Emily's Favorite Things (Part 1)

Home and Tech...what Emily Henderson herself has (plus a few wants) and can't recommend enough.

Emily's Favorite Things (Part 2)

Fashion, beauty, and some fitness. Everything Emily loves/will never stop recommending OR the things she reeeeally wants.

The EHD Approved Etsy Finds

Etsy is likely our favorite site to shop small and find reeeeally special gifts. So these are our 82 top picks!

Jess' "Pretty But Useful" List

Spend your hard-earned money on things that are both beautiful AND practical. Everyone on your list will thank you.

Ryann's Self Care Guide

Because this year hasn't been easy for any of us... These gifts can help make you feel a little bit better.

Emily's Kid Gift Guide

The gifts her kids have LOVED over the years and the ones that are on their current wish list:)

Malcolm's "For Him" Picks

FULL of amazing ideas for nearly everyone...especially those hard to shop for "hims"

Mallory's "For The Cool 20 Somethings"

If you want to look cool for your trendiest friend or relative, this is THE guide for you/them.

Caitlin's Gifts For Friends With Confusing Taste

If you have a friend with fun taste that's hard to put your finger on...this is THE guide.