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A Few Easy Throw-On-And-Go Outfit Ideas ( + Some Extra Fun Looks)

We’ve had a few partnerships lately on social of elevated basics that I’ve really liked and wanted to do a show and tell here, too. Most of them are splurgy basics and aren’t like statement pieces by themselves, but with styling, I hope they can give some ideas on how to dress up some timeless pieces to make them feel a bit more fun/current/interesting. Again, a lot of these are on the higher-end side but are great quality and super comfortable. However, regardless of the specific items I’m wearing, hopefully, these styling tricks will get your outfit wheels turning:)

Striped Set | Hat (not available | Clare V Belt Bag | Sunglasses

As you know I love my Frank & Eileen denim and linen playsuits, and was drawn to this striped set. The sweatshirt specifically is very cute, but it is definitely splurgy. I think the styling could help make any more affordable sweat set look less frumpy and more fun. I stole that random baseball hat from a friend (Dave!), threw on my Clare V belt bag (Target has REALLY good ones right now), and big $10 sunglasses (from H&M). I also bought new running shoes from Nike because I just started Orange Theory (which I’m LOVING).

Hat (similar) | Sweatshirt | Joggers | Bag | Loafers

Here I styled the sweatshirt with my F&E joggers, Madewell bag, Everlane loafers, and hat I’ve had forever (this one is similar). Mixing up materials, doing the French tuck, and leaning into the Capri pant trend (but in a very casual way:)

Travel Set | Striped Shirt | Crossbody Bag | Sandals | Hat (similar)

Frank & Eileen also wanted me to feature this travel set, which took me a second to look like “me” (I love the striped version but they were sold out and there was no way in heck I can wear white on a plane LOL). But through styling, I think it turned out super cute! I layered a thin striped shirt underneath (also from F&E but obviously any stripe will do), socks with Birks, and a Clare V mini bag (Target has this one that is also so cute, although perhaps a direct knockoff so if you have the budget buy from Clare V). I really like the mix of the stripes and checks together. It just makes the whole outfit a bit more fun. But this travel set is a great gift, especially for say Mother’s Day to someone who likes to travel in really put-together but comfy clothes:)

Bandana (unavailable) | Sunglasses | Linen Dress | Purse | Sweater (similar) | Platform Heels

This green linen dress is the same style and tailoring as my favorite denim dress so I wanted to feature a different colorway (if you are between the two I think the denim has a drape that is hard to beat but the linen is AWESOME, very washed, and smooth. I’m just more of a chambray fancy lady). P.S. I know that Frank & Eileen is so expensive but know that I started featuring them organically after buying this denim jumpsuit which I’ve worn for three summers now and LOVE (it’s extremely flattering and comfortable). The quality is super high, FYI, but admittedly out of a lot of people’s budgets. Hopefully seeing them styled out can give you some ideas.

Linen Dress | Bag ( + similar) | Denim Button Up | Platform Sandals

Here I styled it differently – with a denim shirt around my waist, an H&M purse, and a headband (old from Anthropologie). Layer on some necklaces and the oldest phone case in history (going on 5 years????).

Headband (unavailable) | Sunglasses | Top | Pants | Shoes

This is the first time I have worked with Everlane, although a long-time fan. My job doesn’t require me to go to an office, but if I did these clothes are EXCELLENT elevated basics. These pants went viral and kept selling out. They are really great barrel trouser pants that once I tried I was like “OH I GET IT”. Just a really good fit in the waist without cutting in too much. I felt awesome in them. The shirt is a GREAT summer button-up – really lightweight and airy but you still look pulled together. Of course, I had to pair with a headband to shake it up a bit. The shoes are also Everlane and so cute, but they kept falling off the back of my heels probably because my feet are too wide.

Top | Jeans | Platform Heels

These two were cute but didn’t work as well with my body type. The jeans are high waist and wide leg (my exact wrong shape – I’m a low waist, skinny jean gal). But the pants are super cute, just less not right for my figure.


After we shot all of those I did a big try-on/haul for an Anthropologie partnership at the mountain house for social and so I figured I’d throw these into a post as well! Not all of these are “throw and go” but some are VERY cute, so maybe you’ll see something you like (or not).

Top | Skort | Platforms

I fell in LOVE with this skort because it’s extremely flattering, although these are a size 4 and I need to size up (my butt cheeks might be hanging out). But the cut/fit is good because of the flair of the leg and where it hits on the waist. Also a massive fan of these shoes and you’ll see them in all the shots – they lengthen the leg, are super comfortable, and go with everything. Also because they are platform they don’t read as heels so I think I can wear them even more casually should I want a boost. The blouse is so cute and classic but more fun.

Romper | Platforms

Another solid YES. Pistola has great rompers and I know there are a ton on the market, but many of them are too thick/heavy for summer. This one is super lightweight, short-sleeved, and generally so easy to throw and go. HUGE FAN. Double points for matching my spray tan LOL. Same shoes🙂

Jacket | Pants | Platforms

I was SHOCKED at how good these pants were. I ordered them because I thought they were a fun pattern, but since they said they were linen I was worried they would be stiff. Not the case! They are super drapey and so comfy. The jacket is awesome for layering summer/fall and spring. Classic and a great cut. It’s splurgy so best for someone who knows they’ll wear it a lot, IMO.

Top | Skirt | Platforms

Most people wouldn’t call a micro mini a “throw and go” piece and maybe me neither (I’m wearing a 28/6). It’s splurgy for being so tiny, LOL, but do I love it? Sure. But that’s because right now I’m the most comfortable baring my legs when it’s hot and you can’t wear that many clothes. The blouse is super cute, has huge sleeves (bordering on too big but I love them), and has a nice short boxy cut.

Top | Skirt | Platforms

I have this blouse in white and love it, but a darker color is also really practical for summer. Easy, breezy, lots of details but not fussy.

Top | Skirt | Platforms

This is probably the least “me” outfit here, but I actually really loved it. The skirt has a liner (like a tennis skirt) because it is short and wide. I’m wearing a 6 here. The top has these cute sleeves that look bunched up (but not in a cheesy try-hard way). It’s a little oversized and I think personally looks best tucked in.

I tried on WAYYYY more, y’all so these were my stand-out favorites. Shout out to this cardigan that didn’t make it into any shots, but is super cute and easy to throw on.

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Leigh H
15 days ago

Thanks for the post! Lots of cute stuff! I think the Everlane jeans outfit looks AWESOME on you and those jeans look super cute on you.

14 days ago

That “stork” statue!!! Love it

14 days ago

You are so classy – love your style. Esp how you styled the long green linen dress

14 days ago

I love the Everlane looks the best. It is definitely more my style, but I especially love that it could easily be taken into Fall with a cute cardi or jacket and booties.

14 days ago

These two were cute but didn’t work as well with my body type. The jeans are high waist and wide leg (my exact wrong shape – I’m a low waist, skinny jean gal). But the pants are super cute, just less not right for my figure.

I have to disagree. These pants are my favorite on you out of all the pants I have ever seen you wear!

13 days ago
Reply to  Lizzy

Agreed! I thought this outfit looked amazing on you! Maybe different than your usual, but so cute and fun (says this wide-leg, high-waist girlie)

12 days ago

All of the Anthropologie outfits looked ADORABLE on you!!!