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Chandler’s MCM Living Room Update + All the Vintage Things We Are Looking For

Welcome to today’s Afternoon Snack (or as I lovingly refer to it as third breakfast) and hopefully this will satisfy any design cravings you may have been experiencing lately. We have another project update for you, the one that both Emily and myself have still not seen in person but things are still moving along with a reveal coming soon. *fingers crossed*

Last time, Emily gave you all the full rundown about Chandler’s living room and the debate of which KILZ® paint color we should use in this post here. Chandler is one of Emily’s best friend’s brother and also has been such a big help (mainly by answering my 1,462 texts) during this not so normal install but luckily he is a part of the “Friends & Family” program so he has been more than happy to lend a hand.

In case you all are in need of a bit of a refresher and since the courtyard of his apartment building is just too good not to show off again…

That’s right he may have to say close to home these days but if I were him I’d be spending that time lounging by the fountain of this historic building with a book and martini in hand, who’s with me?

Here is where we left off from last time with five paint swatches on the wall and four black leather wood armed chairs in the room. Well, it was unanimous: there are too many paint options and too many of the same type of chair. So today, we get to share with you all the official color for his MCM living room of his dreams, which was chosen by the client himself. But before we get to that, in a last-minute turn of events I found out the other week that Chandler actually didn’t realize that the new color would be for all four walls and not just the very dark accent wall which we luckily have plenty of their KILZ 3® Premium Primer to help us cover up or else I think it would take about 20 coats of paint to do the job. And suddenly he was very on board with a lighter color for the space instead of something more in the mid-tone range. So, he went back into the pile of color swatches I handmade for him (they are artisanal and yes, I am for hire for any of your paint swatch needs) and choose…

At first, I was a little shocked because all this time we had talked with him about adding more color into the space but I actually think this will be a very smart choice overall. The space itself doesn’t get much light since the only source of natural light comes from the far end french doors that open up into that courtyard from the beginning of the post. Courtyards are very pretty but can really block any direct sunlight and Chandler is frankly over living day in and day out in this cave-like living room. So Chalk Gray it is and moving on to designing the rest of the space!

Emily already went over some of the pieces that we will be keeping in the last post. But here is a quick recap, the Article credenza that used to be in Emily’s living room, the light gray rug from the Mountain House living room (not shown above) and that amazing vintage blue sofa she scored for about $200 on one of our random shopping/inspiration days. Side note: I can’t describe to you all how surreal it still is sometimes when Emily randomly calls me up during work and says, “Hey, would you want to go shopping today to get some design inspiration?” My fan-girl-TiVo(ing)-Secrets-From-a-Stylist-twenty-year-old-self can’t say, “YES!” quick enough sometimes.

In addition to some Emily hand-me-downs, using pieces that Chandler already owned, and supplementing some very affordable pieces for the room, vintage was next on the sourcing list. The fun part about finding that perfect vintage piece is searching high and low in a crowded, dusty shop. But since that isn’t currently an option I turned to our go-to online vintage favorite sources and of course consulted my personal wealth of LA vintage knowledge, Caitlin. It took some time but we found some amazing pieces. Unfortunately, a lot that wouldn’t really work in the space given the scale of that blue vintage sofa we really wanted to use, the seat height is only 14″ high, which is so low.

But we didn’t want all that time go to waste so here are some pieces that were just too good not to share. Disclaimer: Since these are vintage pieces some may already be sold out by the time this post goes live but that’s the name of the vintage game gotta get it quick when you find a deal! The good thing is these sellers have a ton of other incredible pieces 🙂

Side Chairs

Green Lounge Chairs | Woven Lounge Chairs | Curved Wood Chairs | Blue Upholstered Chairs | Walnut Armchairs | Oak Lounge Chair

I am pretty notorious in the office for sending a link during the day that 8 times out of 10 ends up being some random chair but it is always a chair worth looking at and then typically laughing when seeing the price tag. So of course this is the first category I had to share with you all. Some of these like the last one fit that description (aka pricey) but some are a bargain at $550 for the pair. Someone please purchase them before I do cause I literally have nowhere for them to go. The reason why these options didn’t work for Chandler’s living room: some were too big, or too high, or Chandler said they looked like more of a “kitchen chair” which I get. In the end, they needed to be more on the neutral side, small scale, and very comfortable which I think we found some oldies but goodies for the space. One thing I do know for sure is if I don’t continue my career as an interior design you know you’ll find me 10 years later in my woodshop somewhere in Oregon whittling away on a gorgeous chair.


Smoked Glass Chandelier | Green Table Lamp | Brass 6-Arm Chandelier | Cork Table Lamp | Chrome 6-Arm Chandelier | Teak Table Lamp

Up next, my second love lighting! Finding the right light fixture for a space isn’t always about the style but style is always very high on my list. For Chandler’s dark living room there was only one hardwired light source which was a small crystal chandelier that didn’t really scream him or that Mad Men aesthetic he desired. Plus, it didn’t do wonders for brightening up the room at night so my goal was to find a fixture that would do it all. Something that had multiple light sources was a first and if it could create some uplighting to illuminate the ceiling and make the space feel brighter that would be a bonus. The above three are great options and hopefully one will work in the end. 😉

As for other lighting, I love these three table lamps but honestly Chandler already owned some great options so we are going to hold off for now til we get to the final touches stage.

Side & Coffee Tables

Round Glass Coffee Table | Brass Side Table | Black Metal Magazine Rack | Two Tiered Side Table | Tall Brass & Wood Side Table | Glass & Brass Nesting Side Tables

Originally I was thinking about swapping out Chandler’s West Elm coffee table since there is a lot of dark wood in the space for something with glass and a round shape to break up all the linear lines. But once we got the lighter rug in there it just felt right for the era we are trying to emulate (plus it has some hidden storage that we couldn’t get rid of) so I shifted gears towards searching for some great side table options. That black and glass coffee table was too good not to share so please someone grab it before it’s gone. The areas where we needed side tables (flanking the sofa, between the side chairs and next to the lounge chair and ottoman) all needed to stay on the smaller side and pretty low, remember the seat height of the sofa is again 14″. Woof! Talk about a challenge since many of the options from that era are beautiful but too big. I do love that one on the bottom left with the two trays that you can switch from top to bottom or the brass and glass nesting tables, I’ll never say no to a table that nests.

Wall Units

Modular Teak Wall Unit | Oak Wall Unit System | 4 Shelves & Fold Out Cabinet | Wall Unit Desk with Shelves | Teak Wood Floating Wall Unit |Pair of Teak Storage Wall Unit

As you can see from the progress photos Chandler is lacking some storage space so adding in a classic MCM piece like the wall unit seemed like the right fit for his living room and all his belongings that needed a rightful place. I love every single option above but these units can get pricey and none of them seemed like the right wood tone to mix in with all the rest of the locked-in pieces. I really do love that bottom right one which actually comes as a pair at a pretty fair price (a little over $800).

Art & Accessories

Charcoal Sketch | Ochre Blanket | Oil Painting | Wood Magazine Rack | Black and White Art | Candlestick Holder

Last but not least the final touches to a space, Art and Accessories. These have been some of my favorite vintage finds because they are usually plentiful, budget-friendly, and add some much-needed character to your living room and life. Vintage art is easy to find but good vintage art is another story and man that charcoal sketch man is amazing. Also, I might’ve already bought a side table that doubles as a magazine rack but that bottom left one is too good so I might get it for myself before someone else does (just warning you, you have til 2pm PST).

I hope by now your metaphorical design belly is full from today but ready to see more process about this space at a later date when we finally get the space painted and installed. And if you end up buying a piece from above I’d love to see it in your space, maybe share it with us all over on the EHD Insider Community! It has been so fun these past couple of days meeting you all and matching names to faces, see you there or talk to you in the comments below. And again, thank you to KILZ® for helping us bring this space to life — please take a second to check out their paint and primer here. xx

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Lisa H
3 years ago

I have some of my parents’ pieces from that era. I own that wall cabinet/shelf unit that’s on the top right of those photos, along with two matching shelf units. We use the cabinet as a bar.
We also have some spectacular Dansk teakwood serving pieces. Check out the ice bucket called the Congo. We have glasses, and decanters from Holmsgaard from that era. Check out their Danish Ships glasses.
I think it was such a stylish era. I love seeing all of these pieces!

Nicole Roe
3 years ago

I read MCM for the whole post as Man Crush Monday. HA. Duh.

3 years ago
Reply to  Nicole Roe

Haha, so did I at first and I was VERY confused!

3 years ago
Reply to  Nicole Roe

I’m still not sure what it means haha! Did I miss something???

3 years ago
Reply to  Lily

mid century modern!! hahah. the ORIGINAL man crush monday!!

3 years ago

Ok so I’ve always seen Kilz brand at Home Depot but I’d always assumed that it was for construction pros/contractors and not regular people. TBH I’m not even 100% sure what I thought it was, lol. I ended up grabbing some of the mildew/mold primer for my own bathroom project though and it’s a game changer. Thanks for the tip!

And Julie – this vintage sourcing is incredible! Excited to see the final reveal. Chalk gray looks great.

Lynn W
3 years ago

So fun!! Can’t wait to see the finished product 👍

3 years ago

I love the mid century vibe you are going for, can’t wait!

Jeffrey C
3 years ago

I feel like this space is screaming for a Nelson Saucer Bubble Lamp on a dimmer on that one hardwired source. They are so light in a space and give off a ton of light.

3 years ago

The sofa in the first photo is everything. I have the perfect spot in my house for it…unfortunately, I probably couldn’t afford it!

Jeffrey C
3 years ago


What Would Brady Paint? I feel like Brady would nail the paint color that Chandler would find to his liking.

3 years ago

You guys are the experts and you know what it will look like…just curious if the room doesn’t get much light, how will the Chalk Gray paint undertones work in the space? Sometimes in low light conditions, gray picks up weird outside colors.

3 years ago

whats the origin of the hero image?

3 years ago
Reply to  drinklevoss

I‘m not seeing a a hero image but the header is Casa Vlady ,