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Some Of My Favorite Outdoor Decor Pieces In Case Your Outdoor Space Could Use A Little Love

We just revealed our back porch, but we didn’t talk much about more of the decorating essentials that I really like (both for years and brand new to me). I’m talking outdoor lighting (which I’m VERY big on) and all the littler stuff that makes it look pulled together and therefore easier to enjoy. This is our first real summer here with the yard done (it was finished in August last year but still growing in) and we have so many party plans 🙂 Let’s go.

from: farmhouse back deck reveal

This is the only real shot of the Target lantern that I love (that to be fair is a knock-off of an excellent Tala lamp that comes in a lot of beautiful colors). This lamp is rechargeable and dimmable and for $30 it’s excellent (I also have a Tala lamp which is 10x times the price but really pretty). All the furniture is Article, FYI, and wonderful (and if you didn’t hear my spiel the other day it generally arrives quickly and is high-end, but more affordable since it’s direct to consumer).

from: farmhouse back deck reveal

Y’all those acrylic glasses from Target ($3 each) are SOLID. They look like glass, they come in really pretty colors, and are great year-round kid cups. They also have stemmed glasses, but honestly, we RARELY use a stem glass in our house. I hate giving people bad plastic and these feel way more elevated. Those candleholders are so cute and I’ve had them forever (and I’m on the hunt for dripless taper candles that aren’t crazy colors). Here are practically identical ones for only $16 each!

from: farmhouse back deck reveal

The pillows are from Target and World Market (and that awesome planter on the table is also from World Market and it has a base layer to it that catches water which I appreciate). And shout out to those string lights – they are shatter-resistant, super long, and I love that here they are white so that they aren’t too busy on the ceiling (and they are a really nice warm glow, FYI). We attached them just with tiny little nails and it was super easy.

Here are some other pieces I really love and make such a pretty impact:


Terra Cotta Planters | Lanterns | Candles | Watering Can

Ok, these lanterns are so pretty and simple, but they aren’t the type that you want to carry around too much (because the metal is thin with so much glass they aren’t crazy durable). I love them, but if you need something with a lot of wear and tear they might not be for you.

from: farmhouse back patio reveal

Copper Mugs | Wood Serving Board (similar) | Terra Cotta Planter | Lanterns | Candles

I bought the candles at Pottery Barn and sadly one just melted into the brick (whoops) but they were great for the year (we never lighted them TBH).

Striped Pillows

Striped Pillows

For those of you who missed it, this is our kitchen patio that has this furniture year-round, and it’s lovely. We take off the cushions of course, but the wood and metal are durable and casual. But when they are out I love the pop of pattern these pillows give so much. So easy and so visually fun.

Black & White Lumbar Pillow | Striped Bolster

We recently styled a full story at the ARCIFORM bay house and bought a few great pieces (including that lumbar pillow which now lives in our chaise lounges by our Soake pool).

Broken Stripe Lumbar Pillow | Navy & White Ruffled Pillow | Jute Scallop Lumbar Pillow | Outdoor Blanket

More cute things – a fringed umbrella (from Home Depot!), lots of striped pillows (the options are endless and so fun!), and beautiful chaise lounge chairs (from Neighbor, which you can also buy at AllModern). The swing is also so good 🙂

Sculptural Stools

Green Side Table | Umbrellas | Ceramic Side Table

An easy way to make an outdoor space a little cooler and fun is by adding a sculptural stool. They are great side tables, can be extra seating, and even be a fun plant holder. I love this new green/blue one I just got from Anthro because it add a fresh and modern feel. Then the white one is still very awesome and is also modern by adds a ton of texture.

A Few Entertaining Things I Love

Metal Screen Food Dome | Extra Large Ivory Natural Fiber Mesh Outdoor Food Cover

Glass Drink Dispenser | Plastic Redington Beverage Pitcher

There are a few things that I want to call out that I think are essential for entertaining but we haven’t shot yet – food covers to keep the flies away. We use these ALL THE TIME and guests are always grateful and surprised by them. I have this one from Target and then a few of these from World Market, but the smaller versions (the Target one is big enough to fit over a small pizza or a huge salad bowl, and the World Market ones look great for large/long cheese boards but I bought the ones that are a bit too small to be that functional). I also really love/need big drink dispensers for kids and I have this one from Target. The main thing that we are missing is a big lucite/plastic pitcher for water or juice that isn’t hideous. I might cave and buy this one, but if anyone finds a really cute one that isn’t $100 let me know. Ok, I’ve just convinced myself that I need to do a shoot where I show you all of my favorite outdoor entertaining essentials (I have some awesome melamine platters that even Brian “loves” which is shocking LOL). Coming right up!

*Photos by Kaitlin Green

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5 days ago

Enjoyed this post. The copper mugs are setting on a table, looks metal? Did I miss the info on said table?

5 days ago
Reply to  Karen
5 days ago

I love your outdoor content. Your backyard is amazing. I’d enjoy an update on the plants from last year and your veggie garden!

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