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A Romantic Glam Bedroom Makeover With Opalhouse By Target

That’s the look of a girl who is living out an inner ‘Victorian Glam’ fantasy – this bedroom. When Target first told me about their upcoming ‘eclectic and bohemian’ line, I remember thinking ‘how exactly does a major retailer do eclectic?’ Eclectic usually means vintage or globally inspired. But with faith in the design team, I was obviously excited to see what they could cook up. (I’ve met the team personally and these are people who are FAR more stylish than the coolest person I know in LA…I’m not joking. They’ve long been wearing brands I’ve only just now discovered and reference artists and architects that I’ve never heard of but respond with a cool but not too cool head nod.)

They traveled to France, Portugal and Spain all to gather inspiration and a year later it launched and MY GOODNESS it is full of wonder. It’s almost overwhelming in its breadth of styles (everything from Southwest boho to, well, this room). As someone who is style polyamorous, I was like a newly single person on Tinder, mentally swiping right on SO MUCH. At the first press showing that I hosted, I was like ‘ooh that, and oh look at that’ and ‘I need that, also can I have that?’ To showcase the collection, I wanted to create a bedroom where we could highlight my favorite pieces, but true to my style I couldn’t decide on what those were. I also have a doctorate degree in ‘how to make your life more complicated despite an easy ask.’ Essentially as I was shopping, I had the brilliant idea that we should do TWO rooms – this collection deserves that much, at least. This would be better, more fun and almost easier than deciding on what I love.

So for today’s Opalhouse bedroom, I give you ‘Victorian Glam.’ You might be confused, thinking that I’m in a minimalist zone as I design the mountain house, but trust me that I gasped when I saw this wallpaper pattern.

Bright Vintage Inspired 70s Romantic Bedroom

It’s not for everyone. I realize this. But its perfect combination of green and pink (with a dash of parrot) speaks to me. It’s so happy and references vintage in a way that feels fresh.

Target Opalhouse Fun Temporary Wallpaper1

The wallpaper is removable. You might be asking ‘how removable and how easy is it to install?’, so here are my thoughts:

  1. You have to be patient and take your time. It’s ‘easy’ in theory but since it’s a pattern, you have to match it and that can take time and patience. This is not something you want to slap up between bingeing episodes of “Younger”.
  2. Start from the middle of the focal point and work out. The further away from the starting point, the more imperfections with pattern matching you will have.
  3. If you have recently painted or patched your walls, then I’d definitely recommend waiting a few months. We applied this removable wallpaper in two rooms of my friends’ house (which had just been staged and the walls had been patched). In this room, the paper was removed perfectly with no problems but in the other room, it grabbed the patched paint where the previous owners had recently applied. Basically what I’m saying is if you are planning on removing the paper in the foreseeable future, then don’t apply it on a wall that has a lot of different paint applications. If you are in your home for the long haul, it doesn’t really matter or if your paint has been applied for months then you are fine. If you recently patched and painted a hole for a nail or screw, know that an adhesive like this might take it off if it’s not fully set. It also wasn’t a big deal – we patched and painted where the paper stripped the wall.
  4. The more ornate the paper, the easier it is to apply. This shouldn’t affect your decision but it’s good to know that detail-heavy paper hides imperfections whereas a simpler pattern shows more.

Pink Velvet Quilt Target

Okay, let’s chat bedding. One of the highlights of the Opalhouse collection is the bedding. It’s extraordinarily wonderful. The soft fabric is eatable, and the colors are perfectly on trend – not to mention the filling is soft and extremely maleable. It’s not a pillow that is stiff and solid.

Emily Henderson Target Opalhouse Romantic Glam Bedroom

I wanted that lumbar pillow so badly when I first held it because of how soft it is. It’s the right scale for the ‘one long pillow‘ idea and yet it looks high end despite being affordable.

Opalhouse 70s Inspired Velvet Lumbar Pillow

It’s so cushy and mushy…in such a good way. It’s like having 4″ carpet on your floor – you shouldn’t sleep on it but you could.

Colorful Vintage Inspired Glam Bedroom

The brass and leather of this headboard is amazing – the perfect solid and more masculine contrast to the floral paper. You hang it on the wall and it looks really luxe while being about $200.

Target Opalhouse Velvet Bedding Collection1

Vintage Inspired Mod Velvet Chair

We created a seating area in the corner with a chair and ottoman. It swivels. It’s oversized and comfortable. It’s the perfect ‘Art Deco’ vibe without a lot of detail which works so well with our ornate wallpaper. A really elaborate chair would have competed with the paper. This chair gives your eye (and bum) a rest.

Target Opalhouse Temporary Peel And Stick Wallpaper

The nightstands are a good solid and simple respite from the swankier paper, but with enough detail to still reference the vintage vibe.

White Bamboo Detail Nighstand Bold Temporary Wallpaper1

The Opalhouse collection offers a lot of lamps but they were all pretty decorative and intricate so we chose to do the standing lamp and a vase of totally unrealistic flowers instead. I’d typically use a simpler and more streamlined lamp with that paper but I wanted to include this vase which is amazing, so it balanced out the floor lamp.

Easy To Use Peel And Stick Temporary Wallpaper1

Opalhouse Picture Frame1

Romantic Vintage Glam Bedroom1

The whole room is a fantasy and everyone who walked in or saw it freaked out. That paper really became THE important design element, but if it hadn’t been there, the furniture would have looked great on a painted wall. I feel so lucky that I get to live out my style fantasies while creating these looks. I kept telling my team ‘I want to be this person who has this room’ and they would reply ‘you can and you kinda do.’

Emily Henderson Target Opalhouse Romantic Glam Bedroom Roundup

1. Wallpaper | 2. Headboard | 3. Duvet | 4. Velvet Quilt | 5. Velvet Sham | 6. Lumbar Pillow | 7. Vase | 8. Nightstand | 9. Rug | 10. Peach Accent Pillow | 11. Floor Lamp | 12. Round Floor Pillow | 13. Bone Scalloped Frame | 14. Brass Lidded Candle | 15. Peach Frame | 16. Ottoman | 17. Swivel Barrel Chair

***Photography by Sara Tramp for EHD


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50 thoughts on “A Romantic Glam Bedroom Makeover With Opalhouse By Target

  1. Emily! This is beautiful.. I was just watching the youtube video for this particular one ( again..since I may watched it like a million times.. ) and wondering if you uploaded the same on your blog.. came here to see and BAM! Lovely use of colors as always! I just wanted that bit of a push to style my nightstands with different vases and flowers on each side ( its difficult for me.. since I love symmetry.. but also find it boring). Love the way you did it here! I hope I can try to pull the asymmetry off.. pray for me 🙂 Love you!

  2. The first time I saw that wallpaper I knew I wanted it for my guest room. It’s always out of stock though! Temporary wallpaper usually so expensive and my husband won’t let me do the real stuff. This is so pretty, gives me lots of ideas!

    1. Have you tried Etsy for removable wallpaper? Lots of options and price points.

  3. I love the way you styled this room. I hung that wallpaper in a hallway and it is the most amazing and magical thing ever. No one believes me when I tell them it is temporary wallpaper.

  4. OMG love those nightstands! Love the entire look. So beautiful and springy!

  5. so cute! what is holding the bed up? i could get down with that headboard easily, but it looks like the bed is floating in the air, and i don’t know how to make that happen!

  6. Opalhouse is a great collection, for sure. I had to laugh at your description of Target’s design/style team!! In another season of life I would have been saving pennies to buy several awesome pieces but now I prefer to admire it and stick with my calm quiet Modern Monastery vibe lol. Some of the textural tonal textiles and bedding are quite tempting however! Not the wallpaper… too too much for an actually restful bedroom!

  7. I bought this wallpaper last month for my powder room, have yet to hang it. Thanks for the start in the middle tip…modern traditional with a margarita!

  8. Love this room! And thanks for the removable wallpaper tips. I’ve been wanting to try it at home, but keep putting it off.
    P.S. I love the structure of the greenery/flowers in the dusty pink vase. Do you know what they’re called?

  9. Although very creative, I would not be able to relax or sleep in this room.
    Not for the claustrophobic.

  10. What a beautiful room! I want to put that wallpaper on the closet doors in my daughters room! I also love the headboard, we are in need of one in our master bedroom.

  11. Seeing this makes me even more sad and frustrated that Target didn’t prepare themselves more and try harder to succeed in Canada. We are missing out, big time! Gah!!!

  12. This is beyond stunning! I’ve been waiting for you to do a feature on the Opalhouse collection, which I’m obsessed with. Thank you!

  13. Sooo much eye candy! The wallpaper is pretty busy, but up close I appreciate all the details in the pattern. And thank you for the tips on removable paper! Although even with the word “removable” I can’t seem to get my hubby on board with wallpaper… Anyhow, can’t wait to see your second room!

  14. I was wondering about the swivel chair and ottoman, the link does not work on my computer

  15. Can you talk about the area rug on only one side of the bed? I find this visually interesting…

    1. Does the Opalhouse line have shades/dressers etc.? Maybe they’re not on here because they don’t. My local Target doesn’t carry the whole line, unfortunately so I have no idea!

  16. I love that you did the wallpaper on all the walls (an accent wall is just too wussy), and a paper like this is perfect for a room with a lot angles, such as this one.

    I think I’m obsessing on that lumbar pillow, too…and I can’t even touch it!

  17. I put this wallpaper in my main floor guest bath. My house was built in the 70’s and the wallpaper is this perfectly cool nod to the age of my house. It is so much better in person too! Love what you did!

  18. Love the wallpaper! And that you didn’t paper all of the walls. One question though: why did you remove it? It feels wasteful- maybe it could’ve gone in a room where it could stay? I know you get a lot of bitchy commenters on here and I’m really not trying to be one of them. I mean heck, I’d volunteer for you to do my room AND keep it up! Also love love the Opalhouse line. It’s amazing. You’re amazing. Koom-ba-ya.

  19. Love this room & I like that Target is branching out. (And reasonable prices! — I bought the chair & ottoman before I had even finished reading the post — ha!)

  20. I’m not sure what the word was supposed to be in this sentence about the bedding: “The soft fabric is eatable” but that typo made me laugh a LOT! <3 Also now I'm kind of disappointed that this isn't some Willy Wonka type candy bedding…

  21. I don’t understand Target and their special collections at all. Opalhouse is pretty much devoid of stock on the items I want-comforters etc. and they have been for a month. Same with the items I saw on “Making it lovely”-Nicole Balk features Target and the items are always sold out. I wonder if they just use these little collections to bring shoppers into the stores and keep the stock small to increase lookers.

  22. While I didn’t love much of the Opalhouse stuff, I LOVE this room and the wallpaper and the happiness of the whole design. I hadn’t seen the headboard yet and really like it.

  23. I’m sitting next to an open window trying to catch a cool breeze. It’s that time of year where we try NOT to turn on the ac yet if at all possible–because once it’s on, you feel like you can’t go back.
    And so I click on the quilt–what? Velvet?!? Nope, not in May, June, July, or August! It’s pretty though.

  24. Another great post, Emily! When I found out about Opalhouse a few months back (through Domino), I was really intrigued. And man, it does not disappoint! I’m so sad I’m pretty much “done” (when is decorating ever REALLY done though?) decorating my new modern farmhouse or I’d fill it with Opalhouse (my house is pretty much full of Project62 which is equally AMAZING)! Target is just KILLING it with design – LOVE that. And I love what you come up with when you style their products. Can’t wait to see your second room!

  25. What a beautiful line and AND a gorgeous shoot!!! And, YEAH!! This is right up your ally!! I bought a few things from this line, but wanted everything!!

  26. It’s gorgeous!! I’m so curious – which room is this? The ceiling line and windows look like your house, but not your Master because you have windows behind your bed… unless you changed around the orientation? Did you install this room then pull it all back down for the next Opalhouse feature you mentioned? I’m only asking out of curiosity, because I can totally understand you wanting to keep it!! It would kill me to create such a beautiful room than have to uninstall it again, especially if it was in my own home!

  27. Beautiful! I adore the Opalhouse collection, but all of the pieces I want to order are currently out of stock. Hope they come in soon as I would love to finally finish my own bedroom makeover! That lumbar pillow gives me heart eyes every time I see it!

  28. Emily!, I LOVE the wallpaper as well! How many rolls did it take to do that room?! I need 14 single rolls to do my small powder room 7×5 and wallpaper men started and ran out with my 6 rolls!!!!! I’m desperate to find it across the nation!! I’m wigging out!!! I need a miracle!!!

  29. Emily!, I LOVE the wallpaper! I need 14 single rolls to do my small powder room 7×5 and wallpaper men started and ran out with my 6 rolls!!!!! I’m desperate to find it across the nation!! I’m wigging out!!! I need a miracle!!!

  30. Entrancing!! Love all the amazing details & color scheme! Anyway, your eye for design is as usual very impressive!
    Tried some of the product links but they direct to the home page…not sure if it is because I’m Canada! 🙁

  31. I love the room but I also love your outfit! Would you mind posting the links for that too?

  32. I love this room! The paper reminds me of the paper that was in my mom’s room when I was a kid. I know some people find it too busy to be relaxing, but I feel the exact opposite. I find the patterns of floral wallpaper really calming.

  33. This is beautiful but I must admit, the first couple of photo’s make the headboard look pink (and my thought was: PERFECT. It’s what makes that wallpaper work because it a modern pink design next to the retro paper.), and now I can’t unsee it. I prefer the room with that headboard in PINK : ) It still looks nice as is overall though.

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