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The Link Up: Jess’ Perfect Date Night Blouse, Mallory’s Hair Styling Hack & A Mind-Bending New Series

image via Architectural Digest | design by Kyle O’Donnell of Gramercy Design, home of David Harbour

Just like that, Thanksgiving is over and December is upon us. You guys, that means Christmas is a mere three weeks away. HOW?!? Questioning it will not make it any less real, but man does time fly. In any case, we hope you all had a relaxing week and Thanksgiving, and if you missed what we were up to this week, here’s a little recap: we launched EVEN MORE gift guides (Emily’s and kids), queried about what might be the new marble, got real about Sara’s fireplace design agony, perused TONS of Black Friday sales (many of which are still happening—so head over quick), shopped small business Saturday and so much more. What a week. Now we are back with what we all know and love: The Link Up. Let’s get to it:

Today’s home tour (via Architectural Digest) is home of David Harbour (who you may know as Sheriff Hopper from Stranger Things) and it is the perfect mixture of old school and modern and we are VERY into it. (Make sure to check out the bathroom to really get your heart PUMPING).

From Emily: “Here’s another article reconfirming our parenting approach. If only America made it a bit easier for us and our kids. Thesis: happiness leads to achievement, achievement does not lead to happiness.”

Let’s all check out Count Crowley. It was created by a friend of Velinda’s, and is a humorous, action/horror series with a badass chick in the lead. It’s out now and not staying on shelves long, so get an original copy while you can (p.s. it’s a great gift!)

Sara bought this little guy at Target the other day on a whim and was not disappointed. From Sara: “I’ve wanted an oil diffuser for a while now but wasn’t ready to drop $100+ on a fancy one. But while I was in my favorite aisle (the candle aisle), I spotted this one for $17.99 and brought it home with me. I’m now addicted and even bring it to work with me most days.”

Ryann bought this incense last week and cannot get enough of it. Says Ryann: “This stuff smells STUPID good. My boyfriend and I love it because it isn’t too flowery (it actually smells quite cologne-y) and it burns for a while, leaving our entire apartment smelling amazing for hours.”

Arlyn will be spending her Thanksgiving weekend bingeing Undone on Amazon Prime. She started it last weekend and says it’s mind-bending, mesmerizing and just very interesting/different storytelling (that may or may not involve time travel…sort of). Watch it and see for yourself. 

Veronica bought this coat over the weekend and loves it. She’s been searching for a nice, long coat for a while, and was so happy to finally find the one. It is super comfy, goes with everything and keeps you warm.

Jess sort of went on a shopping spree last week and this is her other new favorite blouse (the first you can find in last week’s linkup). She says it feels and looks amazing on. She also likes that it’s a little fancy with the heavy satin fabric and subtle floral print. She mainly loves that she can wear it to work and on a date (maybe just with an extra button undone ;).)

From Julie:”Typically for the holidays, I will make a big batch of spiked cider using whiskey, Trader Joe’s Spiced Cider, sliced oranges & cinnamon sticks. But the other day I found the fancier version of my cocktail on Half Baked Harvest that I have to test out this season. It is basically an old fashioned garnished with rosemary and brûléed oranges, you had me at bourbon”

Tearjerker: Caitlin got emotional reading this piece by Connie Schultz about home improvement in times of grief. If you’re here, you’ll like it. (Also, it definitely reminds her of the premise behind Orlando’s show, and she’s VERY EXCITED for season 2!)

From Mallory: “I don’t use hair products (except for shampoo and conditioner—for obvious reasons), but my parents recently gave this to me for my birthday and it has CHANGED MY LIFE. It’s a blow-dry primer so when you go to blowout your hair, it restrains the tiny baby hairs everyone hates from becoming FRIZZY.”

Alright friends, that is all for now. We’ll see you around here tomorrow (we hope). Happy Sunday! xx

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