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Justina Just Launched Her VERY GOOD Target X Jungalow Line (And These Are Our Favorites:))

When I started out in this crazy blog business there were very few people who did what we did (design content creator/influencer) so we all know each other, and thank god because over the years we’ve all really needed each other’s support – both emotionally, as well as in our collaborations. Justina and I have collaborated for years on different projects (remember the Airbnb project we did?), but more importantly, we are just fans of each other’s work and work ethos and knowing how hard she’s worked, knowing her different struggles over the year (same), I just get so proud of her every time she blows it out of the park (like today).

the airbnb project!

We’ve spoken together at conferences and stayed up late many nights drinking and exchanging advice for whatever our business woes were at the time. The point is – I am SO EXCITED that not only is she working with Target in a similar capacity as mine, but she has launched her collection with them that is INCREDIBLE. When the EHD team saw it we all freaked out (and most of us are going to wait in line overnight for the first lamp below). Justina, I KNOW how hard you’ve worked over the years on your collections, books, lines of everything and I just love seeing every single second of your success. You deserve it all. So without further ado here is are our picks of her new collection that launched TODAY.

1. Rattan Floor Lamp: I want this so bad. We all do.

2. Euclid Fabric Pendant: Love how special the shape and details are but that the colors are neutral so it can really go in almost any room.

3. Mixed Material Shelf Floor Lamp: YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! SO GOOD!!!!! Multifunctional furniture that’s SO DOPE!!

1. Marin Stackable Pouf with Casters: The genius is too much. Not only does this pouf bring color and style to a room but those cushions COME APART FOR MORE SEATING!! Small spaces especially can rejoice. Oh and it also comes in a coral gradient. Both are so cute.

2. Anza Woven Rattan Nightstand: Nope it’s not a chair, it’s a nightstand! I love the unexpected function and of course the texture that it would bring to a bedroom.

3. Olivia Round Pouf: Another piece of furniture that has a secret! That VERY cute pouf splits into two pieces for extra hang-out seating. So great for teens (but also adults:))

1. Shapes and Lines Framed Wall Art (Set of 2): Justina is a TRUE artist and has painted and illustrated for years. To be able to do this and write and design is crazy. Such a good diptych.

2. Curvy Framed Wall Art: Another awesome piece but in a cool shape that would easily bring some variation to a gallery wall (so it’s not all squares or shorter rectangles) or work perfectly on a slender wall looking for a friend:)

3. Shapes Framed Wall Art: See! She’s an ARTIST! It’s just so good and I love the colors.

1. Bolster Oversized Woven Uneven Stripe Pillow: Yes to this. IN my cart now. The broken stripe pattern is one of my favorites and the velvet ends just makes it extra elevated.

2. Maze Pattern Loop Tufted Pillow: Texture on pattern on coziness. Such a great pillow to throw onto any bed, sofa, or chair to bring in some depth.

3. Jungle Print Indigo Lounge Pillow: How cute for a playroom?! Or to use to watch movies or read on the floor?! I love the saturated colors and the whimsy of the pattern:)

4. Square Velvet Fringe Pillow: Such a great color and that fringe is so good. But it also comes in teal and gold so there’s a color for everyone.

5. Fringe Cotton Percale Sheet Set: I love love how fun these sheets are! Think how pretty your bed would look with these on it??

6. Woven Striped Throw Blanket: You know I love fringe and blues so this throw is right up my alley. It also just looks cozy.

7. Yarn Dyed Gauze Stripe Duvet Cover & Sham Set: Justina obviously has a bunch of beautiful and bold bedding options but I love the softness of this one. The different scales of stripes are really good.

8. Scalloped Edge Quilt Sham: So cute!!!!! I’m still very into scallops:)

9. Abstract Punch Needle Pillow: Basically it’s her art on a pillow which I love. The large-scale abstract pattern that’s still colorful is awesome because it would work with A TON of different color palettes.

1. Blue Terracotta Vase: I love a pop of cobalt (I loved how Orlando used it in his bedroom last week, too).

2. Striped Terracotta Vase: Just fun, cool, and a very easy way to bring in a little pattern into your space.

3. Chalk White Terracotta Vase: GAH!!! SO GOOD! (AND LOOKS SO HIGHEND).

1. Woven Wastebasket: You may not know this but Jess has a thing for cool wastebaskets and she really likes this one. I mean it’s very cute. It’s again another VERY easy way to bring style and texture to a room that probably could use a little rattan:)

2. Wooded Rose Incense Sticks with Terracotta Plate Holder: If you are in the market for an incense holder this is such a cute one! Why not have your burning incense be as stylish as possible??

3. Round Metal/Resin Gemstone Box Gold: Cool and unexpected. Would look great on your desk, bedside table, or in your bathroom!

Congrats, my friend. I’m so proud of you and can’t wait to hoard your goods. Also, remember when we were babies?

O and buy her newest book here!!

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2 years ago

Wow, these are beautiful. Alas I am in Ireland so won’t be able to buy them. But I expect to able to hear the “whoosh” from here as that fabric pendant light (No. 2) flies off the shelves!

2 years ago

I’ve been waiting for this line to come out. I was sure everything I wanted would be sold out by 6am.

2 years ago

Oh I love it all! Congrats, Justina!

2 years ago

I’ve been waiting for this to drop! Picked up some wall art and pillows. Almost got the wallpaper, but don’t really need it. Hmm, where can I add wallpaper …

Christine Schwalm Design
2 years ago
Reply to  Kara

Line the inside of a cabinet, closet or bookcase!

2 years ago

I’m truly in awe of this collection!!! I want it all! The quirkiness is SO good! Congratulations Justina!!!

2 years ago

I love the way you promote others- it is very generous. You are a great little cheerleader. And Justina’s stuff is so clever. Love the poufs. Very original.

2 years ago
Reply to  Jill

I’m pretty sure Target paid for this post.

2 years ago
Reply to  Rupali

Curious why you follow this blog when you have nothing positive to say about anything posted? Surely you must see something worthwhile otherwise you wouldn’t bother..I am genuinely curious, not trying to get a rise out of you..

Pat McRee
2 years ago

Several things sold out from this delightful collection. I did get the fun blue vase so all was not lost!

2 years ago

I found EHD via The Jungalow!!!
I remember a post Justina wrote about seeing Emily joghing anc being all dan-girl and now? Now….you’re friends!! Yaaay! 🥰

Hiwever, now I’m complbummed about Australia’s Target being total crap and a completely different company to the US one!!! Please, pleeeeeeeeeease, buy out the Aussie one and install the US version FTLOG!!!😳

2 years ago

I so wish the shelf on Lamp #3 was wood instead of rattan, but it is still quite nice.

2 years ago

I saw this collection on Target’s website a day or two before I saw this post — how I wish I’d grabbed the Rainbow Door framed art and either the Marin or the Olivia poufs. Justina’s products sold fast! I managed to get the round gemstone box and the teal tufted bath rug, and might order one of the quilts or comforters as well (I’d better hurry!). The box and the rug are both made in India, and the quality is great.

I started reading Decorating Wild back when y’all first mentioned it on one of the linkups, and I’m just starting chapter 2. Yes, I’m a slow reader; but along with decorating advice It has so much information about history, geography, and science — I love reading about those things, and can’t rush through it!

Alexandra Rose
2 years ago

What a fabulous collection! Super bummed I missed out on that killer floor lamp.
Emily, you have mentioned that Target is making strides to be more sustainable and I would love to hear more about that! Do you or Justina, as designers, have any sway to insist on organic cotton or renewable energy powering the manufacturing facilities where this stuff is made, for example? I would love love love to hear more about that!

2 years ago

i wish i was in your country now i can only watch them and feel soooo needy!!!! they are really cute specially those bed sheets.