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Designer Spotlight – Emily Katz

As you know in that book of mine, STYLED we featured the spaces of some insanely talented artists, designers, and creatives that made me, and the book look REALLY good. One of those talented artists being the one and only Emily Katz (and her partner Adam) who is a blogger, macrame artist, designer, and true bohemian at heart. Her home is insane, in a good way, filled with layered textiles, a menagerie of jungle life, and some of her own macrame pieces. It’s eclectic, unexpected and so artful. Take a look:



Emily isn’t a one trick pony though. She has recently launched a series of macrame workshops where you, yes you, (even me with my sausage fingers) can go to a class and learn how to weave your own macrame wall hanging or plant hanger. She has courses all over the nation this year and her classes are quickly filling up so be sure to check one out in a nearby city. These things are so beautiful – organic and modern.

Processed with VSCOcam with f3 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f3 preset

And for those of you that aren’t quite ready to get their creative juices flowing, and are a bit more of a “purchaser” than a “doer” (I’m sad right now I’m more of the latter than the former), she has quite a few of her own hangings in her online shop for you to peruse (and purchase) at your leisure. I’ll definitely be adding a few of those plant holders to my shopping cart. But I mean, come on, who doesn’t want to get their DIY on in the barn in Tivoli with a bunch of other lovely ladies.


Her Instagram is also BEAUTIFUL, weird and overall inspiring. Follow along HERE. 


That bench is so pretty. It would look pretty darn killer at the end of my bed.


Thank you so much Emily Katz, for letting us feature your beautiful work in the book. The first round of printing left off the crediting of the homeowners which was nauseating (thank God there have been 5 rounds of printing since), so I want to make sure that all of you who have that first edition of the book know that Emily and her partner designed their house, and they did it beautifully.

Now go check out her site, shop and instagram!

***photos of Emily’s House by David Tsay, all other photos by Leela Cyd, Christine Taylor, and Emily Katz.

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Veronica D
8 years ago

Beautiful!! And you just remind me how crafty and cool my Mom was. She made tons of macrame things I believe in the lates 80’s early 90’s?

8 years ago

Very beautiful!

This is the kind of style that is totally not mine, but which I can appreciate. The attention to detail is amazing, and I love the color palette and macrame ! (ok, macrame I love).

Oh, and the branch-turned-light-pendant is amazing. Seriously amazing. As in “I’m looking at branches a whole new way now”.

That driftwood light fixture in the first image?! Literally picture perfect. There’s one similar hanging in a friend’s shop in town, and I check it out every time I stop by to say hey.

Josh | The Kentucky Gent

8 years ago

I love her style! Her home is gorgeous!


8 years ago

I love this bohemian look, it’s my favorite!

8 years ago

Gorgeous! Following her on Insta. : )

8 years ago

Everything old is new again..I wish I had kept the cool macrame I made in the ’70s. Emily’s work is incredible.

8 years ago

we miss you, em. the thrill is gone.

8 years ago
Reply to  amey

…and gone for awhile…

8 years ago
Reply to  amey

What a hurtful thing to say. If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all (i.e. move along). There are plenty of other corners of the Internet for you to find what you are looking for.

8 years ago

I want to live in that first picture.

8 years ago

nice post

8 years ago

good page

8 years ago

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8 years ago

I love it. I would love to learn how to make those. That wooden ‘chandelier’ looks so nice.

8 years ago

I’m so happy to see this post. I love finding and following macrame artists and to find any website that has an inspiration page is wonderful! Emily Katz has beautiful work. I pin many of her images. I absolutely love macrame. It was actually Emily Henderson that started my love of macrame way back when I first started reading this blog. I would see it pop up now and then in her pictures. Originally I never had an appreciation for that decade, the 70’s, but Emily would show it in a new light and I grew to love it. I think it was because when I was growing up the macrame I had seen was always with the hemp cord and lots of strings hanging around with spider plants in them. After seeing them done so well on this site and opening my eyes to how beautiful they could be, I finally decided to get crafty and bought a book, watched some You Tube videos and made my first one for a tiny gold planter from Target. It came out beautiful. The white cord I’m using is pretty expensive but it’s worth it for the look. I’m just finishing up… Read more »

8 years ago

I absolutely love the rug in her living room! Do you know where she got it?