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$50 Bentwood Chairs, $10 Stools, Free Bookcases: The Best Dallas Craigslist Finds Right Now

Hey everyone, Emily Bowser here (EHD styling assistant, and secondhand and DIY aficionado), back with our second installment of Trolling Craigslist. Last time, we stayed close to our ‘hood in the LA area, but today we’re heading down to Texas—Dallas specifically. We found tons of chrome, SO many chairs and maybe the cutest $10 stool we’ve ever seen. Let’s take a look:

Vintage Mid-Century Modern Sling Chairs, $600

00y0y Gawn8izl5lw 1200x900

Okay, there may or may not be a chrome theme in this post. I was at the flea market with Julie the other week and I was all, “are people still into chrome? Is it weird that I’m STILL into chrome??” She didn’t give me a good answer, so I want to hear from you in the comments section! IS CHROME STILL COOL? AM I STILL COOL? DO PEOPLE SAY “COOL” ANYMORE?? I think the bases of these are very “cool.” Or, as Sara’s younger brother, Shade, who has been helping us on the production end of things, would say “dope, dope.” The bases of these are “dope” and easily worth $300 each in my mind (though I can see why $600 might feel $$$$ for secondhand furniture). I’m not sure what the cost here would be to recover, but I feel like it wouldn’t be too bad because you wouldn’t need much yardage. That said, I’ve never recovered something quite like that, where the fabric is what is connecting it to the base. In a less aggressive fabric, I think they would feel visually lighter than a lot of other big and comfy chairs out there because the design gives the illusion of floating.

Vintage Pair of Chairs, $449 

00e0e Aehcfwa6yym 1200x900

If there isn’t a chrome theme in this post, then there IS a matching pair theme (keep reading)! I actually LOVE this rose color and wouldn’t recover them, just give ’em a good cleaning. $250ish/chair is not bad but I bet you can talk them down to $400 at least. Oh, and I love that you could separate them or put them together as a love seat.

Antique Pedestal Oak Table With 4 Oak Highback Chairs, $40 

00909 Dbjqh8g6ss7 1200x900

Okay, if it’s not chrome or a matching set, then SOLID WOOD is a third theme you will see today.

I am a fan of antique pedestal tables. I own one myself. They are perfect for smaller spaces because they are easy to walk around.  There’s a whole conversation that I could have about mixing up shapes in your space, as well. The short version is this: a lot of times, you will look around and everything is a rectangle in a house, couches, tables, the actual rooms! Mixing up shapes is one of the easiest ways to make a space feel less cookie cutter. I’m not a huge fan of the chairs but I LOVE the shape of the base of the table and $40 is a great price for an oak table. You could probably even just take the set, and sell the chairs themselves for at least $50. MONEY MAKER. ALSO, do I spy wheels?? I love a table on wheels. All you need is a sander and a sealant or stain if you please.

2 Chairs, $40

01515 9i2wvdd5u0o 1200x900

$40??? Deal. They look like they swivel and I am a fan of a swivel and a…MATCHING PAIR. I have a chair that swivels in my family room that sits kind of in front of the TV which is great for two reasons: 1. It blocks the TV and makes it less of a center piece and 2. When the TV is on, you just swivel it out of the way! They look to be in really good condition so if the color works for your living space, this is a no brainer. Recovering would not be cheap, because that is a lot of fabric but also…$40!! So there’s room in the budget to make these your dream Goop x CB2 knockoff chairs.

Pair of Chrome/Leather Bauhaus Chairs, $200

00d0d G25x96qfvse 1200x900

HELLO CHROME! (The evidence is mounting for the “cool” *ahem* “dope” factor, am I right??) $200 for the PAIR?? About to drive to Texas and get these myself. Would be very cool to mix them into a dining room situation.

Vintage Domore Conference Chairs, $145

00303 Kcd1u3gy2hm 1200x900

There’s been a bit of a debate over office chairs in the office lately. Fashion? Function? HAS ANY OFFICE CHAIR EVER DONE BOTH?? (If you know, please comment below!!). If we lived in Texas I’d try to convince the team to get these and have them recovered. Not cheap if you add in recovering for sure, but $145 each isn’t bad. I’d try to negotiate down if I bought all eight. But, all that said, good luck finding a comfortable and good looking office chair for less than a million dollars anyway. Also, would like to note chrome base here. 🙂

2 Small Benches, $20

2x2 Grid 2500 Pixels Horizontal Copy

$20?? How can you say no?? The first is great for LITERALLY NOTHING except being cute and being knocked off it’s feet constantly, of course, and the second, your cats would for sure love to rip it up/nap on. But they are $20!! I kid, sort of, I mostly wanted to post this because the second one actually goes with a chair. I am not an expert of midcentury furniture, but I am 99% sure it goes with a chair…that I can imagine…in my head. It folds…I think? THIS IS A FUN GAME CHIME IN IN THE COMMENTS AND TELL ME WHAT IT IS. Anyway, if you have that chair and don’t have the matching stool thingy, here you go! TWENTY BUCKS!

Vintage Movie Theater Chairs, $600

00h0h Hvd0faod5pd 1200x900

GUYS. IT’S THE MOTHER &*#%$&# THEATER CHAIR JACKPOT. You. Are. Welcome. I’ve owned my set of three for six years and I still love them. They are one of the few things I truly think I will own forever. Great for: Cramped quarters (seats fold up when not in use), entryway putting on/taking off shoes, end of a bed (Emily did it years ago here), and to bring visual interest to seating in your house. It’s like a very functional piece of art. They are pretty comfortable, too! $600 is not cheap considering I got mine for $100, THAT SAID: I love them so much that I would now buy them again for that much and I live for a deal. I would obviously try to talk them down. OR MAYBE THEY MEAN $600 FOR ALL OF THEM?? HOLD MY DRINK, BYE.

Okay, question: is this chrome? I could probably Google this, but I’d rather you tell me. It definitely FEELS a bit like chrome (but probably just polished brass). I think my love of chrome/whatever this ’80s gold situation is, is pretty controversial within the office. It also doesn’t seem like it’s very me. It’s a little flashy on it’s own but when I finally reveal my living room, you will see how I make a similar coffee table work in a minimalist eclectic way. The reason I like my coffee table is that it is visually interesting when you notice it, but you don’t really notice it. Plus, I’m into the chairs he has available. That looks like a very comfortable dining chair situation. The base of the coffee table comes with a glass top, btw, and $175 for a coffee table is a steal. The glass alone would cost at least that much to cut (though I can also see this with a wood or marble top, though that would seriously up the cost of the refurb on this one).

Rare Antique 1910 Thonet Poland & APM Wood Shell Chairs, $225

00o0o Iwk0liqknqk 1200x900

DUH. Two 100+ year old Thonet chairs for a little over $100 each?? Yes. Period. You don’t sit in these. This is for the person who puts a pretty chair against a wall, under a sconce, next to a fireplace or a credenza (hello Michael and Emily) as ART. They are pretty. They are not comfortable and probably not safe to sit in(!) but the bentwood, the steam pressed, embossed shell seats?? Yes. Yesyesyes. Maybe this is just for the design nerds but that’s why we’re all here, aren’t we??

4 Antique Bentwood Cafe Chairs, $200

00u0u 38nbtszi4ek 1200x900

Speaking of bentwood chairs! Classic. $50/piece? Great condition? No brainer. Also, they have two sets so if you need eight chairs, look no further!

Mid-century Modern Furniture & More, $175

00m0m Igzv7t1a0zk 1200x900

There’s a few things in the post but the one I’m interested in is the space saving tension shelf! It’s slim, it doesn’t connect to the wall which makes it feel light, and it brings the eye up! Win-win-win!

Vintage Hamilton Drafting Table, $199

32x2 Grid 2500 Pixels Horizontal Copy

Here is something I love about industrial pieces: you generally don’t have to do anything to them! The scratches and wear add personality and if you try too hard to make them perfect, they look like fakes. Is there anything with more personality than a drafting table? You can just imagine the interesting people who owned it and all the things that were created on it over the years! I think it would be an awesome small space solution for a dining table. It folds up and looks cool at the same time. Another space saving win/win (do I sense another theme??)!

Handmade Bookshelf, Free

00k0k 4el2axnkpcb 1200x900

It’s FREE. Enough said. Paint or sand and stain? Looks like it might have some water damage, but nothing some elbow grease can’t help to cover up. Whatever it’s free and an interesting scale/shape. Free is safe for trying out DIYs for the first time. Get it and lmk what happens!

SO, what are you buying from here? Even if nothing, we hope we encouraged you to hit your local resale sites and find some treasures this weekend. Don’t be afraid of something that feels a little out of your wheelhouse because those usually end up being the pieces that MAKE a room. Oh, also, while this is our second rodeo in Trolling Craigslist 2.0, we’re also considering opening this whole thing up to things like OfferUp, Facebook Marketplace, Etsy and the like. What do you guys think?

Happy hunting.

For more Trolling Craigslist posts: Los Angeles

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5 years ago

The ad for the theatre seats clearly says they have 12 to sell and are selling them for $50 per chair so they are a great deal! Did you even read the ad?

5 years ago
Reply to  Hannah

I was thinking so many readers probably emailed the lister, that he decided to clarify.

emily jane
5 years ago

I’m with Renee. The same thing happened last week on this blog. A Portland Project post was not specified as such until the confused comments alerted staff and ‘Portland’ was added to the title and/or text. (I am still grateful Arlyn was dear enough to respond to my did-it-always-say-Portland.!? query so I could go about my day not mired in uncertainty : ). Actually, there may be a blog post hiding here -“what information to include when listing on craigslist” or “how to not drive people crazy when listing on craigslist by omitting all relevant information” or something like that ; ) ALSO, Hello Emily Bowser! I’m not certain, but I feel like I am meeting you here for the first time (?) and just like all the other posts written by EHD staff recently, I am looking forward to hearing/reading more!

5 years ago
Reply to  Emily Bowser

Emily! Cool to hear about another EHD team member. You share a last name with my husband! It’s kind of an unusual last name (maybe not if I dug into some census info – but I personally don’t hear of it outside of my husband’s family). That’s it – that’s my comment – all about saying hello and hey, somewhere going back to France or Ireland (or…?), our families may be very loosely connected. Also, All of this is a good way to procrastinate. Friday! WOOT.

Jordan G
5 years ago

I’m in DFW so this is very fun! I have seen some of these items in my searches, too. I would say you should definitely open it up to at least Facebook Marketplace. I’m finding tons fo good stuff on there lately, and I think sellers (myself included) are often going that route instead of Craigslist.

DM Dunn
5 years ago

That drafting table!!!!! Dallas is three hours away, so probably not gonna happen, but you’ve inspired me to do a little more Craigslist shopping!

5 years ago

I am always shocked by these posts. Not by the items but by the prices! They are so expensive – I live in Cleveland, OH where Craigslist and FB marketplace items are DIRT CHEAP or free many times. You should do a post looking in Midwest cities 🙂

5 years ago

The stool goes with a Wegner style chair (the material is danish papercord). I have a repro Wegner rocking chair and repro easy chair, and I Love Them but if something goes wrong, you have to reweave the entire seat (or back).

5 years ago

I love this series, how fun! Do you guys have a post on advice – what key words to search, how to barter, how to evaluate furniture to make sure you get a good deal?

5 years ago
Reply to  Paulina

I second this! I feel like posters are adding so many keywords — and faux keywords — to their posts nowadays. Searching “mcm” and the like now pulls up mass-produced crap, not real stuff. Would love a post on this!

Modern Motif Vintage
5 years ago

We are the ones selling the black tension pole shelves! All of our listings are on our Instagram account:

5 years ago

How cool is that! To be featured on EHD Craigslist post!

Cici Haus
5 years ago

Do Atlanta! I can never find anything good here.

5 years ago

Love this post!!

5 years ago

Love these posts! I’m in Dayton, Ohio and would love to see a post about Cincinnati/Dayton (I’m willing to drive!). Also – maybe a post on tips for searching on Craigslist? I’ve had a little success over the years, but find it overwhelming and often give up because I think I’m just not searching correctly.

Vale Cervarich
5 years ago

I’m so sorry EHD, but I cannot abide you advertising. Everytime I come to your blog I remember why I stay away.
I’m sticking to IG. Love you guys – hate your website.

5 years ago
Reply to  Vale Cervarich

So do it and shut up.

5 years ago
Reply to  Vale Cervarich

If you are interested in viewing the site without ads, consider using an ad blocker; I use ad block plus (just Google it). Hope that helps!

5 years ago

Boston please!! Boston please!! (Also, dying over those antique bentwood chairs!!)

5 years ago

I am SO into that tension pole lamp!!! I would swoop it up in a heartbeat if I were in the Dallas area!

5 years ago

I absolutely love this content! Sometimes I second guess myself when it comes to thrifting and I love seeing what would catch a designers eye 🙂

Paula Carr
5 years ago

I have an antique Thonet chair like the pair here (the ones with the non-rounded backs). Love it. I actually use it as a side table.

5 years ago

So very excited to see the sling chairs! I found a pair of these a couple of years on Craiglist in burnt orange fabric for $20 PER CHAIR!! You better believe that I bought those chairs then and there without any regard for where they were going to fit (nowhere). They’re currently in storage (my parent’s basement) until I find a house worthy of them. No regrets.

5 years ago

You asked about chrome, yet no one answered. I’m surprised by the comment, “Is chrome still cool”? Hmm, is the little black dress out? Some things stand the test of time. I typically don’t respond to any design websites, but I felt a need to discuss chrome, particularly because I have quite a bit of chrome in my home and I get tired of hearing what’s in and out. I guess it depends on your style. Ralph Lauren is a classic, who always blends chrome Into the most beautiful, comfortable and earthy settings. Of course, chrome doesn’t work for everyone. I just want to be an advocate for chrome, because no one should buy into one metal(or two) or follow what social media says are the metals of the day. My Grandmother has a bathroom of chrome and marble. It still stands the test of time.

5 years ago
Reply to  Lindsey

Good call – I’m glad to hear it. I *hope* chrome doesn’t go out.

5 years ago

These posts are my favorite. I love your writing voice, Emily! You had a tough act to follow too since Emily H. was so so good when she did this series. Glad you are aboard!
Also, DEFINITELY do FB. I have been Craigslisting for years and on,y recently realized FB often has better stuff at better prices.
Emily did a post on how to shop Craigslist a long time ago. It was AWESOME and taught me all the tricks I use now. And my friends: my entire house is furnished from Craigslist. I am a serious addict.
I also loved Emily’s post on how to upholster vintage furniture. You can still google it but it is so old some of the pics (the best part) have disappeared.

5 years ago

Thank you so much for focusing on Dallas! Last time you guys did (years ago), I scored 10 Milo Baughman chairs for a great price, which are now my kitchen chairs.

5 years ago

Great finds B!

5 years ago

I’m in Texas and prices aren’t always that high. I get great deals all the time! And I mean GREAT deals! I got a beautiful Midcentury desk for $40 at an estate sale.

5 years ago

I’ve got a challenge for you – Long Island! So close to nyc yet so far away in style. I’d be thrilled if you took a look.

5 years ago

Oh my gosh, PLEASE open it up to Etsy, OfferUp, etc. That would be AMAZING.

Terre Tulsiak
5 years ago
Reply to  Stephanie

Yes but the shipping then kills it.

5 years ago

I had to stop reading. We are 3 hours from Dallas and I want those Thonet chairs. Love this post!

5 years ago

I love that you’re doing this again! Can you give us tips on how to troll CL? Search words? Share your skill..please!?

Barbara Christianson
5 years ago

Love. love, love this series of Craigslist posts. I agree with some of the other comments. Open up FB Marketplace & OfferUp. I look through all of them & these are where I am finding the best deals lately. Here in Central FL (capital of vacation rentals & cheap furniture) there are so many Craigslist ads in the owner section for stuff from cheap furniture companies that should be on the dealer side – it is tedious to work through all of it.

5 years ago

Oh, man, this was SO FUN. One of the top Trolling Craigslists ever, and I don’t live in Dallas and can’t get any of these pieces. But I loved pretty much every single piece. AND, the writing was a lot of fun. 😉 GREAT STUFF.

5 years ago

My vote is to keep doing Craigslist. 🙂 I’m not on Facebook (and don’t have accounts at other stops) – so it’s great how Craigslist is just completely open and anyone can view. (Thanks! Love this series and the dreaming and the inspiration)

5 years ago

That oak table is the steal of the day. I bought a newer thrift store version and sanded and stained and have been garnering compliments ever since. My table cost $40 minus senior discount so $33 but I didn’t get any chairs to sell!
I had that folding woven chair set with ottoman (got it at Cost Plus in the 70s) so it was slightly later than mid century. I left it behind when I got divorced and every now and then I kick myself for leaving them…

So glad to see Craig’s list trolling back. More please.

cavin cunningham
5 years ago

I would add that many auction sites have some GREAT deals, but then the shipping KILLS it.

Janice Delgado
5 years ago

Your decoration style is unique and antique. Specially, I love the chair collections. These are simple yet attractive. Make your post more catching and user engaging to see some different style chairs available at BBCrafts.

5 years ago

I’m a little late in getting around to reading this post, but just had to chime in about chrome…

Didn’t an EHD post within the last year make the case for chrome being back?

Found it! It’s a little further back than that, October 2017:

So chrome on, girl.

Zoe P
5 years ago

This post inspired me to check CL in my area for dining chairs before pulling the trigger on some very pricey pottery barn chairs that I’ve been eyeing. Typed in the word “bentwood” and immediately found a set of 4 light wood bentwood chairs with intact caning for $120!!! $30 a chair!!!! Couldn’t even believe it.

Felipe martinez
5 years ago

Thank you Emily for picking two of my add on Craigslist (orange Domore office chairs and the sling chairs)
If anyone is interested they’re still available I’m a profesional high-end upholsterer so I could redo them por the buyer too
I visited yours website all the time and love your Stailist designs
I’m furniture person who loves to custom built and restore vintage furniture
Thank you again ?