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Our Laundry Room Makeover with Persil + Get The Look

***Thanks to Persil ProClean for sponsoring this reveal of our new laundry room! All opinions, as always, are my own.

If you’ve been watching on insta-story you’ll know that last week the Hendersons got our badge of adulthood with organized closets, pantry and laundry room. I thought having a pot filler in my kitchen meant I was grown up (and it does, despite the fact that we’ve used it once), but having proper shelving and cabinets in your utility rooms means that your life is no longer an insane snow show. I love our new house so much, but storage-wise it was more 1926 than 2017 (literally) and the laundry room was ready for its grand facelift. Around the same time that we were debating what to do in there, a detergent brand I hadn’t heard of reached out – Persil ProClean. My first reaction was ‘Why this? Why now? And what makes you, Persil, so special?’

Turns out it’s a European favorite, now being sold nationwide at Target, in the US-of-A and besides the really good font and branding it has a lot of other reasons to grab it over its competitors. We tried it in advance of saying yes to this post and here’s my official review: when it comes to getting blueberries off of toddler tshirts, chocolate off of tshirts and sweat pits out of manly v-necks, it does a darn great job all while keeping things smelling fresh and clean. Things are whiter, pieces aren’t fading, stains are lifting and there is way less graying. A win-win for a busy mom and loads of dirty laundry.

We’ve been using a myriad of hipster detergents for the last couple years and while we like some of them for different reasons, this detergent makes clothes REALLY CLEAN. There is a reason why it’s a European favorite and now it’s here in Targets nationwide for all of you to try. Plus, in addition to sponsoring this post they’re hosting a big giveaway! Find all the details below.

Meanwhile this was all a great excuse to make our laundry the best that the small space could be. We worked with California Closets and it’s a whole new world (and life) We’ll blog about the entire process and show more of the function tomorrow but here is our brand new laundry room for your viewing pleasure:


Shooting in here is so hard as it is still really tight, but now it’s so much more functional. In case you don’t remember or you weren’t around, here is the laundry room before:


It wasn’t really a room, more of a hallway. The whole space was reconfigured before we moved in, walls moved, etc. So after we renovated, it looked like this:


More details on the full process tomorrow, but needless to say we were in the market for it to feel as big as possible and provide as much storage as it could possibly hold. We organized and styled it to make our lives the easiest and keep everything the cleanest.


It may not seem like a big deal to those of you with huge laundry rooms but for us, this is life changing. It’s organized, intentional, clean, fresh, and totally put together.


A huge thank you to Persil for sponsoring this makeover and making my whites white again.


I’m a better mom and wife because of this, not because I’m doing more laundry but because I’m happier in this room than I was before, which means that I’m doing the laundry with a smile instead of frustrated with the mess.



Everything has a specific place in the cupboards now, but we keep these things on top for easy daily access – laundry detergent (that is the Persil sensitive skin version – which is great for the little ones), spot remover, dryer sheets, dryer balls, a tray for coins and a bowl for receipts/lipsticks/hair ties/almonds (why do I have so many almonds in my pockets) and keys. The only thing missing (I need to buy a new one) is a little trash for lint (and almonds).


If you are in the market to try a new detergent, give Persil a whirl (Here is a coupon to get $2 off your purchase). Our laundry room just went global (kinda). Welcome to America, Persil. 

Meanwhile you can get the look of our laundry room here and we’ve partnered with Persil ProClean to give two lucky winners a $500 gift card (to help you get the look) PLUS a year’s supply of Persil ProClean. You’ll have a fresh new laundry room and some fresh new laundry. To enter, leave a comment below telling me how you’d give your laundry room a makeover, and then click through HERE to enter the sweepstakes between April 18 – 22, 2017. In the meantime I will be enjoying my brand new laundry space.


1. Shark Skin Paint Color | 2. Tile | 3. Woven Basket | 4. Tag Elite Coat Hook, Oil Rubbed Bronze (Courtesy of California Closets) | 5. Schaub & Co, Firenza Handle (Courtesy of California Closets) | 6. Flat Slab Linen Door (Courtesy of California Closets) | 7. Art Print | 8. Dryer Balls | 9. Persil Laundry Detergent | 10. Spray Bottle | 11. Lidded Glass Jar | 12. Bath Towel | 13. Hand Towel | 14. Deep Stackable Plastic Bin | 15. Clear Organizer | 16. Wood & Marble Inlay Tray | 17. Small Bowl | 18. Ceramic Vase | 19. Wooden Bowl | 20. Clear Storage Trays | 21. Tabletop Ironing Board | 22. Metal Lidded Jar | 23. Blue and White Stripe Tray | 24. Gold Measuring Cups

P.S. Stay tuned for the full reveal tomorrow with California Closets where you’ll see our custom litter box cabinet!!!

***Photography by Tessa Neustadt


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481 thoughts on “Our Laundry Room Makeover with Persil + Get The Look

  1. My laundry room is in my dingy basement, I’d spruce it up with some lighting, flooring, and organization!

    1. Our “laundry room” is in the back corner of the back yard and it’s a big block! It still houses the original mid 1920s “copper boiler” that was used to literally bring clothes to the boil back in the day. A fire was lit in a special little contraption at the base of the outer shell, which is enameled cast iron.
      It’s a biggish room though, so we put some old cupboards in there with the washing machine…we choose to not have a dryer for environmental reasons and frankly, your clothes smell better and have far less wrinkles when you dry ’em on the clothes line! The weather here in Aussie-land is much the same as California, so not to dryers.
      We painted the ceiling and walls a cute French blue and put a few naïve art flower posters ont he walls and it became a different and much more friendly space.

      1. I live in Melbourne. I have a 10mo and a 3yo. I work full-time. I live in a flat. All of the above is NOT conducive to drying by clothesline, especially point 1. My condenser dryer changed my life. All that to say: Australia’s a big country, the weather isn’t all the same!

        1. Fair enough. Yes, Melbourne weather is ‘four seasons in one day’, so I agree; it would be tricky to dry clothes outside AND, I actually didn’t think about living in a flat, having not lived in one myself. Sorry.

  2. Super cute! I am so intrigued by the last picture – the reflection is interesting….

    1. Def need sime magic in our laundry room. More storage, dedicated space for drying racks and folding. Oh, and can it be a functioning mud room too?

  3. our laundry room has ZERO storage right now…i would hang some cabinets or shelving on the walls and add a tall cabinet beside our washing machine/dryer to store cleaning tools such as brooms, mops, etc.

  4. New everything, except for the washer and dryer. Otherwise, we could also use a complete overhaul!

  5. Very nice!!! My laundry room is mostly there, but is always just a gigantic dumping ground and unorganized mess! I need a countertop on top of the washer/dryer, some cabinet pulls and some help with organizing and decorating. Thanks for the inspo!!! I love the tray and the cabinets and tile look amazing!

  6. New flooring and paint, and lots of shelves for storage! I’d love the chance to show that even a dark basement laundry room can be functional and attractive!

  7. Lovely! Our laundry area is off our kitchen and is really just a hallway between the garage, kitchen and half bath. I really want to put a pretty countertop over the front loading machines… maybe butcher block? Then I plan on a pretty lamp and a tray to brighten it up and make it pretty.

  8. My laundry room could use some function – a rod for hanging clothes to dry, a better kitty litter box situation (aren’t all litter boxes in the laundry room?), and some cute accessories like curtains. While our washer and dryer still technically wash and dry, I’m so over front-loaders and would love to be able to go back to a top-load washer!

  9. Such a fresh space! If I won some cash, I’d definitely put a new tile floor in my laundry room and reprint the walls. This post is also giving me some ideas about reworking the shelving and storage in there (it’s a very small space!). I love the idea of keeping a change dish in there. I also need to try that sensitive Persil formula for my husbands undershirts!

  10. I need custom shelves built for a nook with odd angles to make my small laundry room more functional.

  11. Our little family could use a pedestal to raise the washer & create some much needed storage below! Urban living assist! Also a new door to elevate the room (largish closet). Maybe it would lead people to assume behind the door is the butlers closet??

  12. My laundry area is in my basement too. I’d add some basement-friendly and barefoot-friendly flooring in the area, a hanging rack, and some storage too!

  13. My laundry room is so awful, it needs just about everything! Gorgeous room you have there, I’d love my laundry room to look like that. The plaid floor especially. Great job!

  14. It looks great, and I’m especially digging the tile! In the past six months I’ve moved into our first house and had our first child and I have NEVER spent more time doing laundry! Our laundry space is more of a closet, but I’d love to brighten it up a bit, paint the cabinets, wallpaper or paint the wall, and add a closet rod or a shelf.

  15. All I learned from this is that laundry is the responsibility of “a busy mom” and if she does it happily she can be “a better wife and mom.” Well, your storage may be from 2017….

    1. I’m sure Brian does laundry too, but since this is Emily’s blog… and she’s the one who got sponsored by Persil…

    2. For the first number of years of our marriage, my husband did all the laundry, now – in a new stage of life and a different home – I do all the laundry. Meanwhile, he cleans the kitchen, does the grocery shopping, keeps us stocked on household needs, takes care of all the morning work – bed making, breakfast making, getting kids dressed – and puts the kids to bed half the time, You just can’t assume that because a woman does the laundry and feels happy in a beautiful and organized space that that means she’s living in the 1950s, you know?

      1. Sorry — I wasn’t clear in my comment. It’s not because she does the laundry, it’s because that chore is presented in a wife/mother way. She doesn’t say it’s one of the tasks they divvied up and came to her, or that she does laundry as a partner/parent. It’s just presented in a very traditional in a way that really doesn’t need to be, or at the very least could be questioned. I think we all internalize a lot of stereotypical roles, and it’s useful to think about how we reinforce them, or repeat them to each other and the world at large. I’m sure their family life is quite modern.

        1. I glanced through the post again to see where you were going:
          “I’m a better mom and wife because of this, not because I’m doing more laundry but because I’m happier in this room than I was before, which means that I’m doing the laundry with a smile instead of frustrated with the mess.”
          Okay. The implication I get is happy mom and wife =good mom and wife. And thus, unhappy mom equals not-so-good mom. Yeah, IO, I feel ya. It’s kind of like moms are not allowed to be unhappy, or at least to appear so. Yes….

        2. IO:

          Hm. With all due respect, I feel like this is a stretch, at best. The implication you seem to be making is that a woman who is striving to be a happy wife and mother in whatever way that translates for her and her family should have to explain the details and specifics, lest she seem like a 1950’s housewife.

          I am sure there are several men…straight married men, straight single men, gay married men and gay single men…not to mention several single women and gay married women…who read this blog too and both DO laundry, and potentially feel frustrated with the hot mess they have to hang out in while doing so. You are the one assuming she is both speaking AS a “married woman”, and speaking TO “married women.” You are the one implying laundry is a woman’s work, not her…whether you realize it or not. And yes…don’t we all WANT to be happier while doing these necessary but tedious life-tasks???

          This is a design/lifestyle blog which is, by nature a.) somewhat aspirational and b.) highly personalized. Should Emily also be called out for taking exotic vacations or for enjoying eating out because many can’t afford to do those things? Of course not! This is HER lifestyle and design blog. SHE happens to do the laundry. You are reading about that experience on HER blog. SHE has mentioned many times over that she aspires to be more organized. She has also spoken at length about her seemingly healthy marriage, sharing family duties, the challenges of her own family life and what works for them.

          In addition, she has gay men and single women (orientation unknown) guest blog about THEIR highly personalized experiences, too. So, if Orlando was jazzed about his new laundry room, would that be ok ’cause he’s a guy, ’cause he’s gay, or ’cause he isn’t married??

          Where is the problem here? You might want to reconsider just who is advancing stereotypes here. Just sayin’.

    3. Yeah, gotta say I’m with Io on this one. I don’t think this post accurately reflects the balance between Emily and her husband – but that’s actually the most frustrating part of it. To sell a product there’s this really traditional image and narrative that may not reflect Emily’s life, but reinforces that dynamic for people who read it :/

      1. Fair enough. I see what you mean about potential implications, esp given the history of these narratives and the promo involved

  16. I do not have a laundry room, but rather a laundry closet. That space needs a light like whoa. We’re lucky to have cabinets but do need things like a tiny ironing board, etc. to really up the usability of the space.

  17. The laundry room in our 1950’s ranch was a DIY add on by one of the previous owners. There’s cement block, exposed wires, unsupported (and grime-y) wire shelving. It’s terrible. Laundry is never an enjoyable experience, because I detest using this dysfunctional closet. (Yes, it’s actually a laundry closet.) $500 would go a long way in making it more aesthetically pleasing and functional. Drywall, cabinets/proper shelving and paint would be the priorities. Anything else would just be icing on top! Thank you for sponsoring this giveaway Emily!

  18. Yeah, I could be happy doing laundry in that room too. So pretty! I think a tile backsplash and some shelves would definitely improve my laundry room.

  19. I would love to have room to actually hang our clothes up in the laundry room! I’d love to install some fold away hanging rods. Oh and a new light – fluorescent lights definitely leave a lot to be desired.

  20. My laundry room is in my basement. We renovated the basement last year, but my husband deemed the laundry room a low priority (for him), so it was only half done. Literally half. It got new flooring and wallpaper on two walls, but the other half has old cement walls, old pipes, and a utility sink that was original to the 1957 house and looks it. I could really use two WALLS, a new sink and faucet, and some cute decor to bring it up to 100%. Or at least 90%! Thanks for allowing me to dream…!

  21. Just an FYI for anyone who doesn’t live close to a Target, Persil is also at Wal-Mart, it’s been there for over a year now. It’s also great for getting out cloth diaper stains!

  22. Your floors are super fun! I would love to have a bench with baskets underneath and hooks to hang purses, jackets, etc in my laundry room. My laundry room floors are boring and could use some personality.

  23. We are moving into a new house and need a laundry room from scratch. The laundry “room” is in a finished basement so there’s plenty of space but I have no idea what to do with it. We need a new washer and dryer, some storage, and a surface for folding clothes at least!

  24. My laundry room could really use a countertop for on top of the laundry machines – right now it’s just some old boards/shelves!

  25. SHELVES! they would be so wonderful! and of course, some good baskets to go on the shelves 🙂
    pretty room!!

  26. Oh the dream of a proper laundry room! Storage and lighting would go a long way to making my dingy laundry room as bright as my clothes washed with Persil!

  27. Our laundry room is in desperate need for some love. I would add storage, storage, and some more storage. New doors and flooring are also in order. With baby boy on the way, a year of detergent would be well used in our household!

  28. Looks great! I would love to add some fun framed prints to our laundry room to make it more cheerful!

  29. My laundry room is pretty much outside (in a closet in a screened porch). The laundry closet has seen much better days- the interior walls consist of poorly slapped-together pieces of plywood. I’d love to get it refinished and insulate it better from the elements!

  30. My laundry ‘room’ is just in the unfinished part of our basement right now…I would love to add some drywall to the stud ‘wall’ the washer and dryer are up against now and make it a place where I’m not afraid for my clothes to touch the ground! I’m loving the plaid tiles! I loved the plaid look you created with the carpet tiles in your office and this is such a nice way to add some color and pattern!

  31. We just moved into a builder basic house in suburbia. So everything, including the laundry room, is really boring and surprisingly lacking storage. I kind of hate this house 🙁

  32. I would honestly give my laundry room a makeover by getting a new washer. It’s 15 years old and every time it makes a noise I fear it’s gonna die.

  33. My “laundry room” is a washer and dryer stacked in my kitchen. I’d love to extend the backside of our house to make the dining room bigger, move the washer and dryer into the corner of that room in a closed cabinet and gain back my kitchen space! But more feasibly I’d like to hang curtains or something so the first thing you see when you walk in my house isn’t the washer and dryer.

  34. Our laundry is in our playroom/guest room/kids movie room (a vey multifunctional room on the first floor that we think used to be a kitchen at some point? Really old house). I would love to add some shelving (currently none above it), a folding space, and maybe some curtains so it wasn’t hanging out in what used to be a closet!

  35. Love it!! The tile is just so precious.
    We are lucky and have a HUGE laundry room, but believe it or not, the size is intimidating. I would love to get a pretty wallpaper in the room to make it feel cozier and sweeter. Throw in a window treatment and new hardware for the cabinets, and I think it would look and feel much better.

  36. This space is gorgeous! Our washer & dryer are located under the stairs in the hallway from garage to living room. I’d love to move the “laundry room” into the garage and build proper cabinets for storage. I like the hanging rack you did above the w&d. Thanks to Persil for the giveaway.

  37. We need better storage! We have a set of cabinets and a shelf, but somehow everything ends up stacked on top of the dryer, which I hate.

  38. My laundry room is tiny, has no storage, and is currently sponge painted in (I kid you not) varying shades of dark green. It looks like G.I. Joe threw up in there! Some fresh paint and cabinetry would do wonders for my sanity and sense of aesthetic!

  39. I love, love, love that floor. (Thought it was a rug!) I’d use $500 to pull up the 1994 hunter green linoleum and get me some CLE tile. (Esp bc I LIVE in CLE. ;))

  40. Your laundry room is so very pretty now. We are mid-renovation on our laundry closet. I have been debating colors. Seeing the beautiful blue you chose, I am now leaning towards painting the cabinets a soft blue!

  41. Sweet! I am always having detergent struggles and I would be eager to give this one a whirl! (Ha! Get it!?!) My laundry room is pretty dingy so I would paint the ugly cabinets, and add plenty of storage with some art for fun 😉

  42. I love your upper cabinetes with rod to hang clothes, that is the first thing I would add. New floor tiles would be amazing as well.

  43. Love the laundry room! I would hang out there.

    Our basement flooded a few years ago, so I ripped out the floor and painted the concrete but it doesn’t look great. So I would definitely go for some new flooring and baseboards and somewhere to sort clothes.

  44. I would LOVE to walpaper my laundry room. I really like the fresh clean color scheme you used, it gets me in the mood to tidy… not a bad thing for a laundry room 😉

  45. Our laundry room is the typical terrible dark basement full of many-legged surprises. I would install some new/more lighting and pull together some cuter, matching accessories like baskets, counter containers, a plant, and some bug traps. 🙁

  46. We have a HUGE laundry room in our basement, but it has to suit all sorts of purposes. I am sooo wanting to put in a colorful rubber floor to make it extra easy on my feet (instead of cement) but also very practical for a room that houses our dog crate, utility sinks and laundry.

  47. Ugh. Another dungeon basement laundry room here. Only because $500 isn’t quite enough to get me valet laundry service (oh to dream!) I would use that money to lighten and brighten my current laundry situation. Dry wall, paint, and grown up lighting!!

  48. Our laundry room is in desperate need of a new floor and some built ins to help organize all of the baby and toddler gear!

  49. Ah!! It’s gorgeous! That tile, the cabinets, all that gorgeous sunshine…I want to live in your laundry room ? I would totally spend the money replacing my washing machine that takes 3hrs to do one load of laundry because it’s constantly telling me the load is “uneven”. So over that hot mess! But real cabinets would be amazing too- you have so much storage now!! Love it!

  50. I wish I had a laundry room at all. It is just part of our unfinished basement. But then I remember it could be worse, I could have to go to the laundry mat or not have running water.

  51. Please for the love of God stop equating privilege with adulthood! It’s making me crazy! I am a full blown adult because I manage my finances, care for my body and home, participate in my community, take responsibility for my emotions and actions, and am over 18. But I also am a SAHM and my husband is in social service and we live in an expensive city and will probably never have a pot filler or a dedicated laundry room or a full blown pantry or any number of things that are apparently being an adult (and that I’d love to have, let’s be honest), because we aren’t wealthy. And that’s okay – we made the vocational choices we made and we own them. I know it’s meant to be cute and funny, and it was the first couple of times, but now it just feels…discouraging and naïve. You are not an adult because you have a laundry space. You are lucky and wealthy and have a job and sponsors that accommodate those choices. Not the same thing. I know I’m being really direct, and I like you and your blog heaps – owe you a lot in terms of understanding styling, and so enjoy watching you work your amazing magic – but PLEAAAAASSSE remember how crazy, unutterably privileged you are when you talk about what your possessions mean in your life. By all means enjoy them and show them and talk about them – it’s so fun! – but don’t equate them to “arriving,” because most of us…aren’t going to arrive there, ever, and we’re still fully functioning possibly even lovely people who want to beautify our spaces and invite guests over without feeling like hacks.

    1. Btw, I do see that you keep working at being accessible – the giveaway is lovely – so this isn’t meant as “wealth-shaming” or saying something’s wrong with your character, because it’s not. You seem like a genuinely wonderful person and I often think – boy, I would love to have Emily’s fortitude, perseverance, humor, kindness towards others, friendliness, etc (not to mention sense of style, hello!) – it’s all to do with the language and what it conveys, even though I know it’s meant to be funny. I was 100% behind the humor the first time or two, but it’s starting to feel like an uncomfortable theme. That’s all I’m intending to say with the above comment – just want to be very clear!

      1. Interesting — I have never thought about this “adult” vein beyond how consumerist such comments seem. But YES. I do think it’s all about the messages we send each other in semi-like-minded spaces like this. Anyone who comes here cares about design & the ways it can improve daily life, but we should all think about how to do this in a more responsible way.

        1. Yes. Thank you for this comment. Emily, we love you lots! But sometimes it can be hard to hear about “achieving adulthood” or being a “good mom and wife” in the context of an expensive laundry room. I think I am a good wife, but I do very little of the household laundry and my awesome husband does the majority. I also do not have a laundry room, and don’t really aspire to! Yet I consider myself a full adult. Remember that all kinds of people (adults, spouses, etc.) read your blog!

      2. Thank you for voicing this perspective! It’s so well articulated and an excellent point to raise. You’re right–being an adult is not about the stuff you own–and even if the notion is meant light heartedly, it perpetuates privilege and wealth as ‘growing up’, which negates the very real struggles the majority of people face just getting by and doing so in the most “adult” ways possible.

      3. I get what you’re saying. I had a friend of a friend walk into my house for the first time ever and announce, “OMG! You have grown up furniture! ” My mouth-brain-filter failed and a raw comment escaped with “Yep, that’s what happens when both your parents die and all you have left is a few pieces of furniture”. This adult woman was playing the fact that she still had brick stacks with planks for a bookshelf…hello? Ever heard of Ikea? All in all, I think that everyone can have reasonable furniture -check out thrift stores, they have some great stuff.
        Being an adult isn’t about how expensive your stuff is or where you live. It’s about how and who you are as a grown, human being and whether you are consvious of and have awareness of your thoughts, speech and actions.

    2. THANK YOU. Having a proper laundry room does not make you an “adult” any more than having a second child makes you a “real family” (which was the tone of posts not too long ago).
      -From a basement laundry mom of one.

    3. But – “arriving” means different things to different people. I don’t know, I just feel like – she’s a designer, she thinks about all these things for OTHER people, she’s installed all sorts of amazing things in other people’s houses for years, and all the while living in rentals. Then she moved into her first house, and she got to do lots of things but not everything because it was always meant to be a flip. And now, finally, she can do what she wants. If you’re a designer, thinking about nice things is your life. How annoying must that be if you couldn’t have those things for yourself? It must feel like you’re just playing. And now that she finally can do it, she does. And you say – oh no, don’t call that arriving, because I can’t have that. Ummm… don’t read then? Your ideas of parenthood, being a good partner, being an adult, living a good life, etc don’t have to be the same as Emily’s. Or anyone else’s, really!

      1. Anna:

        Wish I could “like” your comment.

        There are a lot of people who are being actively discriminated against in very real ways in this country every day…but you can’t handle someone else’s excitement about their pot-filler ’cause you don’t have one? Sounds a lot like white privilege to me…

        Especially at this moment in our history, there are SO many worthy fights out there. Please go pick one and let the woman gush in her (fully sponsored) laundry room in peace, so that the rest of us unoffended readers can get excited (for about 5 minutes) about organizing our (fully UNsponsored) own.

        I agree that language is important. Which is why like-minded people shouldn’t be setting land mines for each other all the time, to the point where a “safe space” becomes contentious every time (ok, a few times) a joke lands badly. How many times does a blogger have to prove they are not a jerk before they get to be human?

        If you read the blog, you know she used to be broke, too. Now she’s not. She’s founded a successful design business and a blog, a part of which is sponsored posts. So…would she only be ok if she were still broke, or couldn’t get a sponsorship? Or if she didn’t joke about it? Would it be ok if she were only still wishing for a pot-filler or a pretty laundry room instead of getting one? Maybe you could script EXACTLY what she should say for her, so her joke would not offend ANYONE?

        I mean in THIS political era?? Man, we’ve got bigger fish to fry! Come together, people! (Preferably over a dinner made using a pot filler, with linens pressed in the $8,000 dream Miele tabletop pressing machine I saw on Remodelista yesterday….if you please.)

        1. I laughed so much at this comment. Chenell, you have such a humorous writing voice.

          What it seems to me is that sometimes people speak from their own perspective and possibly without realizing it, offend. Apparently, it’s really hard to say anything these days without offending SOMEONE. I really don’t think anyone woke up this morning planning to be a jerk on the internet. Still, it brings me an abundant amount of joy to read comments like yours Chenell and Anna who can consider things from someone else’s perspective, who can believe the best about others and give humans room to be human.

          I live in an apartment but really felt #adult the other day because I recently got my first real credit card. At an earlier point in my life I considered myself an adult when I took my first solo trip to the grocery store that required a cart (aka, more than just a gallon of milk, HA!). And on my first solo plane ride. And on my wedding day. And I’m sure (God willing), there will be many more “life events” that will cause me to feel like more of adult than I’ve ever felt before.

          What I think Emily’s post points to more than anything is that we all have goals for ourselves, big and small. And when we reach those milestones something lights up in our souls, something inside of us congratulates us. I have friends who are purchasing second properties, but when my husband and I found our cozy (read: small) quaint apartment, that little voice inside of me said, “Yay! We’re adults now”. But what that really means is “I’m proud of you, good job, keep up the good work, you’re doing great.”

          And shouldn’t that be what we are saying to each other more often? Every single one of us are doing amazing things. So from me to you: You’re doing the best you can, and you are doing a really good job.

  52. Our laundry room is in its own nook in the garage. The ceilings in there are tall but there is no shelving above the machines. It’s sheet-rocked, so I would love to add paint or even wallpaper and a curtain to make it feel more like its own cute space and less like I’m doing laundry in our garage!

  53. Our laundry room is our bathroom! I would love to be able to add some cute storage in there to make our small space more efficient!

  54. My house is also so 1926 (literally) in its storage, and as a tiny 1-bedroom cottage, a true laundry room is a pipe dream. My laundry “room” is in my bare-bones basement, so I’d use the $500 to customize the laundry “corner” with some shelving/decor to make the trip downstairs much more pleasant!

  55. I live in an apartment, and our washer/dryer is stacked in a closet. I would like to add shelving above for storage and a gold-out ironing board!

  56. Love, love, love what you did!! That floor is amazing!
    We just moved into our house and the laundry is in the basement. We are in dire need to storage and function, not to mention something pretty for the floor and lighting.

  57. We don’t have a seperate room…laundry is in a closet in the eat in nook of the kitchen, unfortunately. We added a countertop, shelving, and new doors (and a new washer/dryer) when we moved in. I’d LOVE to somehow build a wall to separate the space from the kitchen.

  58. Your laundry room looks beautiful and clean and functional!! Our laundry has been one of those sources of frustration since we moved into our home 12 years ago. It’s more of a laundry closet than a room, so it’s tight on space and not the most functional. When we renovated our kitchen we re-purposed some of our old cabinets for the laundry (to replace the builder basic wire shelving that I HATED), and this helped. However, the progress stalled there. I would cover everything with a fresh coat of BM White Dove paint and install a pretty backsplash and a countertop for folding. Simple changes, but ones that would make me SO HAPPY! 🙂

  59. I’d love a laundry room makeover. We just moved into a smaller home, and we need an organized space to clean our clothes. I don’t know how to organize the small space and need some help!

  60. My laundry room is in need of some cabinetry, more shelving, and replacing our old washtub with a real sink.

  61. I moved to the use a little more than a year ago and something that really surprised me is that most houses do not have a finished laundry room. My current laundry room is such a mess that doing the laundry is not enjoyable… I’ve been thinking about finishing the laundry, adding storage and making it more practical but it’s something I’ve been postponing because I don’t know where to start so a makeover would be EVERYTHING! plus, in the next few months I’ll be welcoming my first baby so I’m predicting a lot more tiny, dirty clothes…

  62. Lovely makeover! Can’t wait to peek in those cabinets! I don’t know if our laundry room is worth salvaging (its in a dingy basement) but I would definitely love to add some color and counter space so I can 1. fold my laundry and 2. feel a smidge okay about folding my laundry.

  63. My laundry room is tiny; however, I would give it a makeover with a fresh coat of paint on the walls in a fun color (it’s the entryway from the garage) and change up the cabinetry to make it a mix of cabinets and open shelving.

  64. I’m on the verge of making our laundry room more functional too. Love the plaid tile!

  65. Love this, especially the tile. Our laundry room has a half bath at the end so I always feel weird when our guests walk by cleaning supplies to pee. I’d love to add storage to get it all out of sight.

  66. I would brighten it with some paint because it has no windows. And add a flat surface for folding clothes.

  67. So when we were looking at apartments last year, we saw a full house rental but the laundry was a washing machine and drying line in a super creepy basement, and I was like, um…I don’t think so. A month later I ended up in an apartment with COIN OP laundry…in a creepy basement…that I share with 5 other tenants (I have two children, so I’m down there A LOT, too). If I had $500…I would totally consider getting my own washer in my own space and not have to abandon my children to their own devices every half hour on laundry day (eeesh), but would also love to kit out our laundry closet, which is cute and tiny but could use some practical help to make it more “user friendly” – a new shelf, iron and ironing board hangers, hooks, and cute jars and baskets to corral things.

  68. Our laundry closet needs new (black) paint for the walls and cabinets, and a riser for the appliances, so that we don’t look at the plumbing and electrical mess on the wall. I’d replace not-great art with some wooden hooks, a step-ladder, and a hanger holder. Brass picture sconces over the cabinets to assist the ceiling lights. This all sounds weird, but white looks too dingy and there is no other spot to add lighting.

  69. Looks so great. I have one more tip for you that will add to the life-changing magic. 😉 Switch the direction the door to the appliance on the right opens (I can’t tell if it’s the washer or the dryer).

    You want it set up so that the doors open on the sides closest to each other (and the doors swing away from each other). So, the door to the one on the left currently opens from the right side and swings left (perfect). Change the door to the one on the right so that it opens from the left side and swings right. This way, when you’re moving clothes from the washer to the dryer, the doors aren’t in your way.

    (This is usually a super-easy DIY project that only requires a screwdriver. Your manual should have directions or YouTube is full of brand-specific videos.)

    1. I was about to comment the same thing! Having the doors open away from each other so you can just scoop the laundry from one opening straight into the next (without having to lift it OVER a door) is way easier.

      1. Yes! I was wondering if anyone else noticed! Reaching around the door is so annoying and it’s such a quick fix!

  70. My laundry room needs doors (its an open space that could be a closet!) and shelving for all my linens. Oh and a new washing machine. Mine broke recently and I hate the laundromat. Trying to decide what new one to get.

  71. I will change my laundry room closet into a proper laundry room. Can’t wait to try Persil ProClean and thanks for the coupon!

  72. My laundry room is in the basement, and also serves as utility room, frozen food storage (chest freezer), and also the dreaded litter box. I can’t wait to see what Emily did to conceal the litter box. Stepping on litter that escapes the box annoys me to no end.

  73. I am so happy that Persil is now available in the States… . Not only is it a great detergent, but it smells wonderful and reminds me of home (Ireland)! Your laundry room is adorable.

  74. We are in the process of getting our kitchen expanded a little bit, which will mean that our laundry room no longer has to pull double-duty as a pantry, too. I’d love to be able to make it really functional with a hanging rack and some storage!

  75. I would get a new washer/dryer and we’re in desperate need of a dedicated folding area.

  76. My laundry in our new house consists of a washer and dryer on their last legs in a sad, sad corner of my dark basement, but we plan to move it to the master bedroom closet when we remodel. So looking forward to new machines in a room with an actual window!

  77. I’d start by adding walls since my washing machine is right smack in the middle of my basement and then my dryer is over by the wall so it vents outside. It is the weirdest setup I’ve ever seen. I haven’t tried Persil but I might give it a chance

  78. The laundry room is absolutely perfect. I’m wondering about that gorgeous window…is that original to the house? We’re building and I would love to install windows like yours. As for my laundry room, I’d love to have overhead cabinets instead of the open shelf with buckets stuffed with unrelated odds and ends!

  79. I LOVE the gingham cement tile. It’s super sweet and perfect for a laundry room. We also have a 1926 laundry room and it need help! Specifically new flooring and storage!

  80. We spiffed up our laundry room on the cheap not too long ago but the utility sink, faucet, & light fixture are all needing to go. Who has problems cleaning behind their washer and dryer? It gets so gross and is a pet peeve for me. Pull out the dryer and the vent gets loose, pull out the washer and risk dinging up the floor. What am I doing wrong?

  81. My dream laundry room would be a room minus my microwave and blender. (So I guess, laundry is secondary to needing a kitchen renovation so I can keep kitchen stuff in the proper place. Ha!). Your laundry room is sooo pretty.

  82. My laundry/mud room is in desperate need of de-oakifying (My husband and I’s word for removing all the honey oak in our built-in-2000 new home. We’ve made a lot of progress but keeping my laundry room door shut hides the orange glow!

  83. Currently my “laundry room” is my unfinished basement. It has very low ceilings and is exposed to the outdoors. I encounter a few spiders and camel crickets every time I go down there. Having a main level laundry room would be ideal, but just closing off the basement from the elements and adding more lighting and storage would help!

  84. My laundry room is in my basement. Blah! I would love to update a few things to make it brighter and cleaner!

  85. I would love to finish off my laundry room. It’s just studs & exposed insulation. Some drywall & paint would make a world of difference.

  86. Our laundry is in our basement and is dark and no storage so we definitely need more lighting, storage,and organization. Also if it could look cute that would help too!

  87. My laundry room is off of our in progress-renovated kitchen, and it needs butcher block counters, a new utility sink and laundry accessories/organization. We just shaved 3 feet of length off of it to give to the adjoining bathroom, but it’s still got lots of potential. But the new roof the kitchen needs got taken from the laundry budget.

  88. We are buying a house this month and my soon-to-be laundry room will be a closet in the hallway. I’d love to pick a pretty color or pattern for a fun surprise when I open the doors and add a few shelf organizers to keep it reasonably neat.

  89. I’m really crushing on your laundry room floor. The whole space looks bright and cheery. My laundry room has plenty of storage but could a new paint color and some art on the walls.

  90. Our laundry room is also our guest bath so I would love to have pretty cabinets and tons of storage while still making it an inviting/functional guest bath. Magic wand anyone?

  91. Our laundry room is the last room in the house with the ORIGINAL contractor’s special flat paint!! Boy, do we need to do something about that! I’ve also learned that I don’t use the sink in my laundry room, so I would LOVE to swap that out for more storage!! And with 5 kids, I spend A LOT of time in my laundry room!

  92. I’d love to add a pretty/happy wallpaper to our laundry room and a new utility sink. It also serves as the access to the backyard so it gets a ton of use and would make me so much happier if it were more stylish.

  93. My laundry room is in my basement and I really want to seal and paint the floors, paint everything, build a countertop and just make it a pretty and usable space. It’s all doable, but I’m completely overwhelmed at where to start.

  94. My laundry room, sigh! What it’s lacking in size, I would love to make up for in organization. Help!

  95. We’ve been using Persil for a few months now and LOVE it. Our laundry room is in the “dungeon” part of our basement and could really use a face-lift!

  96. I would love to makeover my laundry room by adding cabinets and a clothing rack to help make laundry easier!!

  97. I’d create better storage as we currently have none! Also, it is in a basement with less than desirable lighting, flooring and walls. Did I also mention scary spiders? Spruce that baby up and make it less “dungeon-y.”

  98. Dreary basement laundry – I’d love to paint the floor, add attractive and functional lighting, and cute curtains for the window!

  99. Transom windows!! Our laundry room is in the basement and unfortunately the outside wall is being commandeered by the breaker box so putting in an outside window would not be cheap!

  100. Love your new laundry. I especially love the flooring. The room looks so fresh and clean.

    We have a laundry room in the basement in our storage room. I would like to add a nice rolling rack to hang delicates to dry; install some sweet flooring; add new lighting, a simple wardrobe and some accessories.

  101. We are getting ready to redo the bathroom attached to our laundry room and I would love to spruce it up as well! Needs new floors and definitely better organization. Plus some fun walls would help brighten it up.

  102. Right now my dryer is in the kitchen (where the gas is run) and my washer is in the laundry room. I’d fork over the money to pay a plumber to run me a gas line and get those machines reunited, so I not longer have to begrudgingly schelp wet clothes into the kitchen.

  103. I’ve never felt “happy” in my laundry room. I love a lot of things about it, but it is so dark because of the dark tile floor. I’d love to put in a “happy” floor like you have! Love the whole feel of your laundry room, and thanks for telling us about Persil!

  104. One side of my laundry room is done, so I’d finish the other side! My laundry room is my laundry/office/craft room so my plan is to add a counter/workspace on the other side and add some cabinets. Love what you’ve done in your space.

  105. Your laundry room is beautiful! I’d love for mine to have more organization and a cozy rug. Thanks for your inspiring posts!

  106. I would definitely add some organization to my laundry room. I love your space, especially the floor! And I wish I had room for a bar to put hanging clothes on like you do!

  107. Our’s is in our basement and while big it is a free for all for all our stuff. I’d totally give it a makeover by installing a more attractive organization system, paint and all some built in features (like a drying rack, etc).

  108. Love your new laundry room! I live in California so I know even a tiny room for laundry is a dream come true! I’d use the money to add storage like you did!

  109. Since building our home in 2014, my family and I have lived with a “laundry corner’ in the basement:
    concrete floors, no walls or doors, not a great amount of natural light. It is depressing! I’d transform my laundry space by first making it a room (walls and doors), then making it functional (shelving, storage, drying racks), then making it pretty (better lighting and some cheerful art)!

  110. I would SO replace my dryer and add some shelving. Our dryer takes AGES if it’s anything more than a damp dinner napkin. I also love persil! I use the pods at home.

  111. I’m so envious of that laundry room, Emily. It looks FANTASTIC! Mine will never be that grand, but as a fellow owner of an old home, I’m just happy that I have a space inside my house that will fit my machines at all. They used to be in the carport shed when the house was first built. :/

    I’ve been saving to make over my laundry room/water heater closet/pantry combo for a few months now. It needs new plumbing, upgraded water heater and better storage. Oh, and flooring. For some reason, the previous owners just painted the sub floor (with wall paint…ugh) rather than continuing the ugly kitchen tile into the pantry. I will never understand that decision.

  112. Oh my goodness, this looks perfect. We’ve got a small laundry too so I’d do something pretty similar to yours! Cabinets and a facelift. It looks so great!

  113. We just moved into our first home and after 2 babies and 4 years of marriage, finally have a laundry room of our own! Such a game changer and luxury after so many years of hauling baskets of laundry with babies in tow for so many years. Our laundry room is so big and has plenty of space BUT the previous owners didn’t ever do anything with it. No cabinets, storage, place to hang clothes… It has so much potential to be a beautiful space! The first thing I would do is put in cabinets for storage. The one thing I don’t love about our home is there isn’t a SINGLE hall closet or linen closet, so I’ve decided our laundry room makes the most sense to store those things.

  114. I would love to move it out of the kitchen to begin with, and then replace the actual washer and dryer. They’re old and sometimes the dryer burns things which sort of seems like a fire hazard 🙂

  115. Your laundry room turned out so bright and cute! Mine, needs new paint, new lights and more storage!

  116. Our laundry/pantry room is lined with ugly open shelving and comes complete with fluorescent lighting and unattractive tile. She needs closed storage, pretty surfaces, better lighting and…I realize at this moment…at least one plant.

  117. I don’t have a laundry room – just the machines in our empty basement! I’d love to add storage and a clothesline system for air-drying!

  118. So excited to see the full reveal tomorrow. We finally have a laundry room after years of renting apartments and I’m always searching for and pinning ways to upgrade it. And a litter box cabinet would be huge!!

  119. Emily! Such a refreshing refresh!

    For my space, I’d stack a <> washer/dryer for some much needed roominess. Then, install a mini-bench for shoe removal and also a pocket door to the adjoining powder room for an intentionally zen, yet functional mudroom! And maybe some beautiful encaustic tile, for texture! And a black door to the outside patio! And some silly family pictures!

  120. i love persil! we started using it last year and the smell is so fresh and clean!! i would love to make over our laundry closet—it’s down in the basement behind folding doors. shelves, fun doors, and a place to fold would top my wish list!

  121. I would finally install the salvaged cast iron laundry tub that I’ve been storing for 5 years!

  122. I would love to change the door in our laundry room to a pocket door. This would create so much more wall space for storage inside where the door currently opens into the room.

  123. Since we just have a laundry closet, we desperately need better shelving and storage in order to make the most of the space!

  124. The stores around me here in the PNW seem to have all run out of my favorite detergent, Woolite, so great timing, I will try give Persil a try instead! My entry way, laundry cubby and kitchen are the same (built 1890’s and converted into multiple units). You walk into my house and the door hits my stacked washer/dryer. I have a 13ish inch gap for all the essentials to be stacked on a very unorthodox/ dangerously rigged shelf. I would makeover this cubby to have neat organized shelves that also look beautiful and/or have doors. I would also fix the dryer vent to not come undone and fill my kitchen with lint & laundry smell. While I love the smell of fresh laundry it should stay on clothes and not my kitchen! It is a rental but Chateualando has inspired me to make some changes in my little rental. Small changes can make a big difference in living a better laundry life!

  125. My laundry room hasn’t been updated since my house was built in 1957!! I’d give it fresh paint, more functional storage and a pretty light fixture. And a fun color on the door to our backyard!

  126. I need storage in mine, too! It is a converted closet and is functional, but not pretty!

  127. Ouf laundry room is our back entrance right ofd the kitchen. I’d move the washer and dryer behind the back door and add cabinets and a place to hang clothes. Right now the dryer is the only place the microwave fits. Crazy old home.

  128. Omg i would love to spruce up my laundry room, its so neglected and sad and depressing. Lol

  129. Oh, envy. My laundry room is the garage (really, it’s common in California). Oh well. Grew up with Persil, and have some vintage Persil signs in my bathroom …

  130. Currently, my laundry is a “closet” in my kitchen (hidden behind a vinyl accordion door ?). Eventually we’re building a full laundry room in the basement, but for now I’d love to change the doors and make better shelving/storage inside.

  131. Our laundry is in mechanical/utility room in basement, surrounded by water heater/furnace/all the crap that gets stored away when we’re not using it. I’d love to add some sturdy shelves or cabinets, better lighting and replace the nasty utility tub as well. Maybe even coat the concrete floors one day!

  132. My laundry room is so so tight, I can’t open the door to the room and washer at the same time. We also have a uselessly high, cheap, wire shelf. I’d love to reconfigure the room, with a folding surface like you have and better shelves, and I love the sliding door you put in!

  133. I currently have no laundry room, so winning this would go a long way in getting the project going!

  134. New flooring and paint for sure – and a step stool so this short girl can reach the cabinets above the washer!

  135. I share a laundry room since I’m a renter, BUT I’d buy all new laundry hampers and those handy dryer balls!

  136. My laundry room needs to be painted, and the shelves need to be remodeled to hold our things better. They are currently crammed with board games, cleaning supplies and lint.

  137. This is gorgeous! The buffalo check floor is outta control great. I love the oatmeal cabinets, too. Unexpected but it really warms up the room!

    I’m actually about to begin a renovation of our laundry room/bathroom. The main sewer line goes right through the middle of the 7×6 room, which puts the washer and dryer in the most awkward place in the room and makes storage tricky. We pretty much never use it as a bathroom right now because it’s a joke.

    So, that would go toward my bathroom remodel! I would splurge on the wallpaper I really want but can’t afford until much later.

  138. Our laundry room is currently in our kitchen, and man oh man is it the PITS. We’re currently remodeling it with our kitchen, praise Jesus! But, for now, it’s my personal hell. No place to hang clothes to dry, subfloor half ripped out, layers and layers of old wallpaper to still pull off. We’re hoping for some fancy wallpaper and we are installing our upper cabinets for storage above the washer and drying this week. Hoping for it to look a lot like your last laundry closet, Emily!

  139. That tile is so cute! I would L-O-V-E some storage in our laundry room. Right now it is just one shelf that is too high for me to reach, so it isn’t functional at all!

  140. More storage and shelving and a dedicated space for hanging/drying clothes. Would love to have a mini mudroom on the other side too!

  141. My laundry closet desperately needs a counter top over the washer and dryer and the cabinet situation above needs a fresh coat of paint and new hardware. The bonus is that it’s in a bathroom, so anything I do to help out the laundry room will benefit another space too.

  142. Our laundry room is in our very dark basement. Some fresh paint, a countertop, shelves and better lighting would make it a much more pleasant place to be!

  143. My laundry room is also the first floor bathroom – I would love to add wallpaper, replace the vanity to be more laundry friendly, and add matching cabinets above the washer dryer!

  144. We are in the process of creating a new laundry room as the washer and dryer have been in our kitchen! As of now we just have a very bare shell and I would be excited to add some style and storage to the space!

  145. My laundry room (or laundry closet) has minimal storage and is currently door-less (due to previous owners not knowing how to anchor bi-fold doors). I’d love to reconfigure the space with stack-able units, well thought out storage and some doors to help reduce the noise.

  146. I only have about 6 inches on either side of my washer/ dryer to play with, do options are pretty limited!

  147. We have a basement laundry room. I would paint, install a new cabinet with the old washboard sink cleaned up on top, install shelving and racks for drying clothes and new flooring.

  148. Love this bright, white, and happy space! If I could update our laundry room I would tear down the old metal cabinets from 1950 and install new built-in storage!

  149. A better organizational system would be a big help! A tray with the essentials like yours, a few baskets for the shelves, and maybe a fun wallpaper?

  150. Love this and it gives me major laundry room envy! My laundry is in a closet in our master bathroom and in major need of an update!

  151. My laundry room is circa 1960. I tore down the wallpaper but that’s it. I would love to tile it and add more storage. More important, I need a new washer. The one I have is stuck on only doing small loads.

  152. This is so inspiring! I have a laundry closet, so I would love to install a beautiful wall covering, additional shelving, and a wall-mounted trash can for lint!

  153. My laundry room is insane-asylum blue with popcorn ceilings, a boob light, and shelves that are falling off the wall. It’s the most depressing room in my house, but some pretty paint, new shelves/cabinets, and a new light fixture will do it wonders.

  154. I would LOVE to give my laundry some better organization with some built-in cabinetry/closets. Also new lighting and a new washer and dryer would be so nice!

  155. My laundry room is detached – I would replace the flooring an add lots more storage! A new light fixture for sure too!

  156. Your laundry room is so bright and beautiful!

    My laundry room leaves a lot to be desired but it does has some decent storage, so I’d update the flooring, replace the tile and remove our hideous florescent lights!

  157. The ability to hang your drying clothes in the laundry room would be so convenient! I currently schlep everything to our bathroom and hang them on the shower rod. We then have to move all of the drying clothes when we want to shower.

  158. My washer/dryer is in my basement which is currently getting a remodel!!!!!! I will now have a real laundry room! I am going to do a large storage cabinet for holiday items and miscellaneous items. I am doing built-ins above the washer and dryer and all new lighting with tile on the floor. Oh, and my most favorite item for the future new laundry room…..a pocket door!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I looove pocket doors.

  159. I have been using Persil for the last 2 years & I’m so glad it’s available at Target now!

    And the FLOOR. I’m dying I love it SO MUCH.

  160. We have more of a laundry closet and the door always has to stay open because our front loader washer gets moldy otherwise. I’d add more storage above the washer and drying and get a top loader.

  161. My 1966 laundry room bath combo is in need of a bit of love to give it that mid century feel it needs. A solution for storing clothes would help so much and would love a spot to hide the litterbox;)

  162. The lighting in our laundry room is HORRIBLE. So I miss a lot of stains while doing stain treatments pre-wash. I would love to put in a skylight for some natural light as there are no windows or just a brighter/prettier light fixture. Thanks for giveaway!

  163. Wowza! I would use the funds to pay a plumber so I can move our appliances out of the scary basement and up to the second floor closet!

  164. I’d put more shelving in the laundry room so that things could be more organized!

  165. Sooo pretty!
    My boyfriend and I are turning our sunroom in our new (to us) 1940s home into a laundry room! The room is also the entry from the backyard, so it needs some TLC. Flooring, lighting, counters, hanging planters, etc!!

  166. I used to have a laundry area in a dark basement small children refused to enter. My decor was a litter box. Got reallllllllly tired of it and after a brief period of time (30 years) I got myself in gear and created a bright room with real countertops and actual storage. I (and my handyman) lined the concrete foundation walls with white pegboard, installed our old kitchen cabinets I recycled and repainted, installed lots of new light fixtures, shelves and painted the laundry/craft room floor. Best trick; scrubbing the basement window. I don’t think it had been cleaned inside and out for maybe 25 years?
    I loved it and used it and then we sold the house. I swear the laundry / craft room sold that house. Now we’re in our downsize apartment and I have a laundry closet. I’ll never forget you, laundry/craft room.

  167. I would create a special, cozy little nook so that our dog, Olive, could retreat from our four loving (and lunatic) children.

  168. We want new flooring, to remove the open wire shelving and replace with cabinets, and add a counter top so we can fold without stuff dropping between the washer and dryer all(!) the time. Also, we’d like to put in a pocket door since the room is pretty tight.

  169. We have a non-working sink in our laundry room with cracked tile countertops. I’d love to replace those and give my cabinets a face lift!

  170. I’d love to add some .ore storage and better lighting so I can have a real laundry station!

  171. My laundry is in my scary basement. I would find some better lighting, do something to the cement floor (not sure what – maybe even just paint to start), and get some better storage options. Oh, and somewhere to hang certain clothes to dry.

  172. Looking to move our washer and dryer from a cramped hallway to the mudroom. Would love to also add a sink and coat/shoe storage to get all of the stinky boy adventure clothes off of the floor!

  173. I would love to replace my 16 dryer to match my relatively new washer. Can’t wait to try persil

  174. my laundry closet needs a complete overhaul from top to bottom. This includes an investigation into exactly how that clever starling got past the exterior vent cages and into the dryer hose.

  175. Oh my gosh, where do I begin on my laundry room?! My 850 sq. foot apartment is an adorable Victorian Row House in Richmond VA and is perfect for us newlyweds. However, washing machines probably weren’t on the radar of Victorian Architects, so mine are smushed in the kitchen pantry. So that room has to handle quite a few functions from food storage, huge side by side washer/dryer, and brooms, mops, laundry detergent, etc. Since there is about 2 square feet of foot-space in the room, my solution would be to go vertical. Because while the Victorians weren’t all about laundry rooms, they were all about 14 foot ceilings.

    I would hang some super tall cabinets with tons of storage, and create a rail for hang-dry clothes. Currently bras, work out clothes, button-ups, and blouses get hung from the shower curtain rail in our only bathroom. Which is just a REAL TREAT when your brand new father-in-law just pops by and you forget your bathroom is littered with bras. YAY!

    I’d also need to find some solutions for food storage. My new husband is quite the gourmand and we own every single type of sauce/condiment/quiona/vegan substitutes he hopes will be delicious and get us to eat less meat (which usually doesn’t work).

    Please help our poor laundry room, Emily!! 🙂

  176. I wish I could make my laundry room double the size and add a window and storage. I haven’t tried pursell yet. I guess I need to give it a go. The laundry room looks lovely.

  177. You don’t have the LG SideKick anymore (that you wrote about in your old place)! Did you end up not using it or did it end up not working particularly well? We are moving and have to buy a new washer & dryer and I have been fondly thinking of your original laundry room post with the LG washer and dryer (including the SideKick). I would use the money to give my new laundry room some paint and shelves!

  178. my laundry space is in the garage and leaves alot to be desired but i would love to brighten it up a bit also adding some storage that i could reach without a ladder would be nice!

  179. I don’t have a laundry room at all, and while I’d love to renovate and put one on the first floor, the reality is that I need to make the most of what I have in my dark, damp, basement. We have an old house with bugs in the basement that love to hide under any clothes that end up on the floor. So I’d love to add some pretty storage to keep things clean, organized, and spider free. I’d also love to add more lighting to brighten up the space. Can’t wait to try Persil, with 3 boys running around outside, we have LOTS of very dirty clothes.

  180. My laundry room is the one unfinished room in my basement and essentially is the catch-all. We don’t have a pantry or a garage, so we have a massive shelf for pantry items, our bikes are squeezed behind the door on a bike tree, the washer/drier is stacked so we can fit a freezer (except the handlebars of the bikes get in the way so we have to squeeze by to even open the door), and laundry soap and cleaning supplies are stored on a rickety shelf we bought attempting to add some functional storage. And then there is all of the softball equipment for my daughters, bins of holiday decorations. Seriously. It’s a hot mess that could be so much better even if we would just reconfigure the placement of the washer and drier. With all the other projects we need to do, this is pretty low on the list, but would make me an loh so much more pleasant person. Help!

  181. I’m from England, so I know all about Persil. Happy that I can get it in the US now 🙂

    My laundry room is ‘halfway’ there. But I need to get rid of the orange textured walls. And repaint my cabinets. And find storage that I don’t have.

  182. I live in an apartment with a “laundromat” on each floor so I can’t upgrade the laundry room but I’d love a year’s supply of detergent. And a year’s supply of disinfecting wipes. I’ve seen people sorting dirty laundry on the folding table! Ewww! How gross is that?! I usually wipe down the top of the dryer and fold there but sheets really cry out for the folding table and I just can’t bring myself to use it so I’m looking for a smaller scale or double duty ironing board to iron sheets in my studio apartment. I think I saw a combo ironing board/step ladder on Wayfair?

  183. Out laundry “room” is a stacked mini unit in bathroom closet, but the entire bathroom could use some tidying to be more functional as a dual-purpose space. There are a few cabinets we could be using better (for stain remover, delicates bags, etc) and the closet could use a shelf and some hooks.

  184. I would love to have my laundry room in a basement. But unfortunately, we don’t have a basement and the laundry closet (hidden by two folding closet doors) is in my living room. Which means that during laundry days (and it does take days) I have piles of laundry all over my living room. I hate it soooooo much. At this point, there isn’t a lot I could do, but I would put the money toward replacing the 13 year old washer and dryer.

  185. My laundry room is in the basement and also houses a half bath and chest freezer. My ultimate makeover would include moving it to the first floor where there is an existing half bath and mudroom!

  186. Beautiful laundry room. Thank you for the inspo and this generous giveaway . . . Would love to spruce up my laundry room with new flooring and storage!

  187. Our laundry is next to the kitchen and has zero space to do much so I would first remove the shelf that is tilting and put in more sturdy shelving. That’s really all I can do as far as organizing so to make it happy I would love a but of wallpaper (maybe just the ceiling) and cover the ugly laminate. It does have a small window so that is the bright spot in a less than accommodating room. Thanks for the small space ideas!

  188. My laundry room needs a major makeover! It would be amazing to get it out of the basement but fresh paint, cute organization and better lighting should help!

  189. Since the laundry has to get done, why not have an organized, pleasant space for it. Love the tile, cabinetry and folding space. Nice to have a window as well. We are in a rental now with lots of shelving and I don’t think I want to do an Orlando remodel. lol

  190. I’d tile the floor, right now it’s unfinished/splotchy from stains-cement. I’d also add cabinets above the washer and dryer.

  191. Mine is in the basement. Although we painted the walls white years ago, it needs a little facelift. Shelving, repainting and something for the floor would help immensely.

  192. Right now, we have no laundry room – we dump it in the floor and sort. We break ground on building our new house next week, and have plans for the laundry room to have cubbies and a mud sink! Super excited to get started!

  193. Ugh, I would get my laundry out of the closet it’s currently in in our main floor bathroom! Too cramped!

  194. Our laundry room is shoved into a bathroom. I dream of carving out an actual space and making it beautiful and functional. Some day…..

  195. I would add some lighting and cabinets. The existing open shelves in mine get so messy!

  196. I’ve been searching for an amazing laundry detergent that is also made of “clean” ingredients and I just don’t think it exists! Persil has a “F” on the skin deep rating system so I don’t trust it for it’s ingredients. If you find a “clean” and amazing brand, do a feature!!! 🙂

  197. I would consider giving Persil a try if they sold a powder formulation in the US, which I have not seen. Using liquid detergent in my front loader led to problems with mold/mildew inside the gasket. After getting rid of the mold, I haven’t had a problem using my normal Tide formula (free and clear) in the powder. I recommend powder detergent to all my friends with front loaders now!

  198. I want to move my laundry room to the first floor from the basement. Perhaps someday…

  199. Love your new laundry room! Our laundry room is light and bright but lacks SO MUCH STORAGE. We are in need of some new shelving and organization! And a great light fixture? Yes, please…

  200. We’re moving to a new house and the “base” level laundry is a good start but the room could use some color and even more storage. Laundry is the chore I actually enjoy doing so I want to make this space feel very “me.”

  201. Fun! I would add in built in shelving to help get more organized, paint the walls, add vintage accessories, a new modern light fixture and hang some custom art. All channeling my inner Emily.

  202. I have a laundry closet in my rental apartment. I would spice it up if I could by having more organized storage on the shelves and and some lightning! It has doors and no walk in space and there inst a lighting fixture so I desperately need one. A plus if removable since it’s a rental.

    You’re my inspiration Emily. 🙂

  203. I would refresh our laundry room with shelving and more storage!

    Your laundry room looks amazing! I love it.

  204. we bought our house as a foreclosure almost 9 years ago – and the previous homeowners took a lot of things with them. however, the washer and dryer were left behind, which should have been my first clue as to how terrible they were… but here I am, 9 years later, still using that washer and dryer. it may take 2 hours to dry a load, but they work so we haven’t bought new ones. all that to say – i’d definitely buy a new washer and dryer if some money ever fell in my lap to do so 🙂 and have some built-ins added, as well as paint the existing cabinetry a dreamy dark blue.

  205. The laundry room looks great. Love the tile, cabinets and folding space. We are in a rental with a laundry room with lots of shelves but I would add baskets and a colorful runner. Started using Persil Sensitive about a year ago. Cleans well, smells lovely.

  206. My laundry room is also the mud room and feeding area for 3 cats. It is just a pass-through from the attached garage to the family room and thus a catch-all. I’d install shelves, cabinets, hanging space, and maybe even a shoe cubby to stay more organized.

  207. How I’d give my laundry room a makeover…
    I’d start by paying a plumber to move the washing machine next to the dryer (right now, the washer is under the stairs and the dryer is in a utility room)… At the same time, I would also pay a carpenter to install wood shelves in the “new” laundry / utility room. Right now, we have flimsy pegboard and DIY shelves (it’s worse than it sounds – we weren’t the DIYers so the quality is not good). I’d want the built-ins that the carpenter does to go floor to ceiling (basically go around the washer / dryer). I’d choose a hard wood (not pine, MDF, etc.). I’d also install new flooring – just some simple linoleum but with a cute pattern.

  208. My laundry room is my electrical closet in the basement. There are no walls (exposed wall studs) and its dark. I’d put up some beadboard paneling and paint the cement floor and cinderblock wall white (yep. cinderblock in the laundry room). And maybe replace the exposed light bulb on a chain pull with something more finished.

  209. If I were to makeover my laundry room, I would add lots of storage, add a hanging unit for those clothes that need to hang-dry, have some Persil. Basically I love yours Emily, it would be perfect for my family of six, but the colors would be purple and yellow!!!!

  210. I would improve my shelving situation with some closed storage, replace my florescent light with something more pleasing and I’d add a unique wallpaper to make me happier in there. My laundry room doesn’t have a window so I need to inject some optimism into that space since I spend so much more time in there now that we have a new baby!!

  211. I’d give our laundry room a (much-needed) face lift by adding shelving, some upper cabinets, a rack for hanging clothes, and a new, prettier utility sink! And I LOVE Persil already- found out about them a while back when Consumer Reports rated them #1!

  212. Ahh, my laundry room… When we moved into this house I went for looks and forgot function. First I would take away the drawer pedestals (that I just had to have) and put in a counter so I could actually fold my laundry. I would also change the cabints and add the hanging bar you have (so jealous). Also, new lighting and a small carpet. Maybe I could splurge on the wallpaper I’ve been coveting. Love your laundry room and just added Persil to my Target list.

  213. Love it! My boyfriend and I just bought our first home (a serious fixer upper) and are psyched to transform our rather large/wasteful full bath into a half bath and separate laundry room. $500 would help us get to that end goal much sooner! I’m picturing patterned tile, wood accents, and lots of storage.

  214. We definitely need more storage! I have an empty niche with some small dressers, but it could really hold a lot more if we built something instead.

  215. I love the fact that the laundry room is “above ground” with a window. The floor tile is fabulous!

  216. Love the laundry! I have used Persil for years (because my mum did – she’s English, its big there). I spotted that you have an LG washer and dryer. We are looking at LG for our new laundry – how do you like them?

  217. My laundry room is a disgusting mess, ha. Relocating the hot water heater (or going tankless? IDK) would help a LOT in the looks department and adding shelving that I could actually reach would make it so much more functional. My laundry room is probably about the same size as your’s so it definitely gives me hope!

  218. desperate for a new laundry room floor…..our 1927 home has a soft spot in the floor of the laundry room. I adore everything else about our laundry room, but HELP with the floor!

  219. My laundry ‘room’ is just a messy space in the basement. I would love something better than 1950s asbestos tile flooring, lighting held together with a plastic hanger (true story!) and actual storage-type organization. But all is not gloom and doom – I do have a laundry chute and it makes me so very happy (and goes all the way to the 2nd floor – wee!).

  220. My laundry room also happens to be my only bathroom. Complete with extra large flourenct lighting and a random cabinet for “storage”.
    I would love to actually organize and make sense of the space.

  221. I would tile my laundry room and add a light! So excited to try persil – it sounds amazing!

  222. Our laundry news a new hanging bar/shelves and some cute baskets. With a two year old and a five month old, I’m perpetually doing laundry, so something to prettify things would be lovely.

  223. Our laundry room looks like it hasn’t been updated since the late 90s/early 00s and is in desperate need of new washer/dryer units, storage, lighting and an air drying clothing rod/rack. With a new baby on the way, I know we’ll be using this room A LOT. Laundry room 911!!!

  224. Laundry is the bane of my “domestic” tasks! And with 3 children 4 and under AND cloth diapers, we do a lot of it! Our laundry room is in a back corner of our unfinished basement, so I would add some overhead lighting and simple flooring to go over the concrete. Someday, right? 😉

  225. I would add custom cabinets with a valet rack for hanging and storage to keep all my cleaning products away from my little ones!

  226. Love this! The tile makes it look so fresh.

    I would repaint and add storage and art to ours!

  227. Persil is amazing!! I’ve been using it for about a year now and will not go back to any other detergent!! What a difference Persil has made.
    Your new laundry room is super! I would love to see that same paint color in my laundry room. So soothing and I could see myself spending more time there 🙂

  228. I’d love a countertop over my washer and dryer for folding. Bwahahahaha! Pfft. Who am I kidding? I will still have baskets (and possibly a counter) full of clean clothes! I will never love folding clothes, but a pretty and functional laundry room may help. A hanging rod above would be good. Also a fold-down drying rack. I have big plans, people!

  229. New laundry baskets, better storage containers, a refresh of all the cleaning supplies housed in the laundry closet (brooms, mops, etc)

  230. My laundry room hasn’t been updated since the 80’s at least. It’s in dire need of some fresh paint, shelving, and perhaps a new light.

  231. My laundry room is a nook in a hallway. I’d improve it by adding doors (currently has curtains) and some cabinetry above the machines!

  232. We are just starting our laundry room remodel. So far we have removed some butterfly wall paper and fixed the dry wall, but there is still so much left to do!

  233. Hooray! I Love (capital L) Persil. It’s the only thing that gets my boyfriend’s yoga clothes smelling less like death. I can’t believe it took so long to get it across the pond! 🙂 My laundry room could really use more functional doors and improved shelving. It’s in a 1925 closet, so picture that and then subtract half the space you’re imagining, haha. I adore that tile you chose for the floor, and envy that storage! Great post!

  234. I’d fix the flourescent lighting above our washer/dryer that doesn’t always turn on fully and looks like it’s straight out of a horror film!

  235. My laundry is in the basement so there’s so much that could be done to make it a more bearable place!

  236. I love Persil from our time living in London! Cabinets above our w/d and some new accessories would go a long way to making laundry more enjoyable ?

  237. I would love a laundry makeover! Ours serves as laundry and mud room. We access coming and going from our garage through this little room. It isn’t very functional as it is and I silently scream at the wasted space and dream of organization and functionality. I would start by replacing the laminate with tile. I would also like to make it lighter and brighter as that type of a palette just says clean to me. I would like a countertop for folding, cabinets or cubbies for storage, a rod for hanging clothes and some hooks and cubbies for coats to satisfy our mudroom needs. I feel like we could also repurpose some of what we have in the room already. Pick me! And added bonus, I live in Oregon!

  238. So pretty!! Our laundry room is a typical basement room, so I could definitely use some new storage and a washtub.

  239. Love a functional laundry room! Ours is a closet inside the mudroom, and I have dreams of board and batten walls, a custom-built hall tree, and new doors to hide the washer and dryer.

    Have been seeing ads for Persil and was curious. I’ll def try it out!

  240. Oh wow that is a great laundry room!! I would love to have some cabinets in mine, above the washer and dryer preferably but anywhere would be great to store all the detergent and paraphenalia!!

  241. Our laundry room is the bane of my existence. It’s the first room we see when entering the house and is terrible. I love how bright and cheery yours is now.

  242. My laundry room is part of my kitchen. Some shelving to conceal laundry supplies would be amazing!

  243. Our space is long and narrow and there is just not enough room for everything. Need more cabinets, clothes racks and better organization!

  244. We just bought our first house and the laundry room could use some help! New flooring, better storage, and overall organization!

  245. That looks great! Our laundry ‘space’ is in the garage, so I’d use the money to spruce it up with baskets & shelving and racks, and probably some curtains to disguise it when needed.

  246. My laundry room
    Has the worst layout eeeverrrr! Also, our hard working laundry sink is from approx 1978 and is majorly showing its age!

  247. I’d have you to design my laundry room if I could do anything, really. But to give it my own makeover I would need to add a rug (it’s in the garage), cute storage stuff like in the “get the look” roundup, get a piece of furniture or wood slab to fold the clothes when I get it out of the dryer, and some paint/hardware for the cabinet above the washer/dryer.

  248. We desperately need to replace our 30 year-old utility sink and add a counter for folding, like yours.

  249. My hubby and I are buying a new house, so I would move our laundry hookups out of the creepy basement and into the back room so I could turn it into our laundry room!

  250. My laundry room is a small square with 2 doors and a closet inside so I want to have the closet ripped out to open the wall for more accessible storage as a first step. Since the floor would be messed o from that, I could finally get rid of the lineoleum click together floors! Then hopefully a front loading washer so I could have a counter for folding.

  251. My laundry area is located in the garage so will never have it looking so clean and fresh, but would love to finish the space (drywall, paint, flooring, lighting, shelving) so that at least it looks brighter and organized.

  252. I’d love to spruce up my scary basement laundry room with paint, organizational features, and storage.

  253. I love this post and I love Persil. I would love to update our laundry area, add a pull down hanging space for drying, another shelf and some pretty things to make it feel more peaceful and light.

  254. We redid our laundry room more than five years ago but there are so many things I would change – better storage and in-floor heat!

  255. This space turned out so well! The drying rack/ rod is a great idea! My hang to dry clothing always ends up hanging in our spare bathroom until I remember it is there. This would be a simple and great solution to this!

  256. I would really love to add some cabinetry, ours has none and is so sad! The added space would make all the difference.

  257. We desperately need a new washer & dryer! We moved to a new city this winter and had our third son 4 weeks later! Somehow 3 is the magic number of kiddos that is putting our 10-year-old washer out of service.

  258. Our laundry room is currently over run with our Xmas decorations, lacks (any) storage, is dark and gloomy. Needs a facelift desperately lol

  259. We’re very fortunate to have a large space for our laundry room, which is also our pantry, utility space, craft storage, etc. But when we remodeled 9 years ago, we put in dark cherry cabinets because that’s what my husband really wanted. Fast forward to now and I’m the one in there most of the time and I find the dark wood so depressing. Would love to brighten up the room with lighter cabinets, cheerful paint, and more lighting/windows! I don’t mind doing laundry (but I hate folding, so my husband does that part), but it’d be so much nicer to be doing it in a space that wasn’t depressing to me! I’m quite jealous of Emily’s big window right by the washer/dryer! So nice!!

  260. My laundry area is a walk-through in the garage, one end leads to house, the other to outdoor trash area. Would love to have this space work “smarter”.

  261. I would refinish my great grandmothers canning cabinet for storage, add a bench with hooks above it for my little ones backpacks and coats and hang their artwork for all to see!! Maybe add a vintage umbrella stand too, if budget allowed.

  262. Do you hang your clothes in this laundry room? Here in the UK I have a tiny utility room where I do the laundry, but I never have enough space to hang my clothes. I’m thinking of getting a Victorian clothes hanging pulley to make the most of the ceiling space. Just wondering what you do as my utility seems to be similar size to yours…

  263. Lot’s of great ideas in the comments – I need shelving and storage and for the laundry room to have maybe a bench with shoe storage. A revamped washbasin would be great too. And fresh paint.

  264. Our laundry is in our garage, but I’d LOVE to add some simple shelves above to keep our detergent, stain lifter, etc organized and away. Btw totally going to try Persil now!

  265. It looks great! So clean and bright! I would love to put cabinets up in our laundry room with the gift card!!!!! All cleaning products on display:( I’ll be giving Persil a try at your recommendation….Welcome to America, Persil ??

  266. My laundry room is really just a closet, so it won’t be as grand as yours. I will add a new light (it is just a bare bulb right now), new flooring, cabinets for storage and a better system for hanging clothes to dry. It would make doing laundry so much more enjoyable!

  267. I need a place to fold! (And I would love a little music or TV in there while I do it!)

  268. Looks like a peaceful room in which to do laundry!

    I would repair our chipping sloped ceilings and purchase a new washer.

  269. My laundry room is dysfunctional and unattractive. I would love a drying rack and a counter over the washer and dryer to fold clothes. The gorgeous tile would definitely make my laundry room beautiful.

  270. Not sure if this is open to Canadians, but I am always willing to share my laundry room angst! I am fortunate that my laundry room is on the main floor and that it is close to my kitchen. However, the layout is funny in that I have three tiny rooms that are all connected — a teeny tiny mudroom, the smallish laundry room and a nice sized pantry — which goes through to the kitchen. What I would love to do is rip the walls down between the three rooms to make one nice large room that combines all the spaces. Yes, this is my plan, but unfortunately, I am not the talented Emily Henderson who has awesome contractors at her disposal, and my husband is not the ever-so patient Brian, who is happy to allow it to happen!

  271. Since we moved in a little over a year ago our laundry room has collected piles of things that don’t have homes. I’d love to add some shelving/cabinet,s a drying rack and some kind of solution for the piles of laundry that somehow always end up on the floor.

  272. Hi, Emily –
    The laundry room looks Henderson-y now. Great job. I might just kill for that slab of folding area on top of your machines…. Don’t judge. Right now my laundry room is a stacked washer/dryer in a closet in the mudroom. I *truly* love that I don’t have to go to the basement anymore but I could certainly use a little more ‘laundry’ and a little less ‘mud’ in the room… I’d like to sort some kind of small storage in the closet and other storage elsewhere in the room. Oh, and if I could wrangle a slab for folding, well that would be peachy. Thanks for offering!

  273. I would love to spruce mine up with some cool lighting and some storage!! 🙂

  274. I would love to fix up my laundry room because it’s a shed next to our house! outdoor washer/dryer is pretty common in AZ, but it would be nice not to see the studs/pipes, and fix the door that fell off! ha! 🙂

  275. CLOSED STORAGE. My laundry room has (really old) metal Elfa shelves and it drives me nuts to see all of the junk in there. I’d love new shelving with doors!!

  276. My dog ate a hole through the laundry door so I would definitely start there…then maybe some quieter appliances and paint

  277. EMILY. HENDERSON. Where the HECK is the cat box solution we were promised!? Percil will understand, show me the meow-ny $$$

  278. Looks great! It would be helpful in your posts to breakdown how much these renos would cost retail. Otherwise, it’s really just pretty pics but no help, y’know?

  279. I’d paint my laundry room a happy, call color so that I’d enjoy my time in there more!

  280. Our laundry room needs so much love. I would add a counter, a place to hang drying clothes, and concealed storage for all the misc things that somehow find their way into our laundry room. We would be so grateful!

  281. I’d want to add a bar to my laundry room like the one you have, so I could hang dry clothes there instead of on the bathroom shower rod!

  282. I’d move my washer and dryer to one end of the basement, finish it out and add amazing shelving.

  283. Not everyone who reads this blog even has a laundry room, so I’d like one period! However, I do have a closet where I keep my laundry supplies, and that could use a serious painting and new shelves.

  284. counter space and organization to hide the inevitable clutter would make my hours of laundry so much better.

  285. I would use the $500 to paint my laundry room, maybe get some new linoleum, and a new light fixture (construction grade boob lamp). That would definitely spruce it up a bit.

  286. I’d add new lighting, shelving, artwork, and a rod for hanging clothes. Plus Persil!

  287. Oh man! We are about to kickoff some major reno in our apartment that will ADD LAUNDRY to our flat. That’s right! We currently have to go to a laundromat. We just signed the contract today, and, since our budget will likely be pushed to the limit, we really don’t have any bigger plans other than plopping a stackable washer and dryer in a room off of our bedroom. It would be amazing to have an extra $500 to spruce things up a bit – maybe add some paint or wallpaper to the room, enclose the machines with a pretty bifold door (do those exist?) and some classic hardware, add some roman shades to the windows in there, etc. One can dream!

  288. We just redid ours with the similar front loaders side by side and granite on top with cabinets above. Lusting over the drying rack for hangers you have!

  289. I have a 1930’s 4 square, with a scary dungeon-esque basement, so I would love some cozy rugs (for warmth and to hide dirt) and a counter/storage area for folding.

  290. I would add storage and make it pretty! Love the makeover- the room looks so bright and organized!

  291. I am completely smitten by everything in your laundry room! We just closed on house on a lake and the laundry room is one of the main rooms you walk through to get to the rest of the house. I would love to be able to make over my laundry room so that I too would smile while walking through and while folding clothes! ?

  292. Our laundry room could definitely use fresh paint and more organization …. pleeeease!! ?

  293. Our laundry room needs new paint and flooring as well as closed storage. I’ve made progress decluttering it. Now I need to make it look pretty and add more storage!

  294. My laundry room needs it all, new washer and dryer, storage, basically, it needs to be brought out of the 1970’s.

  295. New appliances, storage, everything. Basically, it needs to be brought back from the 1970’s.

  296. I dream of the day I’ll have a laundry room! Laundry in New York apartments is the worst.

  297. I would redo my storage area and add a ceiling fan! It gets so hot during the summer months.

  298. We are about to move into a house built in 1980, so…we will be doing EVERYthing to our laundry room. 🙂 New W/D, subway tile, open wood shelving, new cabinets, new tile floors, and some sort of a mudroom situation.

  299. I’m desperate for shelving in my laundry room and a place to hang things to dry. Love your new laundry room!

  300. I would replace the washer and dryer and add a galvanized sink to wash kidsstains and our jack russel:) to complete he look I would add a fun chandelier to distract from all the dirty clothing.

  301. Thank you for your review of Persil ProClean. I was really drawn to their packaging too, but didn’t know how well their detergent would work. Now that I know I am definitely going to try Persil out.

  302. I love seeing this inspiration! My laundry room is slightly larger than closet but is always an unorganized mess! I need a countertop on top of the washer/dryer, something to hang clothes from tondry so racks don’t end up in hallway and some help with organizing and decorating. Thanks for the post I love the sliding barn door as well! I keep telling my husband we need that 😉

  303. Oh I would love to redo our laundry room! It’s also the entrance off of our back door, so the fact that there is a (no longer functional) dog door in the wall, and vinyl tile peeling up makes me cringe.

  304. I would love a counter top over my front loaders and an external pocket door to update our tiny first floor laundry room. Also interested in hiding the litter box.
    PS. The answer is almonds provide protein, fiber and healthy fat. Also magnesium and vitamin E. ?

  305. In the middle of renovating our Victorian home and expanding our mud room to bring the washing machine inside! It would towards helping make the space bigger!

  306. My laundry room is in the unfinished part of my basement, so it’s a scary dungeon. I’d add flooring, lighting, and do something with the cinder block and vents. What I don’t know. I’m not a designer; I just know ugly when I see it.

  307. My laundry​ room is in our unfinished basement, so any help would be great! Maybe an area rug and some storage to start.

  308. cabinets, lighting, and more cabinets! Our laundry room is in our one and only storage space. Disaster doesn’t begin to describe doing laundry amidst spiders and the oil tank 🙂

  309. Lovely laundry room! If I did a renovation, it would be a counter over the washer and dryer and prettier shelving.

  310. Best thing I could do for my laundry situation is add some walls. Oh and some lighting. All the lights! It’s in our dingy, unfinished basement so making a separate dedicated space would be amazing.

  311. I would paint, frame out the w/d and add a counter, add cabinets and a clothes rod, and organize cleaning supplies in the least visually-cluttered way possible.

  312. Your closets are dreamy! With $500, I’d totally copy you and add new shelving to our laundry room cubby.

  313. I’d like to install bright curtains around the laundry area in my basement to separate it from project spaces. Fresh paint on the stone walls and concrete floor + a fun lamp + a rod for hanging clothes would finish it off nicely.

  314. Our laundry room is outside, yes, outide on our back porch. It’s literally our washer, dryer, utility sink, and a shelf with folding doors that brush the front of the machines when closing/opening them. When we have a big storm, one of the doors will blow off its track and bang into the dryer. And we live on a farm, so all the dust. $500 would go a long way toward new, not warped doors, new shelving, weatherproofing, paint, lighting, and general prettying of a very utilitarian part of our home. Plus, this farmer’s wife could really use some good detergent for her farmer’s clothes, they get filthy fast! Ps: the tile you chose is gorgeous!!!

  315. Beautiful! Love the tile. I’ve never heard of Persil but want to give it a go, especially since they have a sensitive skin version.

  316. I’d like my laundry area of the garage to not be surrounded by powertools & dusty items. Being clean means avoiding the dust.

  317. Our laundry room is in our garage. I would add some shelving/storage to make it its own space rather than a washing machine and dryer in the corner!

  318. As a fellow la resident I’m thanking my lucky stars that I have my own washer and dryer, but it’s no where near as pretty as yours. I’d definitely add some cabinets to my space to organize it a bit.

  319. Our laundry opens up into our kitchen which just got a great facelift. Now the laundry closet needs some help!! I want to add new stylish doors, maybe barn roller style or something with frosted panels… we’ll see!

  320. My laundry “room” is a corner of the garage. I need walls, storage, and a utility sink!

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  322. I love your floor! Our laundry room needs new floor and a sink that isn’t stained with paint and well, just gross.

  323. Six broken pipes (in one day) led to a full gut job of my laundry room, $24,000 later it looked awesome. Then the roof leaked and ruined the brand new ceiling…so I’d fix that (the ceiling, the roof has been replaced). And add some more built in storage.

  324. First, I’d switch out the floors because I dropped a gallon of stain on the floor – I was just glad it was there and not in another room! Then, I’d exchange the wire shelving for cabinets. Lastly, I would get new art. My mother in law gave us a framed portrait of herself, I kid you not. When she wouldn’t stop asking me where I was going to hang it, I hung it in the laundry room. 😉

  325. My laundry room is a mish mosh of storage, fitness, pantry and is so in need of a makeover which always falls to the bottom of the list of things to do.

  326. To help get ready for our first baby (due in September!), I’d streamline our laundry room and brighten it up. As a dark basement laundry room, I dread lugging our laundry down there and cringe if anything happens to fall on the cement floor. Our washer and dryer are older than me, so those could also use updating! Some paint, new flooring, and storage would really make a big difference!

  327. It turned out so beautifully!! I would love to make over our own laundry room with new appliances and lots of pretty shelving to corral all of those ugly essentials. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  328. My laundry area, also the office and craft room needs EVERYTHING! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  329. We just moved in to a new home and our laundry room is sad. So very sad. It has gross old linoleum and wire shelves that are just ugly. I’d love to add some fun tile and some really great cabinets for storage. It’d also be great to have a counter top like yours for folding so my dining table isn’t constantly covered in laundry!

  330. Love that floor! My laundry is currently a former hall closet that has been converted. I’d update it with organization and a cute floor.

  331. Our laundry room is in the basement on purpose. When we moved in five years ago it was in a tiny room off the garage. We have a front loader and have to keep the door open between loads so it was always in the way. I asked my husband to move it to the basement so I would have more room. In my updated laundry, I would like a countertop, something to hang clothes on, better lighting and place for laundry detergent and such. I use Persil and really like it. I learned about it originally through Martha Stewart magazine.

  332. Oh my goodness where to begin- my laundry room is a disaster with no cabinets and very old hanky shelves. It’s not organized and my washer and dryer are old. I would LOVE to makeover this part of my home where I spend so much time (as a mom of twins)!

  333. Our laundry room is on the never ending list of house projects and could seriously use some love! In desperate need of some cabinetry and a countertop to go over the machines similar to yours!

  334. My poor laundry room, it’s two machines and nothing else. I’d love to incorporate some storage and style!

  335. I’d love to give my laundry room a facelift with some cabinets. Closed storage is what I’m needing in my life right now.

  336. Our laundry room is number one priority on our fix-it list. It’s a tight basement hallway with no windows. So I’m wanting to knock down walls and just make it bigger and happier. I also want to mention that the link to your blog from insta stories is pretty slick!

  337. Oh man, how timely! Now that I have shiny new high efficiency machines, I’ve been wondering how best to transform my “laundry room” from the shadowy, spidery hole it is now into something worthy of a decent wardrobe, and I’ve been so curious about Persil! I have two extra cabinets from my kitchen reno, so I’d love to get a stone remnant to cover them and gain some folding space, install a bar for hanging items, epoxy the concrete floor, and replace my ancient laundry sink.

  338. Love the new laundry, Emily! We are currently renovating, so I would use the giveaway prize to upgrade the fixtures, and add a foldaway valet hook/hanging dry rod. Love seeing your progress!

  339. Fresher colors, new and smarter storage, and a few key accessories would make all the difference in my laundry room!

  340. My laundry room is a dark dingy corner of my basement where water sometimes seeps in through my bilco door. Fun times. My utility sink is a 1920s behemoth concrete sink. Oh god, it could use some help.

  341. Ugh our laundry room is less “room” and more like “hellhole”. It’s basically a large storage closet outside the house off a small patio in the master bedroom. The guy we bought the house from was a chain-smoking hoarder and the whole house was in quite a state when we moved in (there was still food in the fridge!). The laundry closet was particularly bad – everything covered in inches of dust, rusty saws and hedge clippers hanging precariously from tiny nails, spider nests and also a large lizard had decided to make his home there. Instead of being vented out the roof or wall, the dryer was actually vented out the door of the closet using twine tied to the door handle. We’ve cleaned the place as best we can (the lizard moved out on his own) and use it mostly for storing old paint. The closet needs a COMPLETE overhaul! New washer/dryer, floors, paint, storage, lighting, new EVERYTHING, basically. It’s the last area of our house left to renovate and the gift card would be a big help.

  342. Love love love that tile!!! Do you know of anything similar that’s a little more cost effective?

  343. OMGosh. Our laundry could definitely use an update. It currently has textured plastered walls. I’d love to put some pretty bead board over it to give an instant face lift. I’d also love to get a new water basin, ours is the stained from paint splatter plastic kind!

  344. What a beautiful transformation! You can actually breathe in there now.

    If I could do anything, I would move my laundry out of the kitchen — currently stacked no more than 2 feet from our stove and sink!! So gross. Instead of that clean peaceful feeling you can get from doing laundry, I’m just annoyed at how dirty it is. Laundry totally does not belong in the kitchen!

  345. My laundry is done in a hallway closet upstairs. I’d love to put in some permanent shelving and maybe a drop-down drying rack!

  346. My “laundry room” is in my garage, which is overcrowded with stuff being stored and zero cars. I’d start by clearing away all the crap and putting in some cute touches. Maybe a drying rack and a little rug? Anything to spruce it up a bit.

  347. I have a small but nice needs a new washer, though. I would also love a new rug and organizers for the shelves. By the way…I love Persil!

  348. Great room, just love the floor and I’m from the 1950’s and it never crossed my brain that you weren’t a modern family. Can’t wait to get to Target and try Persil…..

  349. Our laundry room has got a whole lot of nothing going on. Would love to drywall, add new lights, tile, and storage!

  350. What a fabulous laundry room! Mine needs an update with more functional storage and space to fold and iron, which I do surprisingly often. I would also love to put in a glass door of some sort because the laundry room window is the only light that comes into that corner of our back hallway. Letting that light through while the door is closed would be a gamechanger. Also, 5 (five!!) adults and a toddler (and a baby on the way) share our laundry room, which means it needs to be better organized/systematized so that everybody’s stuff has a spot. Thanks for the great inspiration!!

  351. Oh man. We just moved into a new house (built in 1977) and we are very slowly changing things. Last weekend, we moved the washer & dryer from the closet off the kitchen to a storage room in the garage. Aside from needing to finish unpacking to clear out that space, it seriously needs some light and shelves/cabinets and storage containers. I have 2 littles in cloth diapers, so I wash at least 1 load every other day. (I’ve heard Persil works wonders on cloth, but I hadn’t seen it in any local stores. I’ll have to look again!) I can’t tell you how happy I will be to have a more functional laundry space!

  352. Please save my laundry room!

    My laundry room looks like a place where clothes go to die. We are fortunate to have a designated laundry room with a window, but we have neglected this space; it only showcases a 2016-17 collection of lint balls.

    In my mibd’s eye, I have repainted the dreary beige walls, replaced the stick on linoleum tiles with Persian tiles (to literally give me a pep in my step) and purchased a more eco-friendly washer/ dryer. I have also replaced the desperate wire shelves and shelving system… And I have learned from the pros (you guys), as the once naked wall in now clothed in glorious texture…

    But then I awake, and shamefully shut the laundry door…

  353. My laundry room is in between the garage and the kitchen. Everyone coming in from the garage just dumps their coats and whatever they want to take off in the laundry room. My detergents just sit on top of the machines. I need to install a countertop for folding clothes. I would need to put in some cabinets just like you have in your makeover to hide the detergents and have a more polished look. My husband being in the army his PT uniforms smell like unwashed dishes that have been forgotten in the dishwasher for a week ( make that a month)??. I am always looking for detergent that does not make me sick when I wash them. LOL. Being a family of 5, I am constantly washing clothes a load or two a day and a makeover laundry room would just make it more pleasurable to do the laundry.

  354. You had me at cat commode!! That coupled with being able to have my laundry detergent NEXT to the washer & dryer would be life changing. I’m the one who has tried with numerous IKEA hacks to get what I need, only to be dripping detergent all the way to the washer… Love your new space and happy washing!! xx

  355. Our “laundry room” is a dryer and a washer that sit in opposite corners of a room in our basement because of where the hook-ups are. They look like distant relatives being forced to interact with one another. We just moved into our house and the appliances we inherited are old. There is a lot of room for improvement!

  356. Currently our laundry room has a soggy ceiling where the HVAC leaked above, threatening to drop the fixture into the space at any moment, paint peeling off the existing 1970’s cabinets, and only ONE outlet that sits just behind the dog’s water bowls making for very safe ironing practice 😉 All in all, it needs not only an aesthetic upgrade to match the remainder of our home, but it needs some serious functional tlc too. Excited to try this detergent, especially the sensitive version for our first little one on the way!

  357. Yay for a lovely and functional laundry room! Well done!!
    We have a family of 8 and laundry is a never ending task. A laundry room update in our house would consist of replacing the compact washer and dryer that leave grease stains and brown marks on our clothes, along with some new cabinetry, and laundry sorters to keep things organized.

  358. Well, my laundry “room” is actually a closet, but I think the space could be used better. The washer/dryer are at least a decade old and in pretty poor shape, so I’d love to replace them.

  359. Too many things to list because we have a scary dungeon laundry area in the basement.

  360. I’m in the process of converting a den closet to a laundry closet, so this is just in time! I’d use the $500 for organization shelving and storage. I’m assuming California Closets has actual closet solutions for this purpose. Thanks for the opportunity!

  361. Oh man…I discovered Persil about a year ago and it. Changed. My. Life. I have told all my friends about it. Fantastic product! My laundry room is so tragic – I’ve lived here for 13 years and it is still exactly the way it was right after we moved in when I gave up on removing the hideous striped wallpaper and PAINTED OVER IT. Yes I did. I am not proud but there it is. Definitely need to tackle that problem, as well as give it a little storage and replace the door that my dog got himself trapped behind during a storm and dug deep furrows into the back trying to cope with his insane thunder anxiety!! It’s time. ? Love your new place by the way. ❤

  362. Our cleaning supplies are EVERYWHERE in our laundry area. I’d love to organize them so they’re easier to find when we need them (which is always with two little boys!).

  363. I am French. I have always known this brand. I am only wondering why they chose to call it “parsley” (which is the meaning of “persil” in French). Maybe parsley was their idea of a fresh smell at the time??? 😀

  364. My W/D is in the very small mechanical room with literally 2square feet of floor area right in front of the stacked washer dryer. I have to stand on a stool to get into the dryer so I’d get a different W/D that I can actually reach and I’d love to get a smaller water heater to free up a little floor space. A low flow water heater would be so great – save on energy bills – and let me add some much needed shelves 🙂

  365. I love Persil! I have been using it for several months and I love the smell and it cleans very well.

    We are building a new home, which is very roomy, especially for our near-empty-nest stage of life, but I gave myself the tiniest laundry room, which I now regret. I am looking for some sort of Murphy bed like foldaway unit for a folding table and drying rack. Wonder if California Closets has something so specialized?

  366. Ugh! My mismatched appliances are the worst. My dryer is avocado green and the interior is a chipped up mess but it still works so I’m still using it.

  367. Love this. I’d like to try the detergent. My teen son is getting stinkier by the day and I was thinking I needed to try something different 🙂

  368. Our laundry still has builder-basic metal shelving. Functional, but not beautiful. I would love to add some pretty storage, and some color!

  369. Our laundry room is a neglected and cramped mud room. I would give it a fresh coat of paint, stack the washer and dryer, and replace the original 1961 cupboards. Thank you for the inspiration!

  370. I’ll be Pinteresting beautiful laundry rooms while waiting to find a new laundry room. (We’re moving and going to be “between houses.”) Cheers to hoping it’s not the unfinished utility/storage dungeon we have now! :/

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