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The Link Up: Emily’s New Perfume (That Everyone Loves), Ryann’s Matching PJs, And The COOLEST Chocolate Box This Holiday Season


Hey everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful (and safe) Thanksgiving that hopefully left you very full. Now we’re full-blown into the holiday season and no one can stop us *que It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas.* We’ve got a full out link up for you guys today, and also remember there are LOTS of great sales this weekend so check out our Black Friday post if you missed it. Now onto the link up!

If you haven’t seen Ginny’s newest project, your design heart is about to explode (in the happy way:)). Y’all it’s so GOOD!! But let’s be honest, is that a surprise? So do yourself a Sunday favor and go check out the whole house that also was shot by Sara (which makes our EHD hearts explode). Then go read all about it on Clever.

From Emily: I decided that this is the year I’m going to try to smell good. It’s not that I smelled bad before, but I’ve NEVER worn perfume and I don’t have a ‘scent’. After begging my more beauty/smell expert friends they both agreed that Kai smells good on literally everyone and nobody doesn’t not like it. I put it on last night after a bath and snuggled up to watch a movie with the kids and Brian and everyone, EVERYONE, was like ‘mama you smell goooooood’. It’s not overpowering, just a nice floral/gardenia scent that I LOVE. I bought the lotion and the roller ball. Brian is a BIG fan 🙂

From Caitlin: OH BOY Y’ALL. After flying east at the beginning of the month and spending a little over 2 weeks in isolation, I finally reunited with my mom this week and it WAS SO FUN. She also surprised me with THE BEST THING EVER: an Apple numeric keyboard. I’ve only ever used the tiny, standard one and this has been a TRUE GAME CHANGER. I do a lot of math and data tracking here and I didn’t realize that having a dedicated number pad would make things SO much easier and make me MUCH faster!!! 100000/10, best gift of all time, SUPER thoughtful present idea for anyone else who does math on their computers all day, especially with their gift card promo going on right now!!!

From Albie: Kyvol Cybovac E20 Robot Vacuum Cleaner – I call him Kyle & he vacuums the first floor for us every morning, 9:00am sharp. Very Jetsons of us, I know, lol

From Ryann: I just bought these matching pajamas for my fiancé and I plus this matching bandana for my sweet dog Gus and YA’LL I can’t wait to get a picture of our lil fam wearing them. My family never wore Christmas PJs growing up but that atrocity ends now!!! I got so excited purchasing them and am official team matching pajamas forever and hopefully can get ones for us for every holiday.

From Mallory: I realized I forgot to add something to my gift guide and it’s very important… I gave this as a birthday gift to my friend last year and it was such a good gift that I could NOT stop talking about it for MONTHS. Then when my birthday came around, I also received it as a gift and I use it ALL THE TIME. What is it you ask? It’s a beer on tap machine where you put any bottle or can into it and it comes out ON TAP. THAT’S RIGHT YOU GUYS IT’S BEER ON TAP IN YOUR HOME. I didn’t realize how much I missed having a foamy beer at a bar or restaurant until I got this and it works SOOO WELL. Oh, and it’s portable also, which is great if you want to take it somewhere or if you want to set it on a bar cart or somewhere and not have to use a cord (which is so ideal). If you don’t want to use batteries though, it does come with a plug-in also that’s optional, so really it’s just perfect for anyone and everyone and you should get it for yourself or for someone for the holidays. It’s the easiest one-click gift. I have a lot of good things to say about it and it’s so good that whoever you give it to will also probably have a lot of good things to say about it.

From Malcolm: These puzzles by Puzzle Huddle would make great gifts for young kids this holiday season! I assembled one with my nephews over the summer, and they absolutely loved it. Moreover, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, but I cannot speak highly enough about the power of representation. Puzzle Huddle is a Black-owned business and embodies the fact that creating toys that mirror children’s skin color, hair texture, and features can provide profound affirmation for a child’s positive self image. And there’s more! They partner with a variety of artists to illustrate their puzzles, so they also support the arts! What’s not to love?

Also from Malcolm: I snagged this brass-framed mirror from Wayfair a couple years ago for the bathroom in my old house. It’s hefty size and deep shelf is a real showstopper, and it looks just as good in my hallway now! And it’s currently on sale! Snag one for yourself!

From Jess: I have found a really awesome gift for that stylish but really hard to shop for person on your list! Remember that incredible ribbon art in Bowser’s Dining Nook? Well the artist, Angela Chrusciaki Blehm has collaborated with andSons Chocolatiers to make probably the most beautiful box of chocolates I have even seen. They aren’t cheap but they are very special (and delicious).

Also from Caitlin: THIS. ROBE. AHH. Erik actually ordered this with all his bedding (wish he had shot his photos in it) but I heard rave reviews and I’m a goober so OBVIOUSLY I HAD TO TRY IT. I had been using a cheap robe from Amazon for the past ~5 years and I had NO IDEA there would be such a difference. It feels like a hotel in my house!!! So plush and luxe! I bought it full price because I’m impatient (and it was worth it) but it’s on sale now!!! 100000/10, am considering buying another in graphite.

So that’s all for today! Check back for more awesome sales tomorrow for our cyber Monday post. Now enjoy your Thanksgiving leftovers and we’ll see you tomorrow for a fun reveal! Xx

Opening Image Credits: Design by Ginny Macdonald Design | Styled by CJ Sandgren | Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

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1. Caitlin’s reaction to her gift is so great (and makes a lot of sense). I appreciate the mentions of the math/analytical side of EHD! I identify with it more than the artistic “gut feel” end of things (which I am jealous of but it’s not me).

2. The puzzles Malcolm included are awesome! My kids are a little young (1 and 3, 3yo does like puzzles but ones with trucks in them) I think so does anyone have advice on how to keep an eye on products like that when it will be a couple years before we’re ready for them? Also the everpresent problem that Amazon wishlists are the most convenient to send to family (if they even respect them, of course) but would love to support small businesses more directly as well?

3. Ginny’s work makes me like things I didn’t think I would like otherwise. Also I’m glad I never read the 30 under 30 type lists, that seems likely to make me feel inadequate rather than inspired.

4. The beer on tap item sounds so perfect for dads so I’m bummed the Amazon reviews seem to suggest it might be a bit inconsistent.


My sister recently sent out my nephew’s first birthday/Christmas using It’s a gift/registry list that can link to any website. You choose what you want to give and “reserve” it then buy wherever you want. Also nice because she used a lot of Amazon links for books but we could purchase them anywhere, including a local bookstore.


You can add items from any website to an Amazon Wishlist – it depends on your browser, but for Google Chrome I have a browser extension button so that when I’m on any website I can just click that and it adds it to my Amazon wishlist. The gifter then just has to click the link on the Wishlist and it takes them to the other website.

I also use private Amazon wishlists to track things over longer periods of time – gift ideas i want to remember for people’s birthdays in a few months, items I’m considering (I use it the way a lot of people use Pinterest). No one else can see my private lists, they’re just places for me to save things and come back to them later.


YES Caitlin! The number pad is a game changer. I am a high school math teacher so lots of number crunching when I’m creating resources. 100% must have. I appreciate that someone else has the same enthusiasm as I do for keyboards with number pads.


Ginny’s prohect is fantabulous! I’m nit so into that round furniture as a thing BUT it is so good in that house! I lurve the kitchen and bathroom tiles…and the cabinetry! Oooh! I was surprised by how much loved it with some of that furniture but it really, really works. Onta, Ginny!


Oh, and the pics are awesome, SARA!!! Hahaha 🤣

Roberta Davis

Love Ginny’s project and Caitlin’s mom! Also considering a robot vacuum. We have a cordless stick vacuum that dies 1/3 into the job!


Ginny knocked it out of the park with that whole house design. It’s modern and warm. It feels like something I would have liked 20 years ago and today.


OMG, I *love* the matte black window-pane-like shower in Ginny’s house project. Such a great, intentional replacement for clear glass. How do I get that? Is it crazy $$?


Emily, do you like original or the rose Kai? The link takes you to the rise so I’m curious!

Erin Dae

@Albie, I love that you named your robot vacuum. Our Roomba is named Rosie (yes, like the Jetsons!) and has also been on 9am duty but now that the kids are schooling from home again she has been moved to an early evening shift 🙂

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