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The Link Up: Emily’s Designer Clog Dupes, A YouTube Series We Unexpectedly Love, And The Comfiest Dress On Our Bodies This Week

IT’S….TIIIIIMMMMEEEEEE (*said in boxing announcer voice*). Welcome, welcome everyone to another rendition of the Link Up from Style by Emily Henderson – HA. We’ve had a week, and I’m sure ya have too, so let’s dive right in and check out some fun links we’ve gathered for ya on this fine Sunday.

FIRST OFF. This week’s home tour is the home of the amazingly talented broadway legend, Sutton Foster. She worked with Michael Ostrow, co-founder of Grace Home, to pull together an incredibly charming, collected home. The space is STUNNING and we’re huge fans of the green lacquer room…don’t skip this one. What’s your favorite part of the home??

From Emily: I finally found an outfit to wear on Good Morning America, if you tuned in THANK YOU. It was all about this dress layered with this shirt underneath, then I wore this bag from parker clay (it fits a laptop perfectly which I love) paired with this strap from Clare V. While live TV is wildly nerve-wracking, at least I felt dressed for the occasion 🙂 See the segment here if you’d like to see me in action with Michael Strahan.

Also From Emily: Ooh yah. Guys – Emily Henry’s new book “Book Lovers” (buy local here and Kindle here) came out last week and became an immediate New York Times bestseller. I felt strangely emotional reading her Instagram post about it. As someone who started out as a literature major, obsessed with all things Faulkner and Hemingway, I too have diversified and find such glee in watching women buck the system, shed the expectations that they had of themselves in college and write something that taps into the women’s emotional market in such a funny, insightful and entertaining way. I started the book this week and I’m loving it (I saved it for the plane home where instead I wrote a 6-hour article about the happiness conference Brian and I attended). I can’t wait to finish it. While I read a lot of romance novels both contemporary and regency, her voice is the one I relate to the most. And fun fact, she is a reader and follower:) Now we DM because listen, if this social media has one healthy thing to offer it’s connecting us with the people we admire. If you are looking for an immediate hook of a novel, one that settles the part of your brain that is busy and makes you want to “go to bed early” then pick this up.

From Mallory: I tried on this dress at Madewell for yesterday’s post and I’m highly considering going back and ordering it…it’s SO comfortable and super stylish. It’s tight in all the right places and loose in the other places and I’m a huge fan. Plus the fabric is VERY SOFT. I went into my closet yesterday to pick out what to wear and I literally thought “booo I wish I had that Madewell dress because I would totally put that on right about now” So yeah, it’s good.

Also from Mallory: IT’S BACK. My favorite coffee flavor in the world, Iced Coconut was a limited edition last year and I loved it so much that during the “last call” for iced coconut, I bought 10 packs. Jess and Ajai both witnessed it and thought I was insane. It’s so delicious I have no shame, now Jess drinks them too in the smaller pods! It’s so delicious I cannot stop talking about it… hey @nespresso sponsor me!

From Caitlin: May be late to the party on this one, but I’ve just discovered Rajiv Surendra’s YouTube series with HGTV and y’all NEED to check it out. I originally clicked on this 17-minute video of him thrifting in Chicago on a rainy day because I was like “HEY, that’s the guy from Mean Girls! I wonder what he’s like in person,” and I’ve been BLOWN AWAY. The closest comparison I can think of is Bob Ross – he has such a calming energy and such a gentle way of educating viewers (oh, and Rajiv is like, SUPER smart too – he knows all about furniture and decor history!!!). His house tour is so cool – you GOTTA see what he did with chalk, it’s incredible – and it’s just been so fun stepping into his thoughtful, intentional, sustainable little world. I hope you enjoy his videos as much as I do

From Jess: If you’ve been following this blog for a while, I’m sure you also have at some point coveted Emily’s Rachel Comey clogs. They are the coolest and understandably not cheap. I have good news though! As I was browsing for wedding guest shoes, I stumbled up these more affordable bomb dupes that are good! Just a little tip from me to you:)

Also from Jess: I just got a new candle from Target that I really love! It’s Palo Santo and Thyme and it’s a just a nice spring scent. Plus it’s a big one that’s only $14.

That’s all for this week! Thanks for tuning in, it’s been a blast. See you in the AM xx

Opening Image Credit: Designed and Styled by Michael Ostrow | Phot by Chris Mottalini | via Architectural Digest

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2 years ago

Thanks for pointing me to Rajiv, Caitlyn! I’m three videos in and never want to stop. Well, other than to see what Etsy’s got in the way of glass leftover containers, or perhaps scope out some legit lace curtains from Lyon, of course. Rajiv’s passion for authentic, handmade quality craftsmanship is contagious and I’m grateful to you for bringing him into my life.

2 years ago
Reply to  Diane

Ditto! He’s so calming! I’m really enjoying his videos and knowledge!

2 years ago
Reply to  Diane

Same here, thanks for the links to Rajiv. I love his chalk creations. On his home tour video I am obsessed with the vignette he created right in front of his painting/mural in the living room. It looks like it is part of it. I love how he embodies the European way of quality over quantity. He is not materialistic, rather he is super intentional about what he chooses for his home. Our planet cannot sustain mad consumer fads and trends and throwaway culture.

2 years ago

Caitlin, Rajiv Surendra’s house tour was amazing! I can’t wait to watch more of his videos. As someone who loves learning new handmade techniques, I find his diverse skill set so compelling. I’m glad he has a YouTube show with so much more to watch.

Karen T.
2 years ago

Thank you for introducing me to Rajiv. That was 18 minutes of pure bliss I didn’t know I needed on my Sunday morning!! I want to crawl into his world and live there forever!!

2 years ago

Love Emily Henry’s books (already flew through Book Lovers), and I felt such glee to see she’s a reader here too! Sometimes it’s hard to find people who “get” you, and something about having these similar interests makes me feel more seen.

I was also into capital L literature, and in the past few years my reading interests have shifted a lot, but, as January Andrews would argue, women’s lit IS lit!! A serious man does not literature make. I love that the Emily Henry books are well-written BUT ALSO include themes and circumstances that reflect my life. A lot to unpack here clearly 🙂

2 years ago
Reply to  Katie

Yes, loved both Beach Read and People We Meet on Vacation. Book Lovers has a lot of book lovers at our local library as there is a ONE YEAR waiting list for it. Just finished two good reads Olga Dies Dreaming by Kochitl Gonzalez and The Soulmate Equation by Christina Lauren.

2 years ago
Reply to  Kj

I also loved Beach Read and People We Meet on Vacation. Also, the Soulmate Equation. I’m number 531 on hold for Book Lovers. Although they have 32 copies so it should go fast.

2 years ago

Just watched Rajiv’s home tour…and just wow! Such incredible and diverse talent!

🥰 Rusty
2 years ago

That house tour was great! I especially like the living room and windows. Some is simply too luxe for me, but I love all the nods to nature.🌱

🥰 Rusty
2 years ago

Rajiv Surendra is AMAZING!!!!
S’cuze me while I spent a week down that rabbit hole!
Thank you Caitlin.🥰

2 years ago

Would love to check out the dupes for those clogs! Unfortunately I’m in Canada, and Nordstrom won’t let us click through to get on the Nordstrom American website. 🙁
Any chance you could give us the name so us Canadians can do a google search? Thanks! Love the link up every week – it’s become a sweet part of my Sunday morning.

2 years ago
Reply to  Suzanne

It’s the Jeffrey Campbell Drummer Platform Mule 🙂

2 years ago

Hmmm I have strong feelings about the home tour. It’s so beautiful and interesting like a work of art, but all I can think about is how difficult it would be to keep it all clean. What if I wanted to change it up and move furniture around? How often would I be sporting bruises on my shins from clumsily bumping around the apartment? Definitely would not work for me and my pets. Traditionalist and maximalists, I’m glad you’re here, but I don’t understand how you do it.

2 years ago

Oh, I love a home that can be described as “charming”, “whimsical” and “playful”!  
There were lots of elements I really loved, though as a whole room, it was the living room with the wallpapered ceiling (so fabulous!) that spoke to me. I love the attached sunroom, and I would have made it more of a sitting area and found another space for the missing dining room, even the more interior living room might have worked.  
Very charming home and sounds like it really reflects the homeowner! 
Thank you for the tour and the links, especially to Rajiv Surendra!

2 years ago
Reply to  Deborah

Emily Post lived in that Tuxedo Park home. Her 1930 book “The Personality of a House; the Blue Book of Home Design and Decoration” is still relevant today:

2 years ago

THANK YOU CAITLYN! It’s so nice to find people like Rajiv online when the people in your real life don’t understand why you like using beautiful tea towels or are confused by you buying a beautiful old glass jar to put your laundry powder in. He is so joyful and inspiring – “I’d get my birthday money and I’d go and buy a fork.” So good.

2 years ago

I cannot get over Rajiv!!! What an amazing human. Thank you for introducing him to us🥰

2 years ago

Any chance Mallory would mind sharing where she gets her hair done?! Love!!

2 years ago

So disappointed there is yet another post here raving about coffee maker that uses pods. You pay lip service to recycling and being civically responsible but always push the pods. Who cares if they are 90% aluminum and no longer all plastic? They still have plastic tops, require manufacturing so take even more resources and create more landfill, and it is so easy not to use them or get reusable pods. Really disappointed about this. You talk the talk but come on, walk the walk. Is that click through money really worth it?