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I am using every single SPARE second of the day to design our new house but it’s so hard to do something beautiful and creative that doesn’t have a long lead time or isn’t insanely expensive. We are gutting the kitchen and 3 bedrooms in 3 months. Talk about a tight timeline. People think I am crazy! As I’ve been trolling the internet looking for inspiration there are a few designers or companies that have absolutely inspired the design of our new house and I wanted to start to highlight them. Hell. I want to hire them.


Many of you have probably heard of Commune, in case you are in the middle of designing your So-Cal inspired home and want some serious inspiration, here you go.Β I’m using that top photo as the direct inspiration for our courtyard, and the simple cabinet detailing above is so beautiful. We were going to do something similar to that but have decided to go in another direction. Long story short, they are some of the people that I look up to.Β They are an architecture and design firm and their work is both varied and yet totally them, plus their new line with West Elm is ridiculous.

So without further ado, get your pin-it button ready because these folks are absolutely pin-worthy.




Below is the Ace hotel in Downtown LA and it’s ridiculous.


I ate at Farmshop last year and it’s so beautiful and inspiring.




I’ve pinned those stairs 19 times and I’m absolutely going to do a version of that in our new house.

commune-design_designer-spotlight_emily-henderson_inspiration_14 Β commune-design_designer-spotlight_emily-henderson_inspiration_12 commune-design_designer-spotlight_emily-henderson_inspiration_11

The floor tiles (above) are so beautiful and are making me think that I should just do that in our courtyard in two different colors …

But first I have to go to Panama to see this hotel in person.



See? I told you. If you haven’t seen their collaboration with West Elm you should. I love this Bauhaus inspired coffee table, this chair, and this pillow.

Happy Friday, folks. I went to Oklahoma for two days which was so lovely and I’m extremely excited to lay around with kids, pin while Brian watches the ducks game, and NOT LOSE THE WORKOUT BET.

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7 years ago

All of those pictures are gorgeous!!!
I just wanted to say that you are the best!!! I love this blog so much and everything that you publish on it. We are in the middle of a huge house transformation/renovation and it seems like nothing is going the way we want it or the way it should (today I cried the whole morning about it) and coming daily to your blog (or looking daily through your book) makes me HAPPY and give me back the energy and the hope that I need to go on with this (nightmare?) adventure!
So THANK YOU so much!!! Have a good and relaxing week-end, you sure deserve it!!! πŸ˜‰

7 years ago

That courtyard is a real education. It could have been an ugly space–how many enclosed spots like this have you seen that have been mostly just neglected dumping grounds without much light? Because they have greenery despite very little dirt, and painted the walls an appealing white, and put in an attractive floor, they’ve created a real outdoor living room. Yes, that fountain is special, but you can buy that sort of thing on craigslist. It isn’t hopeless if you don’t have a fountain.

7 years ago

Agree. Great points. I think you might be downplaying the costs of the materials a bit though (that looks like high-end tile and a fancy fountain, plus the thing on the back wall). And I couldn’t make those plants live there. BUT, your overall points definitely stand. It’s inspiring.

7 years ago

Love all of these inspiration pictures, Emily!!!

Also, I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I’d LOVE to hear your thought-process as you come to the decisions regarding your new home! Yes, the before and afters will be FANTASTIC — I’m sure of it — but I think a few posts along the way, just hearing that inner dialogue would be so great! (AKA kind of like what you did with the epic living room/couch discussion of 2016 haha)

I think we all go back and forth on decisions in our own living spaces, so it would just be interesting to keep hearing that inner dialogue as you make your upcoming renovations.

Just a thought! Love the blog! πŸ™‚

7 years ago

ahhhhhh i was just SURE todays’ post would be a reveal of the fall target line…i could have sworn you said we would see that this week?? we are DYING here!!! πŸ™‚ does this mean i’m too obsessed with target?

7 years ago

Don’t want to be a killjoy because those tiles and ideas are gorgeous! I’m thinking of the little ones falling and cracking their heads on that slick surface :(( Boy did I hate to say that but…you are amazing and think of all those things too so…thanks for this last weeks posts, they have all been awesome!

7 years ago

These are such beautiful interiors, I’m in love!

7 years ago

All of this inspiration is amazing, I cant wait to see how it gets interpreted in your new home!

7 years ago

um…that courtyard is amazing!

7 years ago

Just in case anyone is curious, the Panama photo is from the American Trade Hotel in the Casco Viejo neighborhood. It is magnificent. This area used to be one of the city’s “slums”, but has enjoyed a bohemian bourgeois rebirth. As the child of government employees working in the Panama Canal Zone, I was born and raised in this tropical paradise, and returned recently for a family visit, and my high school reunion. It’s a fantastic vacation destination!!

7 years ago

Hope you enjoyed O-k-l-a-h-o-m-a! I love reading your posts. One blog where I’m here for more than just the pictures. Although… could stare at these all day!

7 years ago

Hey! Great inspirational photos.

The Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts is a Tudor house this year and the photos I’ve seen of the house remind me of your new place. Designers get to walk through next month. You should definitely check out the finished house next spring!

7 years ago

Gorgeous! Thanks for giving me more to drool over! I love the dark greens that are popping up in kitchen cabinets. Will you paint your new living room white? And if so, what colors are you thinking about?

7 years ago

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7 years ago

*******************So happy to have found your blog. We are renovation our vacation home in the Shuswap and are truly inspired by you blog.***************************

7 years ago

I was inspired by the picture you posted of the stairs, and lost myself in a kilim stair installation internet hole. I can’t wait to see how it turns out for you. I wanted to put a little pizzaz into our entryway, and now I finally know how to do it.

7 years ago

Hey Emily I was trolling Cherish and found the perfect rugs for you to use as runners! They are blue with little pops of pink in them, the seller pictures them on stairs and has two of them!! I immediately thought of you! Happy to send the link if you email me or you can troll Cherish.

7 years ago

What are the glazed white tile floors? I have looked everywhere for something similar for a project. Do you have a source or info on how to find that type of product?

Mary Ann
7 years ago

Pinning away…. πŸ™‚
I love all of them. Especially those kitchen cabinets! I gotta tel ya, though….I vote for the patterned tiles in the first picture in your courtyard. I know it’s a courtyard but my mom put those white tiles in her kitchen and it was such a mistake. They were n-e-v-e-r clean. N-e-v-e-r. As soon as anyone, anything got near them they were dirty. Always. It was hopeless.
Keep at it! Three months? Ahhhh….that’s nothing for SuperEmily!

7 years ago

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7 years ago

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7 years ago

It’s a local gem of ours πŸ˜‰

7 years ago

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