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The Link Up: An Amazing Cause Em Hopes You Can Help Support, Caitlin’s Perfect Spring Dress, And An Affordable Body Wash We LOVE

Happy Sunday everyone! What a sweet week getting to see the final room (the guest/baby boy’s bathroom) inside Sara’s absolutely wonderful home. Such an incredible journey!! Aside from that we are making progress on all of our other projects which makes us pretty pumped. Let’s talk links.

This week’s house tour will likely make you want to move to Barcelona even more than you (and we) already do! It’s a masterclass in small space design that still looks and feels really elevated. The shelf styling is also perfect. We might be adding more yellow into our homes this year:) Check it out!

From Emily: If you are looking for a quick way to give back right now then The Family Promise of Tualatin Valley (the new, lovely, and huge hotel turned family shelter that we are helping to redesign this year) needs financial help for the kids that will be out of school during spring break – Stay & Play Spring Break. They are hoping to be able to set up different field trips and experiences (OMSI, animals, camps) so they aren’t just staying inside waiting for their parents to get home from work or looking for work. Instead, FPTV wants to help take them out, have some fun, and enrich their lives. Everything costs money (including the massive renovation they are undertaking, more on that later) so even a $15 donation could help the faculty have more resources for this spring break. I can 100% vouch for this non-profit, run by Rose Money (best name ever, and has personal experience with homelessness as a child), and I know that they will use it towards the families and kids. If you can give more, please do. I love this organization so much and they are helping so many families. xx

From Gretchen: I house-sat for my friend a few weeks ago and tried out her collection of Saltair shower products, because testing your bestie’s lotions and potions is the best way to know if you need them for yourself. I really fell in love with the Santal Bloom wash and had to snag my own personal bottle. The packaging is beautiful and robust (I think it’s made of metal?) and the scent is just incredible. I also saw they have shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo and even deodorant, all of which I’ve been wanting to try, since it would really scratch that aesthetic itch to have everything match. Plus I also wouldn’t mind smelling great from head to toe.

From Jess: Last week I completely forgot to tell you what products I got from my Galentines Day “favorite products” swap. I think I lucked out with my three. #1 was the Indie Lee Squalane Facial Oil. So far I’ve loved it and my face FINALLY feels moisturized after a month of dry flakey skin. I also plan on using it with my gua sha. #2 is the Farmacy Melt + Moisturize Minis Duo. I’ve been wary of using a cleansing balm since I wanted to use the squalane (too many oils potentially for my skin??) but my friends insisted I start double cleansing so I use the balm and then my regular face wash. So far so good and the moisturizer is awesome! The last thing I got was the Mediheal’s Collagen Ampoule Pads. The friend who brought these was RAVING about them. You can use them as wipes or as a mask. I haven’t tried them yet since I was trying to get my skin under control but now that it is I can’t wait!

Just wanted to let y’all know that Anthropologie is having an extra 40% sale on sale items! They, of course, have a ton of great clothing and accessory options if you are in need but here are a handful of our favorite home pieces:)

Chaise Sectional | Pedestal Dining Table | Coffee Table

Mirror | Ottoman | Curtain Rod

From Mallory: I live in this black sweater and it’s currently on sale for $19 which is just too ridiculous not to add to cart. It’s an incredible staple, SO comfortable and I’m not kidding when I say I reach for it almost every day. I sized up to an XL because I love it loose and baggy and would definitely recommend going on the bigger size so it’s more comfy. If you’re in the market for a solid black turtleneck sweater snag this before it’s gone – you would NEVER guess it’s this affordable because the fabric, cut, and quality are great!!

From Caitlin: Found a great spring linen midi dress AND it starts at $63! I love the length, the breathable fabric, the adjustable top (show as much cleavage as you’d like!), and the easy-to-adjust sash. It’s perfect for all of your upcoming spring occasions, too – it would be right at home at a graduation, a bridal/baby shower, or an Easter brunch. It looks and feels very Miss Honey (in the best way), don’t you think? (Man, there’s just something about wearing a simple dress in spring that feels so good after a cold winter!)

From: Arlyn: Far and away my daughter’s favorite birthday gift was this little kitchen. I found it secondhand on Facebook Marketplace in amazing condition so it was a major score. It’s the perfect scale for her little two-year-old body (and also for adding to the ever-growing stash of toy storage in our living room). And are you kidding with the green and neutral caned cabinet front? It’s honestly SO cute. We didn’t have to put it together since we bought it used, but the reviews do make it sound like it’s a bit of a pain, heads up. But honestly, if you can muster through, it’s a great gift for a 2, 3, or 4-year-old in your life and will look great in whatever home it lands in (yours, maybe??).

That’s it from us! See y’all tomorrow. xx

Opening Image Credits: Design and Photos by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: THE FINAL ROOM: Sara’s Whimsical, Kid-Friendly Front Bathroom Reveal

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1 month ago

Not related to links but a possible design post request that I have not been able to find anything about online: how to make a room for an elderly adult looks great in an assisted living facility. My soon-to-be-90 grandma had a bad fall and is unable to return to living completely on her own so she is moving into an assisted living facility. It is so difficult to figure out a way to make the room feel homey/like her within the parameters of these units! We cannot paint or use rugs. So many twin bed sheet sets look like they are for small children. She is going to a place with bigger rooms than some but size is an issue. She has room for her recliner from home and possibly a small loveseat. We may be able to put in a “coffee station” but no sink (similar to a dorm room in that regard).
As more and more of us are dealing with grandparents and parents who need to move to places like this it would be great to have ideas to do it with style.

Ruth Allen
1 month ago
Reply to  Emily

Target has some nice twin bed sheet sets in solid colors, and their bedding is usually well made.

1 month ago
Reply to  Emily

Emily did a makeover ten years ago that you might be interested in!