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My Favorite “Household Basics” (Including The Bed Pillow I Travel With Because I Love It That Much)

photo by tessa neustadt | from: our modern english country kitchen

When you find yourself bringing your pillow to a nice hotel like Brian and I did on our overnight date, that must mean it’s GOOD. I get asked very, very, very often by my team/friends “What is your favorite (insert something totally unsexy/stylish)?” or “What do YOU use for (insert the boring but necessary basic)?” So I figured it was time to write about some of them. These aren’t reviews, it’s not like I’ve tried every duvet insert, but I do know the one (aka the favorite) that Brian and I both go on the hunt for when our cleaning crew accidentally switches it out. Here goes.

My Rug Pad

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: a quick update: the changes i’ve made to my la living room

With what feels like 1/2″ of memory foam, this rug pad (combined with this comfy rug) is SO COMFY. We originally bought it because our first Persian rug was pretty thin and I wanted concussion-free wrestling periods. It isn’t just non-slip, it adds at least 1/2″ of underfoot serious memory foam comfort. The only downside is that if you get it EXACTLY the size of your rug then you can see the edge of it, but if you get it too much smaller then you can see the line underneath where it ends. So I ended up cutting an inch or two off so the rug just slightly goes over it. Not everyone is as into comfort as I am but I think these little things are subconscious signals that say, “come in, sit, relax, stay awhile,” which is how I want us to feel in our home.

Our Duvet Cover

photo by veronica crawford | from: our bedroom update (also how I feel about having a tv in the bedroom)

I love our bed SO very, very much because of multiple factors – the duvet insert, duvet cover, sheets, and pillows. I’ve liked a lot of duvet covers in my day (some affordable, some expensive) but this is our current favorite and has been for a couple of months. It’s a very crisp, yet soft percale (which I think just a fancy word for tightly woven cotton – why google when you can guess!?). And while thread count is low, I can’t tell because it’s recently been discovered that thread count is total hogwash. I’ve been vocal about Brian’s “anti-linen duvet” platform, and admittedly percale is far less photogenic. However, there is a reason why linen is missing from most high-end hotel rooms – it can ruin your marriage (and a good night’s sleep) if you aren’t into that more, uh, linen-y feeling. Anyway, this duvet (and the percale sheets for that matter) stay so cool and soft. I have even – are you sitting down? – changed the duvet cover myself if my cleaning crew puts on one of our crappier backup duvet covers. I know, unnecessary “housework”?! It’s clearly a serious love affair.

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: the (new) bed in a bag with brooklinen

My Linen Comforter

Now that you’ve heard Brian is running on a “no linen duvet” platform in life, I still love this linen comforter as an extra layer mostly because it’s shockingly good for how affordable it is and styles in such a pretty way. So I like this lightweight one for us to layer during “winter” but also have used it in shoot after shoot because it’s so pretty (and affordable).

My Duvet Insert

I’m sure there are a lot of good duvet inserts out there and some likely even more affordable. But Brian and I much prefer this one and bought it for the mountain house as well. I crave it when I’m not in our bed because it’s so fluffy and yet we don’t overheat. I can squish it down between legs, under my armpit, in all my appropriate crevices and yet it is still big and fluffy. I think the key is good ingredients but since I’m not a bed scientist I don’t know what those ingredients are (real feathers are annoying, but synthetic can be hot and hold more heat). So whatever this is, it’s the perfect “fluffy but squishy” combo because we truly love it.

My Pillow Inserts

photo by veronica crawford | from: our bedroom update (also how I feel about having a tv in the bedroom)

My head also agrees with my body’s strong “fluffy but squishy” stance, and insists on one that can go big, but flatten down with cool comfort. I thought that I was sleeping on a Brooklinen pillow. But before this post, I opened it up and realized it was Fieldcrest from Target. I remember thinking “yay, that’s affordable.” But then I looked up my exact make and model and realized it was $70…not so affordable. However, when you will fumble around in the middle of the night and even search your kid’s room, threatening to wake them up, just in case it was moved in there, well, then it might be worth it. I apparently love real down (with no sharp feathers) and whatever this feather count is, it’s perfect.

The King Bed Blanket

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: 14 rules to follow to design and style the perfect bedroom

I have a few different king bed blankets that I shuffle between. The one above (from Schoolhouse) is splurgier, but it does make a room and totally shifts the vibe of that bed (hey now). This one from Target is what I go to for a more affordable version that we’ve used in many a bed project. But yes, I like a thin blanket to break up the fluffier duvet – which you can read all about in our “bed-making formula” post which I’ve referenced many times since we published it.

My Flatware

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: Inside all our (super organized) drawers & cabinets in the mountain house kitchen

I now have this flatware in both houses, but not just because it’s matte black and pretty, but because of how it feels. It’s weighty and heavy enough to feel like you can really cut that butter, but not hefty or clunky. I don’t know why that is an important distinction but it’s just true. You want weight in the handle, not in the tips and usually, that is in more expensive flatware. Luckily, this is more affordable.

My Drinking Glass

photo by tessa neustadt | from: our modern english country kitchen

Brian and I have had many heated debates about glassware where I always lose. I like the thin Marta (see below) but that man likes a thick glass that holds real big double-digit ounces. To be totally fair I do, too. I go to bed every night with a massive glass of ice water and yes, I’ve broken a few large Marta glasses in the middle of the night. And honestly, NO ONE is a fan of them at 3 am in the morning. These are thick, less breakable, and are affordable enough that if they do break, you aren’t bummed. PLUS they aren’t crazy thick glasses, they are just right and are clear enough to be nice looking in your cabinets (I suppose most big thick glass water glasses say “bad cheap diner” in a way that makes us feel less refined).

My Cocktail Glass

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: Inside all our (super organized) drawers & cabinets in the mountain house kitchen

The famous Marta glass. The most easy-to-break glass in America is somehow still my favorite cocktail glass. Use it for that, but not everyday water. Brian and I have very different opinions of this glass, I see it as an opportunity to put a delicious cocktail in my mouth via a thin chic vessel. He sees it as a shard of glass in his foot that he will inevitably walk on.

My Rags

photo by tessa neustadt | from: how our new laundry room came together

So boring, but our cleaning crew and I only love these particular rags. I’ll shove my hand down into the rag jar like one of those carnival pincher games to try to find one of these because they clean, absorb, scrub and last the best.

My Laundry Basket

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: how we designed a family-friendly laundry room in the portland project

My laundry basket brings me an inordinate amount of joy. It’s super pretty (a bigger version of the ones above) and the reason I give a heck about it is that I have a tiny closet so it has to sit next to our dresser (as seen, kinda, below). I have to stare at it most days, so having it look nice is more important to me. If you have a big closet, go for a big hamper or plastic basket. But if you are like me and have to stare at it every time you walk into your room, consider this pretty basket that actually makes me happy when in view.

photo by veronica crawford | from: our bedroom update (also how I feel about having a tv in the bedroom)

The Towel??

Ok. I don’t have “a towel” and actually have a theory that very few towels last months and months. I’m also not crazy picky about towels and don’t expect them to last for a lifetime – they are super “hard-working”. I also can’t spend $60 a towel, unless you told me it would stay fluffy for 2 years. So what say you??? Please give any other basics (including towel) recommendations in the comments. I need your help 🙂


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129 thoughts on “My Favorite “Household Basics” (Including The Bed Pillow I Travel With Because I Love It That Much)

  1. For towels — I go Costco. Can’t beat the price and they’re fluffy and last just asking as any other towel.

    1. Same! For the first time I bought a set of towels at Costco and they’re so luxe feeling & thick , soft AND fluffy… makes me happy every time I touch them. Been trying to muster an excuse to buy more just so I have back up!

  2. I’m a big fan of The Citizenry’s waffle towels. They have a lovely texture, are much more absorbent than Turkish towels, but still light and dry fast. That Japanese weave is IT. However they are constantly sold out of it.

    1. Ditto–these are amazing. We’ve been using for 9 months straight and they are still like new.

  3. I tried to get in to using turkish towels for bath towels, but hate how thin they feel. I’ve been using a bath sheet I got from bed, bath, and beyond for a few years now and I can’t go back to using a dinky towel. Bath sheets all the way.

    Also your Marta glasses are also known as Bormioli glassware. I have them for drinking and wine glasses and love them.

    Lastly, I know people love linen for the summer. I absolutely love wearing linen year round. That being said I try to only use my linen sheets and duvet in the winter. It is so warm and snugly when you get in the bed during a cold winter night. I rarely use my linen bedding during the summer.

    1. On turkish towels: I GET YOU. My mom has some and we’ve all decided they’re better beach/picnic blankets than they are bath towels. But while they’re not super functional for the bathroom, they sure do LOOK good.

  4. Could you please add the link to the rug pad? I love this post!! Thank you 🙂

    1. Sorry you were having trouble! I double-checked the link and it was working on our end so maybe give it another go xx

      1. I need a rug pad to use under an area rug that is going over a very low pile carpet, not totally flat. I am worried about it scrunching up. Do you have any recommendations? This was a great post. Thank you.

  5. Agree on towels. We splurged on nice ones from Serena and Lily during our bathroom remodel, and I’m super disappointed with how they’ve worn. The luxurious feeling was very short-lived and I feel like a chump for spending so much on meh towels.

    1. These are also my favorite bath towels. I’ve had some for years and they still look/feel great. Highly recommend!

    2. These are my fav too! Every guest I have comments on them and can’t believe they’re just Target towels.

    3. Ok you ALL convinced me and I just spent $112 on new towels! LOL They’re on SALE so head to ASAP and get you some! ?

  6. I think the best towels are Charisma brand from Costco! Super affordable and super fluffy. We wash them once a week with baking soda/vinegar/essential oil and then dry them with a bunch of dryer balls. Our current set is only a year old (yay for wedding presents!) but the previous set I had for 4 years and they survived even the scariest of laundromat spin cycles. We actually still have them, they just hide at the bottom of the pile (you know… in case there is an apocalypse and we run out of towels…??!).

    1. I really was impressed with the Costco Charisma towels at first, but after a year, they are very rough, neither soft nor fluffy any longer. Disappointed.

  7. How do you get the edges of the rug to lay flat over such a thick pad – do you tape the rug to the floor? It sounds great but I’m not sure if it would be a tripping hazard.

    1. That rug pad company also makes thick pads that have a non-stick backing for hardwood floors. I have 2 of them under my vintage rugs as I have 2 Labrador Retrievers in the house and I couldn’t be more pleased.

    2. You cut the rug pad a little shorter than the rug so the rug can lay completely over it. It actually isn’t a tripping hazard, from our experience. The EHD team walks over that rug A LOT and so far, no one has gone down (only to lay on it since it’s SO comfortable).

  8. the link to the duvet insert (I’m on the market for a new one) takes you to a mattress topper – is the insert also brooklinen?
    Pendleton towels are the absolute best. So fluffy and soft and last forever. They’re not cheap but they have sales pretty regularly. They’d be great for the mountain house!

    1. I had the exact same thought! I replaced my Marta glasses with the Bodega glasses too, and life is just so much simpler with a sturdier dishwasher-safe glass 🙂

  9. We bought Egyptian cotton towels from Target (Australia – not the same as USA) and had to wash them on long cycle x5 before they stopped shedding like crazy!!! Not kidding! Never again!
    We recently bought some expensive, Sheridan, towels because they were 40% off … ooooh, luverly! And they’ll last coz we have the same brand hand towels and they’re still going strong for a long time.

    I would never, ever have a down anything! I wouldn’t want to ‘snuggle ‘ under the feathers plucked from a teenage duck/ling. How absolutely awful and unnecessary. Yuck!

    Wool-filled duvet (“doona” in Australia) inserts are fabulous. Nothing dies to provide the fibre, truly sustainable with no sentient being dying for our comfort, and they’re really warm and cool, depending on the season. They kinda moderate your body temperature so you’re just right! That’s why those woolen underlay gizmos are so fab.

    I’m lost with pillows. We’ve tried everything at all price points, technology-induced babble, you name it. I’m all but given up on pillows.

    Sheets! Ooooh, finally the magic sheets ….. BAMBOO! Soooo cool for hot Aussie summers. For winter, we switch to very tight weave, 100% cotton (also high thread count, but….ya know about that fallacy).
    A good tester to choose a winter or summer sheet is to breathe through it (gross, I know). If it’s difficult, great for winter. If it’s super easy, great for summer. Easy, peasy.

    I’ve already decided (based on your enthusiasm, Emily), that the next living room rug we buy, will be easy to vacuum (thinish) on top of a memory foam underlay, so thanks for the advice about trimming as required. Our current and very thick rugs are a nightmare to vacuum and we have a great vacuum cleaner… it’s the rugs … all three of them! Gah!

    Emily, this was a great post, thank you! Reminded me a bit of Oprah’s “Favorite Things.”, ‘cept we have to buy our own! Hahaha!

    I need to add that the photos by Veronica are showing your home in literally, a different light! Your living room looks more cozy and not such an elongated tunnel like some of the first pics showed it to be. Great stuff!

    1. Hey Rusty! So we accidentally credited Veronica but Sara took those living room photos. I love that light too:) Veronica did however take the beautiful new photos of Emily’s master bedroom!

      1. Aaah, I wondered if Sara was changing roles or something.
        The photos are gorgeous and show the living room in a different way. It seems more livable and cozy, with the scale of furniture being more realistic and relatable (the coffee table doesn’t seem so ‘lonely ‘ in the middle of the room in these pics).
        Thanks for the correction.
        I wanted to say that I’d noticed a difference…a gooooood difference. 🙂

  10. Thanks for sharing your favorites! I couldn’t find a link for the rug pag, though. Did I miss that? Also, I love my new Fieldcrest towels from Target. I haven’t had them more than a year, though, so I might be speaking too soon.

  11. The link for your duvet insert takes you to a Brooklinen mattress topper? I am looking for a new duvet insert and would love to know where you got yours 🙂

  12. My favorite towel is dri soft plus from bed bath and beyond. I bought it because it was the most affordable option to put in our 2 extra bathrooms but it became my favorite because it doesn’t have that band across each end that shrinks while the rest of the towel does not shrink which most other towels do that causes most other towels to misshapen after a few washes. It dries so fast so it never has that musty smell. does not overwhelm my toddlers with weight and size. My mom and mother-in-law replaced their towels with these too.

  13. Do you have a link to the xo prints from the Instagram post associated with this link? I’m obsessed!

  14. We are a big fan of towels, hand towels, and wash cloth. They’re thick and fluffy and hold up well.

  15. We have Threshold towels that I love. They are reasonably priced and hold their color, shape and fluffiness reasonably well. I use the bath towel size and my husband uses the bath sheet. Works pretty well for us.

  16. I love that matte black flatware!! But in the when I purchased Target’s “gold-finished” flatware, which is similar to this matte black finish, sadly the gold finish rubbed off in the dishwasher. I’d love to try the matte black finish, but I’m afraid the finish will somehow rub off in the dishwasher also. Are you strictly hand washing the flatware, or is the matte black a finish that won’t rub off? Anyone know?

    1. I bought the matte black a while ago – it’s *terrible*. Maybe Emily hand-washes all of it, but after one month of use (including putting it in the dishwasher), it looks super dingy and scratched-up and horrible. I ended up complaining to Target and they let me return it.

    2. I wanted it, but the reviews are so bad that I didn’t buy it. Wonder how Emily’s is holding up at both houses.

      1. I appreciate the feedback! I took my “gold-finished” flatware back to Target, and they gave me a full return because there was just no denying that the finish was completely coming off. Too bad! I really like the black matte, too, but I don’t have time for returns.

      2. I’m wondering the same thing….I love the look of that flatware too, but the reviews are horrible and from the testimonials here, the problems are the same…finish rubs off. Who needs that?? Emily promotes for Target, so maybe it’s a marketing thing…she needs to get the plugs in. Good thing we’re not fooled.

    3. I chose not to buy that flatware because of the reviews and went with the “pin tumbled black” set from CB2. I always wash in the dishwasher and haven’t had any problems!

    4. This looks more like the Kayden ( to me. I bought a short run of flatware about 15 years ago, and discovered it was discontinued when I went to replace some smaller forks an old roommate lost. Was thrilled to discover a look-a-like in Kayden. It’s almost identical, and I haven’t had any issues with the stainless version. I sadly can’t speak to the colored finishes.

  17. A word on linen…patience. I purchased a linen sheet sheet several years ago and boy did I I hear about it. My boyfriend complained about them constantly for being too scratchy. But here we are several years later and they are now his favorite! He’s the cold one, I’m the hot one (is there a couple out there that doesn’t have temperature disputes?? Jeez it’s tiresome). Anyway, after many washes, these are almost flannel-like fuzzy but without the heat of flannel.
    I’m really interested in the Brooklinen sheets and duvet. As a hot sleeper, percale is my fav.

    We definitely need to replace our bath towels. It always feel like such a gamble because what starts out great could not hold up over time. And reviews are iffy because some companies will eventually cheapen their manufacturing over time and ruin a good product. Oh well, first world problems.

    1. YES you gotta give linen just a little bit of time. “scratchy” complaints are honestly perplexing to me if you have had said linen item for more than like 2 months. I love my linen sheets so much and they are super soft while having some heft to them, like they feel a little textured and sturdy but not in a scratchy way at all.

  18. I love Pottery Barn’s Classic Organic Towels. Come in a variety of colors, thick, fluffy, and stay soft wash after wash. I stock up when they are on sale and love that the PBKids towels come in fun color sets (towel, hand towel, wash cloth) for a great price! Thanks for the tips, needed a new duvet insert.

    1. I have pottery barn towels and they are definitely better than they used to be. They wash and wear well. And a sale…? Almost once a mont is a bit more save more.

      If I want to splurge, I go for restoration hardware towels. Their towels are so big you don’t really need the bath sheet. I haven’t had any issues with rh, except maybe a cotton-linen blend ribbed towel. It’s super absorbent, but the white got a bit rough/dingy after a few weeks. There’s the aero cotton rubbed that’s better. And the classic have been my go-to.

  19. My favorite drinking glasses are similar but much sturdier. They’re not as thin but have a similar silhouette and I have never broken one! (And cheaper!)
    I find the large is perfect for a water glass or SodaStream if you’re into that thing. The middle glass is great for wine (and very European in style). The smallest glass is a workhorse that does everything from being the perfect milk portion for a late-night-cookie-and-milk to melting butter in the microwave. AND THEY STACK.

    1. Ohh stacking glasses is absolutely essential for my tiny kitchen cabinets. thank you for this xx

  20. We bought the rug pad for our teen’s room, and it made a huge difference for a cheap rug (she wanted bright green shag, so I didn’t want to invest in a nice one). We did have to cut the pad, which is really difficult. And we put heavy books on the edges of the rug for a day so the lip would sink down.

    As for towels, we have Restoration Hardware towels. They are still soft, fluffy and absorbent after 10 years. The edges are starting to fray, so it’s time for new ones. It’s important not to use bleach or fabric softener to extend the life of towels. Also, washing the towels for the first time with vinegar added to the wash helps set the color, because the Restoration Hardware towels will fade fast otherwise. I’ve been looking at the Pottery Barn ones, because they look like the same quality and different color choices, so it was nice to see someone recommend them here.

    1. I like Restoration Hardware towels also!! Just don’t use products with any kind of acne treatment on towels with any color or they will bleach out (true for almost all towels, not just RH).

    2. I love rh towels too. I was impressed with PB ones. They are better than they used to be. RH are still slightly better though, just pricier.

    3. I found them too absorbent. They would never dry, so stayed wet and smelled soggy all the time.

    1. I used to work at Costco and subsequently became a fan of most things they sell – especially because you can’t beat the price and I was a broke college student haha

  21. we have had our Hotel Collection bath sheets from Macy’s for 11 years now (thank you, wedding registry!) and though they have faded somewhat, they are still plush and comfy. i’ve read great things about Coyuchi’s towels, but i can’t bring myself to spend nearly $60/each. we are now firmly “bath sheet” people now!

  22. I actually love our Threshold brand towels from Target! We’ve had them for almost 5 years and they are still super soft and fluffy. We don’t use dryer sheets – I really believe this makes a difference!

    Curious about flatware – I always loved heavy flatware and that is what we registered for when we got married (a nice set from C+B). BUT they always fall and flip off of plates/bowls/etc and it has become a MAJOR source of contention in our house because they are not weighted equally throughout. We are coming up on our 10 year anniversary and I’m ready to buy more – does this happen to anyone else with heavier weighted flatware??

  23. What about mattresses? I know that no one mattress will please everybody, but I’m wondering if you have a go-to for yourself or for guest/kids rooms.

    1. A bunch of us have Tuft & Needle mattresses (and a few of us are in the process of getting one, haha). I think both Julie and Bowser wrote more detailed reviews in their MOTOs! I’d say that they’re definitely our go-to mattress in office 🙂

  24. Restoration hardware Turkish towels are my absolute favorite. Expensive but so worth it. They absorb so well and last forever.

  25. I got Land’s End Supima towels from my wedding registry 10 years ago and they are still going strong–fluffy, and not a single stray tread.

    1. Agreed! None of our other towels compare to how the Lands End towels feel or look over time.

  26. Parachute makes the BEST towels. I have the entire set. So soft and durable, and they come in beautiful neutral colors.

  27. We registered for these Hudson Park bath sheets for our wedding and they are still my very favorite fluffy delights after 5 years of use!

  28. I have always felt like I needed a down comforter to have one that feels fluffy, but they’ve always at the same time felt super warm – I don’t know why I haven’t just tried a down alternative. I’m curious if you use the All-Season or Lightweight?

  29. Charisma towels from Costco! Mine have stayed soft and fluffy for two years and you can’t beat the price.

  30. I shopped a lot of major retailers for towels a few weeks ago and ended up coming back to the Threshold towels at Target. Soft, fluffy, but not too thick so they still dry easily in the dryer.

  31. All of our towels are the now-discontinued Ikea FRÄJEN, but we also have one of their FLODALEN towels that we love. We tried both and went with the cheaper version at the time.

  32. My favorite towels are Pottery Barn! We have some that have lasted almost 15 years. Every time I try something different, I go back to these. And my go-to drinking glasses are the Ikea cafe-looking ones. They have a timeless look and (almost) never break.

  33. So interesting, thanks for this post. What is interesting I have had the Marta glasses for 2 years. I got 2 sets of the coolers, so 16 glasses. I have knocked them off the counter several times and they have bounced-hard actually, and nary a break. One I found broken in the dishwasher a couple months ago which was mysterious but that has been the only one. We have been marveling at their sturdiness. I found them originally at Target. I love drinking out of them.

  34. Let me tell you ’bout towels. I bought the Hawkins New York Simple Waffle Towels from this bathroom accessories roundup that you guys did two years ago ( They were $60 each, and they are the best bathroom investment ever. They actually get better with age. My husband and I are obsessed, and I can never go back to regular towels again.

    Also, I miss those budget kitchen and bathroom posts. Please bring those back!

  35. Re: towels
    I read some review when I was registering for our wedding (4 years ago) that said the Pottery Barn “PB Classic Towel” was the best. So I added it to our registry, we got them, and I have to say, we love them. They’re about $30/towel, which is a lot but not A LOT, and other than a brush with a guest’s peroxide skin products, they look just as good now as they did in 2016. I didn’t really expect them to last this long, but they’re still fluffy and super plush.

    1. I second this!!!!! Mine still look and feel brand new after 5 years of use at home, at the beach/lake, toweling off muddy dogs, etc. The beach towels also make great picnic blankets.

  36. Costco and Sams Club both sell good quality and decently priced bath towels. Check them out 🙂

  37. Hi friends! I don’t want to be that super dramatic comment, but here I am. The new side bar ads making reading on an iPad truly unbearable. I read via Bloglovin’ reader and the ad takes up more than half the screen. Last week I was thrilled because text went side to side with no side bar ads but it looks like that quickly changed 🙁 Please reconsider, I look forward to reading your blog outside on my lunch break!

  38. Have you tried parachute home? Curious if you have an opinion of their linen bedding/duvets? I was looking at buying there but it’s pricy for sure.

    1. I have their linen quilt, and it is the best thing that happened to my bed. I sleep with two (very small) dogs who like to “arrange” the covers, and you can’t tell at all. Usually they ruin the stitching or the fabric pills. And… it is machine washable.

      I also have a set of their linen sheets. They are very soft and broken in feeling, but they are on the thinner side of that matters to you.

  39. I have broken many glasses in the middle of the night!! Not fun… but the solution was a smart night table lamp, that knows when it’s the middle of the night and when I turn it on, it gives the perfect super dimmed light so I can safely grab my beautiful thin glass ?

  40. I bought a set of towels at Restoration Hardware in 2004 and I JUST replaced them last month! And! They aren’t totally destroyed, we’re still using them in our basement bathroom. They’re taking the place of a cheap set from Target that only lasted 8 years. Hindsight – 8 years is still pretty good for Target towels… but 16 years for RH!!?? They are worth it! RH has a yearly bath linen sale, so hold off buying until then! The 802 Gram Turkish Towel is the specific one. Fluffy and absorbent!

  41. I love the Marta glasses, but I went with the Alessi/Jasper Morrison version which are borosilicate glass and almost unbreakable – at least for me. I bought mine used at Goodwill a few years ago (I couldn’t believe that I found something that I was actually looking for), and they haven’t chipped, scratched, broken and I use them everyday and put them in the dishwasher.

  42. I swear by restoration hardware towels. They last for years staying fluffy and not falling apart.

  43. Love this round up! Emily, do you have the lightweight duvet insert or the all-season? We usually run warm so I’m tempted to buy the lightweight version but afraid it won’t be plump enough.

  44. We have the Hudson Park Collection towels from Bloomingdales. They are still remarkably fluffy after 5 years. Love them

  45. I hope you find otherwise, but I’ve never found thick towels that stay soft.

    Right now we have those Japanese towels that are chambray on one side and terry on the other. It took me a while to get used to a thin towel, but they aren’t as thin as Turkish towels and are much softer. They dry really quickly too.

    I’m not going to think about how much they cost, but they aren’t showing any wear after several years. If they start to look dingy (our building washing machines are questionable), I give them an overnight enzyme soak, and they’re as good as new.

  46. Your description of the duvet insert makes it sound like just the thing I need! 🙂 I’ve been put off duvets because my last one was too warm and bulky. Also, I have a tough time getting the insert to stay properly in the duvet cover. I’d love to get tips on how to keep the insert in place if you have any to share!

  47. Ha! We bought 4 sets of towels for our master when we moved into our townhome 20 years ago. There’s nothing wrong with them so I can’t justify buying new ones, even though I don’t love them anymore. They were from Eddie Bauer. Now we’re on the verge of remodeling the bathroom but I know I will still have to prevail in a very unpleasant argument over whether or not to buy new towels.

    I would love to hear and see towel recommendations from other readers!

    And- a few years ago I figured out that I actually prefer lower-thread-count cotton sheets. I get mine at IKEA or Pottery Barn. The best bedding I’ve ever had is from Pottery Barn. They had a wonderful waffle-weave cotton blanket that is the best ever.

  48. These probably aren’t fashionable upgrades, but they make me so happy nonetheless:
    Tempered glasses (I buy duralex)- they may be the ugly bar glasses you are referring too, but the things fall all the time with my 4 & 1 yo and haven’t broken yet in the 5 years I’ve had them! They may have other designs as well.
    And I like to use beach towels instead of bath towels. They are just so much bigger and nicer to wrap around. I might just have to explore this bath sheet idea though….

  49. I have parachute home towels, and they’re the best I’ve ever had. Going on two years now, still soft and luxurious, and have bought more!

  50. I’ve always loved the Hotel Collection towels I can locate in TJ Maxx or Home Goods. They are inexpensive and have always lasted a long time for us.

  51. OMG yassss, to the pillows, I bought them yesterday from Target and had the best night’s sleep. Thank you, Emily!

  52. Love this post, Emily because it’s so practical to share these great everyday finds! I’m wondering if you or anyone can recommend their favorite mattress, specifically for platform bed, thanks!!

  53. I see the link for the rug pad, but not the rug. Could you please send that to me?


  54. We have a Brooklinen down duvet & “classic sheet” cover, but we have been frustrated that they made their king size duvet cover too large for the king size duvet! Super frustrating, there is nothing worse than loose sheet material around a duvet.

    Also, that flatware gets terrible reviews about the black coming off. I love the look but I’m scared to buy it, have you experienced this?

  55. I love the simplicity of the Marta glasses, but I’m a klutz and need something more durable. I’ve had a set of Duralex Picardie tumblers (8.75 & 17.625oz) for over a decade now and I looooove them. Not only are they stronger than regular glass tumblers, but their curves are so pretty and they have a good weight to them. I even grabbed a set of colored tumblers for my kids. They feel grown up using them and I don’t have to worry so much about their breaking them.

  56. Parachute towels are great and about $40 each. We bought 4 towels about 5 years ago and they are holding up amazingly and still so soft!

  57. I am super picky/weird, about so many things. Personal problem…so I have loved reading this post, and all the comments.

    I have the same Brooklinen duvet cover and love it so much. Was a bitch to iron the first time, but worth it. I’m pondering the sheets??? I have a heavy glass problem. Do not like them at all. Had no idea the Marta glass was a thing. I just love them because they are lightweight. Never broken one yet. But guess I just hexed myself!!

    I think my hunt for the perfect towel has finally ended. I feel like I have tried them all. From cheapies, to expensive towels. Thanks to Yellow Brick Home, I decided to give the LL Bean Organic textured cotton towels a try. After 2 months of use, I am a convert. Love them so much. Lightweight, yet absorbent. Dry quickly. They bath towel size is plenty big to wrap my whole body.
    Love the little loop on the corner for hanging, even thought I don’t use the loop. Just a nice touch I think. I did buy them when they were having a 20% off sale. L.L. Bean is a little stingy with the sale codes, so I just had to wait. It was hard to tell from the pictures, exactly what they look like. But they are better looking in person I think.

    Now if I could find the perfect bath mat, I would be a happy camper. The search continues……

  58. We got our towels from Restoration Hardware Outlet, and although I was promised that they make a “special” version in “specialty” colors for their outlet, we have had these towels for 4 years with 6 people using them and washing them regularly…and they are going strong, and everyone’s favorite.

  59. If you like fluffy, cushy, thirsty towels (white only for me!) – you can’t beat the Hotel Collection at Macy’s. They’re basically always 50% off, so they’re not crazy expensive. I’ve had mine over three years, and they’re still soft and absorbent.

  60. Great recommendations– thank you! Best pillow ever is MyPillow. I have serious neck issues and this pillow hasn’t given me that crook’d neck feel and Ive been using it for 3 years. Don’t get it at Costco– buy it off the MyPillow website bc it is sized to your specs. I even have the travel size for all the traveling I do.

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