusting plastic measuring cups wondering…are the copper ones from Target!? My drawers need pretty-fying!

    1. I feel the same way, but I can’t find these on their website yet!
      XO, Amanda @ life on linton

    2. I saw them in store on Sunday! I bought the stainless version.

      1. Great…thanks Katie!

  5. Awesome post and great outfit! But in that last pic of you holding the pie, your expression looks a little psychotic–in a cute, you will have ALL the pie kind of way. 🙂

  6. Is that Corbin Bernsen’s house? Looks like his kitchen.

    1. It does!!! I thought,, I’ve seen that house before but where?? Emily will need to confirm (or deny) 🙂

  7. Love it all. I’ve been wanting to get two pendant lights just like the ones here for our dining table but had no idea that Target carried a version of those lights. Thanks!!

    Could you tell me where the dining table is from? I’m thinking it’s not Target since you didn’t link to it here but I’d still love to know about it 🙂

  8. Oh my goodness, everything is so so good.

    xo, Sarah

  9. Cheers to hot apple cider and the first drink after being preggo. I love love love this kitchen. I especially like the blue accents and that blue color in the chair.

    Analog House

  10. I love all the orange and blues! They’re all so gorgeous!


  11. I would have gone for “Shove it in your pie hole”! Thanks for keeping it real Emily 🙂

  12. Looks wonderful. An uplifting color combo and all these decorative details inject a very fall-y feel into this kitchen. Btw, you look pretty in orange!

  13. Lovely! I’m looking forward to autumn so much!

    I’m a little freaked out by the feathers though. I know they are probably completely clean (or fake?) but I wouldn’t really put feathers near food, ever. It just seems unsanitary.

  14. This couldn’t of came at a better time. I’m in the middle of some fall related cooking posts as we speak, and it sounds like a trip to Target is in order!

    Josh | The Kentucky Gent

  15. Off topic, but I feel vindicated to see how you hold a writing implement. I’ve always done it the same way and now I know, I’m not alone! Oh and everything you do is generally fabulous also.

  16. I love the wooden racks/shelves! Could you share where they are from?

  17. Are the blue tin pie plates from Target?

  18. It’s not everyday I get to see the word, ‘pie hole’ in my reading, so thank you! 🙂

  19. I love the idea of a Pie Party using all the plaids from Target. I just saw a plaid stag head at my Target yesterday and was tempted to get it, very tempted!

  20. ahhhh, loved it all!

  21. I LOVE the light gray rug on the other side of the room! Where is that from??

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    1. Ugh, just realised I totally posted this comment on the wrong article. This is what happens when I have three of your (supremely awesome) stories open in three different windows! 🙂 So stupid.

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