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The Best Peel and Stick Wallpapers For Your Rental Apartment (Or Really Any Space) + Help Mallory Choose One For Her Bathroom


How many of you live in or know someone who has a “white box” room? As many of you probably know, making an uninteresting “white box” room interesting is a challenge a lot of us need to overcome. We also know it’s even MORE difficult when we rent that white box and it’s a studio apartment that needs to be your bedroom, kitchen, living room, laundry room, dining room, and office space all in one. Wait, is that just me? Cool.

Regardless, my point is that no matter what your white box is: a bedroom, living room, studio, etc, you can make it interesting by slapping wallpaper on your walls. I heard from the many of facebook comments on this post that yes, wallpaper sucks to put up and take down (and it’s not renter-friendly)…UNTIL…the glorious peel and stick was born.

Peel and stick wallpaper is slowly taking over the world, and honestly I would not be mad if it was my president. There are so many delicious options, but it can take a long time to sort through the not-so-delicious options to find a wallpaper that’s love at first sight.

So for anyone who has been following along my MOTO saga (if you need a refresher click this post and this post)…I’m excited to say I have an update (sort of). By update I guess I just mean my walls look like this…

bed (similar) | bedroom wallpaper | couch | rug | sherpa | nightstand | lamp | bathroom wallpaper

It’s called DESIGNING people. Welcome to the process. I probably have 6 more wallpaper samples coming in the mail, so if you think this is overwhelming, just wait to see me in 1 week. Anyway, I know you’re all wondering (or maybe you’re not wondering, but this is really just a one-sided conversation until we get to the comments, so here it is) WHY do you have so many wallpapers in so many different spots in a STUDIO? Are you gonna wallpaper your entire box! HA, no, (well, never say never), but I’m really trying to find the RIGHT wallpaper (aka love at first sight) and I’m sort of hoping that putting them all over the apartment will inform me on where to put it. The problem is I’ve fallen in love with a lot of wallpapers (both of these for sure), so now I need to look around and minimize because I want my walls to be tastefully decorative, yet still a lil loud & filled with personality. Is that too much to ask?

To do “research” I went back to see when and where EHD has used temporary wallpaper –– please see the below for examples if you’re curious as to what I found:

Now this one is a classic & is so fun (it’s also great inspo for all the home offices that are being forced to be designed, so keep this in mind :)) I love it. It’s cute and precious but let’s get a lil steamy and take it into the bedroom for a moment:

Now THAT’S how you do a peel and stick bedroom amirite?? These are so fun & I’m VERY into it. Which one do you vibe with more? Do you love both? Hate both? If these wallpapers aren’t your cup of tea, don’t worry about it…we rounded up a BUNCH of goodies down below…take a peek!! ALSO, I thought for the longest time that a “wall mural” was just something you painted all across your wall and were reserved for the little ones. BUT GUYS. Peel and stick “adult” wall murals are a thing and it basically is just any wall mural that’s not a repeating pattern. I learned this the hard way after googling “large scale peel and stick wallpaper” 100 times with no luck finding what I wanted. Then something popped up that said “wall mural” and it was all over. So basically we’re gonna show you the best WALLPAPERS and WALL MURALS (in different categories) that are all peel and stick!! Let’s start with the wallpapers…here we goooo!

1. RoomMates Grasscloth Peel & Stick Wallpaper Gray| 2. Two Step | 3. Chillin’ Cheetahs Removable Wallpaper | 4. Cara Removable Wallpaper | 5. Ladder | 6. Weave Peel & Stick Wallpaper | 7. Batik Tropical Leaf Wallpaper | 8. Coral Peel & Stick Wallpaper| 9. Endless Highway Wallpaper | 10. Tan Floral Wallpaper | 11. Palm Springs Wallpaper | 12. Azteca Wallpaper | 13. Tree Toile | 14. Zebra Wallpaper | 15. Metallic Leaf Wallpaper | 16. Leaf Wallpaper | 17. Flock Wallpaper | 18. Birds in Trees Toile | 19. Stone Sediment Wallpaper | 20. Botany Wallpaper | 21. Tick Mark Wallpaper

1. Atmospheric Wall Mural | 2. Batik Forest Wall Mural | 3. Midnight Garden XIV Wall Mural | 4. Vintage Bird Wall Mural | 5. Village Wall Mural | 6. Navy Blue Watercolor Wall Mural | 7. Crystal Geode Wall Mural | 8. Freya Boudoir Floral Wall Mural | 9. Red Sun Wall Mural | 10. One Non-Custom Wall Mural | 11. Awaken Non-Custom Wall Mural | 12. Vintage Landscape Wall Mural | 13. Wallshoppe Removable Mural | 14. Light Floral Wall Mural | 15. Minimal Marble Wall Mural | 16. Abstract Minimal 6 Wall Mural | 17. Edges Wall Mural | 18. Terracotta Floral Wall Mural | 19. Etched Arcadia Wall Mural | 20. Color Streak Wall Mural | 21. Birch Woods In Winter Wall Mural

THEY’RE ALL SO GOOD AND VERY ADULT-Y. It’s so hard to find wallpapers that don’t look like a kids room (and while some of these could definitely still look cute in a kid’s room), these will absolutely work in an adult-y house or apartment.

So now let’s get back to my adult-y apartment (and it’s my first real non-college apartment ever so I need your help). I’ve photoshopped literally every wall in the space (and I’ll show the full design plans to you soon), but I really am torn between these two wallpapers in the bathroom. I’m not 100% sure if I’m going to wallpaper the living room/bedroom yet (and if you see a wallpaper or mural you love for a bedroom/living room part of a studio…holla at me in the comments) but let’s just start here and see which wallpaper we should go with in the bathroom:

I had a love at first sight moment with both of these wallpapers and now the time has come to marry one and let the other go…which one does your heart like more?? WHICH ONE DO I GO WITH PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

I can’t wait to watch this wallpaper faceoff go down…thanks everyone for being my design therapist. Hope this roundup helped you find a wallpaper & now I would be forever grateful if you helped me choose mine 🙂 See you in the comments!

Opening Image Credits: Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: A Boho 70’s Inspired Bedroom

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Dear EHD team, a little wish: pls close the toilet for any further pic. A photo and very room will improve immediately within a second. Not seen only here. Even in some of Emily´s before pics we saw it. Thank you in advance.
Good luck and enjoy the process, Mallory!


Another opinion: Whatevs. Makes you real people. Definitely close that seat for reveals, though 😉


lol, I’ve been wondering about this. SO many blogs I visit with bathroom pictures & the seat is always up. Thought I was missing out on some design rule 🙂


I am super creeped out by open toilets. That being said, I did have a rat come out of one (and then go back in as I was watching) so I’m a bit traumatized. I have one friend who never shuts the toilet after she uses it and it stresses me out. Always close your toilets people.


This rat comment is definitely one that cannot be unread. Horrors.


Yes. Also: Closing the lid before flushing helps keep germs from vaporizing all over the floors, walls, towels & toothbrush, etc.


Yes, close the toilet lid for any picture of a bathroom! Always amazes me how many real estate listings show toilet lids up.


We have a house currently listed and the agent/photographer took photos with the seat up. I’m horrified, but don’t want to incur the cost of photographing a second time!


But those gross pics will be associated with you and your former address for the rest of your life, given how easy it now is to look up old real estate listings and people’s old addresses. Insist they redo or eat the cost yourself.


My in-laws has a toilet seat up in the listing photos and it still sold in two days for well over asking


Yeah, I have never noticed or thought about an open toilet in a picture before so it just depends on who’s looking.

Also I vote for the green zebra wallpaper!


The photographer or listing agent should be responsible to cover the cost of retaking the BR photos. What photographer or listing agent doesn’t realize the toilet seat is up? Ugh. I agree with you and say don’t list your home with pics of a toilet seat up!


Somebody once said to me “the toilet is like the refrigerator…it should only be open when you’re using it” and I cannot agree more.

I once saw a mythbusters (?) episode that used some kind of infrared light to track the pattern of water/germ splatter when a toilet flushes and it was HORRIFYING. A huge whoosh of matter erupted several feet upwards out of the toilet and settled on everything within a six foot radius.


Here’s where I’m at, Mallory. Maybe this all reads differently in person, but my eyes see cool tones in the two wonderfully whimsical wallpapers you’ve chosen, and super warm earthy tones in the tile of your lower wall and floor. Now that may be exactly what you’re going for, but to me, neither wallpaper is playing nice with the tile. Any chance you have some favorite wallpapers in warmer tones?


I was thinking the same thing!
The tile looks like a warm off-white in the photos, which is lovely but could look dingy if there is a cooler white in the wallpaper background.
I would go for a wallpaper where the background colour makes the tile look good.
This could certainly include cool colours but must also have warm colours.
I’m very excited about your MOTO Mallory! Thanks for sharing the process with us!


I’ve noticed the same. Warmer color wouldnt clash as much


It might just be the difference between the lighting in a non-professional, non-photoshopped cell phone shot vs the lighting in the product pic…. If you scroll back up to the pic with actual wallpaper samples on the wall it’s much less dramatic


The problem is the floor tile, wall tile and countertop clash terribly. The undertones are wrong to use those together. When the original design is messed up it leaves you with only one choice. Mallory’s only option now is to pick a paper that has one of those undertones in it. Otherwise it would be introducing a fourth.


Totally agree – this was my thought as well. Love the zebras but think they don’t play well with the style, and the palm beach is also super fun but not friendly to the tile. Think it’s a case of rental work with what you have which may mean picking not your favorite wallpaper but one that elevates the tile (to the extent possible…) instead of fighting it


Agree. Both wallpapers are great but they clash with the tile and, strangely enough, make the tile stand out more. That being said, they make removable tile stickers that you can put on your tiles.


Same here!! I vote to go with something complimentary to the tones already there….

Agree! I think she should use #2 in the removable wallpapers.


agree….keep looking


I think if the zebra paper comes in a red colorway, it could work.


Completely agree. I’m not a fan of either of these papers with the current bathroom finishes. I think you can do better. If you love these papers, perhaps another space would work better.


What Diane says – it’s the tones and tension that doesn’t work for me either. Something like the #5’Tally’ seems like a better fit for the tile (tho’ this is probably just my aesthetic coming through ☺️) or a paper with some accent colour that speaks to the tile, something that works with what’s there already…and maybe new taps and loo roll holder?!


I’m going to presume both your wallpaper choices pictures are mocked up in the bathroom to-scale (or close to it). Scale is SO important with wallpaper! Over the past four months, I’ve wallpapered (peel/stick) two rooms and definitely encourage samples (though I found many samples are not to-scale, which is weird and annoying). For my first install, the wallpaper material was more like what I would expect of wallpaper (of course with a huge sticker on the backside), and the second was more – I don’t know – vinyl-y? The vinyl-y version proved much easier to apply, and stuck better to the wall.

For your two options, I prefer the zebras, so the cool/warm whites aren’t competing. Plus since it’s a small space, GO BOLD and have fun!


GREEN! You have so much white in that room that you won’t be able to change… Plus I think you need (“need” – ha!) the “I’m just strolling into my Palm Beach vacation hotel room” experience every time you enter your bathroom 😉


One vote for the zebras!

I like the Palm Springs one better, but it’s so white it makes the tile look dingy, so I’d go with the other one.


Is it ok to say I don’t like either? I feel like they really clash with the style of the bathroom – I know that’s probably what your going for but to me it just looks super random. I think you should go with either something more graphic/abstract if you want to go colourful or something in a neutral colour if you want to go with a pattern/pictures. But very interested to see how it turns out either way!


Exactly. I would go with #12. Azteca Wallpaper in you Peel and Stick Wallpaper Roundup instead. Bold but more in line with the existing tiles and modern design of the bathroom.


I don’t like either one, either.


Go with the Palm Springs, paint your vanity blue and get some blue towels for your shelves!


Ooh if you can paint the vanity that changes things. either of these could work.


Zebras! I love the rich tone and it would make me happy every time I walked into the bathroom. Bathrooms are definitely a place to inject more joy and quirk and a small space like that can handle it since you don’t spend hours and hours in there.

I do agree with the comments about the cool vs. warm tones of your tile though… definitely something to consider although it’s hard to tell with the mocked up versions if the green is as cool as it looks here.

Very excited for your MOTO!


The bathroom reads very tan and masculine to me. I’d soften it with a stylized floral. To my eyes the samples aren’t working. In the bedroom area I think a mural such as 16 or 20 would look great and modern but #11 might give the room some depth. I can’t wait to see the end result!


It’s too dark and, strangely, strikes me as old-fashioned in a weird sorta way.

The one with the palm trees is waaaay better for your small bathroom.
The green would limit your other decorating items too much, where the palms encourages the eye to roam across the room… I’m thinking it’ll look great with additional textures… woven touches, a basket?

I really hope you don’t choose the green…. ba-baow!! (wrong answer noise)


Just a word from someone who has BTDT, do not buy temp./stick-on wallpaper from Amazon. It arrived and was super thin (not a problem if you have white walls underneath, but a true problem for all other situations due to semi-transparency). Also, the pattern repeat was all wrong – I’d have needed to buy 2x my wall’s surface area in order to get everything to match up. It was not clear to me why the rolls didn’t match up side by side instead of being offset (you’d have a seam in the middle of your wall on every other sheet in order to get what they sent have the pattern match correctly). Returned and lesson learned. Also, I’ve watched vlogs where one person installs wallpaper. For me, this was impossible – it was definitely a two-person job.


I recently installed some peel and stick wallpaper from spoonflower. One of their designers has some William Morris prints that I used.


Thank you SOOOO much for linking this.! This is the type of peel and stick I’ve been looking for. Classic designs that look like real art instead of modern designs that you can tell were made on a computer.


I hope Mallory checks out your link because those designs are next level.

Kitty Sondern Snyder

SPOONFLOWER has INCREDIBLE Wallpaper, PLUS they have Fabric in many different weights and finishes to MATCH the wallpapers.
Also Pillows, runners, sheets, tablecloths, curtains…
It’s quite expensive, but so original and amazing!!
They DO NOT recommend using Peel and Stick in the Bathroom, for all the reasons mentioned.
( sorry, I just attached my comment to another that mentions delectable


Love wallpaper. Also I’m not too sure about both choices for the bathroom.
I just have wallpapered our office/musicroom with peel-and-stick wallpaper (very good quality, pretty expensive) and after 1 week the paper has shrunk so badly….. I have gaps between every strip of wallpaper now……. I think it’s because it can get pretty warm in the room and the temperature changes caused it. I have wallpapered many rooms (even a bathroom) before, but this was the first time with peel-and-stick and it’s just horrible. I guess the only good thing now is it’s easy to remove ;-(


I worry about this, and also sometimes I see reviews where the wallpaper ends up coming down, sometimes in the middle of the night.

Maxine Becker



Love the zebras!


What is up with the trash bin? Does it say Tea Yourself?


Also, I also have to agree with the other commenters – neither of those two choices really work in that space… I’d go with warmer hued wallpaper… but also peel & stick wallpaper in a bathroom sounds like a disaster waiting to happen (humidity, moisture, mold).

I love the look of peel and stick wallpaper but my walls are quite textured arghhh Ive been told that a thicker paper with a pattern might work, has anyone else tried this?


I’ve using a couple of Chasing Paper’s papers on textured walls and it turned out great! Their paper is super high quality – very thick and easy to work with. Not all removable wallpapers are created equal and in my opinion theirs is definitely the best!

Breanna Kion

Without a doubt I’d choose the zebras between the two. The scale is better and the boldness against the neutral room is great! Plus I think it continues the vibe from the studio space better. I agree with some of the other comments that the colour of the tiles seems a bit warm and nude-ish, so not sure if it’s better in person. The white background of the palm springs wallpaper is quite jarring and seems really stark in the space. I’m so excited for this MOTO, it looks like it’s going to be so fun!!


Agree with the comments about needing to work with the warm tile color so it doesn’t stand out. How about trying #12 or #14 from the Wall Murals you rounded up?


Oooh, I’m obsessed with the zebra print for your bathroom. We’re about to put #17 (feather flock) up in our kitchen and I’m so nervous/excited. Would love any install tips!

Amanda McCullough

I’ve used the Grasscloth from Target (love) and also some of the metallic pink and gold for a Barbie house renovation ( <3 <3 <3) —the only thing is it is a little spendy for bigger areas. Measure measure measure!!! I love how it turned out in my house though.


The green one 🙂

Janis Loughlin

The link for wall mural #5 takes you to #13…anyway to correct the link?

Shauna Betz

Also looking for the link to 5…


zebras by far!


Neither paper seems to go with the beige tiles. I’d try again. Their style is also wrong for the rest of the bath. And yes, for heaven’s sake close the toilet lid and empty trash before taking a photo


If you go with the zebras, Wallpop’s Scalamandre peel-and-stick collection has it cheaper with a bigger roll: Personally, I like the Vintage Poppies from Roommates for your bathroom.

Marilee Vickers

If your walls are textured (as most California homes are) the wallpaper will NOT STICK. you need smooth walls and your readers should know this before they buy peel and stick wallpaper


A heads up that #19 in the mural section (the “Etched Arcadia” from Anthro) is not peel and stick. I have it in my daughter’s bedroom and while it is “paste-free” it is absolutely still wallpaper that requires soaking in the tub, etc.

Kim V

The green goes better with the existing hard surfaces which I’m assuming you aren’t changing.


I’m guessing you got beat up enough about that toilet seat so I’ll let that pass but your tiles look really off-white beige-ish to me. Neither paper is working for me there. You need something that plays nice with your tile. Unless you’re gonna paint the tile…


Sorry, late to the discussion. I could not get past the open toilet and full wastebasket. That said, I don’t think either paper goes in that bathroom. The beige shades just don’t work. Can you find a paper without either beige or white in it and go from there – perhaps paint the cabinet if it will help blend with the new paper.


I love the prancing zebras. Very Wes Anderson. Actually, I liked all the Urban Outfitters ones. Not as crazy about some of the very light, small pattern styles. It’s kinda like — what’s the point? Not terribly different than just paint. Not as big on the murals, either. I only like the very traditional scenic murals.

Christina Wellhouser

Would love a follow up post on how they hold/up AND how easy they are to remove (do they damage? headache to remove?). I’m sure whatever you choose will be fab! 🙂


You need to check out Copper Corners she has amazing wallpaper a lot can be peel and stick. I would have to go with the green.


Hey, the darker looks better but honestly I don’t think either really go. I think the pattern is too small and it clashes with the tiles. It’s too much too look at. I think you need like a really massive pattern or something without a pattern that has a texture or something. It may be possible to do a consistent pattern that connects (like I could see something like the waves in the laundry closet from Emily’s old place working)…or like a massive floral like number 3 in the murals or something like that. How well do peel and sticks do in a humid place like a bathroom?


Go with #2!!! Better with all the beige…drowns it out more!


Perhaps the Terracotta Floral Wall Mural would play nice with your dark vanity and shelving unit. Accessorizing would be easy and fun. Also would complement the studio.


If these are truly the only two you love, I’d go with zebras because at least the color seems to go with your tile. The first one the color is off. But I’m not crazy about either because I think the scale is off. The floor tile and the wall tile are medium sized. For balance you need either a small print or large print. The two medium sized wallpapers you picked fall flat imo.


I wanted to add another (more positive!) comment because I only commented on the “toiletgate” thread above and didn’t want it to be like I just came here to say gross stuff about bathroom germs.

I love both wallpapers but agree with the commenters above who say that the cool tones unfortunately have the effect of making the tile look a bit dingy. It’s a bummer that the bathroom has so many competing elements going on with the floor and wall tile and the vanity. (Obvs not your fault; renting is tough.) Could you pick a wallpaper with a warm base that has some charcoal (?) in it to speak to the colour of the cabinet, or re-paint the cabinet to tie in with whatever wallpaper you choose?


Hi! Well, they are very different vibes. Both playful though! The first looks like it says retro-like if you are decorating with a retro vibe in the rest of the house ala palm springs Mid-Century vibe it would “go” and is also light and airy if thats your jam. To me it depends on your apt’s design and what style of decor you are aiming for. Personally I love the second one because to me it has way more of an impact and a style. It says something. I also like it better with that tile than the first. I feel like the first is just okay, to me it just has too much white and doesn’t have enough visual impact. I also don’t really love it with that color tile (and I am guessing you can’t change the tile). I feel like the bathroom is one of the rooms one can really be bold with and its not too much. So my vote is for the second one !;-)


Now that I read the other comments I think I agree with finding a warmer color palate-maybe you can use the zebras (which I love) wallpaper somewhere else down the road? 🙂


What about the cheetah one in the first lineup? It has both warm and cool colors in it has a similar vibe as the zebra one.


Number 2 from chasing paper could work with the tones and tile pattern of your bathroom. I do like the idea of an abstract pattern in here. I also agree with the comment that a paper with a charcoal gray element could tie it all together

Jen @livelygracehome

Mallory, first; thanks for sharing! Choices are fun, exciting, and yep, stressful, and then sharing it all adds an edge. But we’re here because we love the process! And girl, I dig your personal photoshop mock ups!
Now, on to the wallpaper. Both fun, but I do feel a change to the color tones will give you a result you will be happier with; I’ve read the comments, enough said. My eye also noticed the similarity in pattern size: the size of the wall tile is quite similar to the size of the zebra or houses on the wallpaper. Also, the palm beach paper has more straight lines, like the grout lines. Maybe try out a wallpaper with either a larger or smaller pattern than the wall tiles, as well as more curves to the print, and see how that feels to you! Just thoughts, thanks for the chat about wallpaper and design, and keep having fun with your MOTO; ’cause I am!


I want to wallpaper my kitchen island for an update. This post gives me a lot of inspiration! Any tips?


Rifle Paper Company just released peel and stick wallpaper and I’m obsessed. One of their prints is going up in my house in 2021…still haven’t settled on which one just yet because they’re all AMAZING!

Katie Cummins

GO GREEN! It makes the bathroom look less sterile (because of all the modern light colored tile) and feel much cozier. Much excite!


Question: how likely is it that kids will peel off the peel-and-stick wallpaper? Anyone use this in their kids rooms and have input? I love the idea of using this in my boys’ room (ages 6&3), but I wonder if it’s going to last if it is easily removable.


Just want to mention that if you end up not going with the zebras, but want some zebra in your life, The Inside does chairs, pillows, etc. in the zebra print. We have a gray zebra armchair and it’s such a fun accent piece.

Hi Mallory, I’m so glad that you’re updating and trying to put life into your bathroom. I noticed that your wallpaper choices are both on the whimsical style and your bedroom has a mid-century modern style. Before picking out a wallpaper, how do you want the room to feel? I agree with the other ladies here that both wallpapers aren’t doing it for the room. I feel like bringing the outdoors in would really liven it up. The Tempaper Hojas Cubanas Removeable Wallpaper at West Elm might be something you would consider. It has that bold green color you liked with the zebras but brings in the neutral color of your tiles in the background color. Geniveve Gorder used the wallpaper in a vintage styled room on a shelf nook and it is dynamic and fun. I would paint the cabinet as well and the brass faucet would look divine with it. Just my 2 cents. Can’t wail to see what you pick.

I didn’t know if you could add a link in the post so here is The Tempaper Hojas Cubanas Removeable Wallpaper I mentioned:

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