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EHD’s Favorite Comfortable Everyday Sneakers That Are Also Really Cute

Every day I take my dog on three walks. One in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one right before bed. Before Covid-19 times, the only other frequent walkers in the neighborhood were fellow dog owners. This makes sense because before I rescued my dog, Gus, I rarely took a stroll around the neighborhood just because. BUT THAT WAS BEFORE. Now, I rarely step outside without seeing at least 10 people out and about. There’s usually a couple walking around, a family of 5 either taking a stroll, riding bikes, or simply hanging out outside. It’s actually wonderful and makes me feel more apart of my community than ever before. I suddenly have this shared experience with everyone around me and even though we might be strangers, we have this knowledge that we are going through the same exact thing. It’s quite heartwarming in the most morbid way. Whew, 2020 is bizarre/scary.

I think people are walking more and generally just trying to get out of the house, so cute but comfy sneakers are a hot commodity. I’ve been a fan of the comfortable/practical but stylish sneakers for a while now and it is actually quite hard for me to wear any other shoe other than my Nike Cortez’s or Daybreaks (I’ll put it this way, my boots and mules have not seen the light of day in months). So, I rounded up the EHD team and asked them to share their go-to sneakers. I hope if you’ve been searching for a post like this that you will finally find the sneakers for you. I also hope you will share your favorites below so I can expand my collection:) But first, here are the ones we love:

From Emily: Slip-on Vans: Obviously these are classic, but make any boring outfit look intentionally casual and cool (not ANY, but you get the idea). I throw these on 3 times a day and the more they are worn they better they are.

From Emily: Vince Sneakers: Now if I want to get “fancier” with a bit of a lift, these Vince are still awesome and not heavy, but I guess I just like how they edge up the basics. They are kinda splurgy though and I’m sure there are good, more affordable options out there.

From Emily: Nike Wildhorse 6: I LOVE these. We do far more hiking and running along trails than I ever thought I would do. So it felt time to invest in some that have great grip but are lightweight (not hiking boots). I love these colors and feel like a real athlete when I wear them. Brian has them in black, too.

From Ryann: Nike Classic Cortez Sneakers: I never knew I was a sneaker person until these entered my life. My boyfriend Rocky insisted they would be a great addition to my wardrobe but I sort of didn’t believe him (which was silly, because he has great taste). Shortly after I got them I started wearing them almost every day and now they are a huge staple in my wardrobe. I love wearing these with vintage Levi’s and a plain white tee with dainty gold jewelry. Oh, and they are really comfortable and have great arch support.

From Ryann: Nike Daybreak Sneakers: These are my favorite shoes that I own. I love the colors (I have the yellow, tan suede, and red combo) and they go with so many outfits. They are way more versatile than you’d think and unbelievably comfortable. The rubber outsole gives a little bounce so whenever I am wearing them I am tempted to just start running around. I truly cannot recommend them enough.

From Mallory: Charlton Sneaker: So Nordstrom has been having some hot sales the last few months, so I bought a pair of these Topshop sneakers back in February (the exact ones I got are out of stock) and I’ve been wearing them ALL THE TIME. I’ve been eyeballing these for a few weeks now too and I think they’re super cute, fashionable, and go with everything so I’m planning to order. Plus they’re trendy but aren’t as big and clunky as dad shoes (TBT to the ones I wore in this post)…10/10 recommend. The Topshop shoes, not the dad shoes:)

From Mallory: Platform Trace: I bought these sneakers a few years ago and they were stolen out of the trunk of my car. They were probably stolen because they were THAT GOOD you guys. I originally had them in like a suede pink and then replaced them with this suede green. The moral of the story is 1. Lock your car 2. Platform suede tennies are the jam (and clearly everyone thinks so) and 3. These are $30 but were originally $90 so hit that hot deal!!

From Sara: Slip on Platform: These are my favorite sneakers! The platform makes them look just a little edgy and cool, but they’re just as comfortable and easy to wear as the originals. I wear them with literally everything.

So those are our tried and trues but here are some more that we really love the look of.

1. Veja Suede Olive Black Rust Sole | 2. Stan Smith Shoes | 3. UA Vans Classic Slip-On | 4. Mark Cox Tennis Sneakers | 5. Gradient Sneakers | 6. V-10 Sneaker | 7. Air Force 1 | 8. Attica Trainer | 9. Gills Platform Slip-On Sneaker | 10. Reese Printed Sneakers | 11. Leather Nautico Sneakers | 12. Black Solid Sneaker | 13. Old Skool Sneaker | 14. The Court Sneaker | 15. Nike Cortez ’72 Shoedog Q (Swoosh)

Okay, that is all from us. Have you been opting for cute but comfortable shoes lately? And if so, what are your favorites?? Tell me everything. xx

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3 years ago

Allbirds need to be on this list!

Sarah Van Valkenburgh
3 years ago
Reply to  Katie

Was just about to write this same comment!!! I got the Allbirds Loungers (same comfiness as normal allbirds but slip-on version with no laces) right when quarantining started and they are my favorite shoes of all time. Wearomg them for all the “go get the mail”, “cooking in the kitchen and need to not be barefoot because my feet hurt” times of life.

3 years ago
Reply to  Katie

I just checked them out, and I don’t like shoes that come up so far on the top of my foot. Also, I read an article by a woman who returned hers. She said the wool was static-y and attracted all kinds of lint. My foot would probably start looking like a giant dust bunny if I wore them!

3 years ago
Reply to  Katie

I completely agree! I have both the tree runners and multiple pairs of wool loungers over many years, and they are both so comfortable and versatile. I wore the tree runners all around Vietnam on a trip last year, and they were the only shoes that I needed. And I, like Paula, usually don’t like slip-ons that come up high on the top (I have high arches), but these are very flexible so they don’t bother me.

I find it strange that someone had trouble with lint on theirs, as my husband and I both have dark colored loungers that have never gotten linty or attracted our dog’s hair (everything else seems to!) I can’t speak to the static issue living in SoCal where the air isn’t dry enough for static to happen often.

3 years ago

I have to throw in the recommendation for Vionic. They have some slip ons similar in shape (not pattern) to the Vans ones, but the inside is far more orthopedically friendly if you have fallen arches/busted feet like me in general. I adore mine that are leopard print calf hair; I’ve had one pair for 4 years of heavy use and am only now replacing them.

3 years ago

APL are super comfy as well. A bit pricey but worth the splurge

3 years ago

1) Love the Vejas
2) Ahhhh putting your shoes on the pouf!!!!

3 years ago

I have two versions of Merrell Barefoot.
One as leaving the house and property shoe… and one as my at home and within the property shoe. Key point? The shoes I gointo potentially Covid-19 world in, do not enter the house unless they’re thoroughly cleaned / disinfected.

In winter, I wear thicker socks coz the breeze can go through the top fabric, in summer, I wear invisible sockswith rubber gizmos on theheels (game changer!!!) that stop my shoes eating said socks.

Theseare cool/breezy enough for Summer, although I really only walk the dog or go for walks in them then … coz I’m constantly wearing various versions of Birkenstocks in Summer (also including a Covid-19 world pair that stays outside).

Then, I wear Crocs for gardening, house painting, etc.

3 years ago

Love my black, lo top PF Flyers!

3 years ago

Supergas. Super comfy, not expensive, and cute on my feet.

3 years ago
Reply to  Carol

I was just about to say this! I have a pair of white Cotus that I got at the Superga store in the Marais last year and I feel so special when I wear them around my hicktown in Florida. LOL They are so understated, like the Keds I wore in junior high in the 90s, but Kate Middleton has a pair so I obviously have great taste, and also, did I mention I bought them in Paris?

Next I want the python print Cotus.

3 years ago

The pair that caught my eye were the Platform Trace. What can I say? I lurve olive green. And I found them for 60% off! Woo hoo!!!

Kjerstin Lee
3 years ago

All Bird all the way!

3 years ago
Reply to  Kjerstin Lee

I have very hard to fit feet.
I also have a hard time finding a comfortable shoe.
I tried All Birds because you can send them back for free and I knew there would be a good chance they would not fit my feet.
Well they did fit and I love them and now have two pair. I shudder at spending $100 for a pair of shoes but then I look under my bed at the $75 shoes I never wear so why not spend a little more for something you wear all of the time. I have a raspberry pair and a teal pair and know at some point I will get a blue pair.

3 years ago

Taos Star sneakers in linen. I like the most unobtrusive sneaker possible. Sneakers give me junior high gym class nightmares. Taos are so comfortable, yet almost too cute to be so comfortable.

Jennifer Barguiarena
3 years ago

Do any of the above recommendations work for wide feet? I LOVE comfy cute sneaker recommendations, but it’s helpful to know what kind of feet you have!!

3 years ago

I have wider feet (Nikes are a no go and Adidas and Converse always pinch my little toe too) and I’m obsessed with my Reebok Classics!

3 years ago

Trotters carries wide shoes. Not sure if they have sneakers but it’s worth a try.

Lynn W
3 years ago

Olukai Pehuea in Pavement.
Great sneaker and doubles as a slide. Great kickn’ around town or to the beach!!

3 years ago

Skechers are the comfiest!

3 years ago

Sorry to say but my amazing podiatrist says Vans offer zero support. I love Cole Hahn shoes; they use a Nike sole and are super stylish and comfortable. A bit pricy, but you can find them on sale on line at their home site or Nordstrom on line sometimes.

3 years ago

I have a couple pairs of the Rothy’s sneakers. I have a narrow foot and they fit so well. They can be difficult to get the size right though. Pretty much go up a .5-1 size if you have a medium width foot. If wider than medium go up 1-1.5 sizes. I’m not a big fan of the solid colors because if wearing no socks, the outline of your toes will show. They do wash really well and the insoles can be easily replaced with thicker/thinner ones. I may also have a couple pairs of the points and loafers but will not commit to a number out loud.

Rothy’s/All Birds/Birdies/Tieks all have an insane following. Some people have paid over a couple grand for the older styles!