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Great Bathroom Vanity Sets That Won’t Break Your Whole Bathroom Budget (We’ve Got 48 GOOD Options)

One of our most purchased items of 2022 was this vanity set that Priscilla used in Emily’s best friend’s basement bathroom (shown above and below if you scroll down). And I get it! With an easy swap of the hardware and the addition of a pretty brass faucet, they got a beautiful-looking vanity for a slammin deal and people wanted in! Now, this may sound dumb but for longer than I’d like to admit I assumed that unless totally custom, all vanities came with countertops. No such luck little Jess. In fact, A LOT don’t, and for me, that sounds pretty overwhelming for someone who has never renovated before. Meaning, not only do I need to find an affordable vanity base but THEN I have to what, go to a stone yard and figure out how to get a countertop made??? I’m half kidding because I know that readymade countertops are also available online. But honestly, I’d prefer to just have those two pieces come together as one. One less decision, amiright?? So that’s what this post is going to deliver – bathroom vanities with countertops at an affordable price.

Now, let me just say that everything is more expensive than it was pre-pandemic. It sucks. So I did some research and capped the price at $1000 (a few are slightly over). I know $1000 doesn’t scream “affordable” but there are a ton of options that are less than that. Obviously, the smaller ones are more affordable and the larger ones (double sinks for example) are less affordable. Of course, we always recommend checking out Craigslist or a similar site to maybe find something that works even better for your budget. Plus it’s good for the earth! But if that’s not an option for you then hopefully some of these will be. Let’s start with the little ones, 18″ wide or under:

1. Airon 18″ Single Bathroom Vanity Set: I hate to start with my personal favorite but man I love this one! The wood tone is beautiful, the black accents make it look expensive, and it looks vintage without actually being vintage. It also comes in five other colors if you like the shape but not the color, the drawer is a soft close, and the counter is quartz with is super durable.
2. Doyle 18″ Single Bathroom Vanity: This is such a pretty and versatile option and could work with almost any style. And for under $350, it’s a steal! It also comes in a pretty more muted green.
3. Malena 18″ Single Sink Bathroom Vanity Set: This one may be little but isn’t elegant! The details are all very classic but it still can easily work for a farmhouse style.
4. Pyramid Pedestal: I know this isn’t the most practical option, since there’s no counter space, but with the right faucet it would look very cool and modern. It also comes in black!
5. Galilhai 35″ Single Bathroom Vanity Set: This is a great one to add a natural texture to a bathroom. It can easily work in either a contemporary or really organic-styled space.
6. Cassidy 16″ Single Bathroom Vanity: Such a cute vanity that has a modern twist. Great lines and I love that little drawer.

Let’s move onto vanities that are over 20″ wide…

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: budget basement bathroom – the one where we tried to not spend money… (and now you know why)

1. Aurora 25 in. White Vanity: I think this one is so beautiful! It’s traditional yet not overly ornate. Plus that countertop is Carrera marble and it’s a great price. 10/10!
2. Muriel 24″ Single Bathroom Vanity Set: Shaker with a twist. I love the door details and those cute chunky feet! It also comes in a brighter green.
3. Claire Ceramic Console Sink White Basin Gold Legs: Ok no storage but so pretty! I love that hit of brass. It’s the affordable version of Malcolm’s beautiful bathroom makeover.
4. Toto Promenade 24″ Rectangular Pedestal Bathroom Sink: Another beautiful classic style that may not have storage but still has a decent amount of counter space.
5. Tremont 24″ Free Standing Single Basin Vanity Set: How cute are those little drawers??
6. Lauren 20″ Single Bathroom Vanity Set: I can’t get over the joinery. It’s so good! I might personally change out the handle for something less decorative but it’s a really cool option for under $500.
7. Renwick 23.5″ Single Bathroom Vanity: This is the bigger version of the one in the first category! Personally, I love the white countertop combo and this size comes in other wood colors.
8. Rowland Pedestal Sink: A little bit more detail than #4 and from our favorite, Rejuvenation. I know!
9. 25″ Modern Farmhouse Single Bathroom Vanity Sink: Perfect for a modern utilitarian vibe and has a place built-in for a hand towel! And how cute would a basket look on the shelf?
10. Annecy 24″ Free Standing Single Basin Vanity Set: Talk about fun and bold! Great for someone who is looking for something different.
11. Kansas 24″ Single Bathroom Vanity Set: That beadboard and paint color are stealing my heart (but it also comes in white). Plus it has a lot of storage with a marble countertop!
12. Gabi 24.02” Single Bathroom Vanity: I know this is a pricey one but I really love it. It’s trendy without screaming “I’M TRENDY!” and isn’t your average readymade vanity.
13. Jewell 20″ Single Bathroom Vanity Set: Classic, simple, and beautifully affordable.
14. 28″ Single Wall-Hung 2 Drawer Vanity Set: I had to throw a couple of curveballs in the group! I think this one is so cool. I don’t know why but I’m imagining it in a bathroom with a wildly awesome wallpaper. And don’t be fooled, it has not one but two drawers.
15. Jakhiya Modern 24″ Black 1-Drawer Bathroom Vanity Set: If you are a glam lover then this is your vanity! Black, brass, and sleek.

Ready for the 30″+ cuties?!

design by priscilla frost | styled by emily henderson | photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: my friend’s carpeted basement bathroom gets a budget makeover (with a lot of readymade products and the transformation is insane)

1. Arietta 31 in. Black Vanity: This feels quietly pretentious in the best way. Like it knows it’s beautiful and chic but doesn’t feel the need to say it:)
2. Merryfield 37 in. Bathroom Vanity: Whoa, I really love this color and the drawer configuration. Overall it’s just a stunning vanity. And guess what? If you love it too but need it in a different size, it comes in four other sizes AND two other colors.
3. Binford 30″ Single Bathroom Vanity Set: I might have a thing for MCM-inspired vanities…because this one is pulling at my heartstrings. It also comes in a slightly lighter wood tone!
4. Chelsea 36″ Single Bathroom Vanity Set: Of course, this one is in my top 5 because it’s also one of the most expensive. There isn’t one thing I would change about it:)
5. 30-inch Bathroom Vanity: Elegant, simple, and love that toe kick.
6. Vintage White China 32-inch Wall Mount Bathroom Vanity Sink: If you are looking for a pretty vintage-looking vanity, this may just be it:)
7. Console Lavatory Sink: Another Malcolm-like vanity! My landlord gave me permission to do “whatever I wanted” in my apartment and this may be one of those wants (given the style of the building:)).
8. Keri 36” Single Bathroom Vanity: Y’all, I really think this one is special. Again, not cheap but doesn’t it look like it could go in an Amber Interiors home???
9. Timonium Brandy 30″ Single Bathroom Vanity Set: This one is basically the big brother to the first one in the first roundup! I think I would opt for black handles but otherwise 10/10.
10. Classe 36″ Single Bathroom Vanity: I dare you to not fall in love with this one. The cane doors and micro knobs are too good!
11. Burnam 30″ Single Bathroom Vanity Set: I don’t know why the term “PNW Luxe” flashes in my head when I look at this vanity but it just feels right. It also comes in four other colors!
12. Belleair 30″ Single Sink Vanity: Yes, this is from Pottery Barn and yes, it’s actually affordable and of course, pretty!!
13. Bragenham 30″ Single Bathroom Vanity Set: If you don’t smell something sweet when looking at this cutie then we are very different (which of course is ok). The delicate details make it really special.
14. Eita 36″ Single Bathroom Vanity Set: Ah, the vanity that started it all!! As you can see from this bathroom reveal, it’s a great-looking vanity with an EHD official stamp of approval!
15. Waithman 30″ Single Bathroom Vanity Set: How good does that natural wood look? It’s a perfect balance of rustic and modern.

And now we go even bigger!

photo by jess isaac | from: master bathroom reveal

1. Hampton Harbor 44 in. Bath Vanity: Lots of little drawers and cute feet – I’m in! This one also comes in a few different sizes.
2. Dawkins 42″ Wall-Mounted Single Bathroom Vanity Set: I love that wood grain A LOT and it’s a really pretty floating option.
3. Gonzalo 48” Single Bathroom Vanity: Ok, this one is actually the most expensive option but my god is she a beaut! How could I not include her?? Oh, and it also comes in a charcoal color.
4. Wittig 48″ Single Bathroom Vanity Set: Organic industrial, right?? Love the amount of storage and that there are both open and closed options.
5. Aurora Blue 49 in. Vanity: One word. Classic!
6. HEMNES / ODENSVIK: It’s simple but so pretty and that price is unbeatable!

And for our final category…DOUBLE SINKS!

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: portland reveal: how the bathroom I was most nervous about turned out to be my favorite

1. Sanibel 60″ Double Bathroom Vanity Set: What a pretty shade of blue and I really love that hardware. It also comes in white if blue isn’t your thing!
2. HEMNES / ODENSVIK: IKEA knows how to design a wonderfully simple yet versatile vanity. I love the hardware placement too! It also comes in gray.
3. Bryn 48″ Wall-Mount Double Sink Bathroom Vanity: Moody and modern. Can a bathroom vanity be sultry??
4. Hitchin 60″ Double Bathroom Vanity Set: Simple with just enough detail! I think adding some vintage hardware would make this piece look incredible. It also comes in white:)
5. 48-in Almond Toffee Undermount Double Sink Bathroom Vanity: Another incredibly versatile piece. I love the drawer/cabinet combo! This also comes in a couple of other colors.
6. Biscayne 60″ Double Bathroom Vanity Set: I think this one is just pretty and that single long shelf on the bottom is not only beautiful but practical. This one also comes in three other colors and you can choose between brushed nickel or gold hardware!

Well, that’s it! I really hope this was helpful to those who are currently shopping around for a bathroom vanity! Do you have any favorites or can any of you vouch for any of these? Let’s talk in the comments!

Love you, mean it.

Opening Image Credits: Design by Priscilla Frost | Styled by Emily Henderson | Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | from: My Friend’s Carpeted Basement Bathroom Gets A Budget Makeover (With A Lot Of Readymade Products And The Transformation Is Insane)

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Lauren H
1 year ago

I highly recommend the vanities from Signature Hardware. Some may be closer to the $1500 price point with inflation but I have been extremely happy with mine that I purchased 6 years ago. The quality is excellent and you get to pick the type of stone you want on top.

I also needed a narrow depth vanity (36″x19″ as opposed to the usual 36″x22″) and that was one of the only places I found something narrow depth. Their narrow depth options do vary over time but still worth checking out.

1 year ago
Reply to  Lauren H

Lauren, I agree! I have a beautiful white one with a marble counter that I got on sale. The countertop options are great because you have the option for customization at a decent price. It’s the third vanity (including one pedestal sink) that I’ve purchased from them; the quality is wonderful and shipping has is free— at least it has been, as recently as last year.

1 year ago
Reply to  Lauren H

I need to find a narrow depth vanity soon, so thank you for this recommendation!

Ooooh, I’ve been looking for a vanity for a while now for our powder room. There are some good ones here, but i always wonder about quality from Wayfair and Overstock. Anybody here get one of these and can say how they hold up? There’s some good ones at Pottery Barn, but slightly more than these prices. I really just want to find a great vintage cabinet and have it turned into a vanity. But sourcing a countertop on my own sounds annoying. That’s why ordering a combo like shown here is so appealing. Okay, my rambling thoughts are over. 🙂

1 year ago

I have a Wayfair vanity that I put in our downstairs bath about 2 years ago. It’s the most frequently used sink in our house and the vanity has held up beautifully. The quality was excellent and the price point was reasonable, and it came with a top and decent cabinet hardware. I attached a picture of mine.

And I will say, as someone who once worked at Pottery Barn, I do not find their furniture to be particularly high-quality. It looks nice, but it’s still mass-produced and made of materials that do not hold up well over time. I think their quality was better back in the day but has suffered over time.

1 year ago
Reply to  Sarah

I don’t know why it won’t let me attach a picture but if you really want to see it, reply to my comment and I can email it.

Reply to  Sarah

Thanks Sarah! I’m glad to hear it has held up so well for you 🙂

Reply to  Sarah

Yeah, that’s why i haven’t bit the bullet on a vanity from PB. It’s a lot of money for something that I’m not totally sure on the quality anymore. They have one i really like, but i’m worried it won’t be as high quality in person. that’s how a crate and kids bed we have was. nice, but not like heirloom quality. Thanks Sarah.

🥰 Rusty
1 year ago

Lovely, my nephew got one from Wayfair and it’s really bedraggled after 2 years of careful use.

Reply to  🥰 Rusty

Thanks Rusty! I’ve seen that be the case with other people I know that have ordered from there, which is what makes me hesitant. Looks like I’ll just probably end up converting some kind of vintage piece and save it from a landfill instead.

1 year ago

I’m taking this path! I want a unique base, to save a piece of furniture, and to learn just how much a pain customizing it will be (ha!). Salvaging a piece *seems* like a good idea because I’m not in a hurry.

🥰 Rusty
1 year ago
Reply to  Erin

If you choose carefully, it’s a great option!
Get all your measurement requirements for your basin/s first, then go hunting for the vintage base.

🥰 Rusty
1 year ago

Ha! That’s what they did! Ended up buying a worn old dresser, painting it black and putting double basins on top. I wasn’t sure about the black at first, but it hid a bevy of issues in the dresser and matches their black n white checkerboard floor tiles.

1 year ago

Wayfair sells products from 10000+ suppliers. Saying something from Wayfair is good/bad without specifying the specific brand/name of the product you purchased won’t help anyone make a decision.

1 year ago

I bought an Overstock double sink/vanity that not has not held up AT ALL. I would never purchase a sink from them again. My sink bowl has several cracks and one of the wood drawers also has a crack. This is only used by my husband and myself so it doesn’t get much wear and tear.

Reply to  Suzanne

Thanks Suzanne. Ug. That’s disappointing…

Margo W
1 year ago

Surprised to see more IKEA vanities didn’t make it onto the lists, as they are a great value for their money and very customizable!

The GODMORGON / ODENSVIK line is my go-to for vanities, because I can’t even comprehend how people store anything in a vanity without drawers. There are many sizes, cabinet colors, and different countertop options.

1 year ago
Reply to  Margo W

The IKEA Godmorgon is fantastic! We have the high gloss white in our kids’ bathroom, and it looks brand new after 4 years of heavy use. The drawers are a great size and hide everything in that bathroom.

1 year ago
Reply to  Margo W

I have to agree with this statement. The guest bathroom/kid bathroom in our house came with ikea sinks in the bathroom when we bought almost 7 years ago. It has held up so well with so much abuse. Far better than the one that came in the primary bathroom that was “cute” from Lowe’s. The Lowe’s one was falling apart and crumbling within one year of living here.

1 year ago

I just hit purchase on this cutie last night, actually!! Finding decent storage + countertop space in a single vanity is tough = small house problems! I wish we had room for the 48″ in our bathroom.

1 year ago

Great options overall, but I would avoid Lowes! We bought a vanity from there that didn’t make it 3 months without peeling away like a piece of paper. I’m familiar with particle board but this was next level junk. Lowes did refund us, however we had to pay for plumbing install all over again.

We found a beautiful replacement on Houzz that was more expensive but incredible solid. I also can’t say enough good things about my Ikea Godmorgon.

🥰 Rusty
1 year ago

Diverse round-up, Jess!
No easy task. Nice work.😊
IKEA also has a terrific range of really affordable vanities, with or without counter tops.

1 year ago

Feet are cute! Feet make it look more like furniture! But…cleaning under there seems like it sucks? Is it just not “cool” to have the vanity all the way to the floor anymore?

1 year ago
Reply to  rachael

Yes! I have a related question – what if your current vanity does go to the floor? Can the tile be patched if you replace it with one of these? I have some extra tiles, but will it look strange? I love the look, just not sure how to execute!

1 year ago
Reply to  rachael

We have one with feet and it is a full on dust collector. If you get one with feet, make sure the bottom is several inches off of the floor. Ours is pretty close to the floor and in good news that means you don’t see the dust, in bad news it makes it harder to clean under there which you have to do by hand with a cloth. (So, yeah, that happens a lot LOL)

1 year ago

All of these are lovely. But most of them look hard to clean under/at the back of. Seems much simpler to have a vanity that meets the floor so there’s no floor to clean under it.

1 year ago

Great lists! Thank you!

1 year ago

One thing we did when we needed a very specific (and unusual) size was purchase ikea cabinets that were 15” deep (from their kitchen line actually) and then purchased doors from Semihandmade, contacted a local countertop supplier to find a remnant piece that fit our style and vanity and put it all together for probably $1000 less than what we were finding in off-the-shelf options. We have something that will stand up to a lot of wear and is far more custom at a much more affordable price point.

1 year ago

I just wanted to jump in and say finding a top for your piece of furniture to be turned into a vanity is probably the easiest part or it was for me. I needed a piece that would have two under mount sinks. The owner of the company showed me several slabs and all were priced under $500 which included installation and sinks and plumber hook up. Lowe’s and Home Depot were not impressive as the salespeople knew next to nothing about the stone being used. You might just shop around for the top to see what’s in your area and then find the right piece of furniture to convert and order your top.

1 year ago

OK, Jess, you may not have known that many vanities come without countertops but ’til reading your round-up here, I had no idea there were so many that DO include countertops. I always assumed that was a separate choice. The things I learn here, even at my age – thanks!

1 year ago

great list, thank you! We are building a bathroom addition and have space for a 60inch vanity which just blows my mind (always had much smaller). I’m finding most over 48” are double sinks — do people really like these? Seems so unnecessary, but I’m having a hard time finding large vanities with single sinks? Any other suggestions?

1 year ago
Reply to  Nikki

We bought a 60″ wide vanity from houzz about 4 years ago – my selection was offered with and without a counter top, we ordered the counter separately to accommodate a wall mounted faucet. They are out there. I love the extra storage and counter space you get with a single sink.