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Achieving the Parisian Art Deco Style: Furniture

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Bonjour, and welcome back to the next post in our series where we break down the “Parisian Art Deco” style and tap into our inner francophile. In case you missed last week where we intro’ed the post be sure to click through here, and thank you to all the commenters that helped us better label this style as “Parisian Art Deco” vs “Parisian Art Nouveau” last week. Although we do try to label everything correctly it is hard sometimes with styles to put a big “THIS IS IT” label on each style as so many of them are subjective and bleed into each other. But, today we are talking all things furniture so let’s get into it.

Emily Henderson Parisian Art Deco Curved Sofa Statement Chair Side Table 4
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First up on the list is sofas, benches, and daybeds. The furniture in this style is all about the refined lines and having a tailored and finished looking piece, which is very different from “California Casual” which we recently dissected where everything is about the relaxed, slouchy and worn-in casual look. When it comes to these larger pieces of furniture in this style you will notice that the majority of them have some major curves going on. Whether that is the wings of the sofa, the arms of the sofa, the back of the sofa, or even the entire sofa itself it has some major movement and shape. The shape and lines take center stage here rather than flourishes or add-on detailing. Think of it as a simple dress on a beautiful shapely body rather than a detailed dress with ruffles, sequins, pleats, and a deep plunging neckline on the same body. The shape and lines do the talking rather than the extra details. Here are a few of our favorites that can help you get the look:

Emily Henderson Parisian Art Deco Furniture Sofas Roundup

1. Black Samara Sofa | 2. Bolster Arm Upholstered Bench | 3. Valda Velvet Sofa | 4. Blue Daybed | 5. Boomerang Sofa | 6. Esme Sofa | 7. Brooklyn Sofa | 8.  Alfred Amber Sofa | 9. Sydney Sofa | 10. Lenyx Grey Leather Sofa | 11. Art Deco Sofa | 12. Velvet Cardiff Sofa

Emily Henderson Parisian Art Deco Curved Sofa Statement Chair Side Table 5
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Next up are lounge chairs, or what could also be called statement chairs in this specific style. These chairs are never boring, nay most of them can stand alone by themselves with no accessories or styling and be beautiful. Similar to the sofas you will find that most of these have some very dramatic curves and are upholstered in lux and high end fabrics (or at least have the appearance of it).

Emily Henderson Parisian Art Deco Curved Sofa Statement Chair Side Table 3
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Pops of color also play a big role in these accent chairs as you can see from some of our favorites below:

Emily Henderson Parisian Art Deco Furniture Chairs Roundup

1. Risner Iron Taper Wire Papasan Chair | 2. Pompidou Chair | 3. Moss Green Chair | 4. Rowan Chair | 5. Simone Blush Chair | 6. Caleb Accent Chair | 7. Channel Tufted Arm Chair | 8. Velvet Retro Mid-Century Barrel Chair | 9. Jane Lounge Chair | 10. Bacharach Swivel Chair | 11. Helga Chair | 12. Morgan Lounge Chair 

Now, for what to sit at, set your drink upon, or sit next to – tables. Just like everything else in the style these tables are stand alone pieces. They have all the curves, all the stature and all the right moves going on. For the most part you will find that these tables have glossy finishes, a mix of metal in them somewhere and refined features. Nothing too rustic, too worn in or with excessive scroll work or detail. Just simple beautiful shapes and pieces.

Emily Henderson Parisian Art Deco Furniture Tables Roundup

1. Whitney Dining Table | 2. Abrigo C Side Table | 3. Waterfall Inlay Coffee Table | 4. Salvador Coffee Table | 5. Kelly Side Table | 6. Container Oval Dining Table | 7. Hourglass Dining Table | 8. Metallic Mosaic Coffee Table | 9. Dorset Marble Side Table | 10. Stepney Coffee Table | 11. Willow Gold Base Dining Table | 12. Ramona Side Table

Emily Henderson Parisian Art Deco Curved Sofa Statement Chair Side Table 1
Photo Source

Last but not least in the furniture roundup we have beds.

Emily Henderson Parisian Art Deco Curved Sofa Statement Chair Side Table 2
Photo Source

These guys take some major cues from art deco design as you can see by the shapes of the headboards. You will also find a lot of channel tufting in this style rather than the button or diamond tufting that we find in a French Country style. And while some of these beds are on the more expensive side of the spectrum they are pretty enough to have simple nightstands or tables next to them to pull together the entire look. Or if you feel like getting crafty you can attempt your own DIY Channel Tufted Headboard like Brady did recently for his bedroom, which you could slightly alter to fit your room.

Emily Henderson Parisian Art Deco Furniture Beds Roundup

1. Deco Bed | 2. Agnes Upholstered Bed | 3. Halo Bed | 4. Sabine Upholstered Platform Bed | 5. Smooth Linen Upholstered Panel Bed | 6. Lennox Bed | 7. Babe Bed | 8. Campaign Canopy Bed | 9. Bjorn Bed with Storage | 10. Velvet Edlyn Bed | 11. Metalwork Bed | 12. Carris Arched Bed

With this style it is all about the shapes, curves and lines no matter the piece of furniture but hopefully this roundup gave you a little bit of inspiration and made getting the look a lot easier. Let us know if there are any questions on the specifics or if there are any good pieces or makers out there that we need to keep in mind for the next roundup.

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6 years ago

Loving this series! While I personally don’t think I could live with ALL of my furniture like this, a few pieces in each room would be stunning. Great finds!

6 years ago

This is a very tasteful and informative roundup (I love it), although this style is not my jam. What style is the opposite of Parisian Deco? According to the EH online quiz, I’m Zen, so is that the opposite?

Caroline E-H
6 years ago

I love this style (even if I couldn’t live with it 100%). So much sculptural velvet makes me happy!

Paige Flamm
6 years ago

Love all the pieces you chose! Their gorgeous!


6 years ago

I absolutely adore this style and series!!! I’m excited for more.

6 years ago

Such a departure from the usual EH style, and yet such a hit for me. More, more, MORE. I’m always looking forward to new posts popping up on this blog, and that is true now more than ever. It’s one thing to have a signature style for branding and it’s a whole other to get stuck in it. This shows you aren’t and I’m so happy !

I find some comfort that it may not be my fault that I can’t pull off a gallery wall. I’ve been trying and trying over and over again, and failed. And then I saw this article: giant, oversized painting everywhere, no gallery wall ! Yeay ! I do have some oversized art and I love having them command a wall like flat bosses.

Looking forward to the rest of this particular serie, and to the next one ! (how about Gustavian style ? or English granny done right ?)

6 years ago

Berhnhardt currently has a line called “Jet Set” that reminds me of this look:

(we have the upholstered sleigh(ish) bed and it’s definitely the statement maker of the bedroom!

6 years ago

Hmm, I love the inspiration pictures but don’t feel like the round up of actual furniture does the style justice. Especially the chairs… I’ve been looking for two chairs and I’d get the ones in the inspiration pics in a heartbeat but none of the ones in the round up speak to me at all sadly. I assume this is a function of price… ?.

6 years ago

I have always loved Art Deco but hated the 80’s version of it (and still do)!!! I’m glad to see more pieces available but worry that it’ll become so popular that it’ll go out of style again or that we’ll bastardize it like they did in the 80’s.

P.S. If you want to see the most beautiful architecture and Art Deco styling, watch Poirot. Sometimes I watch it just for the decor even though its a great show on its own

6 years ago
Reply to  Katy

HA! I’ve never commented before but I can’t believe someone else would watch a show to see the decor! I mean, Poirot is adorable and I like the show too, but I super love seeing the sets and costume design. 🙂
Thanks for all of your great work EH-love this style!

6 years ago
Reply to  Teresa

Teresa you must be finding your tribe! I can’t even tell you the amount of shows I’ll watch just for the decor and costume design! As well as great shows (the Art Deco themed shows like Poirot and Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries), I’ve sat through countless stinkers of all genres just because the sets were amazing!

6 years ago
Reply to  Katy

Bit off topic but never found anyone else to mention this to…loved the apartment in The Break-Up!

6 years ago

Looking at that coffee table in the second pic reminds me of a kidney shaped coffee table that I grew up with! This was during the 50’s. It was larger and made out of cork with steel legs, but with the same shape. Makes me wish I would have kept it in my family!

6 years ago

Looking at that coffee table in the second pic reminds me of a kidney shaped coffee table that I grew up with! This was during the 50’s. It was larger and made out of cork with steel legs, but with the same shape. Makes me wish I would have kept it in my family! Loved your TV series, Emily, and now I look forward to your blog!! ?

6 years ago

is #6 under tables supposed to be $38,000??

love this! so drawn to shapely furniture. eyeballing a few chairs/beds!! 🙂

patricia blaettler
6 years ago
Reply to  Miranda


Anthony Amiewalan
6 years ago

Love this style and the color combinations. I agree, I’m not sure I could live with thees pieces for a longtime, but love the sculptural elements and the rounded features in the furniture.

6 years ago

Anthro has a ton of furniture right now that fits in this style. Love the red chairs, anthro had “lozenge” chairs that looked just like them. I totally wanted them but I’m a bit intimidated by this style…not sure how to mix and match it in with my less deco fab stuff. I noticed that quote a few of the inspiration pics are from Consort Design. I know you’ve provided a source link, but I think they deserve a mention since a large portion of your inspo pics are from the same source.

6 years ago

WOW!!! My European historian heart is all a flutter. Very much enjoying this new series and would love to see it continued… I have been thinking about English homes (particularly the library of the Duke of Devonshire’s home from the 1980s…). I would enjoy seeing the English library done right. But please keep up the Paris Art Deco posts. I noticed that many of your inspiration photos are from Consort Design—are they sold only to the trade?

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6 years ago

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6 years ago

I just fell in LOVE with a navy and gold velvet accent chair that totally fits in this category. I live in a 1907 home with a mix of mid-century and traditional furniture, and I literally thought I might be losing my mind to consider some pretty glam chairs. Question: how do you MIX this style with a mid-century / traditional decor style? Can you have just arm chairs in this style, or would it require more – a lamp or something small – to tie the styles together?

6 years ago
Reply to  Caroline

I have the same question. My home is a mix of MCM with traditional plus a splash of Art Deco and streamlined. It works for me but I wonder if I could make it look better. Color unifies so I stick to a tight range. Other than that I just embrace the advice that if I love it, it all goes well together.

6 years ago

I don’t know! Maybe just the finishing line! Lovely selection but there are so many influences and styles!

Edward Rose
6 years ago

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Lisa Wilson
6 years ago

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