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Brady Picks Some Lighting

Hey Folks, Brady here. This time on “#MakeoverTakeover Brady Edition” we are tackling my quest to find the perfect Living Room sconces. Working in the design industry I have heard it said time and time again that lighting is the jewelry of a room. We all know I love me some man jewelry . . . lest you have forgotten, head on back to the first post that Emily mentions me in,  “He is tall, blonde, from Utah, full of skills, creativity, brawn, enthusiasm and very nice necklaces.” BUT, room jewelry is a whole different ball game. Like a good accessory, it has to work with everything else that you pair with it, it has to be both commanding, but not greedy for attention, and last but not least, if done right it can elevate the whole entire outfit. So when it came time to decide on the lighting scheme for my living room, I had some major decisions ahead of me.

Brady Picks Out Living Room Sconces_Brass Sconce Roundup_Emily Henderson_Masculine_Gray_Living Room_Before 1_

In the above photo you can see that there is a lot still to be done in my living room. In my last post, I covered my process of picking out the perfect gray paint, which is now on the walls and looks so good (thanks to all of your helpful input). Still on the list is determining exactly what window treatment situation will work best, what art should go above the fireplace (and on the other walls), some final furniture decisions, and last, but not least, the sconce situation.

To my benefit, my living room has 4 perfectly positioned sconces around the room, but to my disadvantage, those sconces are the ONLY source of lighting.  It’s an old building from the 1930’s and some of them tend not to have any overhead lighting. So in addition to being beautiful, the sconces also have to be completely functional, as they are the primary source of light. I toyed with quite a few ideas for sconces and ultimately narrowed it down the the below options. Now, let’s try on some sconces for size!

Brady Picks Out Living Room Sconces_Brass Sconce Roundup_Emily Henderson_Masculine_Gray_Living Room_Option 1


The Madonna from TripleSevenHome: It has a lot of good things I love about it. The price is prime, the natural brass is a winner, and I also love that it’s a double sconce, which would bring twice the amount of light into the room. I may be one of the only people that hates really bright, artificial light in my spaces at any time, so one of the first things I did when I moved into my apartment was install dimmer switches on every single light switch in there. That allows me to still use the lighting, but keep it just a little bit lower than full power. That way I don’t feel like I’m on the surface of the sun. Also, how else am I going to get just the right glow for my dinner dates? I digress. The Madonna was definitely a contender but wasn’t the perfect fit for my room.

Brady Picks Out Living Room Sconces_Brass Sconce Roundup_Emily Henderson_Masculine_Gray_Living Room_Option 2


The L Sconce from Schoolhouse Electric: I have been a lover of this elegant little lady for a long time. It is simple and clean, long and slender, architectural yet a bit industrial, and also has an exposed bulb. I typically love an exposed bulb when it is used on a dimmer, as you get the nicest glow from it. However, exposed bulbs are not always the best source of primary light as they can be very harsh on the eye. With my sconces being the primary source of light in the room,  I figured that an exposed bulb may not be the best option as anyone looking directly at it would quickly be blinded by the light.

Brady Picks Out Living Room Sconces_Brass Sconce Roundup_Emily Henderson_Masculine_Gray_Living Room_Option 3


The Lucia from Cedar and Moss: This one was a winner for me in a lot of ways. I love the circular aspect to it, I love how it is different than a lot of other lighting on the market, I love the soft warm glow that it creates, and on top of that, the price is great. However, once again it was an exposed bulb. I could technically combat that with some gold tipped bulbs but once I took a look at it in my rendering, I realized that the sconces almost looked like big ol’ car headlights and just felt a bit too wrong for the space.

Brady Picks Out Living Room Sconces_Brass Sconce Roundup_Emily Henderson_Masculine_Gray_Living Room_Option 4


The Theo by Cedar and Moss: The Theo is a real stunner in person. I love that it’s a double sconce (meaning double the light) and I love that it has a mid-century modern influence to it.  It’s versatility of being able to be hung both horizontally and vertically is super fun, and the scale works really well in my space. The fact that is has glass shades that diffuse the light also made it a winner for me, as that would work best with my lighting issues/requirements. All in all, the Theo seemed like the best option for me but I had a few more that I wanted to try out.

Brady Picks Out Living Room Sconces_Brass Sconce Roundup_Emily Henderson_Masculine_Gray_Living Room_Option 5


The Puzzle Sconce by Jonathan Adler: This sconce is definitely a bit much for some people, although that is one of the main reasons that I love them. They are large, sculptural, and almost read as a big piece of brass art on the walls. The downfall for me, besides the price, was the fact that the light was completely obstructed by a metal shade which meant that it would give off little to no light. These puppies would be a much better option as a secondary source of lighting rather than the primary source of lighting I needed.

Brady Picks Out Living Room Sconces_Brass Sconce Roundup_Emily Henderson_Masculine_Gray_Living Room_Option 6


Last but not least, the Lorita from Arteriors: This one has been on my pinboard since it first came out. I love the simplicity of it, the warm brass glow it gives off and also how it can be customized even further with a variety of different types of bulbs. When I first threw these up in my living room rendering, I thought I had found the ones. But as I mentioned before, the exposed bulb ended up not being the best option for me, as I didn’t want them to be too harsh on the eye if I did decide to have the lights on full power. So, although beautiful and still one of my favorites, they just weren’t quite right for my setup.

To be honest, picking out just the right sconce was NOT easy for me, and you can ask Ginny or Emily. I am about the most indecisive person that you will ever meet. When someone says “where should we go for dinner, “ or “what movie should we watch on netflix?” I will go through about 100 options, until deciding on one, and then I will flip-flop back to another option, before deciding back on the first option . . . then change my mind to the second, then back to the first, then realize the last was the best, but then unsure about it, I ask for everyone else’s opinions, then completely disregard them, ponder it out for far too long, end up undecided once again, and finally go with something else entirely. You get my point – it was not easy. So,  I went with my gut decision and got the The Theo by Cedar and Moss. I put them up on the walls this weekend and immediately realized I had made the right decision. They still make me happy when I come into the room, and I just love them. The brass is stunning, the craftsmanship is insane, the soft glow from either of the shades is just right, and they are the perfect scale.

Brady Picks Out Living Room Sconces_Brass Sconce Roundup_Emily Henderson_Masculine_Gray_Living Room_Sneak Peek_Theo Sconce

A little sneak peak of the new wall color and sconces. They play together like the best of friends, and I love the way the brass pops off the gray so well. After much consideration, and from all of your votes and comments, I ended up going with Kendall Charcoal for the paint color and it works perfectly in the living room. It is a dark gray with a lot of subtleties. In the morning it’s an earthy gray, in the evening it’s a dark purply gray, and all the damn day long it just makes me happy. Theo and Kendall are the perfect living room couple, and I think they will be together for the long haul. Let’s just hope when the rest of the living room characters come to the party they can all play just as well together. I am curious to know what you all think though. Which gray and which sconce would you have picked for the room?

Until then I’ll be reorganizing my necklaces.



In case you missed the intro to my living room or picking out the perfect gray head on back to those posts, and if you are craving more #MakeOverTakeover check out Ginny, Sara, and Jess’s progress.

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8 years ago

Love your choice. For me it was between the ones you choose and the Johnathan Adlers. They too were Killer!

8 years ago

I think I like sconce option 2 or 6 the best! They’re all really pretty though!


8 years ago

Option 4! Love it! Can’t wait to see how the grey looks!

8 years ago

That combo is fab! After seeing the Theo installed, I scrolled back through the other options. They all completely paled in comparison. Great choice, and I just can’t get enough of the charcoal + brass + white color combo. It’s so current but timeless enough that someone going through on House Hunters in 15 years won’t be making fun of it. (Yes, that is often my benchmark for making design decisions).

I’m loving Makeover Takeover! I’m always excited to see updates from you and the gals!

8 years ago

Love the one you chose! And it looks amazing against that dark grey wall.

xo Jessica

8 years ago

That was my pick too! The size and shape is just too perfect for that space!

8 years ago

Great minds think alike!!! Your sconces are stunning, Brady, as is the evolution of your home. Looking forward to seeing more of your spaces, and, of course, you must curate a spot for all of those necklaces………..:)

8 years ago

The moment I saw those Theo sconces I knew they where the ones. They fit so well in the space! Look forwards to seeing the further evolution of your living room.

8 years ago

I also like the Lorita but think you made the right choice. Totally with you on the bright light thing. I only use lamps at night and practically have a heart attack if kids or hubby turn on a main light 🙂

8 years ago

I love the long elegant sconces on option 2, they are perfect for industrial design and the exposed bulb creates cozy atmosphere.

8 years ago

Brady– i love the sconces you picked. But, want to share that I have the same situation in my living room (no overhead light, boo old architecture!) and we picked out the Meurice ( which is FABULOUS in that it provides a lot of light both up and down. And the old hollywood look makes me smile everytime 🙂

8 years ago


8 years ago

I’m so glad you didn’t go with either round ones – while very cool, they, together with the fireplace, looked like a giant robot face to me (with beam hair, of course).

8 years ago

It’s between #2 and #6 for me- they would add cozy charm to the place so nicely!

emily jane
8 years ago

Visually delicious Brady! Saved to my “lighting happy” Pinterest page : ) Also, I’ve been planning on going dark gray in my bedroom (for like, 7 years!) and you may have just helped me overcome my inertia -thank you!

8 years ago

Number 6! They work best with the Spanish architectural elements of the house!

8 years ago

i think you picked a winner on your sconces!

you are not alone in your hatred for really bright, artificial light! i loathe crass overhead lighting and apparently david sedaris does, too — he wrote this hilarious article, which you might enjoy, too, if you haven’t already had the pleasure of reading it …..

Tina Cahalan
8 years ago


I picked the Thea by Cedar and Moss as well. The brass is definitely the jewelry and I can see this pick stand the test of time!

I think the charcoal is a bold color. We’ve changed our rooms to
a lighter grey, but I guess I might have to step it up!

Hope to see the final outcome after Emily finishes it!

Diane Jaynes
8 years ago

I think the original sconces would look just as good as the choices with a change of shade. The ones shown are just too dinky. I like the paint colors.

8 years ago

It seem sacrilege to go on about how the wired lights in a room, whether a ceiling light or sconces, are the “primary” source of light. I turn in the overhead light in my living room once a month or less. I use a floor lamp or the fireplace sconces for light primarily because the overhead fixture with its multiple bulbs is too bright!

My fireplace sconces have little vintage clip on shades that help with the exposed bulb glare but I’m still always on the hunt for the lowest lumen bulbs possible for my home.

All that said I love the dark grey and brass together and I’ve surprised myself by embracing brass – unlaquared brass if course – which I never imagined after growing up with so much tacky 80s brass.

8 years ago

Awesome combo!!!

8 years ago

This looks gorgeous! Thank you for showing us all the options, as a non-design industry person it was a great reminder that renderings can really help with a decision!

8 years ago

Ooooh, Brady, I love those sconces! They look amazing with the paint color. I have some Kendall Charcoal in my house too and it is so good. Great choices going on so far, can’t wait to see the rest and how it all comes together.

8 years ago

You nailed it with Theo! Definitely my favorite. The Puzzle Sconce was also nice.

8 years ago

Yo yo… Your sis here. Totally agree with your dapper choice. Spot on!! Also can’t wait to see all the other pieces “friends” arrive to the living room. Xxo

8 years ago

Yes! I was rooting for ‘The Theo’! Tough I really really love the puzzle light by Jonathan Adler, maby you could still use it as a secondary light fixture?

8 years ago

Thank you for the roundup! I have a couple of very narrow walls that the Madonna is perfect for (love the theo, but too big for my space). The perfect find!

8 years ago

Theo all the way!! Perfect shape, scale and color in front of those dark manly walls, yeah. I would like to see roman shades on your windows to keep the tailored, modern vibe happening in the vintage space. Can’t wait to see what is next…

8 years ago

Looking good! Nice choice of sconces. I’ve been waiting with bated breath for your floor LAMP choice, since seeing the one you have in your mood board. I have been obsessed with your choice there, but it is a long ways out of my price range. So I’m hoping you find an equally great lamp with a lower price tag. 🙂 Can’t wait to see more of your space!

8 years ago

Love The Theo sconce! Can’t wait to see the finished space!!

8 years ago

Much I enjoyed reading your blog

8 years ago

Much I enjoyed reading your blog.

8 years ago

I wish you have a wonderful day.

8 years ago

Enjoy reading your blog.

8 years ago

I am more indecisive than even you described and yet as soon as I got to the Theo option I was hoping you chose them!!

8 years ago

I love the Theo! Great choices, Brady. I can’t wait to see how it all comes together! It’ll be fabulous, just like you. XOXO

8 years ago

Great post.Thanks for sharing.

8 years ago

Adorable! Stunning pictures!

8 years ago

 This post is so refreshing

8 years ago

The Theo lighting so lovely beside it looks modern and simple.

8 years ago

Love the sconce you got! looks great with the wall color.

Love it! Great choice you went with too; it will look great! So glad that our “Madonna” sconce was at least an option 🙂 xoxo

8 years ago

Loved the Theo and the Lorita!! Great pick and looking forward to seeing the rest of the room! Have fun reorganizing your necklaces.

8 years ago

Hi Brady,

I loved (4) Theo from Cedar and Moss. Good choice! I also thought the (2) Schoolhouse Electric looked great. Can’t wait to see how everything turns out!