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Hey guys, It’s Emily, real quick. In case you are new to the blog and are wondering ‘who the hell is this dude Orlando, ’ here’s a recap of our relationship: Orlando was my assistant/sidekick on Secrets From a Stylist (RIP) and then became an associate designer that worked with me on design projects for close to 4 wonderful years, where we became very close (like sleep in the same bed while traveling, close). He used to write posts on the blog but then HE LEFT ME to become the West Coast Creative Director of Homepolish, a design startup that’s a huge game changer, making design more accessible, streamlined, and enjoyable to clients all over the United States. Anyway, onto his post!

Dear Emily’s GORGEOUS Readers,

You know, I’m so thankful that you’ve followed my journey with me as I’ve renovated my own home for the first time. But I have some terrible news for you. This project is never going to be done. Or at least it seems like it. Every time we think we’re done, something else comes up. Where are the door handles? Why did I smash a chair through a door while moving it? Why did we paint the walls BEFORE we moved back in? Why does it take TWO MONTHS to get stupid hooks for towels in the bathroom? These are thoughts I’m sure the great philosophers of the past spent most of their lives thinking about.

Our contractor says we’ll be done by Friday, which I’m pretty sure in contractorspeak means October 1. But I’m fine with that. And I’ll be finer with it once the decks have been retiled and there isn’t lawn furniture all over the living room and construction dudes standing on my bed every morning.

Anyway, what am I whining about? Oh yeah, getting everything finished up. Which brings me to a topic very near and dear to my heart: furniture. And accessories. But mostly furniture. This week I’m sharing what I’m most excited about in terms of new pieces we’re bringing into the condo. Naturally, there’s going to be a lot of vintage. But we’re adding in some modern and contemporary pieces to keep things fresh and youthful. Like my face…before I started this renovation.


We decided to do an all-integrated kitchen, so the only visible appliance is the range. I don’t know why, I’ve just always loved kitchens with integrated appliances. They’re so clean and simple. Also, maybe I’m ashamed of having appliances. Maybe I just want people to think I make everything by hand, with fire, by myself. When I saw this Bertazzoni range I loved it. Where a lot of the high end ranges go wrong is in the knobs. You can have a gorgeous, perfectly designed range and then all the sudden, BAM, it has huge clunky knobs. WHYYYYYYY??? Anyway, this one has, like, millions of knobs and I have no idea what any of them do but looking at them makes me happy. Edouard is a better cook than me so he understands the knobs better than I do. A fun fact about French people is that they are all better cooks than any American. It’s a racist fact about human genetics. [Black Stools are from].


One of my favorite recent finds was this collection of perfect white dishes from Snowe Home. I have a big thing for all white dishes. They go with everything, they’re classic. And it’s actually not easy to find them as simple and elegant as this. Anyway, if you need me I’ll be in my white kitchen trying to fit my entire body into one of these gorgeous white bowls so I can live there forever in peace.


Edouard has had this cute little mid-century sofa since he moved to LA. But as soon as we saw the color with the floors we both started barfing all over and we knew it had to go.


We’re replacing the vintage sofa with this warm grey one from AllModern. The chairs are a little up in the air. Edouard has some that we’re considering reupholstering, but I’ve been having some BAD reupholstering luck lately and I’m kinda over it, so I’m considering these modern, minimal wood-armed chairs. Everything else in the room is vintage so it won’t be as modern and sterile as it seems like from this mood board.

Oh, and the living room chandelier is installed and it’s crazy amazing, like better than I could have even expected. Working with Park Studio was so much fun. They are very down to earth for being SUCH geniuses.


One of the first things we did when we moved back in was hang the Cleon Peterson print we found at Art Basel last year (which we’ve been waiting to take out and stare at ever since). His work is terrifying, but I love it. I love seeing his murals all over LA. His prints leave me curious and intrigued, which is exactly what art is supposed to do.


Look! Orcondo’s first vignette! My mom found that painting at a vintage shop in Japan and Edouard and I bought that teeny tiny console table at Shopclass (Maya sconces are from Wayfair).


We also have had some major movement in the dining room. We unloaded all our garbage into the shelving while my mom was here visiting last week and it’s looking a lot more like a real dining room now. We now have two of these glamorous Mary McDonald pendants and they’re pretty much my favorite thing ever.


We’re adding a new table and chairs to the mix but the table hasn’t arrived yet. The current table is a classic Danish mid-century piece and it’s amazing, but it doesn’t allow for more than four chairs. Those tables are such a beautiful, efficient design but they’re not good if you like hosting dinner parties. This new one is very simple, allows for six to eight chairs, and it expands. Yay on, like, so many levels!


The bedroom is painted (Ralph Lauren Iron Blue) and it looks great. Totally dark and intense, but I like it. Also the rest of the condo is so white and bright I felt like we needed a little drama. There’s no bed yet so the sconces are just sitting there like “Guys. Guys? Is anyone coming to hang with us? WE ARE ALL ALONE AND SO SCARED.”


We found some cute little bedside tables at a vintage shop in North Hollywood and repainted them. Well, I repainted them. Alone. While it was 105 degrees outside. Is it fall yet?


The most exciting thing about our new bedroom is the custom bed we’re getting from Empric. Empiric is a great local store run by a super talented designer named Annie and I always love going in there so I was psyched to get to work with her on something. Previous to Orcondo, I’ve always had beds without headboards, so for the condo I wanted something that actually felt like a bed. The beautiful bedding is simple, classic white with a grey stripe.


Magically, the guest bedroom is way more done than the master. The lovely platform bed arrived and it’s exactly what I wanted. The two bedrooms have lower ceilings than everywhere else at the condo so I wanted low beds to keep the space more open. The linen duvet is from Parachute Home and it’s insanely amazing and soft and my mom loved it so much when she came to visit that she’s getting one for her own bed.


Yet another masterpiece from the folks at Park Studio. Those guys have been lifesavers for this project. Without them I’d have no lighting. And I love this custom piece they designed for me. It makes the room feel even more unique. Part of me likes the guest bedroom way more than the master…


HARK! The medicine cabinet in the master is fully installed!


The biggest remaining question about furnishing Orcondo is figuring out where to put this lion stool. I thought he’d go in the master bathroom but then I found out that he’s kind of valuable (I bought him for $50 at the flea market but apparently he was made by some fancy Mexican artist) so I’m not sure I should throw him in the bathroom with all the steam. Or maybe I should. He looks great holding those towels…

So yeah, almost there with the construction bit, now I just have to figure out finishing touches on furniture, art, and accessories. KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED I’M NOT STUCK IN CONSTRUCTION PURGATORY FOREVER!


Want more Orcondo? Check out the whole process from the start: Orcondo’s New Place | Let There Be Light | Foundational Elements | Rug Life | Modern Windows

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8 years ago

It’s freak-out gorgeous! I’ll trade you my kid for the Japanese painting! Love it all!!!

8 years ago

I love your posts so much!! thanks for all the pretty photos. Who knew a medicine cabinet could be modern? Nice. And your lighting choices are perfect!

8 years ago

Simply amazing, Orlando! I wish you could provide all the resources! Like the gorgeous gold kitchen faucet? The jute runners in the hallway? Love, Love, Love…and congrats!

8 years ago
Reply to  melody

Another desperate plea for the kitchen faucet source! It’s gorgeous and exactly what I’ve been looking for.

patty blaettler
8 years ago

In the words of Rachel whatever her name is: “I die”.

emily jane
8 years ago

Thanks for sharing Orlando! I relentlessly refreshed your Instagram page over the weekend hoping to have another peek into Orcondo. As far as this design voyeur is concerned, watching your process unfold has been a thoroughly delightful & enlightening experience (I think I might actually be sad when it is finally completed..?). Everything I know about design I learned because both you & Emily are not only so open and willing to share your knowledge (& process!), but do so with hilarity around each and every beautifully designed corner… Thank you!!!

8 years ago

You always make me smile Orlando and Orcondo is looking wonderful. I hadn’t realized you were even this close to being done. Thanks for the update.
PS – If you can have issues with reupholstering what chance do us mere mortals have?!?

Bristol Sunset
8 years ago

Hi Orlando — always happy to read your posts on Emily’s blog.

I’m loving your home! REALLY beautiful.

I have a Bertazzoni range, too. You will be very happy with your choice.

8 years ago

this is really, really, really good… so wonderful!

8 years ago

Orcondo is coming together so perfectly. I’m always so inspired by your design and insight. And Instagram captions.
We love our Bertazzoni range! I highly recommend getting an oven thermometer. It’s a little tricky getting the temperature just right at first, so being able to tell what it is really helps. Ours is from Crate and Barrel:

Orlando, you crack me up. And the place is coming together so well! I’m obsessed with your Cleon Peterson mural and the lion stool! It’s so quirky and so you. Also, I’m with you on all-integrated kitchens. Appliances are ugly.

8 years ago

Orlando — every time you post something, it makes me sad that we’re not friends IRL. Sigh.

Paul H.
8 years ago

I have a great upholsterer in Sierra Madre that you don’t have to worry about! She is my go to for all my upholstery needs. =]

8 years ago
Reply to  Paul H.

OMG Spill your source! I have a guy I use all the time but he’s not the best at finely detailed things, just simple stuff…

8 years ago
Reply to  Orlando

Of course!!! It is Lisa Thurman Designs, 626-688-9216. Lisa is very helpful and I have her do all of my upholstery and custom work!


8 years ago

You are so funny! I just love reading your post…and your style. Your place is amazing…keep sharing all the details. So looking forward to the final house tour!

8 years ago

Stunning!! Another request to find out where the jute runner is from! Think I’m ordering those chairs for my dining room.

8 years ago

Where is the medicine cabinet from? It is perfect!

8 years ago

Gorgeous home! Those extra large bedside lamps are my jam.

Analog House

8 years ago

Love how everything is coming together! Beautiful condo. This is random, but I was reminded my Emily’s little blurb at the beginning of the post…does anyone know what happened to Secrets from a Stylist?? I loved it but feel like it was gone almost immediately after I discovered it. Maybe Emily can chime in and give us the deets?? Cancelled? Did Emily just want to pursue other things? Etc. etc…no, it technically does not matter, but I just loved it and wish it was still around and am simply curious! At least we have the blog 🙂

8 years ago

So good. I love your blog posts, you are hilarious. Makes for a nice break at work 🙂

8 years ago

Would you please share your faucet source? Thank you!

8 years ago

omg yes! the lion/tiger bench thing is expensive, I’m from Mexico, and I used to work on a fancy design store, that bench was like $2,000 dls o_o
can’t remember the designer though, it was like 8 yrs ago u_u

8 years ago
Reply to  Paola

Hi there, I have a Mexican folk art shop in Minneapolis and know these woven creatures come from the Lake Patzcuaro region in Michoacán, Mexico. Most handmade, traditional folk art is not about the name of the artist so much as the town/community/region from which it comes and the uniqueness to only that part of the world. This beautiful jaguar or “tigre” was handwoven from palma reeds which grow around the lake. You scored big time! They aren’t super expensive in Mexico but getting them back to the US is not cheap. It should do fine in a bathroom or a hallway, so do what you like with it. It’s beautiful!

8 years ago

Oh my goodness that tiger guy is incredible, and I think he’s screaming “roar, make me into a plant stand” 🙂

8 years ago

I just love seeing what you’ve done and I have a major crush on those wishbone chairs in the dining room. (But I can’t believe you went with the iconic Wegner design, and then bought a knock-off.)

8 years ago
Reply to  Jessica

Orlando, your dining table needs authentic Wegner chairs, they are perfect for your space.

Also please keep the Lion/Tiger and hopefully it don’t get destroyed by all the steam in the bathroom or you can like someone else said, put planters on it and place it elsewhere (not bathrooms).

Your tiny console with the Japanese painting just made your ceiling look like uber duper high. It really intrigued me!

8 years ago

Would you please share the white sink info? thx.

8 years ago

That white sofa is gorgeous and I’m drooling over that built in bookshelf in the dining room!


8 years ago

1. You are a hilarious writer. 2. The condo looks amazing. 3. Lionstool is the best.

Veronica Domurat
8 years ago
Reply to  Amber

totally agree!!

8 years ago

Hi Orlando,
I love how your place is coming along. But….one thing bothers me.
And maybe it’s just me or how it was photographed, but the Maya sconces seem kinda big & clunky in your vignette. I don’t know if it’s the shades or if the picture frame is fitting the space to tightly. But something looks off. I don’t mean to criticize but I thought you should know. Please don’t be mad at me.

8 years ago
Reply to  Mary

I agree. There is just not enough space to have two scones and a picture frame that size on that wall. I love the vignette and think it would work better with less going on above.

8 years ago

Looking great! Is the linen duvet for the guest room color white or fog?

8 years ago

Beautiful! Hallway runner source??

8 years ago

I love everything. Ugh, these posts make me hate my house. 🙂

8 years ago

argh, this post makes me so angry with myself… I just put up LED track lighting in my kitchen because I couldn’t find anything else that I thought would work in the space and give off enough light.

Now I see the white light in this kitchen and the brass light in the bedroom and both would have been perfect for my kitchen.

ARGH, wish this post had come 2 weekends ago when I still had all the boxes and could have returned everything… sigh.

Guess I’ll just have to remember this when we redo the whole kitchen in 7-10 years. At least I could reuse the track lighting in the laundry and storage rooms…

The space is coming together great! AND I’ll fully admit to being jealous of your kitchen, especially that range.

Josh | The Kentucky Gent

8 years ago

Man o’ man….it is looking great! I love the Cleon Peterson art SO MUCH! You are correct on the vibe. It is a little dark and violent but in a really good make you FEEL something way! Congrats on nearing the finish line! (send some finishing mojo my way)

8 years ago

Orlando, you are a national treasure.

8 years ago

RIP Secrets indeed! Miss that SO much. Glad to be able to continue following BOTH of you!

8 years ago

source info for medicine cabinet, PLEASE?!

8 years ago
Reply to  susan

Would love to know about the medicine cabinet, too! Thanks :)!

Also in love with integrated appliances . . . just makes everything feel complete, especially in our day of completely open floor plans.

8 years ago

I LOVE the color of your master bedroom! We moved from a house in the Historic District of Savannah, out to a subdivision (historic only if you the 1990s significant) on one of the many rivers, so we painted our bedroom out here the same “period appropriate” yellow that we’d had downtown. Hand to God, after 8 years I am still convinced it was a mistake *sigh*, but my husband loves it, so not a fight I wanted to have. I think we need a new color conversation! 🙂

8 years ago

I love you, Orlando, and I’m so happy that you found a boyfriend (a la francais!) and that you’re styling out a super-cool space for the two of you. I just signed up for Homepolish yesterday and can’t wait for similar magic to happen in my own abode. You’re the best! If you want to escape the mania, how bout you pop over to the midwest and be my in-person Homepolish decorator? Then, my dreams will be coming true. XO