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More Of My Favorite Things (Part 2): Fashion/Beauty/Health Edition

This list could be 500 things long, but I tried to keep it to the things that super excite me or are kinda new this year (or I need). While I still maintain wanting to keep life simple and “things” to a minimum, there’s just something about indulging in a little luxury amirite? So if you or someone in your life could also use something beautiful or something to make their skin/body feel better, here ya go.

1. Ranna Gill Ear Loop Face Mask | 2. Sienna Fanny Pack With Stripes | 3. Color Block Pom Beanie | 4. Ciao Trucker Hat

1. Ranna Gill Ear Loop Face Mask: I rarely leave the house so when I do I end up just wearing a bulk medical-grade mask. This one however is so cute.
2. Sienna Fanny Pack With Stripes: I have used this almost every day for years. It’s still my favorite (and now comes in checkers which I would want if I needed two splurgy fanny packs, but I don’t :))
3. Color Block Pom Beanie: Instant holiday, on top of your head. I’ve been sporting this A LOT.
4. Ciao Trucker Hat: As you have probably seen, I mostly wear hats because my hair is dull from not being done for 8 months. This one is so cute and graphic and great for spring (or a warm winter).

1. Glowscreen SPF 40 | 2. Prose Shampoo & Conditioner | 3. Native Toothpaste | 4. Pixi Glow Mist | 5. Kate Somerville Exfoliating Treatment | 6. Native Deodorant Coconut and Vanilla

1. Glowscreen SPF 40: Hands down my favorite tinted and SPF moisturizer. I’ve gone through 2 bottles since I first discovered it in March and it makes my skin look totally glowy.
2. Prose Shampoo & Conditioner: I JUST ordered these and I can’t attest to them yet (they arrived yesterday) but I was just so sick of my hair not being as good as it can be and yes, got hooked by their heavy marketing. They have like 10k+ good reviews so I feel like it might be a good investment.
3. Native Toothpaste: Brian and I are like the last people on the planet to switch from Colgate mostly because all the new ones just don’t make my mouth feel fresh. This one does and it’s a great stocking stuffer (and looks so much better on our counter).
4. Pixi Glow Mist: Been using it for years. It’s a mid-day pick me up that makes my face look glowy and fresh.
5. Kate Somerville Exfoliating Treatment: I’ve tried a million masks and I still consistently LOVE this one for exfoliating. It’s an instant difference (I’m not just saying that, they call it the 15-minute facial).
6. Native Deodorant Coconut and Vanilla: Dax and Monica (Armchair Expert) convinced me to try it and they are right – it’s good for our pits and actually works. Another great stocking stuffer.

1. Mermade Pro Waver | 2. Rosa Nobile Shimmering Body Oil | 3. Le Labo AnOther Massage and Perfuming Oil | 4. St. Tropez Classic Bronzing Mousse

1. Mermade Pro Waver: Ok. Hear me out on this one. I thought it was a total gimmick then I tried it at my sister’s and guys, I really liked it. I just got mine so I’ll show you on stories how it works. But it just makes these really pretty waves and it’s so easy. Also there is a much cheaper version HERE (that I didn’t try but readers say its good).
2. Rosa Nobile Shimmering Body Oil: Not sure we have the occasions for this right now but I bought it and I like to put it on after a bath to feel special. It shimmers and makes me feel pretty (not a staple or a basic, but very special).
3. Le Labo Another Massage and Perfuming Oil: I’ve tried 7-10 different bath oils and this one smells SO GOOD. Sara and Brady have been trying to convince me of Le Labo for YEARS and now I get it. Oh my goodness it smells good.
4. St. Tropez Classic Bronzing Mousse: My year-round tanning mouse (don’t forget the mitt) that gives me a bronzing glow when the sun isn’t out to help. I’ve tried a million others and it’s still my favorite.

1. Bellicon Fitness Trampoline | 2. Wooden Dumbbells and Resistance Bands | 3. Tempo Studio | 4. Everlast Heavy Bag | 5. Infrared Sauna Blanket | 6. Bala Weighted Bangle Set

1. Bellicon Fitness Trampoline: One of my best friends convinced me to splurge on one of these and it’s a very fun and easy workout that kicks up endorphins immediately. I’m sure there are more affordable ones on the market but after testing hers and a few others it seemed worth it. The last thing I wanted was a big thing in my house that I didn’t use. We can work out together with some online classes and it’s just really fun.
2. Wooden Dumbbells and Resistance Bands: These weights are just so pretty, and while they are too light for me (I wish they had 8lb or 10lb) if you know someone looking for some incredibly beautiful 5lb weights these would be a GREAT gift.
3. Tempo Studio: I still love doing Aaptiv workouts (and swear by Akeem’s workouts) but Brian is trying to convince us that we need this which is a complete home gym in one very good looking (and space-saving) stand. The reviews are GREAT.
4. Everlast Heavy Bag: I want to turn our garage into a mini-home gym for Brian and we both agree that Charlie and Elliot would LOVE to punch something (Fun Fact: I had a private boxing coach all through Secrets From A stylist). Getting that 7-year-old boy energy out is HARD you guys.
5. Infrared Sauna Blanket: I started going to a place in LA for infrared sauna before we moved and LOVED it. I’m not going to go off on all the benefits, if you are interested read about it on their site, but this is the best ‘at home’ version that isn’t like $3k. I LOVE IT and plan on doing it every night after new years (it’s a good post-holiday nighttime activity). Also here are some deals if you are interested. Use code HEAT100 for $100 off our Infrared Sauna Blankets here and use code RECHARGE200 for $200 off our brand new Infrared PEMF Mat here.
6. Bala Weighted Bangle Set: I used to have weighted anklets and loved using them on walks, so I could use some more even just for the days where I clean our house for 6 hours.

1. Blair Jumper | 2. Who What Wear Turtleneck Pullover | 3. Gemma Jumper

1. Blair Jumper – I just got this sweater and it’s SO SOFT. Oh my. My only warning is that it might be better for smaller chested people, what with the ruffles and what not.
2. Who What Wear Turtleneck Pullover: I don’t need any more black and white sweaters, but I love this one.
3. Gemma Jumper: Whoops, I didn’t mean to pin two sweaters from Sezane, but their knits are really really good. (I also love Alex Mill).

1. The Daisy Platform Mule | 2. Lea Boots | 3. Emilia Thigh-High Boots | 4. Black Checkerboard Classic Slip-On Sneakers

1. The Daisy Platform Mule: The new mule that I don’t need but want.
2. Lea Boots: So pretty and pink. I want but will not buy for myself.
3. Emilia Thigh-High Boots: The last couple years I was trying so hard to find the perfect over-the-knee boot and this is it (just when I don’t really need them). They are splurgy but good boots often are, and they last for years.
4. Black Checkerboard Classic Slip-On Sneakers: It took me until this year to buy these and I opt for them almost daily. They make any boring outfit look intentionally cool.

1. Women’s Stripe Shirt | 2. Tri Stripes Vintage Tee | 3. Puff Sleeve Sweatshirt

1. Women’s Stripe Shirt: I just got this sweet puff sleeved shirt and it’s so thin and easy to layer (and drapes really well).
2. Tri Stripes Vintage Tee: I love all of their t-shirts – thin, drape easily, boxy with a vintage vibe, and GREAT cut.
3. Puff Sleeve Sweatshirt: This was a collaboration between Claire V. and Melissa McCarthy and I love her so much, therefore I want this.

1. Sidney Trousers | 2. The Brut Sexy Eco-Friendly | 3. High-Rise Skinny Jeans: Danny Wash

1. Sidney Trousers: I wouldn’t put these in the ‘comfortable’ department, but they are super cool. They aren’t uncomfortable by any means, just high waisted and fitted. You may have seen me try these on on my stories (I just got them on Friday) and admittedly they aren’t for everyone (but Joanna Gaines did DM me that I HAD to keep them).
2. The Brut Sexy Eco-Friendly: So flattering. It’s a good name, for sure, so I had to try them and they do absolutely accentuate your curves and are fitted but with the right amount of stretch.
3. High-Rise Skinny Jeans: Danny Wash: My whole team loves these. Fitted with GREAT stretch, but not too much.

1. Engraved Charm Necklace | 2. Gold Herringbone Necklace | 3. Custom ‘Favorite Things’ Heart Necklace

1. Engraved Charm Necklace: So sweet and you can keep adding to them over the years.
2. Gold Herringbone Necklace: I have a lot of delicate necklaces but need a couple chunkier ones to mix in or they all get lost together.
3. Custom ‘Favorite Things’ Heart Necklace: Another custom heart gold necklace that I would love for Christmas from the kids 🙂

1. Aston Coat | 2. Down For It All Jacket | 3. Will Jacket

1. Aston Coat: I want this coat SO BAD. It’s tweed and has that awesome menswear vibe. I don’t need it but if you do, please get it.
2. Down For It All Jacket: My favorite workout jacket of all time. I’ve had it for almost 4 years and I wear it YEAR round. It’s perfect for layering, has zippered pockets, is slimming and yet keeps you warm when it’s cold. I run in the winter in it.
3. Will Jacket: A new twist on the denim jacket (I just realized I pinned so many things from Sezane on my wish list that these are pulled from – no sponsorship, I’m just obsessed with their clothes for how special but not crazy expensive they are).

There are so many brands that I love that are gifty- and splurgy that I forgot to include but I want to call out really quick because they are favorites of mine – Mille (those blouses!), The Great (never out of style, like ever), Ulla Johnson (truly special ‘forever’ pieces) – all splurgy but honestly I wear their pieces for years and years (they are heirloom quality) so know that if you splurge you’ll get a lot of wear out of them for a long time.

So many of you left ‘your favorite things’ in the comments and on DM’s and I’m working my way through them. Thank you!!! It’s always just so nice to have a review of something before buying online these days. Let me know if you have any questions about anything above in the comments. xx

For the rest of our 2020 gift guides head HERE!

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3 years ago

** Did you mean 7 year old KID energy? Why perpetuate stereotypes about kids so carelessly? Most girls I know have just as much (or more) energy as the boys. Thanks!

Lily Rose
3 years ago
Reply to  Margot

I agree but you could be a little nicer…dang.

3 years ago
Reply to  Margot

Actually, plenty of research has found that, after age 3, the average boy is more active than about two thirds of girls. There are exceptions of course — boys who are low energy and girls who are high energy — but that doesn’t disprove the rule. Anyone who has spent any time in a preschool or elementary classroom knows that most boys are far more active than most girls.

Why get offended over reality?

3 years ago
Reply to  Lee

20 year veteran teacher here of K, 1, and 2. You are correct. It’s not even close.

3 years ago
Reply to  Amy

Surely anyone knows that research shows that girls are socialised from birth to stay calm and quiet and not to run around, while boys are allowed to express their energy? This starts to show results very early on and is perpetuated even by people who think they’re treating children the same. Your idea of ‘reality’ is actually the result of this training, which underpins Margot’s idea that you should call out stereotyping.

Carly Waters
3 years ago
Reply to  Margot

I also have a 7 year old boy and I would have said the exact same thing Emily did – and we literally are buying the same punching bag. We also have a 22 month old girl and their energy is completely different. Obviously there are differences in every family but there is nothing wrong with Emily speaking from her POV and experience.

3 years ago

Why would Melissa McCarthy collab on something that wouldn’t fit her? I had hopes when I clicked the link that they would have my size but alas (not your fault, Em, just bummed!).

3 years ago

I love that you’re walking your talk (still) and discerning between WANT and NEED…or LIKE.

There are lots of things that I actually need now, but can’t get until later. So much so, that I don’t have the energy or headspace to think about things I want but don’t need! Ha! But I like scrolling thrpugh the pretty pictures. 😊

3 years ago

I love those jeans you were modeling in stories yesterday!! I couldn’t get on board with them paired with the sweater, but that last shirt – the red one with the tie was sooo good!! That was just a cute shirt- do you have the source for that one?

3 years ago

I love Sezane. I dont own any of that brand, but I dream about it.

Carly Waters
3 years ago

Ok need more details on the Bellicon – what size did you get? Did you get the one that legs fold down ? Is it worth it ?? This is on my wish list but would love more info !! Also we literally are getting the Sam’s punching bag for our 7.5 year old son.

3 years ago

LOVE that HigherDose sauna blanket – use mine daily! And asked for a gift card from The Great after discovering them here – thank you!

3 years ago

I can’t be the only person who thought the Mermaid Pro Waver was a tampon at first…LOL. def did a double take there.

3 years ago

Joining the discussion about seven year old boy energy … in our family, it’s the eight year old girl who is in perpetual motion. It just depends on the individual kid. Her brother at that age was pretty high energy but she tops him. By a lot.

3 years ago

Women of any chest size can wear ruffles.

3 years ago

Prose shampoo is amazing! I’ve been using it for a few years now and my hair has never been softer/shinier.

3 years ago

Just to add one of my favorite things (beauty wise). We remodeled our bathroom and my shower space is very visual now. I didn’t want tons of bottles cluttering it up. I decided to (finally) switch to bar shampoo and conditioner. I have been wanting to try it as I always feel so guilty recycling/throwing out the waste of the containers. I tried Hi Bar brand and I LOVE it!! I won’t go back regardless if you can see the product in my shower or not. The bars are beautiful colors, great shapes and are the best shampoo/conditioner I’ve ever used. Plus they’re made in Minneapolis (I am a St. Paul girl) by an environmentally conscious women run business so that makes me extra happy. So if you want to not have ugly bottles, support the environment, have healthy hair and support local (for me)/woman run business, give it a try.