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7 Ways To Make Your Shower Look Better – No Renovating Required!

So you’ve got a gross/not ideal-looking shower and you wanna make it look cleaner, nicer, and more organized, huh?? You’re in the right place, pal. If you partake in showers, then your shower is probably one of those areas in the home that get used HARD and OFTEN…so maybe it’s time for a light refresh. We’ve got a few ways that you can make your shower look nicer so you can enjoy your bathing time even more. No renovating required! Let’s begin 🙂

First…Deep Clean

design by elspeth benoit and arterberry cooke | photo by alex zarour of virtually here studios | from: a master class in using color in your home without it feeling like a colorful home

Starting with probably the most obvious (and free) way to make your shower look better…just give it a deep clean! Before you buy anything new or add something to it, you gotta see the difference a good clean can make. It will make you feel SO much better when you’re showering and the results will immediately release some dopamine. I’m not trying to be your mom telling you to clean up and do your chores, instead I’m gonna give you some secret & helpful ways to make your shower SPARKLE.

First up…a lot of people love a natural cleaning solution. Jess recommends using water and vinegar (go here for more details), and I’ve heard that works super well!! I don’t love the smell of vinegar, so I recently tried using dishwasher detergent like they did in this video to clean my shower and I was very impressed at how well it works. If you have a glass shower, this video and this video only use 3 ingredients to deep clean their glass door and make it SPARKLE. I’m so excited to try these to get the water stains off!! Here are some other common cleaning products we use to clean our showers…

1. Method Cleaning Products Bathroom Cleaner Tub + Tile Eucalyptus Mint Spray Bottle (smells SO GOOD) | 2. Tub and Tile Extended Scrubber (highly reviewed) | 3. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Bath Cleaner and Soap Scum Remover (magical) | 4. CLR PRO Industrial Multi-Purpose Restroom Cleaner (trusted) | 5. Drill Brush Attachments (very cool) | 6. Microban 32 oz. Citrus Scent Bathroom Cleaner (no more germs)

design by emily edith bowser | photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: emily bowser’s 32-sq-ft bathroom reveal

A Pretty Shower Caddy For Ulitmate Style And Organization

Next up, it’s time to sort through the millions of products you’ve collected over the last few months (many of which we know don’t get used that often). Toss what you don’t need and organize the rest. If you’re someone that has a lot of products OR if you only have a small shelf and niche and are running out of room, opt for the shower caddy. There are TONS of sleek-looking caddies out on the market (I have a modern-looking black one that I love – sadly it’s no longer available). Highly recommend gettingg one (especially if you share a shower with a significant other who has an entirely different set of products). See below for some shower caddies we love right now!!

1. Bamboo Hanging Shower Caddy (so chic and minimal) | 2. Preston Flex Shower Caddy (modern and cool) | 3. Pyron Tension Pole Shower Caddy (great for shower used by more than 2 people) | 4. Hose Round Wire Shower Caddy (classic but better) | 5. The Solid Teak Hanging Shower Caddy (unique shape and pretty) | 6. Eldred Shower Caddy (a hint of glam!)

Decant Shampoo/Conditioner

Similarly to the last point, if you want all your crazy shower products to feel more clean and organized, then try decanting them (and use a funnel). I LOVE the feeling of a hotel shower when they have the shampoo/conditioner/body wash on the wall for ya. It makes the routine easier since they’re all lined up in order and keeps your products away from the shower niche or shelf (so you have more room for the bar soaps, razors, etc). Plus then it’s all wet and soapy it keeps your bottles from flying all over the shower which I think is a win. If you’re gonna grab a shampoo/conditioner dispenser make sure that plastic is a safer bet than glass (just in case it falls or you drop it & also be sure to check if it’s a “drill-free” wall mount or not (especially if you’re going into tile!!)

1. Drill Free Shower Soap Dispenser Wall Mount with 3 Bottles (chic and you can choose the wall mount spacing) | 2. The Shower Essentials Kit (comes with product inside but bottles are so cool) | 3. Pump Bottle Dispenser (set of 2 and love a pop of color) | 4. White Shampoo and Conditioner Bottles (for our scandi style lovers) | 5. Metal Luxury Soap Dispenser Holder (again very chic. look at that brass, baby! | 6. Amber Pump Bottles (set of 2 and fun shape)

Shower Curtains

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to refresh your shower is by getting a new curtain for your shower. It can add some color, texture, or pattern into your space and is one of the best ways to soften up a cold or hard bathroom. The shower curtain should not be taken for granted, so make sure you get a good one!! Remember you can also put a shower curtain in front of sliding glass doors (especially if you don’t love the look of them). It adds more privacy too! We’re gonna link some of our favs below 🙂

design by william hunter collective | styled by velinda hellenerik kenneth staalbergemily edith bowser, and julie rose | photo by sara ligorria-tramp

1. Black Dash on White Shower Curtain Set (fun and graphic and comes with a liner!) | 2. Monique Lhuillier Lily Of The Valley Organic Shower Curtain (a very romantic option) | 3. Geometric Watercolor Shower Curtain (colorful and extremely cool) | 4. Capri Back Border Shower Curtain (perfectly classic) | 5. Black Windowpane on White Shower Curtain Set (an EHD favorite pattern) | 6. Relaxed Linen Shower Curtain (linen always looks good)

Bath Mats

I LOVE a good bath mat. There’s something about getting out of the shower and stepping on a cushy memory foam something or just anything so your freshly cleaned warm feet don’t have to step on the cold tile. I recently have been hearing good things about the bamboo bath mats that are more “spa-like” because apparently, they don’t get dirty that often because the water just drips down through them so you don’t have to constantly wash them like you would a fabric one. However, you do need to wipe the excess water off the floor if there’s a lot. I also LOVE the look of a vintage runner or rug like in the photo underneath this paragraph…it’s so chic and brings in so much personality (just prepare to wash it a decent amount & it probably won’t be the most cushy, comfy. It’s more for the style than function, which is okay sometimes!) If you have a bath mat you love, comment below because I am in the market!! We also have some cute ones linked below!

design by kirsten blazek | photo by alex zarour of virtually here studios

1. Ernestine Bath Mat (tell me that’s not the cutest?!) | 2. Harvest Garden Bath Mat (love a subtle pattern) | 3. Lateral Black Teak Bath Mat (love this dramatic spa look) | 4. Organic Triangle Sculpted Bath Mat (fun and modern and comes in a ton of colors and sizes) | 5. Bamboo Bath Mat (adds a ton of texture) | 6. Green Earth® Quick Dry Bath Rug (quick dry? yes, please)

Add A Stool Either Inside Or Outside Of Your Shower

I LOVE the look of a stool in or next to a shower. If you have the space, then definitely add this in. It’s a great spot to sit and shave the leggys, or to just have another place for extra storage. A lot of the stools you see in interior photos are not the most water-proof, so just be wary when you’re choosing a stool that it’s one that can actually take the wetness & steam of a shower (like these linked below!) 🙂

design by shaun crha | photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: home tour: how this designer built a a beautiful modern traditional guest home for his dad to age in place

1. Bone White Manzanita Bath Stool (simple and modern) | 2. Teak Stool (love a live edge!) | 3. Hinoki Shower & Bath Stool (cute modern farmhouse vibes)

Place For Bar Soap

There is nothing worse than loose bar soap in a shower. You might not even realize just HOW annoying it is until you get an actual, designated dish or soap tray for it, that way it doesn’t end up slipping and sliding all over the place. I’m done chasing bar soap…so if you are too, we’ve linked some awesome soap trays below.

1. Eco-Friendly Self-Draining Soap Dish (how cute are those legs??) | 2. Wave Soap Dish (a great opportunity for a pop of color) | 3. Oval Soap Dish (maybe the coolest) | 4. Soapstone Decorative Tray (great texture) | 5. Package Free Wooden Soap Dish (good for the earth, cute for your shower) | 6. Farmhouse Pottery Bullseye Soap Dish (basically a piece of art)

Thanks everyone for reading all the way through. Hopefully, this inspired you to get your shower clean, organized, and beautiful. If you have any other hot tips on making your shower look better please comment them below! Have the most amazing rest of your Monday, friends. We’ll see ya in the mornin!

Opening Image Credit: Design by Priscilla Frost | Styled by THE Emily Henderson | Photos by Sara Ligorria-Tramp


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29 thoughts on “7 Ways To Make Your Shower Look Better – No Renovating Required!

  1. I use dishsoap to clean the shower. Just what you would use to hand wash dishes, I’m not sure if you are talking about that or the stuff you put in the dishwasher? I haven’t tried actual dishwasher detergent, but I also don’t have any glass doors, only tile.

    The best part of using dishsoap is that it means that kids can safely scrub the shower. I don’t really want to give them bleach or anything toxic. If you market this right, you can convince them that shower scrubbing is a fun task for a hot day. Get on their swimsuits and put on some fun music.

  2. Love the post and just wanted to pop in to say that I especially liked the short commentary directly after each linked product, so you don’t have to scroll up and down but you still get a cute little comment to everything linked -really enjoyed reading those! 🙂

  3. I like to use small indoor/outdoor rugs with a non skid pad underneath instead of bath mats. I have a big neutral one in our primary bathroom and then some smaller patterned rugs in our other bathrooms. They’re a lot prettier than most bath mats, dry quickly, and if they get gross, I just hose them off and let them dry in the sun.

  4. just popping in to comment on step 2 which is to clear out the clutter – partially used hair and skin products (even makeup!) usually go in a flash in my local buy nothing group – if you’re in one consider posting this stuff before throwing it out, and if you’re not, see if you’ve got one in your neighborhood! you might have a 3/4 full bottle of something you’d trash but it’s exactly what one of your neighbors has been wanting to try but isn’t sure if it’s worth it!

      1. I called a few woman’s shelters to see if I could donate my extra perfumes (that I’ll honestly never use). I thought that it might be nice to show women in these awful situations that someone cares; plus doesn’t every woman like to feel special and smell nice. They told me that, for safety concerns, they couldn’t accept used products. Perhaps a sad commentary that someone would tamper with Items going to women in need :(. I wonder if it’s standard practice?

        1. Our local shelter will take opened products. If you have some products that you’d like to rehome, it’s worth calling and checking.

          If yours doesn’t, a Buy Nothing Group or Nextdoor is a great idea to pass it on.

          Kids at my son’s school have contributed half used products to the classroom Treasure Box. So I guess that’s an option? In kindergarten, my son very lovingly brought home a half used tube of very intensely scented glitter lotion. I always wondered if whoever brought it in asked permission first or if it just went mysteriously missing…

        2. Yup, it is. Some sick minds add dangerous things to the party used product.
          They can’t take the risk.

  5. Does anyone have suggestions for a freestanding shower caddy less than 3′ high in a black modern design? We have a tiled “rain” shower with glass walls and no built in shelves – so there’s nowhere to hang a caddy and no place to set shampoo, etc. If you have suggestions I would be so grateful 🙂

  6. Absolutely, Mallory. A clean, lovely bathroom is a beautiful thing and definitely makes doing all the things better.

    Love the look of the #5 shower caddy! (But I won’t buy it coz it’s Teak.)

    #3 bath mat is Teak (like Orangutans, Pangolin, Gibbons, et al? Don’t buy Teak.) 🌏
    #5 is bamboo, Yaaay! 😊 I have a bamboo dish drainer and replaced the nails with small, brass screws and it’s lasting much better and looks cute.

    Wooden stools in the bathroom for the win! It changes everything. Yaaay!🤗

    #4: CLR & #6: Microban aren’t healthy choices.
    #4 lists it’s ingredients as “cleaner” & #6. doesn’t list it’s ingredients!
    CLR ‘eats’ a lot of materials, so be careful. While any product that doesn’t list ingredients is downright scary.
    In Australia, by law, ingredients must all be ,isted on every product including an MSDS (material safety data sheet) and the poisons hotline.

    #’s 1, 3 & 4 look like you could catch your soap, but they’d leave it slimey. Best to go for the ones that let it drain.

    Tomorrow is bathroom cleaning day – uncanny!😏

  7. I use Barkeeper’s Friend to clean my shower. It works great and keeps the glass door sparkling clean.

    In an effort to reduce my use of plastic, I’m going to switch to bar shampoo. I tried one from Lush and loved it. I haven’t tried the bar conditioner yet. I hope that works as well because I must used conditioner if I hope to be able to comb my hair.

    I also found pouches on Amazon to use up the last little bits of bar soap. Love them!

    Thanks for the great post, Mallory!

    1. I”m a fan of bar soaps and shampoos too and I love the little pouches you found! Ordered a set and can’t wait to try them. Thanks, Beth!

  8. Just a heads up, I just looked up that really cute Serena and Lily stool that’s linked, and it says avoid direct contact with water (do not use in shower)! I love that stool style, so the search for a shower stool continues! 🙂

  9. These are some interesting ideas. Some of them I never would have thought of and have never heard of before. Thank you for the tips!

  10. Anyone have good sources for extra-long (84 inch) shower curtains? Hanging the shower curtain up high has the same lengthening effect as hanging window curtains up high. It looks so nice, but long shower curtains are hard to find. Hit me with your best recs!

    1. I also hate ‘high-water’ shower curtains. I have never found any specifically, but have used 96″ curtain panels with a liner.

  11. My house has a clawfoot tub which does not lend itself to the caddy that rests on the showerhead (bc the showerhead hangs precariously from the ceiling), but it has a towel bar very close to the back of the tub that could have a caddy on it. Any suggestions for that type of sitation?

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