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Boys room makeover

Two kids rooms in two weeks, folks. I’m practicing for the real deal; when Emily and/or Brian Junior grace us with their presence, then I’ll have like, five kids rooms under my belt so I can properly torture them with my unhealthy obsession of having their rooms be painfully adorable. But first, I must blog about Graham’s room, who lives across the hall from Grace (the tween bedroom from last week).

Graham is five and likes “Star Wars” and ninjas, rightfully so — those are both cool kid things to like. Thank God his obsession wasn’t Barney, because that could have been terrifying. Do kids even know who Barney is? Am I ancient? Although I’ll have you know that Grace (the tween girl) called me a “hipster, ” which I instantly mouthed “Is that good?” to her mom, and got an “Oh yeah” as a response. Then days later she asked Orlando if he was a model, in which case he said, “Yes, of course.” Point being I’m pretty sure they don’t think we’re as old as we are, although that could be because I listen to One Direction with her, wear mid-riffs (no I don’t), watch “Vampire Diaries” (did, but don’t now) and generally act like an idiot most days to prove my immaturity around cool kids. I’m terrified about my mothering with my future uber-cool teenage daughter. I’m surely going to screw that one up. Grace asked me how old I was, I made her guess (of course), and she guessed 23. She’s a genius really and 100 percent correct. I am 23, Grace.


I’ll be posting Graham’s finished bedroom, photos by David Tsay, this week (hoping for Wednesday, Thursday at latest) but for now, please enjoy the mood board and the before photos for Graham’s bedroom makeover.

1. Hanging Solar System , 2. Hanging Around Lamp, 3. Faculty Mixer Graphic Bedding 4. C3PO and R2D2 decal 5. Black Isosceles Table Lamp, 6. Boom Box Throw Pillow, 7. Globe nightlight no longer available but I love this Elephant Nightlight, 8. Three Cube Storage Bench, 9. Pastel Plaid Rug

The dresser is an antique piece from the family’s grandparent’s country farm in Oklahoma. As a big fan of making a kid’s room feel timeless, I was happy to bring this piece into the design.

WAIT … Strangely the nightstand wasn’t numbered/linked so I apologize. It’s the Blake Nightstand, from Land of Nod.

So here is the before photo, which is not bad, just that the room is clearly not addressed yet since their house flooded:

before bedroom

Meanwhile, here’s a sneak peek into the finished space:

boys bedroom redo

So cute. Him and the room. 🙂

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway for the $250 Land of Nod gift card. All you have to do is tweet it out or Facebook it and then write it in the comments that you did so on FRIDAY’S POST

And don’t forget to check out Grace’s Tween Bedroom redone by me in collaboration with Land of Nod. Follow me on YouTube for behind-the-scenes videos of these makeovers as well. Come back Wednesday/Thursday for the full reveal. xx

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