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So You’ve Probably Heard About Brooklinen A Lot… Here Are Our Actual Favorite Products

HELLO THERE, PALS. I’m gonna need you to come with me for a second (going to make a point, I swear, just one obligatory weird analogy first): you know how the Cheesecake Factory menu can get kind of overwhelming? Like, you show up, and you know that you’re hungry, and you know everything there is good, and then they hand you a literal CHAPTER BOOK of options and you’re like…”UH, HOW CAN I CHOOSE when everything here sounds phenomenal right now?” That’s kind of how I feel when I look at the Brooklinen website – it’s a veritable smorgasbord of awesome bedding and bath options.

But with incredible choice comes debilitating analysis paralysis (for me, at least – it took THREE DAYS to decide between Percale and Sateen sheets when I placed my first order a few years ago). So today, to mark the start of Brooklinen’s HUGE annual birthday sale, I wanted to gather the team to give some honest feedback about our favorite Brooklinen products – you know, the things we’ve actually opted for in our own homes – peppered with a feeeew extra pieces that we’re also hoping to snag before the sale ends on May 4th. We’ve got reviews of Brooklinen’s linen, and percale, and flannel, and heathered cashmere, and bath sheets, and plush towels, and quilts, and blankets, and comforters, and duvets, and mattress toppers, and SO MUCH MORE. (You may also see some sneak peeks into the bedding we’re planning on using in our upcoming bedroom reveals!!!) So without further ado, let me toss it to the team so we can all walk you through some of our favorite tried-and-true pieces, yeah???


Super-Plush Robe in White | Super-Plush Hand Towels in Cream | Super-Plush Bath Sheets in Ocean | Flannel Hardcore Sheet Set in Blue Buffalo Plaid | Down Alternative Comforter in All-Season | Heathered Cashmere Duvet Cover in Cream | Lightweight Quilt in Navy and White Graham | Luxe Pillowcase in Cream

Let me start with the duvet insert: I’m sure there are a lot of good ones out there, but Brian and I much prefer this one. I crave it when I’m not in our bed because it’s so fluffy and yet we don’t overheat. I can squish it down between legs, under my armpit, in all my appropriate crevices, and yet it is still big and fluffy. I think the key is good ingredients, but since I’m not a bed scientist I don’t know what those ingredients are (real feathers are annoying to me, but synthetic can be hot and hold more heat). So whatever this is, it’s the perfect “fluffy but squishy” combo because we truly love it.

I’ve also always loved those windowpane printed sheets in percale you can see up above – they’re the ones we also ended up using in our Mountain House primary bedroom because they’re so cool and comfortable – but this buffalo check in flannel is a great alternative for those of us in chillier climates. Similar graphic punch (and that blue is great) but MUCH toastier, which is key when you’re living in a cold and rainy place. I know we’re heading into summer, but after years of talking about percale, it’s exciting to have some different bedding needs and these flannel sheets are a great option.

That lightweight quilt is great at the end of a bed, too. It’s quiet and pretty and a nice weight, if you want just a little extra warmth without overheating. The heathered cashmere cover is so special, too. We’ve historically been a cotton duvet-only family (because Brian doesn’t love linen) so this is such a nice way to bring in some soft, lovely texture. Lastly – we shot those robes and towels late last year and they are truly better than hotel quality. SO luxe and plush. All the colors are easy to mix and match and the size of that bath sheet is awesome if you like feeling totally wrapped up after a bath (I do). Hope this helps!!


Linen Duvet Cover in Latte Stripe | Linen Core Sheet Set in Haze | Linen Pillowcase in Haze | Linen Pillowcase in White | Lightweight Quilt in Black Graham | Down Comforter in All-Season | Down Mattress Topper | Down Pillow Insert in Plush

So fun fact. I actually haven’t fully designed my own bedroom since college… so over a decade. Either I didn’t have the money or moved too quickly to really make a design dent. However, my bedding was the area that I did always manage to complete since it was the spot in my room where I clearly spent the most time. While I love to make bold statements in my designs, I like to keep my bed simple and look/feel very cloudlike. Who knows maybe a day will come where that will change but as of now I’m strictly pro-cloud bed. I want fluffy. I want light colors. And I most definitely want cozy. So when I’m building a bedscape, those are my main requirements. Don’t get me wrong, I love all-white bedding but I love something that gives me that same feeling but a bit more fun. Let’s start with the inserts. I come from a “down” family. ALL of our inserts were down growing. So naturally, that’s what I gravitate towards since snuggling up on a down mattress topper, with a down comforter (the all-season version since the weather is mild but can get cold in LA), and resting my head on down pillows (plush only) makes me feel safe. And honestly, if there’s one place I want to feel safe, it’s my bed. I would give anything to have my mom make my bed right after she washed our bedding. She performed some kind of mom magic where everything was perfectly fluffed so that you would just melt into it. FYI I made my own bed daily, that was just a special treat:)

So now that the inserts are covered, let’s talk about the pretty stuff. Once I saw that striped duvet cover I knew I wanted to add it to my cart immediately. I love a simple pattern and that light coral-y/tan color is so pretty and soothing to look at. But I didn’t want to make a “pretty but safe choice” and just choose a white sheet set. Instead, I love the Haze color and thought that the undertone of blue really contrasts well with the duvet cover colors. A little unexpected but still soft and light. Then for the pillows, I did add a white pillow to tie in the other stripe color and finished it off with that wonderful lightweight quilt. The scale of the pattern totally works with the stripes, the black string adds some depth, and the white also goes with the white pillowcase. All done! But wait. Let’s talk about linen. Personally, I love it. I love how it feels a little heavier and cozier and simply looks beautiful all the time. You basically can haphazardly make your bed and it looks chic. That’s the real dream:) I love how all of these are so easy to combine and mix and match. They’re my favorites!


Super Plush Robe in Mustard | Super Plush Bath Towels in Aqua Blue | Classic Duvet Cover in Cream | Classic Core Sheet Set in Toffee | Throw Wool Blanket | Weighted Comforter | Classic Pillowcase in Graphite Stripe

I have already purchased pretty much everything pictured here – well, except for that throw blanket, which I’ve been saving up for after spotting it at a friend’s house – and Y’ALL, IT’S ALL EVEN BETTER IRL. (If you’ve been around the blog for a while, you’ve probably have heard me talking about all of these things before…but I just know what I like and I love hyping it up ad nauseam, you know?)

Let me start with the bath: I bought the spa robe in 2020 as a gift for myself, and then I bought one for my mom because I loved it so much, and then I bought ANOTHER ONE to keep for myself at my mom’s house because I missed it too much when I was away. This thing puts hotel robes to shame!!! It’s the best – it’s like, soft and thick and still kind of starchy, so it just always feels clean and fresh and cozy. The bath towels are great, too. I was turned on to these after seeing how Max styled them up in Oregon and the name is SPOT-ON – they are, in fact, super plush. I also love the special edition colors they have right now – this blue is so happy and vibrant 🙂

Next up: THE BEDDING. I’m about to celebrate my 2-year anniversary with my weighted comforter (it’s in June!) and I cannot tell you how much this has TRANSFORMED my sleep. I would literally buy this again at ANY PRICE. I’ve long struggled with some pretty gnarly recurring nightmares (not awesome when you’re, you know, a grown adult) and this knocked them down by at LEAST 50%. Weighted blankets can often be kind of big and bulky and, uh, less than aesthetically appealing (sorry, someone had to say it) so finding one that could be camouflaged with a duvet cover just RULES. When it comes to the rest of the bedding, I’m a huge sucker for the classics – the percale sheets are comfortable and sleek and not too hot, which is awesome when you live inside of an oven (and/or old apartment). And man…that blanket??? It’s gotta be seen to be believed – it’s so saturated and colorful without being loud. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT OVER HERE. (Lucky for you, there are some styled out shots on the product page that are ::chef’s kiss::.) I vouch for everything here 100% – tried it, own it (or almost own it), ADORE IT. You won’t go wrong with any of these, I promise!!!


Mulberry Silk Pillowcase in Blush | Luxe Pillowcase in Cream | Luxe Core Sheet Set in Graphite and Steel Oxford Stripe | Luxe Duvet Cover in Cream | Lightweight Quilt in Black Lorimer | Weighted Comforter | Down Mattress Topper | Down Pillow Insert in Firm

If you happened to catch my recent bedroom design agony post, you know that I currently have my bed in the corner of the room, against a wall, just like an angsty teenager is wont to do. Since this layout does feel slightly youthful, I am on a mission to prove beds in the corner can be an adult bedroom trope. The first step to achieving this is with luxury bedding of course.

And what’s luxury bedding without Brooklinen’s luxe core sheet set to start??? The sateen sheets are SO buttery soft and I’m planning to grab a new set in this Graphite and Steel Oxford Stripe to add a mature pattern. I really love cotton bedding and I like my sheets and comforter to be the same fabric, so I also went with the luxe duvet cover. For my pillowcase to sleep on, I very much prefer silk because it’s better for my hair and skin, so I highly recommend the Mulberry Silk Pillowcase in Blush. I’ve always wanted a weighted comforter so, of course, my new bedding plan includes that (and I trust ANYTHING that Caitlin vouches for to be honest). It helps reduce anxiety and promotes better sleep (two things I very much struggle with!). And the lightweight quilt really is light and soft (surprising for a quilt) so it adds a nice cozy layer.


Heathered Cashmere Duvet Cover in White | Luxe Core Sheet Set in Graphite and Steel Oxford Stripe | | Linen Pillowcases in White | Classic Pillowcases in Navy | Lightweight Quilt in Navy and White Graham | Down Comforter in All-Season | Down Mattress Topper | Down Pillow Insert in Plush

I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’ve had my eyes on these classic core sheets (my personal favorite texture) in the Oxford Stripe for QUITE some time now, so this sale feels like the perfect time to finally add them to my collection. I’m someone who loves a hotel-feeling bed, so I also love this classic crisp white heathered cashmere duvet cover, especially when it’s paired with some textured but still classic and soft white linen pillowcases

I LOVE pairing these light colors with some hits of navy (but subtle hits, like these percale pillowcases) to give it a little depth, plus I love the way the navy quilt and the stripe sheet look together. The down comforter, mattress topper, and plush pillow inserts make for SUCH a comfortable base layer too. I can definitely get a full 8-hour night sleep here (maybe more).

OK GANG. (Can you tell that we love using Brooklinen in our shoots AND in our homes? Has that come across yet?)

But seriously – now that you’ve heard about our favorites, what say you??? Hoping that hearing some honest feedback about the best of the best has made you feel more confident in your choices (it’s helped me, for sure – I know that the heathered cashmere duvet cover will be the FIRST thing I grab once I get my king-sized bed this summer!). And remember, you can now grab 20% off now through May 4th. Would love to hear about your bundles or the sheets you have at home – let’s chat, yeah??

Opening Image Credits: Creative direction by Emily Henderson | Design and Styling by Emily Bowser | Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: New Reveal: This Organic, Punchy Bedroom Might Be Our New Favorite Makeover

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Erin Dae
1 year ago

I have Brooklinen Classic Core sheets and miss them when I am away – they are soft, yet crisp and they are nice and cool for warmer weather but still feel cozy in winter. I was hoping someone would review the waffle robe as I have my eye on it. Anyone tried it? I have had more cozy robes in past but was thinking of switching it up this time.

Shanon Mcelroy
1 year ago

same here! Been eyeing the waffle robe for over a year now and would love to hear feedback:)!

1 year ago

I would love to try out their bedding, especially the percale sheets. But I have to say I was very disappointed in their towels. I was so excited to upgrade my bath towels several years back but the brooklinen towels are a hard no for me in the future. I have both the super plush, classic and bath mat. First wash, the binding on bath mat completely unraveled. Their customer service was awesome and they sent me a replacement which slightly unraveled on first wash. For the towels, they seem slightly smaller than what I’m used to which may be a problem for larger bodies and they quickly had loose threads/snags which has never happened with previous towels. Lastly my beef with the super plush- do they feel like a dream? Yes. But if you care about your time and the environment-hard pass. These things are so thick they take 3 full cycles to dry with me emptying the lint trap at least twice. It also means they take forever to dry between uses.

1 year ago

So these all look so nice and well designed (and the writing is great, as always) but I feel like we should be past a cult following for products that don’t consider sustainability as a design factor, no? Are there no organic options?

🥰 Rusty
1 year ago
Reply to  Alexandra Rose

Wool is sustainable and cruelty-free, cool in summer, warm in winter.

🥰 Rusty
1 year ago

It all looks devine!!!
I personally lurve bamboo sheets for the hot Aussie summers – life changing. The air moves through them.

I’m drooling over the flannel sheets in Emily’s pick, coz it’s Autumn in Down Under.
Just checked – Brooklinen is available in Australia!🙂

But, it’s a harrrd no! on anything down, bc… ducks!🦆🦆🦆
I don’t eat them and I cannot sleep on or under their plucked feathers. Simples. A girl’s gotta draw a line in the sand at some point.
I can be cozy and more than comfy without duck feathers. 🐣
Yes, I know, I know, we’ve had this conversation before.

1 year ago

I’m just getting used to “tablescape”, and now there is “bedscape.” Who knew that term existed?

1 year ago

Is this an ad? If so, shouldn’t you label it as such, per FTC rules? Love this site, but there often isn’t great clarity about what is paid content or an affiliate link.

1 year ago
Reply to  Jane M Lange

Thank you was just about to post the same. Clearly this is a sponsored post (Or else a huge coincidence that other lifestyle blogs are also posting about their Brooklinen faves today!) but not labelled as such – nothing against sponsored posts but they should be clearly labelled as per FTC rules!

1 year ago
Reply to  Dee

I also would love if it was clearer when content on this blog was sponsored or not. I don’t mind ads and enjoy reading them if they’re done well, but I want transparency about it. And yes–I thought the FTC had rules about this.

1 year ago

I’ve been considering getting a couple of robes from Brooklinen. My husband and I need something to wear to our community hot tub in the cooler months. It’s just down the street, but it’s a long walk in January! I’m looking for something warm and absorbent. I guess the plush robe would be the better choice. I imagine the waffle robe isn’t as warm–although it might stand up to our cats’ claws a little better. If anyone has any insight, I’d love to hear it.

1 year ago

I also keep updating my home stuff from time to time. Your content always helps me to keep my home refresh and new all the time. Thanks for the post.

1 year ago

Normally I am very well served by recs from this blog, BUT I got the Classic Core sheet set based on a a post similar to this one and personally didn’t like them and wouldn’t buy again. The fitted sheet would come loose and had to be pulled back down (not a problem with my Schoolhouse sheets) and I found them too “slippery”, although they were cool and cozy, and attractive and laundered well–all pluses. Unfortunately the fitted sheet got a tear in it after about two or so years of use–not bad maybe, but not as sturdy as I would like for how pricey they are. I’m going to darn the tear and donate the sheets to an animal shelter.

1 year ago

I had the Classic Core set and they tore. It was such terrible quality. The duvet cover tore as well and the buttons fell off. I am so much more impressed with my Walmart sheets to be honest. There’s tons of stuff on the internet about Brooklinen’s shoddy quality if you look for it. I’m never buying from them again.

kelly johnson
1 year ago

Use any and all influence you have to BEG them to make XL Full sheets!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 year ago

Awesome post.
Your content always helps me to keep my home looks like new.

1 year ago

I have their heathered cashmere sheets, which are a gorgeous color and v soft… but within one use they pilled a ton! which does not feel very nice. i guess that’s a risk of cashmere but since it’s a blend (and since they’re such a splurge) i would think they’d have figured out how to prevent that or at least stop it from happening so fast

1 year ago

I came to know that these are very nice and cool stuff, I really like it.