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Apartment Therapy’s Top 5 Home Tours

My friends over at Apartment Therapy are back and this time they have rounded up their top 5 home tours on their site.  These home tours are the kind that make you want to pickup everything and just move right in, it’s no wonder they have become the top home tours on their site. Now lets get into it and appreciate all these beautiful spaces for what they are worth. Take it away Apartment Therapy:

1. Akhira’s Eclectic Modern Mini Brooklyn Studio: Akhira’s small space in Brooklyn is super smart and stylish. We love how her positive energy comes through, both in the design of her home and as one of the stars of our new video house tours, launched for the first time this year. Photos by Nancy Mitchell



2. Tim and Hannah’s Affordable DIY Self-Sustainable Micro Cabin: The tour of Tim and Hannah’s mini mountain cabin is, hands down, one of the most popular tours we’ve ever published. Inspiring in it’s simplicity, we think it appeals to that part of everyone that dreams of getting away from it all. Photos by June Bhongjan



3. The Beautifully Strange World of Miranda Lake: Miranda’s memorable New Orleans home has history, personality and soul. Not to mention the backdrop of a double-decker bus. A reader put it best, “I felt I wandered through a magical hip dream.” Photos by Jacqueline Marque



4. Rebecca & Dustin’s “Screw Convention” Re-Invented Mobile Home: This Colorado couple, Rebecca and Dustin, got creative to find a home that works with their budget and future goals (like not wanting to pay down a big mortgage) and created a lovely, personality-filled space that fits all the functions they need in just enough square footage. Photos by Kathryn Bacalis



5. Laura & Ray’s Art-Filled Austin Home: Tours of artists’ homes never disappoint. Getting a glimpse into the real life style of creative people is a special treat and Laura and Ray’s tour is no exception. We love their creative use of color and the simple, relaxing feel of their home in Austin. Photos by Adrienne Breaux



As if that wasn’t enough goodness you can catch many more beautiful homes in Apartment Therapy’s new book,  Complete and Happy Home. Now go grab yourself a copy of their book HERE and while you are at it you can by my book HERE.

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Gina t
8 years ago

I got your book and it is by far my favorite! Absolutely decor therapy. For years I attempted to make my home feel right. Lots of wasted money. I discovered I am Zen, and had everything I needed to make it work! Just needed direction and to name the style. I have to ash, I can’t find in the book the one thing you never put on a coffee table! What is it?

8 years ago
Reply to  Gina t

Similarly, I would have NEVER thought of myself as 1970s! But dang, that is SPOT on now that I know what that means. My home is finally feeling like “me”. Thank you!

very nice
thanks for sharig

8 years ago

Seriously loving that micro cabin. And the white frame above the gold ones beside the bed in the first home. Such unique ideas! #inspired

8 years ago

All these rooms are seriously so gorgeous! I’m obsessed!


8 years ago

I love that micro-cabin. It really tugs at my heart strings. Even though I’m a city girl, a tiny retreat away from it all sounds so nice! xx Annette

8 years ago

Amazing spaces, love the Austin home for its bold colors and funky rugs!

8 years ago

WHAT? Apartment Therapy has a book?! Can’t wait to check it out.
That leather chair on the first tour is badass!

8 years ago

Everything except first home are all too cluttered. If you gonna show people your books or clothes, I expect a lot more (more thoughts going into the colors, style and presentation). Just like how Emily teaches us.

There are good designs on AT but it’s usually a rare find for me. I guess the appeal is how it’s “relatable”, I feel that if I tidy up my place, I am worthy to be on a design mag or site (according to AT’s standard). But I usually aim my standard higher, like the homes that Emily designed. AT is not for me, out of 10 homes, I will only like 1 and I find it a waste of time. Sorry.

8 years ago
Reply to  Felicia

Also, a lot of these homes on AT will look worse in real life. If I learn anything from Emily well, it’s how photography, editing and lighting can trick you into thinking it’s 100 times better. I want something that makes me go OMG in pictures because then I know in real life, it’s gorgeous too. Example? Emily’s designed spaces! 🙂

8 years ago

I still remember how excited I was, years ago, when I came across AT’s site. As an apartment dweller it meant so much to find something that, especially at the time, seemed geared towards that type of living. Now it is a nice mix, at the same time the world of apartment living as changed so that some, although not everyone, can do more changes to the space they call home.
They were all familiar, but a great read/see, and my second go to site over my morning coffee with Emily’s being my first.

8 years ago

Inspiring post, this is really good as therapy even only seeing a pictures.