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What You Bought Last Month: Including 6 Home Decor Items That Are Seriously Good

It is always interesting to us to see what products y’all actually add to cart and purchase but these roundup posts are not just for us. You all have told us to keep them coming and we understand why. Put simply, it’s fascinating to see what makes the list and more often than not, the things that do are great deals. August was a long month and we linked up over 100,000 products so to see what makes the top 10 list is pretty dang exciting.

Often these top ten lists are more fashion and beauty heavy, simply because home decor items tend to be pricier/more of a risk to buy online. But NOT TODAY FOLKS. Last month we found and recommended some seriously good home decor products so it is no surprise they made it to the top ten. Today’s list includes 6 awesome home decor pieces, a Caitlin-endorsed massaging tool, plus fashion picks that are crazy affordable and EHD approved. Curious what made the list?? Let’s get into it:

10. Emily’s “Sexy” Summer Sandal

Emily is officially on the Teva-like sandal trend. She recently bought these after one of her best friends who is a fashion stylist convinced her, and she insists they will be your summer shoe for life. The leopard print makes them a little edgier and right now they’re on sale from $68 to $49! If you didn’t buy the first time around, now is your chance. Mallory has them in tan and also can attest to how great they are.

9. Mallory’s $29 Denim Shorts

We are all hugs fans of Madewell shorts and these bad boys were first on sale at $44 and now are down to $29 (originally $74!) so if you’re in the market for some affordable cute cutoffs these are it, folks. They have ample legroom and the slouchy, relaxed fit makes them an effortless summer staple. There are only a few left so act fast my friends!!

8. Caitlin’s Wave Duo & Revive Stick Massage Bundle

Caitlin insists that if you’ve never tried a Theragun out, they absolutely live up to the hype. She has used the Pro before (it usually costs around $600) at workout classes here in LA but the Prime included in this kit is just as good. The Prime packaged with the Wave is such a good deal and the stick of CBD oil is a great touch.

7. Jess’s Minimal Log Holder

Jess bought this log holder for her fireplace which must mean fall weather is around the corner (or at least we hope). She loves it because it’s perfectly simple and modern AND has a removable base plate to easily clean up messes. We think it could also be used to stack books or magazines because it has such a simple, rectangular design.

6. Emily’s Round Vase For $35

While Emily was shopping in person at Target, she stumbled across this gem and had to share. It’s nearly perfect. It’s a great shade of blue (Em’s fav color, duh) and the small mouth and round body makes it really easy to arrange things in. It’s pretty much guaranteed to look great on any shelf.

5. The $75 Wall Art

This Studio Mcgee x Target Piece is SO good and at 36″ x 36″ for only $75 it’s an absolute steal. The moody colors and abstract landscape makes it a stunning yet understated accent piece. It would be a great addition to a gallery wall or on its own as a focal point over a fireplace or credenza. Spoiler Alert: I bought it for myself and cannot wait to see how it looks against my dramatic green walls.

4. Mallory’s $25 Workout Shorts

Mallory always recommends the best workout clothes and these shorts for only $25 do not disappoint. She says the fabric is VERY soft and thin and they don’t have the stupid built-in underwear that most workout shorts have (can we officially get rid of the built-in underwear by the way? It serves no purpose am I right?).

3. The Duvet Cover & Sham From Justina’s New Line At Target

If you haven’t checked out Justina‘s new collection with Target yet, you are seriously missing out. We linked all of our favorite picks in here, but honestly everything in the collection is too good. This black and white stripe duvet cover and sham set can be kept minimal with neutral colors or can be mix and matched with colorful sheets and throws, making it a versatile and exciting bedding option.

2. The Etsy Shop That Has Milking Stools For Days

Emily first introduced this Etsy shop in this post, and after hearing about the existence of milking stools I quickly hopped on board. I thought for sure they would be hard to find but nope, they are all over Etsy and this shop, in particular, has tons of great ones. Now I am curious how many of you bought a milking stool?? Please let me know in the comments!

1. Mallory’s Battery Operated Rattan Pendant Lights

And coming in at #1 are these extremely cute, extremely affordable, and extremely renter-friendly pendant lights. What’s better than that? Mallory found them on Etsy and I am SO glad she did because the world needed to know they exist.

So there you have it. Let us know if you purchased any of these items because we’d love to hear your real reviews. See you in the comments and have a wonderful Friday and weekend. xx

Opener Image Credit: Design and Photo by Keyanna Bowen | From: Blue Walls Be GONE! Key’s Totally Transformed Office Reveal – Maybe The Most Dramatic Before & After Ever (?)

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3 months ago

Hi! Just as an FYI (though you’re likely already aware), there’s an Error 1014 CNAME alert coming up whenever I try to access your site just by typing in the url to the url bar. I got to it through a link, but that’s the only way…

3 months ago

hello, where did you purchase the daybed in the article photo? Thank you!

3 months ago
Reply to  Lori

That photo is from Key’s house. Here’s her reveal:

3 months ago

I NEED that Studio McGee print in my life! Out of stock now but hope it comes back! 😬

3 months ago

Happy milking stool customer here!

3 months ago

Random milking stool connection… I work at a large living history museum (think Colonial Williamsburg but different part of the country) and our collection has milking stools galore, plus the people who work in costume milk cows and actually use milking stools every day. I’m part of a leadership team of three and we started calling ourselves the Milking Stool when we were all hired (because a milking stool has 3 legs!). Six years later it’s become such a thing that even in board meetings the CEO refers to us as the Milking Stool. I died when I saw Emily’s post about milking stools.

3 months ago

I just want to say that I’m on team ‘built-in underwear’ in workout shorts. I didn’t used to get it either. I’d wear my own underwear and feel like I was wearing double underwear. But now that I’m neck-deep in marathon training, I love the built-ins! I no longer wear underwear when working out no matter what I’m wearing. No chafing, no wedgies, no worries. And when you have to pop a squat in the woods, there’s one less thing to worry about!

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