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The Link Up: IG Accounts To Brighten Your Day, Our New Favorite Artisan Marketplace & The Perfect Personalized Accessory


design by niya bascom | photo by david a. land | via corner compass

Emily here. Happy Father’s Day, friends. Yet another quarantine holiday is being celebrated a bit differently this year, but with an ample amount of pancakes, artfully made sandwiches, ice-cold beer, corn hole, and smothering by two kids who like to wrestle without warning at 6 am pre-coffee. Brian’s a good dad. Maybe even the best. Happy Father’s day Brian, Bob, and Bob (both our dads) and all of you out there. Now, here’s what EHD has been loving this week:

Niya Bascom (one part of the Ishka Designs duo) is responsible for today’s home tour. It’s a beautiful celebration of his culture and his love for design. His curation of art is insane. It’s inspiring to say the least. And you should see his insane record collection which he’s been giving samplings of on his Instagram.

From Emily: A really exciting thing happened this last week for someone I love and adore…Orlando’s HGTV show is coming back with a new name! It’s now called Build Me Up. It’s the same idea of helping people, but now instead of it being exclusive to the newly single, it’s going to include people who are going a big life transition. I can’t wait to see his face back on my screen and it is all happening July 22 at 9 PM ET. Congrats, Orlando!

From Julie: You guys one of my favorite ceramicists, Carmen Ellis, is doing a giveaway through Friday, June 26th. Enter to win for your choice of one of her amazing vessels in celebration of launching her new site. You might’ve seen one of her pieces, the Foot Vessel, in my bedroom MOTO earlier this year and I absolutely adore it. Check out her Instagram for her full collection!

From Sara: I’m pretty sure I need this basket for (future) summer trips to the beach, picnics, and Farmer’s Market mornings. Plus, it’ll be totally pretty to leave hanging on the wall hook by my front door when not in use.

From Jess: In my never-ending love for gold, everyday necklaces and charms, I had one of those heart-stopping moments when I saw this personalized monogram charm from EVREN on Etsy. I initially waited a couple of weeks but since I couldn’t get it out of my head, I decided to put around my neck:) It’s coming this week and I am SO EXCITED. She honestly has so many awesome pieces so go check it out immediately. I think this chain is next. It’s been calling me for too long. See? Zero shopping problems here…

From Mallory: In researching the best places to buy hammocks for yesterday’s post, I came across this website that’s basically an artisan marketplace that helps to empower artisans all over the world! It’s SO SO cool. Peruse this site to buy anything from handmade jewelry to (as you saw yesterday) amazing hammocks. Check it out and never go back. 

From Caitlin: Lately, I’ve been leaning on two of my all-time favorite Instagram accounts when I start feeling a little anxious or overwhelmed (it’s okay to feel those things!!!). They brighten up my day and get me back on track — I know it’s wild to be like “these IG accounts keep me from spiraling,” but AHH, these IG accounts really do keep me from spiraling sometimes. @plantkween is incredible — I discovered them via Clever a few months ago (maybe? What is time? It’s been a while, at least) and honestly, just reading about all the ~ green gurls ~ is more than enough make my day. Christopher’s energy is SO GOOD and the posts are SO CREATIVE and the captions are SO LONG (which I love if you couldn’t tell) and I swear that it’ll put a smile on your face. And if you’re not following @thelesliejordan, WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? One video a day. Truly hilarious. TRUE JOY. I also heard he’s supposed to be in the NYT Style section today (writing this ahead of time, obviously) and I can’t wait to check it out. ANYWAY, y’all, I spend a lot of time on Instagram and will NEVER steer you wrong.

From Sara: If you’re looking for a new TV show to watch, I really recommend Legendary on HBO Max. It’s a competition style TV show showcasing some of the best voguing houses in the world. But this isn’t the ballroom you’re thinking of. There is drama, emotions, performance, and so much energy. It’s an ongoing season and there are only 5 episodes out, so you can easily catch up, and then I promise you’ll want to keep up.

From Ryann: I recently received this book in the mail from my new favorite site Reparations Club and I am devouring it. I really think we need to start an EHD book club ASAP because I desperately want to talk to you guys about books!! Who is with me?

If you are looking for some important and beautiful photography to purchase then look here first. See In Black, founded by Joshua Kissi and Micaiah Carter, is a coalition of Black photographers who serve as storytellers of their own narratives and through a limited time are doing a two-week charity print sale (ending 7/3). A selection of 70+ images will be donated by See In Black where 100% of profits from the sale will support civil rights, education/arts, intersectionality, community building, and criminal justice reform. Purchasing one of these images helps support a larger mission to combat a system of oppression that disproportionately affects Black Americans.

Here are the organizations that will be donated to (and you can also privately donate to):

Prints are $100 / print + tax + shipping and will be produced by Artifact Uprising, using the company’s professional-grade giclée print process with rich, true-to-life color on archival fine art paper. Artifact Uprising also will be donating the first 1,500-quantity Large Format Prints (11×14 size) ordered to benefit the initiative. Jess bought this one.

Okay, that’s all from us for now. Have a lovely Sunday, a Happy Father’s Day, and we’ll see you back here tomorrow. xx

Opener Image Credit: Design by Niya Bascom of Ishka Designs | Photo by David A. Land | via CornerCompass

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90’s AGAIN. ALL CAPS ARE HARD TO READ, makes nervous ALSO, because it’s LIKE screaming. I like more CALM 😉


It’s about 15 words in a 1000-word post. I say we give the authors a pass for wanting to express their enthusiasm and add some emphasis to their writing.


I didn’t even notice it.


I had the same exact thought! It’s so distracting to read (especially since one of the words in all caps is misspelled) and seems unnecessary and kind of raises my heart rate in not a good way.

Vicki Williams

Good grief! Get over it!


If lettercase stresses you out to the point of needing to complain about it publicly, you may need to just stay off the internet altogether.


Maybe we could give Caitlin and Jess a pass on the ‘ol capital letters usage because they are clearly very…”EXITED”! Luckily (for those of you caught in a web of anxiety and nervousness brought about by capital letters) Caitlin has provided us with two crackin’ instagram accounts to help sooth such feelings. 😉


Ishka vibe …. deliciousness! So, so good. Suck aneye for curating objects in a truly inspiring way. ❤
BTW: there’s an Aussie company called Ishka that sells all manner of eclectric and global everything. They were in a bitof financial trouble a while back, butthey have such hood stuff. From doorknobs, rugs, mugs, huge hand carved doors, bedspreads, you name it.

Jess, I think you meant exCited, not “EXITED” 😄


Oh no! Danged numb fingers on my flippin’ tablet…sorry typos!
SUCH an eye….and the rest.


These latest home tours are so fantastic! Such a breath of beautiful fresh air. Thanks for highlighting them!


Hi! Where did EHD team member Veronica go?


Emily explained in a previous comment on a post the other day that Veronica had put in her notice before COVID and then stayed on for longer and is now doing other freelance opportunities as well as them hiring her on for projects.

Beth already snuck in here with a completely accurate reply (thank you!), but I’m just here to confirm it 🙂 We’re still working with V freelance, and she’ll always be a part of the EHD family.

Cynthia Gylov

Oh my gosh! I haven’t seen Leslie Jordan in a gazillion years! He’s an absolute doll. I produced a reading of a play called “Late Night With Lois & Lester” and Leslie was cast as the grandmother- he was HYSTERICAL. Thanks for reminding me of that and Happy Father’s Day to all the pops out there👏👏👏👏👏♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


The home tour is wonderful! Niya Bascom’s art curation is stunning. I’m loving the variety in the home tours and reveals lately. So much personality.

Jess – The monogrammed necklace is so tempting. I may end up ordering it after I can’t stop thinking about it.

Ryann – EHD book club! That book is on my long list to read. I’m currently reading Kendi’s “Stamped from the Beginning”.

I know!!


Ryann, I’m up for your book club! That book looks awesome, too. I’ll have to get it. Since starting to investigate my ancestry a number of years ago, the single BEST THING I uncovered is confirmation that my three-times great grandfather’s farm outside Cincinnati was a stop on the Underground Railroad. Something I’m very proud of.

Michelle R Tillett

Book reader enthusiast here. I’m in, what are we reading first?


Yay Orlando! (You are my forever friend because you emailed me back about a rug as if you were a normal person as well as the L.A. star you are. You rock.)

He is so sweet<3

Molly H

Just ordered the “large closure basket” from Indigenous. Kind of plain name, I think, for a darling wicker bag to take to the beach or to hang. I’m going to use as eye candy and hang on a wall coat hook with a few “fresh looking” silk flowers. Fair price with the 15% “first purchase” discount.

Was looking for this exact thing–thanks!

We’ll be basket twins!!!


Another huge fan of @plantkween IG. Beautiful photos and a ton of plant knowledge/tips – inspiring, educational, and motivating me to nurture all of my house plants.

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