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Designer Spotlight: Schoolhouse Electric

If you’re a frequent reader of this blog, you may have noticed a reoccurring theme other than my love of ruffle tops and anything vintage. We have a close and intimate relationship with all things Schoolhouse Electric – and by that I mean you rarely will see a reveal or a roundup here on EHD without one of their products in it. Here they are in Our Master Bedroom, Brady’s bathroom, Ginny’s dining room, oh and again in my  kitchen and dining room. Ya, you could say we kind of like them. We even loved them so much that we invited ourselves to the owners home in Portland last year to photograph his amazing house for that book of mine. Let’s all take a look at how beautiful his space is shall we?





Those plaid chairs will make it in our new house somewhere.



One of the many reasons I love them is that they are a local Portland grown company who makes all of their products here in the US, and above all that they are high-quality and on-trend while still remaining timeless pieces. I’m a sucker for anything made in Oregon (like me) so between them and Rejuvenation we have loads of options.

Please peruse their fall catalog full of new pieces and judge for yourselves.




So much inspiration, and so much good stuff. Here are a few of our favorites from their new collection:


1. Brass Lamp | 2. Cheese Dome | 3. Bottle Opener | 4. Brass Sconce | 5. Ash Basket | 6. Plaid Chair | 7. Linen Duvet | 8. Apartment Pendant | 9. Throw | 10. Bowl | 11. Natural Brass Pull | 12. Round Brass Tray | 13. Modern Outdoor Sconce | 14. Cutting Board | 15. Lamp | 16. White Bowl | 17. Emerson Sconce | 18. Porcelain Planter | 19. Chain Pendant | 20. Dinner Napkin | 21. Letter Opener | 22. Mirror

Also the people are really nice, the showroom is gorgeous and the coffee is so delicious. Here’s a secret, last winter, right after I spent the first two month of Elliot’s life working (the holidays are always INSANE for my industry) Brian and I were 85% sure we were going to move to Portland – that was the exact number we told our family and friends in secret. We went up there for two weeks and started looking for a house – maybe an investment property or something to fix up and airbnb we thought. We were so tired and we convinced ourselves that it was because of LA, and that we needed to get back to our roots and get to a quieter, less Hollywood, more down to earth environment. But then we came back to LA and the sun-light, the 70 degree January weather, and the fact that we were still really tired here convinced us that maybe Portland wasn’t the answer. Maybe just having two babies was exhausting. Anyway, we aren’t huge planners and Portland will always be a serious temptation, but for now we are here and staying in our new house for years. That’s my secret Portland saga.

We may not move back to Portland anytime soon but it has our heart. So if you are up there support the Oregon made brands like Schoolhouse that make that city great (and “weird”).

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7 years ago

Hi Emily and team, Im in Australia and its 11.11pm and ive been refreshing my page waiting for the new daily post. I am obsessed with your blog, keep up the good work! May i please have the link for blue lamp? No.15 thx

7 years ago
Reply to  Meg

Should be updated now! xx

7 years ago

Hey! I love this designer! Thank you for sharing. Also, I love the black (and wood) chairs featured in some of these photos as well. They don’t appear to be from Schoolhouse Electric… could you share where those are from as well? I’m looking for something exactly like these for our kitchen/dining room! Thanks!

7 years ago
Reply to  Laura

Ditto — Please share the source for the wood chairs if you know it!

7 years ago
Reply to  Laura

Using the “visually similar” search function on Pinterest comes up with 1950’s maple arm chair by Paul McCobb

Karen T.
7 years ago
Reply to  KID

How did I not know that existed in Pinterest?!?!?!? Thank you….you just opened up a whole new world for me in Pinterest!!

7 years ago
Reply to  Laura

Update — they are vintage Paul McCobb chairs, but the Mackinder Dining Chair from Anthropologie is a close copy!

7 years ago
7 years ago

Hi guys! Love Schoolhouse Electric. Looks like your image/shopping guide is missing a lot of links! (Because I want the one for #15 and #6– those plaid chairs, OMG!) #1, #4, #10, and #14, #15, and #16 all are not listed… Thanks!

7 years ago

Ugh, those beds. I have my great grandmother’s that has been refinished in matte navy… but it is only a full. I so wish someone would recreate the simple yet tough lines in queen/king proportions. Le sigh.

7 years ago

I have had my eye on the plaid chairs for a WHILE now. They are SO perfect and would go very well with the leather couch I’m saving up for. Have you sat in them, and would you recommend them for a household with kids?

7 years ago

We love Schoolhouse Electric. My 5 year old just got the Woodland Meadow sheet set and she LOVES it. Kinda pricey for kids sheets but so cute I couldn’t say no!

7 years ago

Oh my gosh. This whole post is a great example of the mix of mid century and rustic/farmhouse I’ve been looking for!

7 years ago

I am such a fan of Schoolhouse Electric hardware!

7 years ago

I love the schoolhouse electric owner’s home. I’ve had it as my absolute favorite for over a year now and I use the aesthetic as my inspiration starting point. I also love their catalogs and products. They have a tweed loveseat that I’m saving for.

7 years ago

Ah, it would have been amazing to have you up in Portland! If it makes you feel any better, though, the housing market here is absolutely the worst right now for buyers. My husband and I are looking right now, we just put in a bid over asking price for a home we fell in love with and were outbid at the last hour with someone who came in sixty thousand over asking. Not an exaggeration. Sixty thousand dollars over. I’m a little heartbroken, if you can’t tell.

Also, Portland can’t do a flea market for crap. You definitely have the better deal where you’re at in that regard.

Hopefully if you ever do make the decision to head back up North, Portland will have had time to get its act together. 😉

7 years ago

Love the look!

7 years ago

I love Schoolhouse Electric but I don’t love 2 seemingly sponsored posts in a row.

7 years ago

Ok, so I’ve never lived in LA, but I lived in San Francisco for five years, and coming back to my native land of Portland was absolutely the right decision! As a native, the rain doesn’t bother me, so if LA hasn’t dried you out too much, maybe you wouldn’t mind it, either. I highly recommend moving back to Portland!

Just think, you’d be able to visit the Schoolhouse Electric showroom in person any time you want! Once in awhile my husband and I go there just to wander around and soak up the atmosphere, ha (plus they have a coffee shop).

Please don’t buy a house just to fix up and airbnb it, though! People are doing that willy-nilly, violating the city laws pertaining to airbnb occupancy and permitting, and driving up housing costs for people who live here. It’s really sad and not good for our famously livable neighborhoods. If you want an investment house, rent it out, please!

7 years ago

We visited friends in Portland this summer and I convinced (ok…dragged) everyone to the Schoolhouse Electric showroom. Everyone enjoyed it, and Schoolhouse Electric earned some new fans that day. I love the mixture of vintage pieces they have at the showroom along with all of their high quality goods. It’s worth a stop if you’re in Portland!

Scarlet Billows
7 years ago

Weird! I have that same vintage wastebasket that’s in the first photo. I painted it and turned it into a planter, though. It’s so hard to find good (affordable) planters so sometimes getting creative is the answer! Vintage wastebaskets are usually a great size for plants, so why not?

7 years ago

I just decorated our new house with this brand! So lucky to have them in PDX. Let me know what you think or what else I need!!
Thanks Emily!

7 years ago

Can I please have everything in this post?

7 years ago

I think everyone ends a Portland visit with dreams of moving there! I am alone in this???

Also I’m in a similar timezone to Meg in Australia. One of the worst parts about my Mondays are that it’s still Sunday in the US and none of my blogs are updating yet. 🙁

7 years ago

My husband and I recently moved to Portland and he just started working at Schoolhouse! He loves it and I’m already looking for ways to put that discount to good use 🙂

7 years ago

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