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Budget Room Design: Neutral Home Office

Summer Fridays may be in full force in corporate America (can we just take a communal vote to make these last through the rest of the year?!) but just because you are celebrating a few extra hours of free time outside the office doesn’t mean that your home office shouldn’t be ready for you when it is time to get back to work. We have done our fair share of office renovations over here: Modern Boho, Moody Mid Century, Brian’s Office, Our Studio, Oh Joy’s Studio, and we have even rounded up some of our favorite office chairs and desks. But, we have yet to pull together a budget office for you – so if you have an extra guest bedroom waiting for a makeover, a lonely den that is calling for a refresh or even a corporate office that needs to feel far less corporate-y, then today we’ve got you covered.


Bookcase | Art (left) | Art (right) | Desk | Desk Chair | Table Lamp | Trash Bin | Brass Pencil Holder | Leather Pad | Pens | Burl Wood Box | Scissors | Stapler | Rug | Brass Frame | Green Planter | Wood & Marble Object | Accent Chair | Pillow | Woven Side Table | Floor Lamp

Our first setup comes in at just under 5k and I am very into the Pacific Northwest hues we have going on in the space, although I may be a bit biased. We kept the room neutral overall and accented with green, blue, brass, and wood throughout the room which keeps the office space feeling calm but still visually interesting. If you have room for a corner chair reading nook in your space then this combo of wood, brass and woven materials with a hit of blue is a great space to relax in between emails. Or if you are like us you might just make this your go-to and work from your laptop without ever leaving the corner. The bookshelf has some room for closed storage (files and such if you are good at keeping those things organized) and the drawers in the desk allow you to keep clutter or candy/snacks at a minimum. I also love the leather waste bin, and the brass pen holder to corral all of your writing instruments.


Bookcase | Art (left) | Art (right) | FrameDesk | Desk Chair | Table Lamp | Trash Bin | Brass Pencil Cup | Leather Pad | Pens | Burl Wood Box | Scissors | Stapler | Rug | Brass Frame | Green Planter | Wood & Marble Object | Accent Chair | Pillow | Woven Side Table | Floor Lamp

Setup number two is very similar to the first with a few items that we swapped like the corner armchair and the lamp. I have used both of these in projects and they are good you guys. The chair is very comfortable and sturdy for the price and the lamp is a perfect scale and size for any room. We used it recently in Sylvia’s living room makeover if you want to see what it looks like in person. The bookcase got a slightly slimmer profile and we also swapped out the desk lamp for a very similar one that we love and have used a lot from Target. I also love this art from Minted but having them do the framing (although beautiful) can be pricy. So an easy way to cut on cost is to buy the prints from Minted and the frames somewhere cheaper like we did here from Amazon.


Bookcase | Art (left) | Art (right) | FrameDesk | Desk Chair | Table Lamp | Trash Bin | Brass Pencil Cup | Leather Pad | Pens | Burl Wood Box | Scissors | Stapler | Rug | Brass Frame | Green Planter | Wood & Marble Object | Accent Chair | Pillow | Woven Side Table | Floor Lamp

Our third and final setup which comes in at just under 2k has quite a few different items from the first two but still has the same type of vibe and I am into it. The rug was swapped out, but we kept it a flatweave so that you can roll along it, which is a very good thing to keep in mind if you are ever looking to add a rug into your office area. Keep it as thin as possible and add a rug pad under it to keep it in place. Sisal, Berber, or anything with some texture will get caught up in the wheels and not allow you to roll freely.

So there you have it, one office at three very different budgets. Let us know if you have any questions, and all in favor of year round summer Fridays say “I”.

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6 years ago

Talk to me about that art! Is the price different in the first office due to size? It’s the same throughout the 3, right?

6 years ago
Reply to  Melissa

Melissa, I think the more expensive art is framed through Minted, and the others are DIY framed with metal frames from amazon. 🙂

6 years ago
Reply to  Sarah

Aaaahhh! Thank you!

6 years ago
Reply to  Melissa

It’s the same art with different frames. I believe that in the first version they have Minted do the framing, and in the second two they swap that for a do-it-yourself frame job using Amazon purchased frames.

6 years ago
Reply to  Meaghan

Hey – the Amazon link to the frame is not working. Would love to see and great roundup – just what I needed!

6 years ago

Today is Wednesday, not Friday. I feel like maybe this post was supposed to go live on a Friday?

6 years ago
Reply to  jessvii

I think they’re talking about summer Fridays, which some offices do (either Fridays off or letting out early on Friday), not that today is Friday.

6 years ago
Reply to  Cait

My office has never done this. I am now jealous of everyone who is already familiar with this concept.

6 years ago

I have that leather office chair from West Elm and I love it! Mine is brown, but I love the green. It’s super comfortable.

6 years ago
Reply to  Ana

Good to know! We love the style of the chair and the color is so good.

6 years ago

Size is the same! The first frame is from the art site ($144). The budget one is $26 on Amazon.

6 years ago

Oh my gosh — *Thank You* for the two wonderful black table lamp options! I’ve been thinking I really need a task lamp on my piano (but not a “piano lamp,” nothing against them but not for me) and as soon as I saw your two black beauties I knew. I knew! You have saved me tons of time in research. Woo hoo!

Guess what? After I take my Little Angel to his Special Bowling League I am going to pop into our local Target to check out that option. Very excited! And while there I’ll also grab a box of frozen mini eclairs because, um, of course. Me alone in a room with those and I don’t need any friends.

Thank you!

Sarah D.
6 years ago
Reply to  dux

? just the laugh I needed tonight, thank you!

6 years ago

Awesome Roundup!!! It’s almost like where’s waldo finding the difference. love it!

6 years ago

my dreams have come true!
thank you so much for posting this. I am the desperate person that begged for a budge office just about every single time you were gracious enough to ask for suggestions.
since my initial request you did the bohemian office (Ginny did and I think that is what it was called). if coping is the sincerest form of flattery, I sincerely love your work (meaning I copied!).
I love this!!!

6 years ago

I love the desk with the dark legs!


6 years ago

I love these posts as well as the roundups. Any chance you could do one on dressing tables/vanities with seating/mirror/lighting, etc.?

6 years ago

Hey Emily,
Is there any way you can add a budget tag to make it easier to find all these kinds of posts? Or is that already a thing and I just missed it?

thank yau Emily..

6 years ago

Invariably, I always prefer the most expensive one 😛

6 years ago

cool stuff in the budget. A very good share.