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My 6 Favorite (And Mostly Affordable) Fashion Accessories That I Wear All. The. Time.

Due to my general laziness with fashion, accessories have always been an afterthought. But I realized that while I don’t have a big inventory, I wear the same types of accessories almost every day. They amp up my basic outfit, and are functional or they distract from say, bad hair. I’m not a big cocktail ring person and for work, I can’t be bothered with bracelets, but these six types of accessories are apparently my go-tos that I didn’t even realize I had.

Layered Necklaces

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My friend Suzanne taught me how to do this – you buy a set of three then add in one more that is either chunkier or somehow visually different (like a locket or a fishbone chain). I basically just let her tell me what to buy and how to wear it, but now I add them to almost any outfit I wear.

1. Set of 2 Pendant Necklaces | 2. Sofia Chunky Chain Layer Necklace | 3. Ball & Medallion In Worn Gold Layer Necklace | 4. Mystic Layered Necklace | 5. Bria Delicate Layered Necklace | 6. Treasure Pendant Necklace Set

Rancher Hats

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This year I posed the question to myself – are we still wearing hats? And while I’m not as into them fashion-wise as I was 3 years ago the answer is YES, mostly because of function. They make a bad hair day look OK and provide shade. Of course, they add style, but I wear them more out of necessity (and lately I’ve been wearing a ton of graphic baseball hats).

  1. WYETH™ Wool River Rancher Hat | 2. Lack of Color Grove Rancher | 3. Janessa Leone Caden Hat | 4. Tall Flat Brim Felt Panama Hat | 5. WYETH™ Dylan Rancher Hat | 6. Cusco Rancher


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I started wearing neck scarves when Birdie was a baby because I couldn’t wear necklaces, and I just haven’t stopped. I feel like they’ve gone in and out of style, and aren’t for most people but I love how they dress up – or down – an outfit.

  1. Tungsten Glow Multi Bandana | 2. Paisley Bandana | 3. 3-Pack Bandanas | 4. Cotton Block Print Bandana | 5. Edge Detail Bandana | 6. Neckerchief Leopard Print Scarf

Leather Totes

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I’m not a huge handbag person so I either carry larger indestructible ones that fit my laptop and likely about 95 hair ties mixed with loose almonds on the bottom OR belt bags when I want something smaller. I’ve been using that Parker Clay bag for almost 4 years and recently got that brown leather tote from Able and it is my current go-to. Both have easy to put on straps, some interior pockets and age so well (and are sustainable and high quality).

  1. Nimes Araoz Bag | 2. Eden Carryall| 3. Lori Tote | 4. The Day Market Tote | 5. The Zip-Top Medium Transport Tote | 6. Solome Tote

Belt Bags

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When I want a smaller tote (for weekends and nights mostly) I opt for the statement belt bag, because they do feel a bit more young and fun than a cross-body. Clare V. makes some really good ones (all three of the ones I am wearing are Clare V.) but they are on the expensive side, so we rounded up some more affordable ones. You’ve seen me wear that red one a lot because I am obsessed with it and I like that the color adds an unexpected element to my outfits.

  1. Bree Belt Bag | 2. Monogram Vegan Leather Belt Bag | 3. Leather Purse Belt Bag | 4. Leather Belt Bag With Flap Pocket | 5. Emma Convertible Belt Bag | 6. Corrinne Snake Belt Bag

Patterned Socks

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I absolutely did not understand the love of patterned socks until this year and once I added them to my repertoire I started thinking about socks as part of my outfit. Socks!!! Shocking, I know. My team also loves them and “where did you get your socks from” is a phrase often uttered in the office. Come join our sock party.

  1. Stripe-Play Ankle Socks | 2. Striped 6pk Crew Socks | 3. Hansel from Basel™ Two-Pack Geo Shimmer Socks | 4. Lignes Crew Sock Set | 5. Hansel From Basel Horizon Shimmer Crew Socks | 6. Two-Pack Grid Trouser Socks

That’s all she wrote, folks. Now I am curious – what are your go-to everyday accessories?? Are there any new styles I should know about? Let me know in the comments. xx

** all photography by Veronica Crawford

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4 years ago

I watched as you jumped into the sock thing … it IS a thing … and I love it! I actually started buying socks that are a bit better quality and fun, instead of plain, old, utilitarian socks. Thanks!

I must say, careful with ever putting your handbag on the ground or floor.

4 years ago

I started buying that 6 pack of striped socks from Target on your recommendation … and apparently I’m hooked. I’ve purchased 3 different sets of these Target socks and they are great. They wear and wash well. So thanks. Sometimes it’s the little things — like socks and sock recommendations — that make life easier. 😉

My only question now: Why is it so hard to find brown socks? Black, gray, white, blue, offwhite — no problem. But it’s hard to find good socks in brown tones — caramel, saddle, dark brown, whatever. What is up with that??

4 years ago

Lol on the no necklaces while breastfeeding one! That’s me right now, and while I do actually have a couple of those silicone teething bead necklaces, none of them are all that high fashion and I was really hoping you would have a recommendation in that department because I bet an Emily Henderson selection would look cuter than most of the gaudy baby-ish ones I’ve seen. Active to the other nursing mamma‘s, though: I also have a necklace that is made out of big links of real buffalo horn, and it’s a bolder statement look that also is something they can chew one and that rattles, so I wear that when I want to keep baby entertained. I always have earrings in, and right now because of the baby I also can’t do any tingly ones, but I have three holes in one here and two in the other and there’s always something in all of them when I go out in public. Right now I love some little Thomas Sabo huggie hoop earrings made of little silver skulls. I often wear a thick belt that cinches things in around my waist, or at least I think I should, because… Read more »

4 years ago

I have adopted a similar necklace strategy, although I often wear just a single piece of deer antler hung from a delicate chain. Its modern, rustic, northern and pretty much goes with anything Id call an “outfit.” It is from the lovely creative mother/daughter talent at I recently purchased their Lock lariat for my sister as a birthday present and she LOVES it. Kinda want it too now. Also wanted to add a plug for for their convertible belt bag The Waverly. They do run seasonal sales so if you can wait for one, do. But it is the PERFECT travel bag for when you need something that can take you from beach to dinner.

4 years ago

I love a good bandana! I wear them in my hair, and I use them to “wrap” gifts. The gift that keeps on giving!

4 years ago

I love neck scarves! They are great for travel for elevating comfortable, sightseeing ready outfits. And you don’t fear loosing them like necklaces. I’ve twice misplaced necklaces while traveling, fortunately the Airbnb host mailed one back to me and the other I hid in my wallet. But a scarf is easily tied to a tote or a handbag. I’m clearly a fan.

I used to always wear a statement necklace, but they aren’t quite as much in style now, so I’ve been inspired by your layered look. I haven’t bought a set, but instead playing with the look of a selection of my current necklaces.

And love the hats! I rarely wear them now and wonder why, but in my twenties, I had all sorts of hats. Surprisingly, not baseball hats. I’ve never figured out how to make them look good on me.

I love all the accessory ideas you’ve shared. I want to get a belt bag, because they are so cute AND practical! Thanks for the tips!

4 years ago

Just wondering. The madewell tote says $69. Is that a different tote than linked? Because it’s coming up at over $100

4 years ago
Reply to  Jules

No, I have and love that bag, and it’s $178. I saw the price and jumped to check if it was on major sale, but it’s not, the price just seems to be listed incorrectly, unfortunately.

4 years ago

where is the clutch from in the first photo?

4 years ago

I usually prefer solid colored tops, so I wear scarves in the winter because they keep me so warm and really tie an outfit together. In warmer weather I love layering necklaces and still wear statement necklaces too! Then I add a jacket, vest, or oversized cardigan!

4 years ago

More Suzanne pleas.

4 years ago

Can Suzanne do her own posts? (Fingers and toes crossed)

4 years ago

Thank you for always scouting affordable options for us! I appreciate these fashion posts and look forward to them every Saturday.

I also would love to know where the necklaces are from that you wear in the posts, that’s where I see them — and I love these most.

For example, that chunky gold chain in the RTR post. Love!

4 years ago

I have loved statement socks for a very long time, especially striped. I was overjoyed to see you acknowledge them for the accessory they are! I have even purchased men’s socks before because they often have fun colors and patterns. I always notice your socks in your fashion posts and have been eyeballing that black and white vertical striped pair you often have peeking out the top of a pair of awesome ankle boots. You show them again in this post in the photo where you’re standing in front of the red door in a long coat. Do you have a source for them? All of my striped socks are horizontal, and a vertical pair would really elevate my game. Do tell!

Caroline Pampell
4 years ago

How do you keep the chains from twisting together when wearing multiple necklaces. Is there a trick? I’d like to do it more but worry about breaking a chain if they get twisted up too much

4 years ago

I like all the accessories but the necklace is my favourite accessory. The necklace really looks amazing on you. I also liked the idea of the layered necklace. I agree that these necklaces can literally go with any outfit. Thank you for sharing this article with us. It was a real pleasure reading your article. I really appreciate the efforts you have taken to write this article. I will definitely share this article as much as possible. Thank you.