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Entry Way Combos

A messy entryway is a huge pet peeve to me. I’m a messy person that hates mess – it’s a really annoying condition and a confusing one for everyone who knows me. But, if I walk into the house after designing other people’s beautiful homes all day and the entry is full of bags, shoes, or trash that is about to be taken down those 30 stairs, etc, I get real bummed.

A few weeks ago we pulled together some combos to instantly up your curb appeal and now we are taking it inside the home. Even if you may not have every room decorated and pulled together, your entry area is one of the quickest and easiest ways to bring some style into your home and fool everyone into thinking that the rest of the place is magazine ready – so without further ado let’s take a step inside shall we?


Bench | 3’x5′ Rug | Chandelier | Mirror | Triangle Hooks | Half Moon Hook | Basket | Planter (with fiddle leaf fig tree)

It’s a little bit Mid-Century, a little bit glam and a little bit “I am a very cool person if my entry looks like this”. Who doesn’t want to take a seat on that bench and check themselves out in that gold mirror (which by the way is such a good price for a round gold mirror).


Bench | 3.3’x5′ Rug | Pendant | Mirror | Hooks | Basket | Planter (with fiddle leaf fig tree)

This one is a little bit darker and masculine than some of the other options but if I walked into your entry way and saw those hairpin legs and that navy blue factory light I would definitely want to know more about you.


Bench | 4’x6′ Rug | Pendant | Mirror | Hook | Basket | Planter (with fiddle leaf fig tree)

Simple, clean, bright, and modern. It is an updated take on traditional and I have a very similar bench in my entryway although mine isn’t quite as functional as this one is, what with its two hidden drawers that pull out for storage. Not quite sure what you would store in there, but extra storage is always a plus.


Table | Rug | Sconces | LED Art | Hooks | BasketPlanter (with a succulent)

This chick (or dude) is the type that can wear a onesie coverall effortlessly and make it look chic. They are eccentric, have class, exude style, don’t take themselves too seriously and are a lot of fun to have around, just like this entryway.


Table | 3’x5′ Rug | Lamps | Lamp Shades | Brass Wall Art | Hooks | Plant | Planter

Because mixing soft feminine textures and colors with bold Mid-Century lines is never a bad idea we have this combo for you which does just that.


Table | 5’x8’ Rug | Lamps | 24”x24” Framed Art | Hooks | Planter (with Rubber Tree)

Not sure if this is more traditional or more modern farmhouse like the name states, but I am very into the turned table legs mixed with the woven rug and brass/marble lights. It is a happy and comfortable combo that I would love to walk into in the right home.


Bench | 5’3”x7’7” Rug | Pendant | Mirror | Hooks | Basket | Planter (with Jade Plant)

Calling all the minimalists – this one is for you. That bench is too good for under $200 and the black, white, natural combo will never go out of style.

Did we create one that works for you? If you think there is a roundup or combos post that we might need to do, let us know below and we just might pull it together for the blog. Happy Friday folks and be sure to tag #ehdweekendmakeover if any of you guys are getting your hands dirty with projects this weekend. We love to see what you come up with. Also I’m in New Jersey for 24 hours. Watch Insta-story for what the heck I could be up to. xx

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7 years ago

I am wondering if you have thought about synthetic rugs? I see at least one here that is, and while I love the style of it… will that be unsatisfying underfoot and/or look cheap?
I’ve always tried to limit myself to natural fibers, but maybe I am missing out on a whole new world!! Thanks!

7 years ago
Reply to  Tara

I am by no means an expert, but we ordered a synthetic rug and I actually love it and get a lot of compliments on it. It looks really good and feels good. Plus, I’m not as worried about it with a dog and a baby on the way. Might be worth a shot!

7 years ago
Reply to  Lauren

I have had synthetic, wool, hide, and jute. Only the wool and hide rugs survived the old dog. Jute is impossible to clean and synthetic stains no matter what they say about how resistant it is. Just my experience.

7 years ago

I would love a round up of bathroom mirror and vanity light combos

7 years ago
Reply to  Beth

Yes! Please!

7 years ago

Good morning, this is beautiful! any way to slow down your gifs? They are so fast that I can’t see them and I’d really like to watch the transitions. Thanks!

Sophia F.
7 years ago
Reply to  holly

I second this! I LOVE your roundups but the initial, post-opening gifs run too fast for me to catch a good impression of each look (and definitely too fast for me to have an individual item catch my eye and then make it to the upper left corner and read the name and price of the look…).

7 years ago
Reply to  holly

I love the round-ups but don’t like the GIFs at all!

7 years ago
Reply to  Erica

It’s ironic that others commented on the GIFs because as soon as I saw them I almost didn’t read the post because instead of drawing me in and piquing my interest to see moreI find them too fast and like entering a cluttered entryway to the post ?

7 years ago
Reply to  holly

Agreed! I look at the gif for a second, get annoyed, and scroll past it real quick. The ones where you’re decorating a room are the worst bc I want to carefully note the differences in each frame, but I can’t.

7 years ago
Reply to  holly

I was just thinking the same thing Holly! The slideshow is way too fast and gives me a headache. I’d rather see the different options in a grid photo or something so I can see what’s going on then click and see the larger images (which are all beautiful options by the way!).

7 years ago
Reply to  holly

I was thinking the same thing. I am looking for entry ideas and couldn’t get but a quick look at what is being shown. Thanks

7 years ago

I’m bummed the hooks in the clean and classic version are sold out. Any similar options? We struggle with our entry as it opens directly to our dining room and stairs. There is an exposed brick wall that I could drill hooks into, but they need to be really good hooks if I’m putting holes in the brick!

7 years ago
Reply to  Kelly

School House Electric has a 6 hook one that’s sort of similar but they’re not white. The Sandinavian Design Centre has a white/wood 6 hook version ( but they’re not as rounded as the example

Hope that helps!

7 years ago

Soooo with you on the entry and being a mess-hating messy girl! Mine can take me from 100 to zero in no time! The kids’ jackets and coats reproduce in the night.

7 years ago
Reply to  JB

Yep! I have a sideboard in my entryway that has three drawers and 2 doors for the kids to store their backpacks/jackets/crap in. When I walk in to a messy house, it really bums me out.

Oh my god, this is so perfect because I’m planning on updating our entry as one of our house projects for 2017!!!!

7 years ago

We are due to revamp our small entrance way in our house, so this is timely. Your roundup are one of my favorites! Would you consider doing a roundup of stylish, washable rugs? Not sure if they exist, but with pets and kids it’s more practical but SO hard to find!!

7 years ago

There’s no better first impression that a fabulously styled entry way, I am usually more casual, but am loving the ‘all out glam’ option!

7 years ago

I have what I thought was the rug in Color Me Rad from West Elm. But it’s a knock off. Pattern and colors are exactly the same. Whomever the copy cat is (West Elm or Nuloom), not cool.

BTW mine from West Elm is a great rug, but not for an entryway as it’s shag.

7 years ago
Reply to  Sariah

Ditto, I have the West Elm version of that rug – I love it but it is a sheddy beast.

7 years ago

That super skinny blue console table from Room and Board is AWESOME. I’m checking the measurements behind my sectional tonight, and if it will fit, I’m ordering it! Thanks for the idea. Love these round ups. Keep up the great work EHD Team!

7 years ago

maybe you have already done this, but overhead lighting for a living room with no fixture would be a great help. I live in an apartment and will for a while, so I have been brainstorming different ways to use pendants in a living room that looks more permanent and doesn’t blind people

7 years ago

Great inspiration! I have been looking for a table for a very small entry and there just aren’t any good options out there. The closest I have come in the Threshold marble brass console table that is in store now. Any suggestions much appreciated!!!

7 years ago
Reply to  darlene

I have the same problem! I have a narrow entry so sadly all of these benches and tables wouldn’t fit.

7 years ago

I’m a toss up between Zen, Rad, Mod and Glam. If I had to pick one, I’d pick Glam.

7 years ago

Source question – I, like the rest of the world, love those dang fiddle leaf figs. Where does one come by one of those? It seems like all of your remodels have large, lush, mature figs in the after photos. The tree versions. All I can find are the short, bush-like ones sold at Home Depot, which seem to grow straight up and don’t branch. Please help!

7 years ago
Reply to  Kate

I recommend checking Yelp for a nursery in your area. Be prepared to pay a lot more for a mature tree. The other way to do it is to buy a short, healthy one and grow it. If they get enough light/water, they grow surprisingly quickly. I got a not-even-waist-high fiddle-leaf that grew to ceiling height in a few years. Water a bit every other day, and if leaves yellow/fall off, that means you need to water MORE, not less (with other plants, yellow leaves indicate too much water). Hope this helps!

7 years ago

I love these posts!! I am looking for a narrow console table so the heads up about the Room and Board one is great! Other things I am shopping for right now but having a difficult time finding are: modern, non-generic but not super expensive, oh, AND space-conscious fireplace accessories (i.e. screens, tools, log holders) (no pressure!) and ideas for fireplace decor when you don’t have a mantel. I have a double fireplace in a mid century home that does not have a mantel on either side and I’m stuck with what to do with it.

7 years ago

Where are all the shoes and coats supposed to go?? Every entry way has lovely leggy tables or benches, but unless you have a massive front entrance closet (not every home has one), or you don’t require people to remove their shoes, this looks like a shoe heap waiting to happen. Perhaps I am unusually wary of entrance messes with kids and Canadian winters, but I would love to see a round up of shoe/jacket storage solutions that aspire to emily henderson-level style!

7 years ago

I like this.

Margrethe Berg
7 years ago

I especially loved the minimalist look, probably partly due to being norwegian. And I just have to comment (with a smile) on you not knowing what to store in the two drawers under the white bench: if you had been living in a colder climate, as I do, it would fit perfectly (both in size and hight) for two children to put their winter accessories in (mittens, wool socks, hats etc). My two boys actually have one drawer each for exactly this use, but our bench looks more like the one in your minimalist set up. Thank you for emphasizing the importance of a pretty and organized entryway. I can always need a reminder to pull myself together and try to fix those last details that I have been procrastinating (for the last three years!).

Julia R
7 years ago

Guys! Please make the featured image change more slowly. I’m having a seizure here, let alone being able to read any of the text/pricing. … How about 3-4 seconds, then a fade to white transition? It makes me want to just skip the post. Yeah, I get that the options are below, but I don’t get the need for the visual assault. … Yes, I’m 40. … Have a lovely Saturday/caturday.

7 years ago

The Now and Zen is so PERFECT ! ! !
I love this post and all the good ideas!
Of course some practical ideas for shoes and coats storage would be welcome too!
Thank you for the inspiration!!!

Sunni Hammer
7 years ago

So great! How do you keep all your stuff looking so great with your kitty cat?!? And what do you do with the dreaded litter box?!?

7 years ago

I’m with you – I hate when my entry is a mess!

xo Jules

7 years ago

I’m loving the All Out Glam bench in the CA Cool entry with the Color me Rad rug, and all the baskets and plants. Thanks for the inspiration!

Reply to  Eve

Besides the restaurants, people go and visit various bars and discos and such places will invite all the people in order to celebrate the end of the year in elegance.

7 years ago

I wonder if your other avid readers ever experience this (because it seems to happen to me all the time)- you’re struggling with what to do in an area of your home that’s been bugging you. After thinking about it for a while, you come up with a solution that makes you happy, and then the next day, Emily posts something amazing that solves the problem even better. It’s an odd feeling of frustration-appreciation, and it keeps me coming back for more of your seemingly endless creativity and style.