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Where to Buy Affordable Lighting Online: 18 of Our Go-To Resources

The importance of lighting is real people. Plus, sitting in the dark is only charming for a very short amount of time…like 5 mins I’d say. However, as I am sure I don’t have to tell you, lighting can be v expensive. Would all of us love to be able to afford a $700 floor lamp? Sure. But not all of us can or actually want to put a huge chunk of our budget into just that one department. We absolutely get that and thought that a comprehensive list of our favorite, more affordable, lighting resources would be helpful to fix this issue. To preface, we aren’t saying all of the sources we are about to provide are exclusively in the $50 and under price range. But knowing the market and how pricey lighting is for the most part, this list gives you a much wider range of more affordable options…don’t worry, some are under $50. We’ve got you. Let’s now shine that perfectly warm, slightly dimmed light on our favorites.

Emily Henderson affordable living room lighting_2
Photo by Genevieve Garruppo | From: A 120 Year Old Barn Makeover With The Frame TV

Emily Henderson affordable living room lighting_3

Nordic Wall Sconce | Iris Designer Floor Lamp | Color Swirls Table Lamp


Yes, Amazon is an amazing resource for not only your books and hard to find beauty products but they have A TON of great and very affordable lighting options. Sure, you have to dig a bit but the reward is lots of savings and 2-day prime delivery. You may remember the sconces from the 120-year-old barn…yep, Amazon baby.

Emily Henderson affordable living room lighting_4

Reynold Matte Black Sconce | Grid Black and White Polka Dot Table Lamp | Plate Matte Black Wall Sconce


We are all big fans of everything CB2  and their lighting is no exception. While they aren’t super cheap, they are much more affordable than a lot of other similar style resources and are VERY chic (and edgy). Plus, they have sales all the time to help lower that price point.

Emily Henderson affordable living room lighting_5

Modern Black Gold Pendant Lamp | Black Brass Modern Pendant Lamp | Modern Brass Maple Wood Pendant 

DL Design Works

This was a killer Etsy find. They have unique modern designs that have natural elements to them which is why they are so great. They have a moderate price point but from where we are standing, look like they are well worth it.

Emily Henderson affordable living room lighting_6

Rockport 1 Light Table Lamp | Mid Century Flowerpot Table Lamp | Mid Century Astia Long Wall Sconce

France & Sons

France & Son is the place to go for moderately priced modern Scandi design. They sell very pretty reproductions at a MUCH more approachable price. Now, we understand the complications behind reproductions and always want to promote original work. We think if you can afford original art then you SHOULD buy it. But original work is unattainable for most. We however, of course, understand the reason for the high prices since SO much work goes into it. It’s a fine line and we get both sides from a consumer standpoint. But will all that said we do love France & Son for making cool lighting accessible.

Emily Henderson affordable living room lighting_7

Oak Table Lamp Cone Shape | Wooden Table Lamp | Oak Table Lamp Bottle Shape

Home and Kitchen

All hail Etsy for showing us this great lighting resource. We are suckers for a good wooden lamp. These handmade beauties are not only real easy on the eyes but also affordable (around $60+). The perfect mix of modern and organic if we say so ourselves.

Emily Henderson affordable living room lighting_8

Modern Natural Wood Oak Tripod LED Floor Lamp | Matte Brass Desk Lamp | Gold/Black Minimalist Resin/Metal LED Floor Lamp

Home Depot

If you go on (the selection is much better than in-store) you are sure to find crazy inexpensive lighting deals. They have A LOT of products in a ton of different styles, so you need to dig a bit but the savings are too good to pass up.

Emily Henderson affordable living room lighting_9



Would this even be an affordable roundup post without the great IKEA? No, no it would not. IKEA is constantly stepping it up and we love their new lighting. That black wood floor lamp also comes in natural and Arlyn almost bought it for her living room MOTO. She says it’s even prettier in person so…GO GET IT (if you need it).

Emily Henderson affordable living room lighting_10
Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: Arlyn’s Moody Dining Room Reveal Is All About the Insane Power of Paint

Emily Henderson affordable living room lighting_11

White Modern Sconce | Pendant Light | Black & Brass Sconce

Illuminate Vintage

See that sconce on the far right? That is the stunning sconce that Arlyn used in her dining room makeover. So not only can she vouch for the very chic design but also that they have awesome customer service and ship SUPER fast. Have a look because they have a huge selection. 🙂

Emily Henderson affordable living room lighting_12

Bronx Wide Black Mini Pendant | Brava Antique Brass Down-Light Wall Lamp | Dawson Dark Bronze Pharmacy Floor Lamp

Lamps Plus

As the name implies, these guys know lights and they have SO MANY options. The price range is wide so there is something for any style and every budget. I was very impressed as I was picking out our picks.

Emily Henderson affordable living room lighting_13

Repurposed Fishing Trap Basket Bamboo Pendant | Handmade Bamboo Pendant Lamp | Bamboo Pendant Light


Need a beautiful and really affordable woven pendant light? Then, boy, do we have the place for you. LannaPassa has a variety of great pendants to boho the heck out of your home and add some beautiful texture.

Emily Henderson affordable living room lighting_14

Decco Contemporary Adjustable Floor Lamp | Copper Grove Baptisia Brass Floor LampProclaim Metal Table Lamp

Never forget the magic of Remember Emily’s $60 beautiful/perfect nightstands she just revealed in the downstairs guestroom in the mountain house? Yep, they were from Overstock. Their lighting is no exception. They have a ton to look through at super, SUPER great prices.

Emily Henderson affordable living room lighting_15
Photo by Tessa Neustadt | From: The Finished Patio (with the tile!)

Emily Henderson affordable living room lighting_16

Tapered Concrete Table Lamp | Bare Bulb Chandelier | Globe Capped Cone Ceiling Light

Shades of Light

Emily has worked with Shades of Light a few times and most prominently with the exterior sconces of her LA patio and the sconces in the mountain house living room. Their products aren’t crazy inexpensive but the quality is awesome.

Emily Henderson affordable living room lighting_17

Solid Brass Adjustable Wall Sconce | Black Wall Sconce | Scissors Lamp Sconce

Smile Lamp Works

Affordable and local (well to Southern California)! This last Etsy find is a good one. They have extremely affordable and very awesome light fixtures (mainly hardwired) that will instantly light up your home both figuratively and literally. Their styles range from nouveau to MCM to industrial. A little something for almost everyone.

Emily Henderson affordable living room lighting_19
Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: Makeover Takeover Jess Long-Awaited (Small Space) Living Room Reveal

Emily Henderson affordable living room lighting_20

Metal Table Lamp | Loewy Brass Reflector Sconce Brass | Metal Task Lamp


While alphabetically, Target is towards the bottom of our list, I think you all know it should be at the TOP since it’s one of our favorites. Their home brands have an awesome variety of styles that look SO GOOD in person and are super affordable. We all have at least one Target light in each of our homes…by choice to be clear. 🙂

Emily Henderson affordable living room lighting_21

Sun Pink and White Table Lamp | Emerald Table Lamp With Tassels | Braided Pendant Light


I have stumbled upon this site a few times and am always impressed with the great and unique selection from vendors all over the world at pretty reasonable prices. So when I was thinking of sources, I thought, “Trouva!” Get ready to jump into a pretty fun design rabbit hole.

Emily Henderson affordable living room lighting_22

Marlie Curved Metal Floor Lamp | Teardrop Wicker Sconce | Mia Ceramic Table Lamp

Urban Outfitters

Urban never disappoints when it comes to very affordable lighting that feels very cool. And it’s only been getting better over the past couple of years. I am personally pretty obsessed with all three of these picks. They are organic, modern, unique but still simple enough to blend with almost any style.

Emily Henderson affordable living room lighting_23
Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: A Modern and Organic Living Room Makeover

Emily Henderson affordable living room lighting_24

Curvilinear Mid-Century Short Sconce | Tapered Shade Floor Lamps | Hourglass USB Task Lamp

West Elm

The true mass-market ruler of updated mid-century modern (and beyond) is West Elm. Their lighting is always just really good, reasonably priced and looks way more expensive than it is. Like CB2, they are always having sales so most likely you won’t have to pay full price which is music to our ears.

Emily Henderson affordable living room lighting_25

Mid Century White Marble Table Lamp With Black Linen Shade | Natural Geometric Wicker Ethan Table Lamp | Black Swiveling Wall Sconce With Wicker Shade

World Market

The affordable boho haven has great lighting. Their selection ranges from super eclectic to modern and fresh, always at a fair price. My first pendant light I ever installed in my home (seven years ago) was from World Market and I still have it because it still looks awesome. Needless to say, their products are good quality and so cute.

That’s it for today’s (hopefully) extremely helpful roundup. We really love lighting and hope that you find some of your perfect matches with this post. But never forget the powers of Craigslist, thrift stores, flea markets, garage sales and estate sales for those “crazy inexpensive” deals. We just want you to love your home and to give you as many resources possible. This is starting to sound like a love letter so I will sign off. BUT as always…

Love you, mean it.

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4 years ago

Fun article! You guys might also like Color Cord Company because of the affordable prices and the option to customize the finishes or make it pluggable!

4 years ago

I can also vouch for Illuminate Village. In a recent bathroom remodel I was prepared to splurge on two Ian Fowler Double Bistro sconces; however, the dimensions were too large for my space. I contacted Illuminate Village to see if they could do something similar within my space constraints and socket wishes. I kid you not, they replied within 45 minutes with pictures of a mock-up. I made one suggestion to tweak it and it was a done deal. They didn’t quote a price until after I was happy with the mock-up. For two sconces I paid less than one of the “original” and they shipped within a few days. Amazing customer service and quality of the fixtures.

In other great customer service news, I also ordered some of the beautiful Cle tile Emily used in her mountain house powder bath for my same bath remodel. When it arrived (to the DC area) over half was broken. Cle shipped out replacements they next day. Thanks for finding wonderful vendors, EHD!

Karin Gately
4 years ago
Reply to  deadairgirl

How did you find Illuminate Village? I googled it but all Google would give me was Illuminate VINTAGE. Has Google finally disappointed me or are they just not online?

4 years ago

THIS is what I’ve been missing! All the reveals have been inspiring, but my favorite part of your site has always been the useful stuff–rules, mistakes to avoid, and resources, basically. It feels like a long time since we’ve seen any of those. Now, the one thing I’d LOVE to read about is how in the world to properly light and style a dark basement. Thanks!

Anne Phillips
4 years ago

Don’t forget Lamps Plus Open Box!

4 years ago

Thanks for all the helpful tips and shopping resources!! I do have a request – can you please do something on styling bookcases/shelves? I have built-in shelves that I’m having the most trouble finding tips on how to decorate them and have it look cohesive but interesting.

4 years ago

I really feel like lighting is one area where IKEA needs to (or could) step it up a notch and offer better products. They generally are good, but not great. Two of my favorite fairly affordable online sources for lighting are Cedar & Moss and

4 years ago

Great post! Lamps Plus is awesome. We’ve bought new bathroom vanity fixtures for both our bathrooms. Good price points. I just discovered that RugsUSA sells lamps and the styles are very modern. They have a killer sale right now too.

4 years ago

Very happy with Shades of Light. I got both a flushmount ceiling fixture and an extendable-arm sconce from them, and both are beautiful and well-made.

4 years ago

Could you guys do a post on lightbulb color/temp and recommend specific items? Lightbulbs are HARD.

marco antosa
4 years ago

I really liked this type of lamps but do you know how to be power efficent i leave there a guide

4 years ago is also a great site. New lighting, just have to sell it at a discount because the boxes have been opened. Selection can be limited, but you can find some great deals.

4 years ago

LOVE this post! Thank you for including the likes of IKEA, Home Depot, Lamps Plus, Target, and other accessible retail options that seem so “regular” and dependable (as shopping experience/returns/etc. go). Refreshing and much appreciated!

Jalene Smith
4 years ago

Here is a lighting DIY that we did that I LOVE! Cost us less than $20 a light when our other options would have been over $100 per sconce. Check it out….it looks way better than $20!

Kirsten Ritter
4 years ago

This is an awesome post! Thank you! Would really love to know where you got the credenza in the top photo??