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by Emily Henderson

A few months ago we started a workout bet at the office, which is right when we took this pic. We all put $100 in a jar (5 of the 6 of us are participating, Ginny isn’t feeling it this time). You have to workout 4 days a week for at least 45 minutes – and not just a power walk. If you fail in making it 4 times you drop out (although you are allowed to buy back in one time). You have one ‘pass’ week and if you are sick you get a pass as well. I’ve done this bet now 5 times in my life and it WORKS. It forces you to workout on those days that you wouldn’t normally. Working out used to be a daily thing I did, but since kids it’s virtually impossible to do unless it’s 5am or 9pm – and both times are extremely unattractive. The goal isn’t to win the bet, it’s to make it last as long as possible to the point where everyone feels so good and reaches their goal. My friend, Bri from Design Love Fest, did a similar one last year and I loved following along so we figured we’d document ours a bit over here on the blog.

Update: That bet ended a few weeks ago. I dropped out a month or so ago, and it was down to Sara and Brady, who both got into killer shape – Brady literally transformed his body into a body builder (that photo above is from the beginning of the bet, by the way . . . you should see his after pics now – proof is in the pudding people – working out really works!!!), and he ended up winning the bet.

jenny 3

We all did a variety of workouts and tried to do a couple together every month (we would have done more but my schedule has been so stupidly insane). We worked out with my fitness expert (and very good friend), Jenny. Let me tell you a bit about Jenny. She is a broadway choreographer who is certified in EVERYTHING fitness-wise and is a total inspiration. In between shows she has always taught classes and had personal training clients. The best part? She is a huge fan of moderation and having fun in your social life. She’s just started a new Instagram called Burn This, Earn This, and it’s a genius and yet totally approachable concept. The more (calories) you burn the more you earn (food and drink-wise). I have followed a decent amount of fitness “experts” over the years on social media (especially as we were researching a marketing and social media plan for her, which was a trade that my company did in exchange for group workouts). Most of them, I’ll just say, I don’t relate to. At all. So it had been killing me that Jenny didn’t have a brand. She’s so modest and un-narcissistic. But she is now taking ownership over her expertise, experience, and general likability and she is looking to help people who want to get into shape realize that they don’t have to give up EVERYTHING in order to do that. Anyway, you’ll hear more about her over the next however many months, but in the meantime please follow her on Instagram as she is not only a good friend, but a total workout and health inspiration to me (she is the one in purple, above and pink, below).


OK. So why am I telling you about a workout bet that we HAD? Well, because we are relaunching next week. All of us, besides Brady of course, feel like we need the motivation (Brady is doing it too, but he never stopped so he’s still motivated). We will be working out 4 times a week, with hopefully at least one group workout in there.

It is INSANELY hard to find the time to workout right now. Elliot wakes up at 6am, and leaving to workout feels so selfish. But she normally goes back down at 7:30am, so I could go then, but Charlie wakes up right around that time.

This is the most boring paragraph that I have ever written.

All you parents know how hard it is to workout when you have kids and you work (and even if you don’t work). Jenny was coming to my house for a while to train me (which is a serious luxury, I know) but she is really busy, too. But, I figure if we are all doing it together then I could sacrifice work time to workout with my team during the day – like we’ll all meet for a SoulCycle class at 8:30am (which we did and it kicked our butts – see below for photo proof), or do a lunch time yoga class. We can do it. I can do it. I feel WILDLY better about my life when I do it. It needs to happen. It’s not just the extra baby weight, it’s the stress, the adrenaline, the endorphins, feeling young, etc. The time that we did do a SoulCycle class together before work I couldn’t believe how much happier and more motivated I was after I walked out of the class vs. the hour before the class.

So, we’d love to hear what you guys find to be the best, most fun, most effective and most endorphin creating workouts out there?


Also (and this is a REALLY L.A. thing to say) I recently started only eating plants. Go ahead. I’ll pause for the deserved eye roll and under-breath laughter. Brian and my father-in-law had a real hey-day with that one. Bob (my father in law) literally didn’t know what that meant. Here’s the thing – they say that after you stop breastfeeding you should do a big detox to reset your body, and despite working out and eating well, I was absolutely unable to meet my goal or even see movement. Even Jenny was shocked at how my body wasn’t really reacting (stopping breast feeding absolutely helped, by the way, turns out I’m one of those women who holds onto fat while breastfeeding).

So, my friend has a sister who is a nutritionist and recommended the SoCal Cleanse, which isn’t cheap ($400), but it gives you a ton of herbs, vitamins, probiotics, etc. for 30 days along with a ‘only eat plants’ mandate. She lost 10 pounds. I don’t think you really need to buy it, and instead just do the food recommendations: Stop eating meat, dairy, sugar, anything processed, gluten, blah blah, you get it. JUST PLANTS (veggies, fruits, grains, beans). I actually still have cocktails on the weekends. Why am I telling you this? Because it has worked and it’s sustainable because it’s a diet that I like and can do forever (when convenient).

I’m not to where I want to be but the needle is moving and I’m fitting in my old clothes and feeling way more energetic and confidant. I’ve tried EVERY SINGLE DIET the last 6 months trying to lose weight in a healthy way, and this is the only one that has worked. I wish it didn’t so I, too, could call BS on it. I’m finding it really easy during the week but I cheat over the weekends and I’m still losing weight. I think I’ll reintroduce fish and small portions of lean chicken, soon.

If I didn’t think I would get a huge backlash from readers I would write a post reviewing all of the ways that I’ve tried to lose weight since Elliot’s been born, but I feel like I would be called a fat-shamer, when my goal is just to get my pre-baby body back and feel fit, not to make myself or any of you EVER feel bad about your size or body. Just pushing publish on this post gave me enough anxiety. But I believe in exercise as a fundamentally successful way to feel happier in life, no matter what your physical goals are. Simply put: The days that I workout are better than the days I don’t. Like many of yours, my life is full of good and bad stress, and exercise helps me (and my team) manage all our stress better.


Alright, back to the workout portion of this design blog.

We live in LA which is MECCA for new workout and diet programs. It’s both hilarious, annoying, and totally wonderful because you don’t have to go far to find the newest Orange Theory, SoulCycle, Freestyle fitness, Crossfit, Brick, Barry’s Bootcamp, or YogaWorks (we hear Aura Yoga in West Hollywood is amazing too – the list goes on and on, and we would love to try them all TBH). We haven’t tried very many of the new classes, but I’ll just go ahead and put it out there – if you are in LA and you have a gym or program that you want us to try, or you are an athletic clothing company with some awesome products we might enjoy and wear, please reach out (email brady@emilyhendersondesign.com) and if we love the class(es) we will give you a big shout out in our follow up posts, and let people know how we liked it and how it genuinely helped us get to our fitness goals.

Everybody here (minus Brady) tried Class Pass which I should try, too . . . Those classes can add up quickly, and I hate forcing people (my employees) to spend money. Obviously you don’t have to do a class, you can always just run, but the group motivation certainly helps and makes it way more fun. I myself am looking for REALLY intense power yoga, Barry’s Bootcamp style workouts, and I’ll definitely keep doing SoulCycle (I love it so much). I was super intimidated my first time by the culture of it but it’s obvious how effective it is and it made me feel EXTREMELY happy afterwards. We’ve got our next class booked this Monday at 8:30am in Pasadena with the EHD crew, so any of you local folk grab a seat online and come and join us for a ride, you have to check it out. Brady looks scary and serious in this photo, but he’s still the same – just serious about fitness now.


Leave in the comment what workout classes or methods you love . . . and wish us luck. Hey, even join us!! We’ll use the hashtag #EHDsweat. We won’t be hash tagging every workout obviously, but every now and again we will, so feel free to hashtag your workout. Let’s get fit and reduce this stress, folks. Happy Friday!!

  1. So inspiring !! And such a good idea to motivate yourself !
    I’ve joined the gym at my work building, and try to hit it a few times a week during my lunchbreak. I love how it split my day in half !

    But right now I’m full on in the moving process and don’t have a lot of time (ans space!) to really workout like I would like to ! I can’t wait to be in my new neighborhood and be able to include a daily jog to my routine and then lifting some weight at home when I come back from it !!!

  2. I love this plan! I completely understand the difference between wanting to lose weight because you feel “fat” and working out to feel better and more like yourself. Over the summer, I gained about five pounds, but even after I lost it, I still couldn’t fit into a lot of my favorite pants and tailored skirts (junk in the trunk, I’ve always had). I started jogging one night one a whim (for quite literally the first time ever), and I was amazed at how great I felt. It was the first time I realized yoga wasn’t the ONLY way to get that endorphin high, and it completely cleared my head from all the weight of my work day. Good luck on your workout challenge!

  3. I loved this post! I recently turned 30, stepped on the scale, and somehow gained 10 pounds. As a birthday present to myself I decided to splurge for a personal trainer to inspire me and keep me accountable so I actually worked out. It has been two months, and it has been great. I’m eating better, working out more, and while the weight has been slow to come off I feel so much better about my body. I love feeling stronger and just all around healthier, it is so empowering!

  4. Good for you, all of you! I sincerely hope that you only receive positive comments for what is such a positive life goal. Keep on kickin’ ass and taking names!

  5. Omg, Brady’s body transforming like that in a few short months is all I needed for inspiration to keep exercising. WHY DO MEN LOOK FITTER FASTER THIS IS NOT FAIR

    1. Yes, this! My husband stops drinking beer on *weeknights* and loses 5 pounds.

      1. ha. SAME! Brian just eats less philly cheesesteaks and loses weight. He actually for the first time has a teeny tiny belly and of course he carries it so well, but he is bummed and i’m secretly happy.

        1. Right?! It’s so annoying! My husband sneezes and loses 5 pounds which seem to always land on me!

  6. Check out Tone It Up! I love those girls and they make working out so fun! Good for you Emily, taking your health and your employees’ health seriously!

    1. I second Tone It up! Their workouts are on the shorter side, but you will feel it the next day. Especially if you group a couple of them into one workout session.

  7. I have been doing barre 3-4 times a week for the past 6 months and I love it. Totally transformed my body and I can tell a major difference in the strength I have now vs. then.

    1. I was obsessed with Bar Method when I lived in NYC. The thing that’s great is you don’t get too sweaty that you need to shower after (great before work!), and because its not intense cardio it didn’t make me super hungry after either. I got super toned!

      1. I’m also obsessed with bar method – it WORKS.

      2. Same here! If I can get to 2 bar classes (in SF we have Dailey Method) a week, I feel like it pays HUGE dividends in terms of keeping lean and toned. And you make a great point about the lower intensity not spiking my hunger. If I do a really intense morning class, I end up eating WAY more throughout the day, rendering the workout meaningless (if not counterproductive) in terms of calorie burn.

        1. I did a lot of pop physique here while I was pregnant and loved it … i’m going to do it again now that you are all so into it. I am NOT toned right now, that’s for sure.

  8. I too am one of those women who has a body that holds onto fat while breastfeeding. Ugh! So frustrating.

    My husband and I started whole30 July fourth; he lost 25 pounds and I lost 15, but we were starting from a eat-whatcha-want place. We feel great, so we’re continuing with minimal sugar, dairy and grain and the weight continues to come off.

    I did a couch to 5k this summer (I started out pretty sedentary) and lived that. We’re on vacation right now–SO tough to whole30 when traveling–and I start Orange Theory Fitness when we get home. My best friend started OTF about 18 months ago and she’s an inspiration!

    1. One just opened up not far from me. It looks intimidating but also VERY effective.

  9. I have two kids with the same age difference as yours. Until my youngest was one, I found it impossible to work out regularly because of the guilt. I would try to go after work, but then I would not have very much time with the kids before bedtime. My youngest is almost 3 now, and I no longer feel guilty. It gets SOOO much easier, I promise!

    1. ok good. I hate to look forward to the future, but when people say it gets easier i’m just like ‘GET ME THERE NOW!’. xx

  10. I’ve been using Classpass for over a year and it an excellent option if you live in a city with it! It helps me to stay motivated and not be bored with workouts. I do wish they had a few more options in my city, but overall it is a great deal for what you are getting! We don’t have SoulCycle here (however I’ve been to a class in New York before) and it is such a fun class! We have a studio called CycleBar and that is a fantastic option as well!

    Brittany | thechicette.com

  11. Try surfing! It’s a great workout and such a fun couple of hours at sea. I am 38 years old and had my third baby 3 months ago (still breastfeeding) and have started learning for the first time and love it! The way to make exercise sustainable is to find something you enjoy doing!

  12. Emily – I would happily read about all the ways you’ve tried to lose the baby weight. I don’t have babies but can certainly relate to wanting to lose that sneaky 10 lbs! I suspect many of your readers could too. It’s YOUR blog and we love you, so keep doing your thing 🙂

    1. Thank you 🙂
      We’ll do a follow up with how its going but I can tell you this, the bulletproof coffee thing did NOT work for me. I feel like I gained weight because of the amount of calories and fat I was trying to process. every body is different, but I think mine likes more veggies, less meat …. for now.

  13. Make your husband and father in law watch the documentary called Forks over Knives – I watched it 6 weeks ago and started the same diet you are on but they call it the “plant based diet”. I’ve gotten the same reaction but then when ppl watch the documentary, they get it (it basically shows that eating meat causes cancer). I was much more motivated to follow something that had a long term health benefit rather than just a purely weight loss component. Still having a hard time cutting the diary (what do you put in your coffee ?!?!) but otherwise it has been super easy.

    1. Forks over knives changed my life too!

      Me, my husband and kids are all vegan now. Yes…even my kids (4 and 7.} I always scoffed at the thought but my kids are healthy, my hubbys lost almost 50lbs and no longer has blood pressure/cholesterol issues. I dropped the 20lbs I had still been struggling to get rid of for the past few years after having my kids and have crazy energy now. Definitely worth giving a watch and a try!

    2. Forks ove Knives, Food Matters and Food Inc. should be required documentaries. Also, Fat, sick and nearly dead is a great one too! Good for you for educating yourself on WHY what you put into your body is important. Dairy is hard to quit because of the caesin in it. Caesinite is the component that causes baby calves to feel calm when they nurse. It’s sort of a serotonin effect. So you are actually addicted to the caesin in dairy, not the dairy itself. In coffee use almond milk or any other nut milk you prefer. Just watch for carageenan which is “natural” but linked to digestive problems and kidney cancer! *these points are from my memory which isn’t always great, but it’s close.

      1. Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead along with Vegucated helped me to become vegetarian this summer. I really want to go totally vegan, but I struggle so much with cutting out dairy and eggs. I eat a lot of both. I could cut out the half & half from my coffee, but fruit smoothies made with organic Greek yogurt and organic milk from grass-fed cows, or eggs with flax-seed meal toast are my go-to breakfasts. I have tried soy milk, but I worry about getting too much soy, now that I rely on tofu, tempeh, and edamame for protein. I have tried other milks in the past (almond, rice, coconut), and they are okay, but don’t really replace dairy milk for me. I don’t drink milk by itself, but I love including it in smoothies. Also, cheese is one of my favorite foods. I can’t imagine giving it up. I don’t want to be eating a lot of processed food with additives and a lot of weird ingredients; I want to eat real food. Consequently, I have avoided the vegan substitute products for cheeses, yogurt, etc. Maybe I should just try giving up dairy for a while and see if it makes a difference. I wonder how long it takes to break the casein addiction?

        1. GAH. I need to watch it. Now i’m convinced that i like being vegan (most of the time) but i’m afraid that if i watch it i’ll never be able to go back and it has been really hard eating out at night. Lunch-time meals are easy to navigate (especially in LA) but friday night out with friends are harder. That’s the worst reason I’ve ever heard to not watch a really important documentary …. I’m the worst. I’m going to watch it. Hell, if it keeps me being vegan than that is a VERY good thing, right? I’m glad i’m not the only one. I was afraid everyone was going to be like ‘you LA girls and your plant-eating lifestyle are the worst’ because it does sound insane. So thanks for chiming in.

          1. That’s my biggest beef (no pun intended!) With drastic diet changes–how it affects relationships. Not so easy to go out to any old restaurant AND not so easy to be a gracious dinner guest who eats what is served. I fear the chasm and uneasiness it creates that way. But in my head, I’d enjoy being vegan, I think.

        2. Same re: dairy and eggs! Try cashew milk in your smoothie.

  14. Recently moved away from LA, but when I lived there I LOVED One Down Dog in Silverlake – if you want a really intense power yoga class, like you said, their “Sweat” classes (nontraditional yoga mixed with pilates and bootcamp style stuff) are amazing, as are all their other classes! Highly recommend.

    1. I go to the one in Eagle Rock and I really like it – it can be hit or miss, though. When we move back to Los Feliz i’ll try the silverlake one as it is meant to be better. x

  15. Love this post! I work out 6 days a week and I am a full-time working mom with a 3 year old. Usually I run 1-2 days a week, lift 2 days a week and then do cardio (HIIT, kickboxing, etc.) the other days.

    I can now squat 115 pounds with free weights and I freaking LOVE that! My glutes are rocking.

    It is so hard to find the time but I just do. I pretty much only watch TV on the weekends only now if then. FitnessBlender.com workouts (which are always free and have over 400 workouts) are my favorite.

    I am intrigued by the plants only diet but honestly I love my plain yogurt with granola and not sure I could give it up. I am mostly trying to follow Michael Pollan’s Food Rules which are simple but truly work.

    1. Emily, Silver Lake yoga has baby and toddler yoga! Granted, it’s not a class that you’re going to leave dripping with sweat, but you do get a workout and my kids (similar ages to yours) really like it. I mean, they’re just playing with a bunch of toys and kids while I do yoga next to them so what’s not to like?

      Anyway, many of the times they offer it are probably more convenient for “stay at home” parents but I think they have a weekend class or two. You should check it out, I’ve done lots of LA working out things and this one is my favorite right now!

      1. WAIT. I can bring both kids!??? that would be so fun and insane and weird, but i’m into it. like a baby and a toddler can go?

        1. The “Parent and me” class on Sunday morning at Silverlake Yoga is for Toddlers and babies! You can bring both!

          The “Toddler and me” class during the week is for toddlers but babies can come too if you’re brave 🙂

  16. Ohhh I LOVE this post! I’m a working mom of 2, trying to balance the guilt of spending time away from the kids exercising with my need to get my endorphins going. I’m at my pre-preggo weight (youngest kid is 14 months), but I definitely lost a lot of muscle and tone from my pregnancy. I gained 65 pounds with my pregnancy, more than I needed, even while exercising throughout the pregnancy and working up until the day I went into labor. Being a mom with a demanding career, I always look to other working women with demanding careers and see how they fit in exercise and personal health. It’s not all about vanity (but vanity can be a part of it, for me, at least). Anyway, it is hard to be open and honest about the money and time we spend pursuing personal health, but I think the transparency only enhances your friend network.

    Here is my personal routine and tricks for getting exercise while balancing a career and kids: I do Orange Theory 3 times a week, and I find that is all I need to build muscle and look toned. On my off days, I try to be as active as possible, despite my mostly desk-based job. Hiring a part-time nanny, and paying for before-care, after-care, and “School” aka Day care (and alternating all these different types of care so minimize the amount of time my toddler is away from home and maximize my time with him), is my method for getting to fit in Orange Theory. Once or twice a week I drop him off in before care at 8:15AM, then get to Orange Theory by 9AM, and then shower and arrive at my office by 10:30AM, and usually get home around 4, I do one or two sessions during the work week, and one session on the weekend. (I do 30 minutes more of work after my son goes to sleep at 8PM).
    My amazing nanny picks him up my youngest from day care and brings him home, and she also packs his lunch, does laundry, and other chores, so that when I’m home I can focus all my attention on my son. (My other child is a foster teenager who can get back and forth from school independently). All of the child care and housekeeping is insanely expensive and I feel fortunate to be able to afford the extra child care (and paying monthly rates for before and after care even though I use it very sparingly) and my exercise class fees, but I find it to be a worthwhile investment in my sanity and in my career. It’s all about finding a balance, though, so I make budget sacrifices in other areas, by forgoing cable, eating out, new clothes, shopping, etc. Being on a plant-based diet is another way to save on groceries:) Another area in my life that is super lacking is my home decorating. I moved into a big house a year ago and have yet to furnish even a quarter of the house, so when people come over they often ask if we “just moved in.” But, by setting aside ego and realizing that, at the end of the day, home decor and furniture is not my priority right now, I feel good about my choices. I’m currently using a co-sleeper side crib as a night stand and a Pak-n-play as a catch-all laundry hamper, but it’s still cozier than camping:)

    1. I love this comment. thank you so much. I really appreciate hearing how you make it work. I too would rather sacrifice money than time, but I know that that statement stems from my current position of privilege so I always hesitate to make it. Life is a snow show, but If I can make mine more navigable and the family more sane by hiring childcare and going to Orange theory then I will. Thanks for making me feel more normal. 🙂

  17. Emily – I feel your pain! I have two little kids and a full-time job and have struggled to find the time to work out. I finally figured out that i can only do it first thing in the morning (before they get up). Sounds like that’s hard for you, though, with Elliot getting up so early. I do P90X3 in my laundry room…it’s 30 minutes and you’re done. it’s awesome. I’ve also realized a thing about habits: it’s actually easier to do a 30-minute workout EVERY day than to do an hour workout 3 or 4 times a week. Just my 2 cents 🙂 Enjoyed this post…i know how hard it is to lose the baby weight…i, too, didn’t really lose anything till AFTER breastfeeding.

    1. Thank you. I think this is really good advice. Just 30 minutes. that is WAY less daunting than an hour. I’m thinking …

  18. I dont have socials but I send you my support and I am in this journey too. My favourite class ever is pilates. I like zumba too. I admire you and all you do. By the way your babies are wonderful. Kisses from Greece

  19. I am one of the lucky women who lose weight while breastfeeding. It’s magic. I can (and do, because I’m starving) eat whatever I want and the fat melts off. The problem for me is, the very split second I wean a baby the magic wears off but the appetite doesn’t and I’m still too tired to work out because motherhood and I start packing on the pounds. My youngest is two and I’m just now getting back in shape. My favorite workout ever is weightlifting. It feels SO GOOD and totally transforms my body. I especially love how strong and powerful it makes me feel, but it also magically erases the aches and pains I get from slumping at my desk or carting kids around. It’s awesome. The extra muscle mass helps burn fat too. Cardio of any kind, however, is my nightmare! I do want to try Barre Method, but I was a ballet dancer for 20 years, and the ballerinas I know all hate it, so I’m hesitant.

    1. Ha. I bet you won’t like barre method as a ballerina. It’s like reading Twilight if you are Anne Patchett. You might like it, but you’ll secretly hate it. xx

  20. I too hang on to my baby weight while breast-feeding, times three kids, that’s 36 months of not being pregnant but looking a little bit like I am. My baby is 20 months old and I’m finally feeling/looking like my old self. I enjoyed this post. It’s nice to know that you too are human!

    1. Good to know that 20 months is a goal. I’m justing getting back, but still 7-9 pounds away, so good to know I have some time 🙂

  21. When my babies were littler and I found it hard to leave the house to do, well, anything, I would do Blogilates via YouTube. Her calendar kept me motivated (and it was essentially a to-do list, which control my life) and Cassie is adorable and upbeat and honest and motivating. I didn’t even bother with shoes/socks/shirt because I wasn’t going anywhere and it saved me from extra laundry. She generally has you do four or so 15-minute routines a day, so it’s easier to squeeze it in during naps, etc.
    Oh, and it’s FREE!

    1. This is awesome. And good for you. when I was home with Elliot which was WAYYY too short I was unable to do anything during naps other than nap. By the way, i didn’t write this in the original post but I started working out at 6 days after birth. I had to be on camera (target commercials) at 3 weeks. The low-impact workouts made me feel good, and checked off that box in my head but they absolutely didn’t work because my body wasn’t ready. So if anybody is on the fence about when they should start working out, don’t do 6 days. it made me feel good, but so would have sleeping.

  22. I’ve got two kids almost the same ages as yours and it is SO hard to find time to work out. My husband leaves for work at 5 am, so mornings are out, and I’m just burned out by the end of the day. And you’re right, it’s not about weight or size. To be honest, I’m super thin at the moment (maybe too thin because I can’t find the time for me!) and while I look great in clothes, I feel totally out of shape and unfit. I’d be happy to put on fifteen pounds if it were toned muscle!

    1. I hear you .. not about your weight but about the time. Buy some 8 and 10 pound weights and while you are watching RHONY do squats and bicep curls. Or like everyone has commented do pilates, yoga or bar. The skinniest and best shape I’ve ever been in (and healthY) was when I biked everywhere and did yoga every day. I look at those photos like ‘damn’. With an already thin physique you can tone fast, I promise. YOGA. I love it so much.

  23. Loved this post! I’m having a similar issue with breastfeeding and getting fit. The weight is off but the body composition is sooo different pre-baby. I hope I’m holding on to it for breastfeeding purposes. Did you start the plant based eating while breastfeeding? Any advice if I’m currently still nursing? Also I would love a blog about plant based eating and how you’re introducing new foods back in!

    1. I started plant based 5 weeks ago and I stopped breastfeeding at 6 months. Still from 6 -8 months it didn’t exactly fall off despite me working out 5 times a week. My body doesn’t metabolize meat and dairy as fast or efficiently as I thought it would. This change sounds extreme but during the week its easy, just the weekends its hard. But honeslty my two best friends here are doing the same thing so when we order pizza we get normal for husbands/kids and gluten free/vegan cheese for us and its actually good (but we live in LA where, again, being plant-based is a whole annoying (and yet wonderful) industry). xx

  24. Emily, if you like spin you should try Spin Movement in San Marino (not far from Pasadena). They have a class that’s 1/2 spin and 1/2 sculpt (TRX style). I love it because a full 50 minutes of spin is A LOT of cardio and there’s not much upper body focus. This way you get that burn/endorphin rush from spin, plus a full body sculpt!
    Also try Centre Fitness in South Pasadena. Miriam is an amazing instructor and I’ve always wanted to try her belly dancing class.. That girl knows how to move. I think it would be SO FUN for the EHD team to try it.
    Good luck!!!

    1. OH good to know! yes very close to the office and I do find 50 of spin to be REALLY intense. thanks for the rec!

  25. Rock climbing!

    I was terrified of heights before I started climbing. It took a few months to get used to the heights, but now I love it and I’m more toned than I’ve ever been in my life. It’s such a great full body workout that burns SO MANY calories and it’s just inherently motivating. I’ve been climbing for about two years now at a gym (because Florida doesn’t exactly have any mountains), and I go 2-3 times a week consistently. It’s not stressful to make myself go, which is the hardest part of every other kind of workout I’ve done. I feel like I finally found my workout that I can stick to for more than a couple months.

  26. I CAN RELATE!!! I am a mom, just one girl 18 mos, and besides trying to find time when she’s asleep/at daycare, I also founded a startup in April so I’m in up to bangs with work and stress. I feel guilty for working out during the day because I should be working, and I feel guilty working out on the weekends because that’s family time. BUT I’ve also discovered that exercise is *very* important to my sanity…as a solo founder it’s been super stressful, and even in 5 months I’ve struggled with doubts and depression.

    Here’s what worked for me: I start rounding up free weeks at yoga studios near me, found one that I looooove, and am now committed to going 3x a week after dropping DD off at daycare. I’m also toying with the idea of buying a treadmill for early morning runs, but only IF I can stick to the 3x a week for at least a month. I literally just started today and signed myself up for classes through the next two weeks. Weee!

    Good luck to you! Know that you are beautiful right this moment, but enjoy your fitness journey and becoming a better you! xoxo

    1. I have an elliptical trainer in our guest room that is hideous and expensive and stupid but there are so many times that I use it where i’m like ‘ok, good, i can justify this hideous piece of visual garbage’. So I say if you stick to it long enough you can, too.

  27. Brady looks great! Don’t you just hate how easy it is for guys to build muscle?! Grrrr 😀

  28. This is a great way to stay motivated! As a new mom too, the very hardest thing for me has been carving the time out of my schedule to work out. Getting out of my house or leaving the office mid-day for the gym or a class was just impossible. I’ve finally accepted that the only way I’m going to be able to consistently exercise 3-4 times a week is to do it mostly at home, mostly after my son has gone to bed. I started doing T-25 about 3 months ago (aiming for 5 days/week, but not always getting there) and I have seen a huge difference. Staying home and having a short intense workout to do has taken a ton of barriers down for me!

  29. Try corepower yoga!!! It’s amazing! You feel and see results so quickly and it’s fun too. And free for your first week so good option for your team.

  30. If you like spin classes you should get a Peloton bike. Awesome live and on demand classes, great support from the coaches, conveniently located in your home. Its totally silent (if you ride with headphones) so you can get your workout in without waking your sleeping kids even if you are right across the hall from them. Can’t beat it. I got one 6 months ago after spending way too much money on spin classes in town and it is the best!

    1. OOh … i’m listening .. (with no headphones for now ) 🙂 That sounds awesome. so Soul, but in your own home?

  31. Get it EHD team!! We did a weight loss competition at work (based on percentages) and it was the most motivated I’ve been in a while. I think the workout version like y’all are doing is an even better idea!

    Yes, the plant based diet thing has definitely hit the East Coast… my fiance is completely on the bandwagon and while I understand the benefits, I say I stick by it 85% of the time. I want to eat that gourmet hot dog on 4th of July, and I will. Sorry not sorry. It’s all about moderation, right??? I will say I feel the best I have in a while and that’s what its all about for me.

    As far as working out… I am personally super into the HIIT (high intensity interval training) According to my small amount of research (reading magazines/pinterest) you burn more calories and are less hard on your body. I set up a little rotation circuit in the gym in my building and yes some of my neighbors think I’m nuts, but I really don’t care. See great results!

    Excited to hear more about how it goes!!

    1. You and me are the same person. I do a lot of HIIT and yes, I eat the delicious burger at the bbq. I say when its easy, i’m plant-based, but i’m not going to be that person that eats rice at a wedding. Thanks for making me feel normal while talking about being so weird.

  32. Have you or your team tried the POUND workout? I just tried it for the first time last week with my boss – it was a blast! It wasn’t as intense as I thought it would be, but it was so much fun and the time flew by. Would love to know if you guys check it out!

    1. OOh, i’m interested. We’ll look it up tomorrow and its a really good name for a workout so kudos to them.

  33. “Yoga on Brand” (yogaonbrand.com) in Glendale (right next to Porto’s) has an amazing teacher named Art. He just opened this studio, and many of his students followed him from the place where he used to teach. He has a Dynamic Power Flow class on Wednesday and Friday evenings if you want something intense. He also has a Gentle Vinyasa Flow class on Sunday mornings. On Sundays, there is a children’s yoga class in the next room, taught by an excellent instructor. So you can actually get a real workout while having your child nearby and benefitting, as well. http://www.yogaonbrand.com. I am not affiliated in any way with this studio, except that I really enjoy taking Art’s classes. I finally got my husband to go, too, and he is hooked because he feels is is hard core enough.

    1. SHUT UP. This is amazing advise. its so close!! and so recommended. thank you thank you.

  34. Way to go! I totally understand the anxiety in publishing this post. I also was one of those mommas who stockpiled fat while breastfeeding and had to work HARD afterwards to move the needle. It’s frustrating to not fit into your clothes or feel your best / most confident.

    My success came from a committed workout routine: hot yoga and signing up for a half-marathon. The consistent running, building over time really kicked my metabolism into gear. The regular vinyasa yoga practice toned my muscles, especially my core which needed the most help. I eat what I consider healthy during the week (mostly plants, lean meats, whole grain small sides) and enjoy no restrictions on weekends. And if I crave chocolate, I eat it. In moderation and enough to satisfy without feeling guilty.

    I’m with you on the guilt of exercising when you could be spending time with your kiddos instead. It’s hard to leave my little one for a group run, but I try to make it up by spending “special time” with her – totally focused, no phones, no interruptions, play what she wants to play and don’t try to make rules or change the game – regularly so she feels connected (and me too!) on the days I need to leave to workout. That one-on-one time helps create the balance.

  35. Is catcalling in the comments section frowned upon? Hmm, too bad.

    You guys all look VERY good in spandex. **insert construction worker whistle here**

    Emily, I think its awesome that you’re incorporating wellness as a priority for EHD. Also, if you’re craving a warm and challenging yoga class, check out Evoke Yoga. I loved practicing there when I lived in dtla. I look forward to your fitness updates!

  36. “This is the most boring paragraph that I have ever written.” This made me laugh out loud, loudly, this morning. :)Thank you for sharing your life with us, and reminding us by example that it’s okay to poke fun at ourselves, and also being my home design guru, and now inspiring me to exercise more…you guys at team EH are the best! xox

  37. I’m 9 weeks postpartum and just starting to think about losing the rest of the baby weight. As a feminist I went through this process of thinking, why do I want to lose the weight? So when other people look at my body I look thin to them? So I feel more attractive? (But why do I need to lose weight to feel attractive?) I finally internalized that my body is for me and the people I share it with, and I feel healthier and more athletic and I like how I fit into my clothes better when I’m in a certain weight range. That decision is mine for my body and has no judgement on what anyone else chooses to do with their body. Our bodies are our own, and I feel like that’s really just sunk in for me.

    That all said, this post was very inspiring and I’d love to hear what helped you lose weight after Elliot!

    1. I really appreciate this comment, for sure. the most important thing I can say (as a feminist) is that I believe that confidence in yourself is crucial to personal success, and how you get that confidence isn’t any body’s business. For me, I feel confidant when my husband loves me, my kids hug me a lot, my business is profitable and I can reach into my closet and pull out a dress that fits my body. It’s not all based on vanity, but its ok that my health plays a role in my humanity.

  38. Emily, I’d love more details (or a post!) about what you’re actually eating on your all plant diet. What plants = breakfast? How do you actually enjoy a salad without dressing? How do you get to a reasonable number of calories by eating plants alone? Excited for this series!

    1. I would love to see what you eat, too! I want to try eating just plants, but I can’t imagine what it would be like. I gave up meat a few months ago, but I still rely a lot on dairy and eggs. I would love to know what a day’s worth of meals looks like for you. Thanks!

      1. Ok. i’ll do a follow up post. its a lot of salads, quinoa, beans, grains, etc. but I need to be better about making sure i’m getting enough protein. Maybe i’ll do a top 10 favorite plant based meals?

        1. Love this post! I’ve been vegan for 4 years…it was because of those Netflix docs. You’ve been warned!

          Protein isn’t the issue for most..but make sure you do take vitamin B12. Even if you take a multivitamin that says you get 100% of your daily dose of B12 your body doesn’t metabolize all of that so taking an extra pill helps make sure you are totally covered.

          And for those that argue that this is why we need to eat meat…google b12 and animals. It comes from the plants animals eat…and because of the factory farming most places give the animals b12 injections/pills before they are killed..so you are basically getting a second hand pill.

          I fully accept that I am the crazy vegan with this post…haha..but just want to spread the knowledge! Not a mom yet…hopefully soon, but this post is super encouraging!

  39. running 2x wk
    jillian michaels videos 2x wk
    intermittent fasting 2x wk
    that’s how i prevent becoming a giant whale cause this girls loves to EAT.

  40. I’m so glad you posted this even though you were a little anxious about it. I’m moving to a plant based diet, too! Science and my body tell me it’s working!

  41. Can you (or someone) talk a little more about or point me in the direction of information about why it’s important to detox after weaning? I’m about to end the last nursing session for my 17 month old and I have never heard about that, nor could I find something quickly on Google. Also, share what you want- it’s your blog and your brand!

    1. What my friend told me is that our hormones are so out of wack, and that what we eat (meat, dairy) are full of other hormones, so going plant-based resets everything. It may not be a big thing, or just a fad, but i have really liked it.

  42. I get so frustrated with the fat shaming thing! I have been both kinda fat and kinda not. Why is it wrong to talk about working out and feeling healthy?

    Of course there are extremes, like a friend who was thrilled about how skinny her mom was, FINALLY…because she has cancer. (What??!! Yeah.) But normal people talking about doing normal amounts of exercise to reach normal health goals is in no way shaming anyone else. Hey, if you’re BBW and proud…that’s awesome! Does you talking about being all about that bass (no treble) count as skinny shaming???

    Mommy shaming, body shaming, fat shaming…seriously! It’s like middle class white America needs to invent oppression to feel cool. Everything is not about YOU, people. Get a grip!

    Real bigotry still needs to be dealt with, whether you deal with hating your thighs or not!!!

  43. Hi Emily,

    I’m not much of a blog commenter (really terrible given I’m a blogger, but I rarely have time!), however I’m making time to comment today. I’m so sad that you felt anxious posting this – and I for one would actually be really interested to hear about your post baby weight loss efforts. I still haven’t managed to get back to my pre-baby weight – my eldest is 12 and my youngest, nearly 5! Doh! Such a shame you feel you can’t for fear of the backlash! About time to tell those who have problem with that (and anything else you post on YOUR blog) where to go I think!

    Anyway, I’ll stop my mini-rant now. I’m off to drool over your guest bathroom. Have a lovely weekend.


    1. Thank you!! That made me feel WAY less anxious. xx

  44. I love modelfit!

    I emailed Brady 🙂 they do popups in LA and it’s just great for toning and cardio. In spite of the name it’s the most welcoming environment- and their instructors are top notch.

    Emily- my mom had four kids and said she lost 10 ish pounds after she stopped bfeeding. I’m for sure in that boat and still feeding my almost 2 year old?! I can’t wait for the end so I can wear my current/Elliott collection.

    This is a great post- my friend Nick Pratley formerly a head trainer at Soul in LA is starting his own fitness thing. I would follow him to the ends of the earth if he was running w me.

    Have fun and thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Oh also I totally want to hear about your diets.

      1. OOH, I want to hear where Nick goes!!! Keep us updated because if he’s awesome maybe a group workout??

  45. I highly recommend FITNESSBLENDER. If you don’t know them, try it. They have a program for something like 15 $: 8 weeks a workout every day for appr. 30 min. Love it!

    1. I second Fitness Blender. I’ve been doing their workouts since February and I’ve dropped 25 pounds. I’ve never been fitter or healthier in my entire life.

      1. WHAT??? That’s amazing. OK, good to know. On it. thanks guys xx

  46. Ah – I too turned 30 and put on 10 lbs (I feel like Regina George)! But I started taking aerial silks classes instead of hot power yoga and I’m obsessed. It’s the same focus/meditation and yet is super fun and makes me feel strong – I love it!

    1. Ha. our preschool has mommy and me areal fit classes on monday mornings and i’m so tempted. I realize that is the most LA sentence i’ve ever typed but i’m so glad I live in LA sometimes. You bring your kids. its cheap, easy and fun.

  47. The Sweat Spot in Silverlake is SO FUN. They do dance class workouts that appeal to every level of dancer. It feels like being in a junior high sleepover with your friends, getting crazy sweaty dancing to your favorite top 40 tunes. They have cool theme nights too like Beyonce and Gaga. Definitely recommend.

    1. DONE. I’m going to do this next week …. well, i travel next week but the week after. that sounds amazing.

  48. I want to second the “it gets easier” comment. I have 4 kiddos ages 3-12, and I think when the youngest hits 3 it just lightens a bit. But, you’ll make time for your priorities. I’ve found that I am a much better mama when I’ve had some time for myself/endorphins running through my body. I had to sacrifice tv time to be able to get up super early. I lift weights a few times a week and run with a running group and friends – which keeps me accountable. You have to get out of bed when you know your friend is going to be waiting for you. This season, while overwhelming!, is short. Choosing to prioritize and figure it out now will make it feel eons easier when the kiddos get a bit older!

    1. That is really good advice and you sound like a lovely mom, friend and person. I wish you lived in LA. xx

  49. My favorite workout is not a “workout” per se. I was without a car most of the summer, so I went grocery shopping on my bike almost every day. I would ride to one of three local markets, and pick up what I needed for a day or two. When I didn’t need groceries, I would go to the library or the dollar store or the thrift store. My teen daughter often went with me. It was good for both of us to get out and exercise. My bike is fitted with homemade side baskets to hold my purchases. An easy front basket can be made for your bike from a basket style beach bag or purse. Cut off the handles, line with a fabric that coordinates with your bike’s paint color (if desired) and zip tie to the basket to the handlebars. I have also made pannier style bags that hang from the rear bike rack from leather bags, back packs and wire baskets using velcro straps sewn into the seams or zip ties and the existing hardware.

    1. So awesome. when we move to the new house … for sure. …

  50. Can’t believe only one person, so far, has mentioned Zumba!

  51. I read this and thought to myself, “A fitness bet is a great idea! I should try it.” And then I promptly got up, and without thinking, grabbed two Oreos out of the pantry. So yeah, I probably SHOULD actually try it.

    1. I want an oreo so bad right now .. xx

  52. Emily, you are so funny and real and I love it! I personally would love to hear your backstory of trying to lose weight. I just stopped nursing my son and I think I’m the same kind of mom body. Anyway, I devour your design posts so it cracks me up that my first comment on here is about a workout, ha!! Love the bet idea!

    1. ok, maybe i’ll write about it. thanks for commenting and reading. xx

  53. I do yoga three times a week with 30 min elliptical before. Two days a week I normally do weights, elliptical and rowing machine …… except we’ve been having such great weather, I’ve been walking around the lake for an hour for the non-yoga days. I totally feel like I’m cheating since I’m not sweaty enough for a shower. And the lb are sneaking on.
    Aggggh. Back to the gym to pound it out some more. I’ll “join” your challenge and throw $100 in my own glass.

    1. Do it! if if you want to see weight sneak off you stop eating meat and dairy. Its crazy …

  54. A couple others have mentioned it already, but Fitness Blender is the real deal. Best home workouts ever. I’ve been doing them for almost two years which is the longest I’ve ever consistently worked out, because they make it so easy to do at home! And…it works. If you’re not sure where to start, try their free “5 day challenge for busy people”.

    1. SO GOOD TO KNOW. Thank you very much.

  55. I found working out at home saves a bunch of time. Everyone will say that it’s boring or hard to stay motivated BUT, it’s a huge time saver. I work out Monday through Friday morning before work. My favorite workout is BODYROCK. They have a channel called sweatflix or can be found on FB. New workouts posted daily. I’ve been consistent for several years .

  56. You should try BBG!!! You can do it at home, all you need is 28 minutes. It is so addicting and it WORKS!

    1. I second the BBG recommendation. search #bbg on Instagram and check out the transformations. It really, really works. You use an app called Sweat with Kayla to do it and it’s 3 28 min workouts a week, plus you add in your own cardio. It’s awesome!

      1. Ugh. Sorry for all the posts. My initial comment didn’t show up in my browser!

        1. YAY. BBG and bodyrock. I’m going to try both. xx

  57. Have you heard of BBG? Type #bbg on Instagram and check out the transformations. They’re real!! I know because I started 4 months ago and I have a new body now! Plus I’m stronger and have so much energy! The program has an app called Sweat with Kayla. It’s 3 days a week of resistance workouts you can do anywhere plus you add in your own cardio.
    I know I sound like an infomercial it I can’t believe I found something that WORKS. Oh, and it gives me a serious endorphin rush.

    1. Lol, I just read the other comments. I guess I’m not the only girl excited about BBG.

      1. YES. I follow of FB but she is 24 and perfect and its both intimidating and impossible to me. But now that you guys have endorsed her (funny how you want normal people to endorse celebrities) i’ll check out her program. Either way i’m happy that she is a successful woman.

  58. HOT POWER YOGA!! I had always ran, lifted weight and in the recent years before having my 3 kids (5,3,1) cross fit. All of which I love because you get a kick ass SWEATY workout. I need a good sweat to feel like I really worked out. Hot yoga Makes me sweat as much as running in this Atlanta heat! I love it. I feel strong, toned and leaner. I love that there is no impact and I can see myself doing this till I’m old (well I am already 42. Is that old? Ha) My mind isn’t thinking about kids for a full hour-bonus!

    1. I love power yoga. VERY MUCH. xx

  59. This is such a great idea! I know I’m late to post a comment so you probably won’t see this but I wanted to offer a suggestion that has worked for me. My daughter (almost 2) also wakes up at 6am every single day and I’ve had the hardest time squeezing in workouts. I decided to bite the bullet and get a jogging stroller (I used to be a runner before the kid but now not so much). When she wakes at 6 I nurse her, strap her in the jogging stroller, and go for a run at 6:30 / 6:45. Back by 7:15 / 7:30 to shower and go to work and she loves the jogging stroller. I just give her some cheerios / fruit whatever and she chills and I feel like we’re spending some one-on-one time and it’s a win win. Good luck!!

    1. I’ve done this a few times and its been awesome. Typically Charlie wakes up about 15 minutes later and it distracts us from going but I do think this is why I lost the weight quicker with Charlie – we walked every morning. Recently I brought it up to Brian and he was like, “yah, take her on a walk and i’ll take Charlie”. So I might be doing this more and more. Its defiitely a win, win.

  60. I’m doing an online program called Fit2b, which I love because it’s ‘tummy safe’ – safe and healing for women like me who have had babies and have a diastasis/abdominal separation. That’s why so many moms can’t get rid of the tummy even when they lose weight, and a lot of popular ab exercises are actually worse for it. There’s a huge variety of workouts but I’m still pretty beginner, and focusing on finding the time and fixing my separation. Paleo-ish is what makes me lose weight, and I love how different things feel better to different people! I definitely hold onto weight while nursing, which is a bummer when you don’t want to wean!

  61. Thanks for voicing the struggles of so many of us moms with weight and exercise and fitting it all in. I’ve decided to sacrifice 2 nights a week away from the kids so I can work a long day then exercise at 6:30 (CrossFit followed by Brazilian jiu jitsu). Thank goodness for my awesome husband who makes that happen for me. I see exercise as my mood stabilizer and i need it to be a good wife and mother. Its non-negotiable in my world. Plus, doing it this way saves fighting traffic 2x per week and lets me pick the kids up early on Friday, which I find is better quality time with them. I’m thankful we found this routine as I worried for a while that id never find some kind of balance after my daughter was born _ she’s 15 months old now.

    1. Thank you. I think so many people see it as vanity (which it is, too) but its so much more important than that. xx

  62. I’m in love with Barre3 online. I do about 4 online workouts a week. It has totally transformed by body. Maybe you guys could do a video in the office on your lunch break? You really don’t need a lot of space or equipment.

  63. I’ve totally become one of those annoying people that talk about their workouts. I’m just really hooked. I started working out about 3 months after my second child was born and a few months ago I went from once a week and eating whatever I wanted to 3 workouts a week and more mindful eating. Nothing crazy like only eating plants (haha, just a jab girl) but less of the big offenders and more portion control. Insane change. I fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes, my legs are smaller and I just feel really good. It is way easier caring for little kids when my mood is more stable. Anyway, I love it. I do boot camp classes twice a week and a Pilates video at home once in between. Also thinking I might work in a weekly hike with the Bub in an ergo for strength training, haha.

    Keep going with it Em! And as far as the guilt goes, just remember that you can’t be as good a mama to your kiddos if you aren’t taking care of yourself. They want you happy and healthy!

  64. Finding a gym/studio with childcare was key for me. I actually started with a stroller-fit mom-baby class and eased into full-on workouts while the baby was in the nursery. He started in there at about 6 months, and was so used to it as being a normal part of his day that he didn’t fuss or resist. The nursery “workers” are other gym-going Moms (who get discounted memberships for doing an hour a week of childcare), so trust was there. 8 years later, I still go 5 days a week (no need for childcare anymore) and I am, obviously, hooked (and in shape to boot).

  65. Hey, it’s good to see you guys trying to get fit together, I agree exercise in the morning makes you feel more energised, that’s why I cycle to work every day!
    However, I just wanted to give you a word of advice about the diet theme of this post. Don’t forget that people of all sizes and shapes read this blog, and what works for a person of your weight and physical shape might be dangerous for someone oveweight (both exercise and diet). So it’s best if you remind your readers to check with their physicians if they are planning to suddely start exercising or to radically change their diet.

  66. This was a fun post. I laughed out loud about what you said about your father-in-law. Also, I was taken aback to see the pic of the ladies working out in jackets. I seriously didn’t know it got that cold in CA-not while the sun is out anyhow! Haha!!

  67. Oh my goodness, I’m so glad to read the thing about needing a detox after stopping breastfeeding. I’d never heard that but I was just starting to worry that this last 5-10 pounds (depending on the day) was going to be stuck with me forever. I’d eaten (mostly) vegan for a few months before I got pregnant and felt fantastic, but hadn’t thought to dip my toes back into it until I read this. I’m going to try it out for a bit!

  68. I love this idea and might steal it for my office in Minneapolis!

    I wish there wasn’t the feeling that talking about trying different diets would lead to the idea that you’re fat shaming. I don’t think trying to take control of your health or body is fat shaming by any means. You have different goals and desires for your body and that is perfectly acceptable. I find it admirable that you’re transparent about your struggle with your baby weight and that you’ve involved your colleagues in creating a culture of fitness and health at your office!

    1. Thank you 🙂 I think I didn’t talk about it in a really healthy/positive way before. It was more like ‘when i lose 5 lbs’ or ‘these don’t fit like they used to’ which is EXACTLY how I talk and think, but online it does come off like I think I’m fat when I’m not. So I’m getting better about being honest, but in a more positive way. xx

  69. Um, Boxing! I was spinning for almost a year and then my boyfriend of nearly 7 years broke up with me, I was devastated, pissed, and completely at a loss of what to do with all of my stresses. So, now I pay to hit things 2x a week and strength train 2x a week. Its AMAZING, my body has totally changed, I can do real live pushups for the first time, and, according to my trainer, my butt has gotten awesome, plus muscles!

    If you need a real stress relief, try boxing!

  70. Totally relate to this. I have kids 2 kids, 18 months apart. While they were growing up I never found time to work out either. I finally found a really easy solution. When I dropped them to school, I would take the stairs up instead of the lift. I live on the 25th floor. So it took 10 minutes to walk up… and gave at least SOME workout.. better than nothing!

    The most difficult part though, is to get started. Since you have, I’m sure you’ll get there.. All the best team EHD!

  71. love it Emily! My little ones are just a little older than yours and yup, exercise happens at 5am or like 9pm and if I’m exercising then when do I see my husband? He calls himself a running widow… 😉 my winning combo of x2 power yoga, x2 barre and 1-2 runs per week has been working for me- but I don’t think I’ll ever have the “pre baby body” back- no amount of exercise is going to tighten the skin, fade the stretches or reverse the effects of gravity hehe.
    Also, totally agree with the lego diet- 30 years vego here (since birth!) and wouldn’t dream of changing it xxx

  72. the fitspot app in LA is awesome for finding a personal trainer that will come to you pretty much anywhere in the LA area. it also gets cheaper the more people you have in a session, so having a buddy or the EHD crew would make it really affordable. I used it for a short while before I went back to school (ie, the good old days when I had an income) and really loved it. I worked with Lindsay R who was super awesome, sweet and aan amazing trainer. highly recommend!

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  74. Sigh. Eating only plants is also more ethical (factory farming is truly, truly awful) and better for the environment! It’s so frustrating that people are “embarrassed” about eating in a way that helps EVERYONE. People have this stereotype of vigilante vegans in their heads, but eating less meat in general (meatless Mondays, seeking out humanely raised meat) is good for everyone! Like Michael Pollan says: Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants 🙂

  75. I know most people can’t ride their bike to work, but on the days I do I feel absolutley amazing. I try and ride at least one day a week (it’s about 5.5 miles from my house to work). When I ride I never need coffee and I’m always in a much better mood. I also do a bootcamp style workout a few days a week, but for some reason my bike rides get me way more psyched than bootcamp.

    For people who think they can’t do it because of lack of showers… I don’t have a shower at my place of business. I wear workout clothes to work with my work clothes in a bag. I keep wet wipes and deodorant at work. I try not to push myself on the way to work because I don’t want to be too sweaty and I allow myself about 10 minutes cool down before changing in to work clothes. I live in Atlanta and it’s been over 90 for 80 days this year.

    For people who live to far away… you could always drive part way with your bike in your car. PLot a doable course out ahead and start getting out some.

    Get on FB in your area and look up a bike commuter group, ask questions about the best and safest roads/trails to take. I have only been bike commuting since March and I really love it. I should prob step up my game and try for more days a week 🙂

  76. I do the same thing with my co-workers. During lunch, we try to run together or do a set of sprints/lunges/squats up and down the stairs near our office. It feels so freeing to have my workout done before 5pm. I am also addicted to Cardio Barre. Give it a try if there is a studio near you.

  77. If you’re interested in a viable way to stick with the “only plants” thing, I highly recommend Happy Herbivore meal planning. It’s so thorough, so affordable, and a real life-saver! My preschooler and I have been vegans for four years, and I’ve truly loved every minute. She and I eat from these meal plans happily, and my carnivore husband enjoys them with us at home, while choosing whatever he wants to eat when we are out!

    Don’t feel bad about wanting to take care of yourself, regardless of the definition. That differs for everyone is different seasons. Oh well!

  78. YouTube has so many awesome trainers that post FREE videos – all kinds of workouts – upper body, lower body, plyo, hiit, kickboxing – you name it. My fave right now Is Fit Body by Julia. Julia posts the videos that her and her and 6 other “fitness friends” put together so it’s always different and always super tough. A few new videos are posted every week. As a former gym rat (orange theory included) I can’t believe I’m working out in my basement and loving it. It saves time and money. Millionaire hoy is also good youtuber who has a new 30-day challenge every month. Love it!

  79. I am full-time working mom of a 1-year old who also loves kick-your-ass type of power yoga and highly recommend trying out Jake or Aree’s class at Aura Yoga. You may not feel any less guilty for spending time away from your babies but at least you will have fun, sweat and feel very good-sore the next day.

  80. Have you tried interval training? I have read that you can pack the same amount of punch into your exercise routine for less time. The smallest amount of time is for 10 mins. You walk for 2 min and the for 20 sec you run or walk fast as you can. Repeat 3 times and end with another 2 mins walking. you can do this with walking, biking, etc. I usually try to walk for more than 10 mins but if that’s all you have you can do something. Also do you all do any weight training? It’s so important for weight loss. I also do paleo with dairy. Here’s a link for a 20 min interval training.


  81. I’m so late commenting on this, but this stuff is such a passion of mine, I couldn’t not chime in. Don’t feel guilty exercising. It is SO important that we teach our kids the value in fueling both our bodies and minds. As mothers we tend to focus on their minds and hearts, but we can’t overlook the importance of teaching them how to keep their physical bodies healthy too. There is no better way to teach a child anything than by example. I want my children to see me exercise. I want them to know it’s important and fun and it’s something they should grow up loving too. I also am a weight holder until I’m done nursing, and then it’s another 6-8 months before my body comes back. I exercise for an hour 4-5 times a week. Some mornings it’s with both kids in the double stroller. I put their breakfast on their tray, turn on toddler tunes on Pandora, and we enjoy the crisp morning air. I live in Texas, so my gym won’t help you, but I’d be shocked if there’s not something like it there. I do the gym 3 days a week with them and the kids go to their kid fit area where they do yoga or Zumba or play relay races or basketball or do crafts. They have 4 hours in the morning and then 2 in the evenings for kid classes while the parents do classes. My kids absolutely love it, so it’s a win-win. Don’t mommy guilt yourself over showing your kids how important it is to lead an active lifestyle though! Such an important lesson that too many kids miss out on! I’ll get off my soap box now :).
    I think you’re a wonderful person and mother and I really admire the honesty and transparency that you write with. Oh, and you’re a pretty decent designer as well, ha! 🙂

  82. I appreciate this discussion (and all the comments) because I also find it hard to find or make time to workout as a working mom. Because my son is at daycare all day, I feel like when he’s home I need to spend every minute focused on him. I do think there’s a lot more pressure on parents these days to be interacting with their kids at all times – when my baby was younger and I was struggling with how to keep him entertained while I got things done at home I asked my mom how she had managed with two kids. She said she put us in a play pen and let us entertain ourselves sometimes, which never would have crossed my mind! But I have a great relationship with my mom and never ever doubted that she loved me and did a good job caring for me, so taking 30 minutes a day away from my son probably won’t do irreparable harm 🙂

    It reminds me when I read not long ago that despite the uptick in mothers in the workplace, parents today actually spend MORE time with their kids than parents in the 70s. So we should all take it a little easier on ourselves!

  83. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands.

    1. I love this! When I had my first baby two years ago I realized how few options there are for moms that want to get back to their favorite workouts. It seemed my friends that didn’t return to work right away had a really hard time finding a way to work out. I went back pretty quickly but before baby I liked to work out with my husband on the weekends. Arranging for childcare on the weekend while we had full time childcare during the week seemed nuts. So I started a company called Kid Spot that provides enrichment classes for babies and kids under 5 at fitness studios. We are at SYCLE in Toluca Lake and Pure Barre in Woodland Hills…both awesome studios with amazing classes. We would love to have you come try it out! ww.KidSpotCare.com

  84. Love this post! Wearing a Fitbit to track my activity is super helpful. (Of course I ditched the rubber band and wear it with my Bezels & Bytes jewelry.)

    I take my kids to a Baby Bootcamp Class. My kids can play with their friends while I exercise (and I use the baby as extra weight while I do squats) and they also get to see me make working out a priority. And as an entrepreneur I love having the flexibility to schedule phone calls for when I can do a power walk around the reservoir near my house.

    I’m sending Brady an email about our Bezels & Bytes jewelry. We’d love to send you some. xo

  85. I’m doing class pass this month with the fella and it’s been a fun way to push myself to try something new. We take turns picking classes. We did Box and Burn over at LA Health in Mid Wilshire and enjoyed it (though the monthly price……um, no). I’m curious to try that Aura yoga since I’m in West Hollywood.

    I also do some of the Fitness Blender programs on YouTube. The workouts are free but I like to buy the guided programs that tell you what to do on each day. They’ve got a bunch of different ones depending on area of focus/fitness level, etc. Plus, I like their general attitude towards fitness-it’s more about being healthy and strong, not necessarily wearing teeny bikini.

    And no shame wanting to look/feel the way you did before your last pregnancy. Yes, you’re a mother. But you’re also a woman, separate from that, and you want to feel attractive and fit. Nothing wrong with that. As for the diet, do yourself a favor and take a multivitamin if you aren’t already. Anything that restricts such large food groups may deprive you of necessary vitamins and minerals.

  86. I would LOVE to see a post of all the ways you tried to lose the weight, I love reading about which diets work or don’t work for different people. But I can understand your apprehension for SURE. Also- congrats Brady!

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