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The Link Up: Arlyn’s $6 Knife Sharpener, Julie’s Glowing Skin Secret, & The Denim Jumpsuit Four Of Us Can’t Stop Wearing


image by Tom Furgerson via The Design Files | design by Ricci Bloch

Happy Sunday ladies and gents, and welcome back to The Link Up. We are happy you’ve joined the party because we have LOTS of good recs in store for you today so we’re going to get straight to it. First up, today’s home tour is brought to you by The Design Files, and frankly, we can’t get enough of it. Click that link if you are in the mood for an insanely cool but also bright, happy home tour. Now, let’s dive into those EHD links:

From Emily: “If you need a serious dose of inspiration and feeling of hope, watch The Biggest Little Farm. Brian and I both cried, tears dropping off our chins, out of sheer hope. When is the last time you wept from simply feeling inspired and hopeful by someone else’s beautiful work? (answer: when we saw Hamilton on Broadway with the original cast). This movie struck us hard and has changed our mindset (and if anyone knows them please email – we want to collaborate with them in any way – farm tour, tips for my janky veggie garden that they inspired, I’ll let their pig do my makeup – literally any way for me to be near them).

Also from Emily: “Once again I bought this rug for another project because we were all seriously impressed how great it was for the price.”

Julie’s secret to glowing skin these days after many years under the harsh sun is Pixi’s Glowtion Day Dew. Toner, moisturizer, Glowtion and then foundation has become Julie’s morning routine and the results have been fantastic. Added bonus: It doesn’t irritate sensitive skin. Win win. 

Caitlin is in love with these round circle hair clips from Verishop, a site she just discovered that has a well-curated section of EVERYTHING. They have beautiful home goods, indie beauty brands, well-curated clothing and accessories sections—it’s all here, folks. The site is actually manageable (like you can actually make it through every page, which is unprecedented) AND they have free one-day shipping. It’s her new favorite site.

Chandler loves these white boots from Nordstrom. She got them last season, and they held up super well and are back again just in time for fall! They are so comfortable and can be dressed up or down. 

A friend recommended this podcast to Veronica and she is hooked. It follows the stories / killings of the Golden State Killer so if you’re into murder and crime podcasts, this one’s for you. But be advised: it will spook you to. your. core.

Bowser just got back from a bike trip through the foothills of the French Alps and was very happy she had purchased this mount for her phone so that she could safely both ride and see her maps.

Jess’ first pair of shoes were probably cowboy boots if her parents had any say…which they obviously did. But since those younger cowgirl days she has been on a bit of a western style hiatus. But these boots are SO cute and are the perfect modern cowboy blend that may have her back on the horse:) Plus she has never owned an uncomfortable pair of Seychelles soooo…must haves??

Mallory was wildly inspired by the budget lighting sources post, so she went on a hunt for the perfect statement sconce. She found it.

Sara is obsessed with this $35 denim jumpsuit (that her, Julie, Bowser AND Jess all have). It’s so comfortable and has a lot of stretch (she wears a small and she feels like it still has a lot of room to move around in). It is basically a super affordable knock off of a Madewell or Levi’s version and we are here for it.

Carolina is still thinking about RODARTE’s recent Collection Portrait Series. The whole lookbook is breathtaking and so, so dreamy.

From Arlyn: “Someone recommended this $6 mini knife sharpener to me that I decided to try because…well it was $6 and my knives are getting dull. I’m too lazy to take them to get professionally sharpened as often as they need, so I’m VERY happy to report that a few pulls through the blades on this little guy, and my knives cut almost like new again. I even used it on a knife that was so dull, it just smooshed everything I tried to cut with it, and it sliced through a tomato with ease after a little sharpening. GET IT. Best $6 I ever spent on my kitchen.”

Ryann discovered this artist on instagram recently and now her favorite pastime is scrolling through her feed, drooling over all her paintings. From Ryann: “I don’t have the words to describe this woman’s talent, but all I know is I want her work all over my walls, and I want to be her best friend.”

And before we go, if you haven’t had a chance to watch this video of 16 year old activist Greta Thunberg addressing the UN, we think it is worth the watch.

As always, thank you for stopping by, please leave your thoughts, comments, and suggestions below, and we hope you will join us in this wild internet space tomorrow xx

Fin Mark


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Sandee Royalty

I have that darling jumpsuit but i dyed it with black and navy rit dye. I am so tempted to get more and dye in different colors!


This is brilliant. I got the universal thread denim jumpsuit from target instead of this one. I liked the buttons.


Ready to buy that magic knife sharpener but link is broken! Help!

Sorry about that. Try again!


I need to know what brand the knife sharpener is but the link is broken. Please share, we’re in extreme need 🙂

We just updated the link!


The link for the knife sharpener doesnt work – item not found!

Just updated above!


The jumpsuit link is broken for me!


Not related to this post – but I just sandblasted a chair yesterday and am so happy with it, but am curious if Emily did any finish on her mountain master bedside tables after she had them blasted?


Biggest Little Farm – Cannot recommend it enough!!! It is an incredibly inspiring film; that will capture your heart, and give you hope for our planet. Emily, I am sure they would be open for any ideas that you may have – what about a makeover takeover for the Roofies accommodations? Who could deserve it more?


What a fantastic post! This is so chock full of useful information I can not wait to dig deep and start urilizing the resources you have given me. Your exuberance is refreshing.


What is the name of the podcast? The link doesn’t work


The link to the podcast isn’t working! Emily can you tell us the name of it?

Hmm it works on our end but it might be a browser issue. The podcast is called The Man in the Window: The Golden State Killer


The end of episode two of that podcast is one of the scariest things I’ve ever heard. Captivating podcast but so, so terrifying.


Just want to share a thought about the suggested link to the 16 year old speaking at the UN on climate change. I want to sincerely encourage people to do their own research into climate change. Every decade the globalists push a different climate agenda on unsuspecting people…think 1970: The New Ice Age, 1980: Acid Rain, 1990: The Ozone Layer, 2000: Global Warming, 2010: Climate Change. In my research, I have found that there is always an economic agenda behind it all. Please pull back the curtain and look further. Greta’s family is supported by, a Soros-funded globalist propaganda organization. Not trying to be contrary…it’s just that I’ve learned that it is wise to question what is presented as “truth”.


Please provide your proof that Greta’s family is supported by a propaganda organization. Your post reads as if you do not believe humans are altering the climate, and I would love to see what research you’re relying on for this.


Pretty sure they are relying on random ultra conservative conspiracy theorist blogs for their “research”.


I stopped reading your response at “globalists.”

Thank you, Emily and team, for sharing Greta’s powerful message.


i dont think Emily and her team are here for anti-Semitic conspiracy theories


Just thought you might want to know that Greta is an actress, hired by someone to put on a performance at the UN. You can find a picture of her with her parents who are members of Antifa. She has been proven a fraud.


Please provide your proof that Greta is an actress and link to the picture with her showing her parents are members of Antifa.


Antifa are anti fascist. Even if her parents are Antifa I cant imagine why that would make any sort of difference.

Lol you conspiracy theorists are too funny. Climate change is ridiculous and not true but fascism and greed, lying, and removing everyone’s rights is a good thing? *extreme eyeroll*


Thank you for posting the link to Greta’s speech and raising the issue of climate change. Already, some commenters are claiming Greta is an actress, she’s funded by propaganda organizations – typical claims from the right. It’s unfortunate that this young woman is being criticized so heavily by adults, who focus on maligning her rather than responding to the science she shares. As she herself has said, if you don’t want to listen to a child, fine, but please, listen to the science.


Uh, everything that Greta discussed is true. Climate change is real.

Alexandra Rose

Thank you so much for linking up Greta’s speech and also for increasing your posts related to doing better for our environment (which also means doing better for us humans).


To lower your climate impact:
-buy less stuff
-eat less meat and dairy
-fly less
-support/choose alternative energy sources

Susie Q.

Amen. It’s just that simple.


demand accountability from the 100 companies responsible for 71% of global emissions

Loveley of

love this home tour! i’ll add it to my lottery dream list : )
thanks for linking Greta’s speech. i find it super weird that people are actually coming down on her (per some of the comments here). ummmmmmmmm. what is she saying that people are disagreeing with? that governments need to really do something about pollution. gee, what a horrible message she is spreading. (eye roll)


I just got the denim jumpsuit delivered — bought it on a whim after reading your post and had low expectations. I am SO pleasantly surprised. I love it and it fits perfectly and I can’t wait to wear it. Thanks for the reco!

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