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The Link Up: Em’s Packing Cubes, The $20 Shirt Arlyn Bought THREE Of, And Our New Favorite Bedding

Happy Sunday and Happy Easter for those who celebrate! We’re hoping it’s a beautiful warm day that’s packed with good food and good company:) So whether you’re with lots of family or having a peaceful day solo, here are this week’s links.

This week’s house tour, designed by Chloe Tozer and her partner Jack Clissold, is a warm, neutral-toned home with pops of color and a lot of whimsy! It’s so so pretty and you have to go check it out<3

From Emily: I finally broke down and joined the “packing cube enthusiasts” team and boy did it turn me into QUITE the packing braggart. Feeling quite on top of my game for spring break, knowing exactly where everything was at any point. Admittedly I didn’t do any research, just bought these from Target (there are multiple sizes) that have mesh (but not totally clear) and fit so much into them. I put most in my carry-on (we try not to ever check) and then a couple full of tech cords and toiletries in my bag.

From Caitlin: I am #blessed to live within walking distance of LA’s greatest food invention: the rip & dip garlic cream cheese-stuffed bagel from Calic Bagel. (Whatever you’re imagining, it’s better – you’ve gotta see what one of these looks like.) I feel the way about Calic Bagels that others might feel about cronuts or cupcake stores in the early 2010s – like, THERE SHOULD BE A LINE AROUND THE BLOCK AT ALL TIMES! Anyway, in addition to their eponymous star bagel, Calic also makes a variety of spreads including a Cacio e Pepe butter that is SO GOOD – my boyfriend and I buy tubs of it and he’ll throw it on some toasty bread alongside some pasta when he makes dinner. (If your mouth isn’t watering, IT SHOULD BE! It’s to die for.) If you’re the home chef type, here’s a great recipe to get the taste at home (but beware – you’re always going to want to have a little bit of it in the fridge or freezer for special occasions. It makes a normal piece of white toast taste like a 5-star restaurant dish!)

From Jess: I am VERY excited for my newest round of K-Beauty finds! The best part is that they are also pretty affordable:) I got this face sunscreen which happened to be on a 2-for-1 promo, this face moisturizer, and this cleanser. FYI I did research items that are good for dry/sensitive skin so if that is your skin type too and you need a product restock, these might be great options for you:)

From Mallory: I recently snagged this travertine tray from Amazon and am SO IMPRESSED by the quality!! It’s heavy and has such a pretty scalloped edge to it! If you’re in need of a solid (and I mean SOLID) catch-all tray this truly is a great one and goes well anywhere!

From Gretchen: I have an exciting update coming at you from the comfort of my new Article bed!! This week, I’m finishing up my bedroom MOTO and couldn’t be happier with how it’s all coming together–which was admittedly SO FAST I haven’t had a chance to even intro the project! (Detailed posts about it all coming very very soon!) I don’t want to give away too much, so I’ll say this: Article offers bedding now and I am actually in love. I’ll tell you from sleeping in it myself, their Leni gauze cotton duvet cover is so soft, so beautiful, and adds the perfect subtle texture to my space. I went with the charcoal colorway and I’m just so pleased with it and how it works with the rest of the room. The color is rich but not too dark and the puckered texture just feels so elevated. Can’t wait to show it off!

From Arlyn: I’ve got a good one this week, friends. A $20 shirt that fits and wears like it’s $100…so I bought three of them. I randomly spotted this linen button-down on a recent Target trip and I could tell right away that it would be something I’d love to wear, and likely grab over and over again this spring and summer. Plus, for the price, I couldn’t pass up every color they had in stock (they have a few more colors online they didn’t have in store). And let me tell you, it’s been exactly what I hoped it would be. Soft, washes well, wears well, drapey but not potato-sacky, short but not cropped. Plus, I love the oversized front pocket with the pattern shift to feel very Madewell without Madewell price tags.

As always, thanks for stopping by and see y’all tomorrow! xx

Opening Image Credits: Design by Emily Henderson and Kate Arends | Photo by Geneieve Garruppo  | From: A Boathouse Makeover with The Frame

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10 days ago

Jess, I use that same sunscreen and IT IS THE BEST. I live in Perth, Western Australia where it’s been basically like the surface of the sun over this last summer and I can confirm this is an awesome every day sunscreen – not sticky, soooooo moisturising.

9 days ago
Reply to  Melody

O I’m so excited!!

Lori H
10 days ago

HI! I do not see a link to the butter recipe? Thanks as always for your round-up emails – love them!

9 days ago
Reply to  Lori H

sorry it got unlinked somehow! it’s in there now!

Lori H
9 days ago
Reply to  Jess Bunge

Thank you!

9 days ago

The recipe for the butter isn’t linked.

9 days ago

Could you please post the link to the cacio e Pepe cream cheese recipe? Sounds delish!

Amy Burt
9 days ago

Was the link to the recipe accidentally left off? I’m excited to try it!

9 days ago

Hi gal pals, both links are to the instagram account. Link below to read the article:

9 days ago

PSA/Reminder: the Target DVF items have a 14 day return policy.

Dan Boz
9 days ago

Please please post the butter recipe! The link is missing. Thank you! Thank you!

9 days ago

If anyone decides to make the cacio e pepe butter that Caitlin raved about above, you should absolutely use some to make the Pasta alla Gricia with Sugar Snap Peas from Joshua McFadden’s cookbook Six Seasons. The recipe calls for 8 oz pasta + a pound of sugar snap peas so lots of veg in there. It’s also great made with asparagus instead of the peas. Here’s a link to the recipe online:

9 days ago

Caitlin, you evil woman! I want to get in the car RIGHT NOW and drive to KTown. Although I’m sure they’re closed on Easter Sunday. That bagel looks so good. Arlyn? You’re nearly as evil. I ordered two of those blouses. They look great for summer. And if they don’t wear all that well? They will be worth the price I paid.