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Our Chairish Collection From The Round Top Flea Market

As you know I teamed up with Chairish, the biggest/best online vintage website last week (here is the intro if you missed it) and together, with the founder Anna Brockway, we shopped for a special Round Top collection for y’all. Which is shoppable NOW on their site!


I didn’t really have any sort of goal or style in mind, it was more ‘Would I buy this for me?’ and if the answer was yes, then we bought it. Which means that I sacrificed myself for your happiness. I’m a super good person.

But I certainly have a particular aesthetic right now, with my house being a combination of classic antiques, mid-century and of course a bit of whimsy. Nothing is too WOAH, LOOK AT ME and everything feels pretty easy to mix in to a lot of different styles.


I guess if you had to label this collection it would be classic, modern farm house. There are a few piece that might not fit in exactly, but for the most part I subconsiously curated that collection.

Here are the treasures we found together for you guys.


1. Green and White Striped Flag: I’ve been into the flag game for 10 years now, and my attraction towards them never waivers. I even bought two for us that you’ll see tomorrow. These are so great to either frame, or just hang as-is to add color and soul to a room or wall.

2. Carved Wooden Objects: We all became obsessed with these. Brady spotted them at the show and still really wants to buy them back. We don’t really know what they are but they are hand carved and sculptural. Individually they are pretty, but collectively they definitely have a unique presence. I bought the rest of them for me, but gave Chairish a couple of the best ones from the collection for sure.

3. Blush French Serving Dishes: Ugh, even these french serving dishes got the memo that blush is the newest neutral. It’s absolutely the perfect color – not pink, but so subtle. I’m DYING to have these for our easter festivities.

4. Set of Charles Dickens Books: Such a pretty color, not to mention classics that would elevate any shelving. I of course wanted them for our new shelves, but Chairish had dibs on these beauties.

5. Framed Landscape Painting: It’s gorgeous. I have 4 landscapes in my house that don’t have a home so I had no right buying this for me, but please someone snag this.

6. Black and White Striped Container: I know that this seems boring, but here’s why this is valuable and useful – it’s a simple shape, in a classic pattern and colorway. It will liven up a shelf, credenza or dresser while working with every other color you have. Plus, most pieces of furniture are more square so having a rounder object helps soften everything and creates contrast without too much ornate detail. It’s just a good to have.

7. ‘M. Carter’ Hand Painted Lounging Woman Tray: This was a huge favorite amongst all of us. Put it on top of a stack of books on your coffee table, or use it as your jewelry tray on your nightstand. It’s quiet but has a sense of humor.

8. Blue, Cream, Red Fringed Textile: The perfect textile to wake up a sofa or even better, to put in your car for impromptu picnics (something that we Hendersons do a lot). Check the sizing on this one as it is a little bit of an odd shape but still so good.

9. Teal Ceramic Glazed Bowl: I can’t not buy a piece of studio pottery in a beautiful blue tone. It could go literally anywhere – in a shelf, in the bathroom, to hold your sponges in the kitchen, as a dish in the kitchen, or even put a plant in it. Useful and beautiful.

10. Leather Gymnastics Rings: These were an obvious grab, regardless of how dysfunctional they seem. You can lean them in a shelf or us them as paper weights. They are sculptural and a bit more masculine in that beautiful caramel leather, but could go in anyone’s home.

11. Carved Foot Figure: Body parts are the new brass animals. This simple foot is whimsical and yet simple.

12. French ‘Moutarde de Maille’ Jar: This is one that I thought I bought for myself but then Chairish was all, ‘Er, no, that’s ours’. I wanted it as a beautiful toothbrush holder in the bathroom, or the perfect nightstand vase. So, one of you should snag it and do that same thing, before I buy it back for myself.


1. Carved Wooden Chain: All of us freaked out about this. Maybe it’s a year long garland on your mantle or pile it on your coffee table as a sculpture. It’s hand carved and while I have no idea why someone made it, its so beautiful and such a unique thing to style with.

2. Painted ‘Hunting Dogs’ Artwork: Fine, I know that not everyone is into english countryside paintings like we are right now, but we all loved this. It’s classic, but with some youth to it.

3. Orange and Blue Flag: Another flag because just one for the sale wasn’t enough. It’s nautical and I think it’s a particular letter although I forget what it is!

4. Carved Ebony Vanity Tray: This is one of those accessories that seems so boring but is so incredibly functional. I might buy this and here’s why – most good trays are wood or brass but most tables are wood or brass. And I’m pretty bored by lacquer trays these days. So this matte black looks great on every other colored table, plus the scale is petite and so useful, while the shape is classic but not boring. I know exactly where i’d put it – on my dresser or in my bathroom because there are hints of black in the sconce.

5. Rosenthal White Ironstone Nesting Bowls: Gorgeous, classic and special. Sure you can use them in the kitchen, for appetizers/dips, etc. But you could also put them on a tray for jewelry on your dresser. They are so delicate and beautiful.

6. Brass Jack Shaped Knife Rests: With the new house I’m now finally starting to think about throwing dinner parties and things like knife rests I feel highly underprepared for. Sure, you don’t NEED a knife rest at your dinner but I sure would love to be at a party with this knife rest.

7. Mint Green Paint Covered Painter’s Palette: GAH. I want this, too!!! I could put it in a gallery wall above the sofa in the family room, framed in a modern way (although you wouldn’t have to frame it) and it would add so much interest in a happy, beautiful color palette.

8. Blue Horse Trinket Box: Personality in simplicity. Literally put it anywhere – nightstand, bathroom, dresser, credenza, entry, kitchen for tea bags, ANYWHERE!!

9. White Ceramic Matches Box: I’m panicking now. WHY DID I NOT JUST BUY THIS FOR MYSELF?? It’s such a beautiful little porcelain box that says matches on the top in hand painted writing. So perfect to house my artisanal matches.

10. Wooden Mortar and Pestle Set: I haven’t seen such a simple midcentury one before, and while I don’t know what you really do with this, it sure would look pretty on your open shelving in your kitchen.

11. Kentucky Primitive Blue and White Throw: Another great back of sofa throw in a classic Americana pattern, of my two favorite colors.

12. Govancroft Tri-Color Small Bowls: These don’t look special but they are all handmade/thrown and while I wish there were 12 of them (ice cream party!) these three petit bowls are really special and have beautiful texture in such sweet pastel colors.


1. Framed Horse Painting: Ginny is BUMMED that she showed this to Chairish. She talked about it for days after and will probably be the one buying it back. It’s a beautiful stately horse portrait, that is intricately done and pretty large. Her english soul is not letting her sleep.

2. Italian Brass Bar Tools: Gorgeous. White and really thin brass, making this modern but with the soul of vintage.

3. Leather Notations Box: Another regret. Put this anywhere, put remotes in it, put your glasses in it, put ANYTHING IN IT. It’s perfectly aged, in a simple shape. You are welcome.

4. French Peg Hat Rack: That little bit of brass on the tip kills me. It’s hard to see in the photo, but there are accents of brass and it’s just wonderful. I racked my brain (ha) to find a place for it in our house but failed, so it is yours.

5. Blue and White Cross Flag: Remember my huge red cross flag and my huge navy blue flag? This is like if they had an adorable little flag baby. SO CUTE!

6. Green and White Ceramic Cake Stand: For cake, obviously but even better to create levels and layers in your open shelving.

7. Georges Briard Wood Handled White Plastic Ice Bucket: I love that ice bucket for its simplicity and the combination of wood and lacquer. Also another one I’m tempted to buy back.

8. Original Landscape Painting: Gorgeous, stunning colors in a shape that is easy to mix with others. Again, if I didn’t already have a plethora of these that I’m having trouble finding a spot for I would keep this.

9. Orange and Gold Camp Stool: I’m never sure what you are supposed to do with these but I like them and Chairish said that they sell really well. So we threw it in the collection.

10. Tan and Red Striped Pillow: All you need on your bed to wake it up, stylistically. The scale is big, the pattern is classic and red is making a huge comeback this year, so maybe this is your chance to bring it into the home?

11. 3 Peg Wooden Coat Rack: It’s a simple, primitive piece of wood with great detailing and a lot of function. I already have enough hooks, but do you??

12. Embroidered Crown Pennant: In a kids room or over a bookshelf in a reading nook?  For those of you going for the royal look, this flag is for you.

Go get ’em guys. The prices are too low if you ask me, and I may have already purchased some of these back, but what is left is yours for the picking.

Who thinks we should do this with every flea market in the country??? Let us know in the comments below and maybe you will inspire Chairish to partner with us again on another flea market and this time come back with an even bigger haul for you all to shop.

A huge thank you again to Chairish for making our Round Top experience top notch and for consistently curating amazing vintage and pre-owned furniture and accessories on their site so we can shop at midnight and you guys don’t have to wake up at 5am for the flea market. As designers and general style lovers we look to Chairish to not only shop, but find inspiration through their inventory.

Now go shop the collection HERE and grab it all up before I do!

***Photography by Tessa Neustadt

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6 years ago

Emily, just a Kentuckian weighing in here with a little horse history. The framed horse portrait, if it is in fact, Whirlaway, is of a Triple Crown winner (meaning HE won the Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont in 1941). He was the Horse of the Year in 1941. Whirlaway was bred by Calumet Farm here in Lexington, Kentucky. The farm is still there and is beautiful. I hope Ginny buys it back!

6 years ago

Great selctions…but have to know about your tote bag! It looks like the perfect blush that I’ve been on the hunt for!!

6 years ago
Reply to  Meredith

Yes, can you tell us more about the tote bag?!?!

Cris S.
6 years ago

Of course you should do more! Brimfield!

Ashley W.
6 years ago
Reply to  Cris S.

I second this! EHD Crew + Chairish at Brimfield would be amazing.

Michael K
6 years ago

What fun finds you guys!! I know how hard it must be to find these magical treasures and then let them go…but THANK YOU!! I bought the blue and white cross flag and the awesome carved wooden chain. Can’t wait to get them and style the heck out of them in my house. Thanks again!! And yes…more of these collections with Chairish at more flea markets!! So fun.

6 years ago

I’m super sad, it’s 8:30 am on the west coast and almost everything is sold. You have such great taste and everything looks great. I just wish Chairish might have given the west coast a chance at some stuff by posting the sale a little later in the morning.

Paula G
6 years ago
Reply to  Lynne

AGREE! More stuff for West Coaters

6 years ago

This looks like so much fun, and I love all the stuff you came back with. Please do another one soon with MORE stuff.

6 years ago

Never comment, but I love this collaboration that you did with Chairish. This is amazing sponsored content, give us a chance to buy what you bought, and shows us a bit of behind the scenes. Please do more.

6 years ago
Reply to  Penny

I absolutely agree, Penny! This collaboration is amazing!

6 years ago
Reply to  Penny

TOTALLY agree! My first time to comment as well. This collab seems to fit so well and its been fun to follow along! I too, would like to see the sale start later in the day. I wait to read the blog until I get the email from you and that seems to happen around 11 am (Oklahoma time). Can’t wait for more!!

6 years ago

Great selection ! I can’t wait for you to do a LOT more round ups like this one ! My favorites are sadly long gone…

I had a good laugh when I saw the “french hat peg rack” priced 95$. These I find here in France at my local charity for 5€ (less at garage sales). I don’t understand how its price rose up to the sky just by hopping over the ocean ! Every grand-mother has one here, and no grand-child wants them.

I also laugh at myself for checking an American blog that sells so much French antiques… the world is a weird place. I still think you guys are the best at displaying antiques with style and poise. My house is very EM-inspired and I get a lot of compliments about it, and also stun people when I explain that the way I display my Napoleon antiques is inspired by American blogs !

6 years ago
Reply to  Amalécyte

#EMspired. Now there’s an awesome hashtag you should run with stat, Emily. Beautiful stuff.

6 years ago

Amazing finds! So very sad most is sold. Please consider Brimfield next!

I’m DYING over those brass bar tools. They’re PERFECT!

6 years ago

Oh man, I just saw these and they’re gone now! Grrrrrr. I totally would have bought them.

Well next time.

6 years ago

awesome selections…Thanks for sharing with us .

6 years ago

That’s a Finnish flag (Finland) 🙂

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6 years ago

Cool stuff. It all looks so much better when it’s “curated”. And container for “artisanal matches”, … way to make me snort corn flakes out my nose.
Luckily (or sadly? I can’t decide) our downsize apartment is stuffed to the gills with cool stuff. No room for even cool curated stuff from Round Top. Like Brimfield, it’s someplace I yearn to be … preferably back when I had a two story brick Tudor with a full basement for all the stuff I’d want to buy.

6 years ago

Yes. This works properly. In case you need on the way to erase your data and/or lock the display then set Android device supervisor as a tool administrator.

6 years ago

I live in Dallas and have been to Round Top once, but your post is making me want to go back this fall. I am pretty darn cheap so I have a hard time with the prices on a lot of the items you bought, but I do really love the special wooden bowls/trinkets, leather garbage can and that pine dresser. I love those round feet so much!

6 years ago

Can I ask where your blue polka dot dress is from

6 years ago

OK, so some of the worst “art” ever was picked up at that flea market to sell on Cherish with huge HUGE HUGE mark-ups. I’m sorry Emily but your “team” has the worst taste in art I’ve ever seen any designer pick let alone SHILL. Pathetic. Those mark ups are outrageous!

6 years ago

Can’t wait to get them and style the heck out of them in my house. Thank you for sharing.