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28 Simple and Budget Friendly Toilets


You asked, we answered. Apparently cheap and not hideous toilets aren’t that easy to find, so we put one of our market researchers on it and we narrowed them down to these glorious 28 toilets. Hilariously we found it very hard to find photos of bathrooms with toilets in them – even our own (remember when we styled the heck out of a bathroom for the video that didn’t even have a toilet??? I thought it was hilarious but some of you were not happy :))

It’s ok. I’m making it up to you by giving you many a simple and affordable toilet options to feast your eyes/butts on. I have no idea if these are good toilets, if they are low-flow (I think all new ones are these days, though), or if they are comfortable. We didn’t personally order each one, use it, and return it.  But based on price and style we like these and think it’s a good roundup for all of your bathroom renovation folks out there. Bookmark it for later because trust me, that’s shitty annoying research to do yourself. But, for what it is worth, Brady used #14 in his recent bathroom refresh (pictured above) and gives it two thumbs up.


Emily Henderson Chic Budget Friendly Toiled Roupup FULL GRID

1. LessCare Dual Flush Toilet |  2. Kohlor Cimarron Cimarron | 3. Windham 14″ Rough-In 2 Piece | 4. Kohler Santa Height WaterSense | 5. American Standard Fairfield 1-piece | 6. Toto Close Coupled Toilet | 7. Toto Rowan Round Bowl | 8. American Standard Studio Activate Toilet Tank | 9. Duravit One-Piece Toilet Top Flush | 10. American Standard Siphon Dual Flush Toilet | 11. Duravit DuraStyle Toilet | 12. Ariel Platinum Dual Flush Toilet | 13. Miseno High Efficiency Toilet | 14. Kohler Comfort Height Toilet | 15. Kohler Memoirs Stately Comfort Height | 16. Kohler Wellworth Two-Piece | 17. Delta Prelude Single Flush Toilet | 18. Glacier Bay Single Flush | 19. AquaSource WaterSense Comfort Height Toilet | 20. Niagara Ultra-High Efficiency Single Flush | 21. Glacier Bay High Efficiency Single Flush | 22. Glacier Bay High Efficiency Dual Flush | 23. Wellworth Classic Two-Piece Class Five Flush | 24. Niagara Ecologic Flapperless Tank | 25. Palermo Chair-Height 2 Piece Toilet | 26. Kohler Comfort Height | 27. Sterling Windham Elongated 2-Piece | 28. Magic Flush Dual Flush Toilet

We recently got a new toilet in our guest bathroom and it is WAY more modern then I normally go, with the sides being totally slick and straight – which works great in our midcentury house. But I love it as it’s a total dream to clean. Actually I haven’t cleaned it yet because I’m forbidding people to use it because I want to keep it perfect, but when I’ve given it a wipe down I was super impressed with how easy it was.

A quick tip – the toilet should kinda reference the style of the house. That doesn’t mean that you need to buy a vintage toilet if you have a 1920’s house, in fact you can’t (unless you retrofitted an old pulley water closet-y one which would be amazing). But if you have a more classic or older style home, go with a one that has a little more detail and more of a classic shape. If you have a midcentury, contemporary, or new build house then go for something simpler and more modern. I, for one, am super impressed with how many of those up there are solid options for so cheap.

So what next???? Give us a roundup and we’ll start the research process …. (we have many in the works right now, don’t worry). Eh?

Want more bathroom inspiration? Here you go: Master Bathroom Reveal, Brady Gives An Update To His Vintage Bathroom, Guest Bathroom Sneak Peak, Pink and White Bathroom Roundup, Modern Old-World Master Bathroom

***Photo by Zeke Ruelas

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Here is the link for toilet performance testing if you are interested. So you can select a beautiful toilet AND get the job done right.

I have #10 in my bathroom, and it’s great! SO easy to clean!


Hamper roundup – I’m having a hard time finding anything that’s a) large enough to fit a whole load of laundry b) cute c) not cost hundreds of dollars.


Oh yeah, we have two of the #14’s too. It goes well with our 1906 house, but doesn’t feel too ruffle-y-old-lady-victorian-bathroom either.

Fun fact: I ordered them on Amazon prime. Local store didn’t have them, and they would have charged us $40 for curbside delivery. Amazon prime, free delivery to the DOOR.

So yeah. Toilets. The weirdest thing so far I’ve ordered on Amazon.

(also recently, as I’m getting ready for a beach vacation and was looking at rash guards, got offered a “you might also be interested in.,..” a SWIM BURKA. Yes indeed. I’m pale, but not quite there yet.)


I second the hamper roundup request. I’ve been on the hunt for something that isn’t over $100, because I refuse to pay that much for something that will be used to store smelly clothing in. But everything I find that’s cute and big enough is like $200. Grr. I might just break down and make my own…


Yes, I’ve been looking for an affordable, attractive hamper WITH a lid for years! The few times where I had a closet big enough to stick the dirty clothes basket in the closet were awesome, but not every apartment/house has closets that big. And I don’t really like looking at an open basket of dirty underwear.

I talked to a water expert who marveled that people who can’t wait to change their perfectly functional cellphone are content to use toilets with technology that’s 30 years old. There are advances that bond air with water droplets to give plenty of, um, force without as much water. Toilets are the most water-intensive thing in most homes. If you have to change, might as well get a two-fer–aesthetics and conservation.


I find these product roundups helpful. I suggest to make them even better, giving more insight to your criteria for selecting the favorite items. What are you looking for? What are qualities that won’t make the cut? That way if I’m not inclined to buy that exact recommended model I have still learned a little something when say, I’m pondering toilets In a home improvement store. Thank you!!


I agree! Sharing your search criteria would be great, especially what price point you find acceptable.

Similarly, it’d be great if you could add other info that’s important to note when shopping for toilets (or whatever product is in the round-up). For example, one person in this thread mentioned “comfort height” and the difference between 1 and 2 piece toilets, both of which I’d never heard of! Now I know most round-up products won’t be as technical as a toilet, but this post in particular could benefit from some of this additional info (the kind you learn only from shopping for the product).

Loving these round-ups ! (and happy to swoon over Brady’s bathroom, it’s one of the best ever !!)

Why didn’t you include wall-mounted toilets ? I recently had one installed in our newly renovated bathroom, and it’s the best toilet ever when you need to clean it. No foot, so you just vacuum then mop, without any need to turn around a weirdly shaped toilet.

Those systems require some installation, and I don’t think it’s for every room, but I absolutely love how low-maintenance it is !


How about a roundup on attractive, comfy, stylish, affordable accent chairs? I’d love some for the living room and one for the bedroom.

I’d also love to know how to pick something other than the obvious. I gravitate towards comfy but angular MCM-style chairs, but I also love rattan and Eames chairs (loungers and dining chairs). I just don’t want the living room to look like a yard sale!


I wish European wall hung toilets (and bidet for that matter) would make it finally to mainstream America. My favorites above are # 1 and # 11.


I am from Europe, haven’t bee to the us. I am so confused about that!
To me those toilettes here just look like the same toilette with slightly different shapes. Why are there no hanging toilettes (so much easier to clean under them too).

Even in my cheaply renovated apartment we have a hanging toilet with a built in water tank. The tank is behind the tiles and to hide it, they built a little wall half way up which extends to the sink so you don’t need a shelf to put things on (if you don’t have that many things).

Emily S

What about a shower curtain round-up? We just have a tub in our guest bath so the shower curtain makes a big impact. It’s really difficult to find stylish options. I’d love that post and I think it could be a relatively easy roundup task for the team


I just pinned this for our new apartment before remembering we have what my husband calls a “flushometer” toilet, the kind with no tank. Perhaps there aren’t very many options for these?


#15 is not numbered…it doesn’t bother me but thought you might like to know 🙂


I have a whole host of roundup ideas! What about a small dining table roundup (for 4 to 6 seats). Or a chandelier roundup? Or a desk roundup?

Thanks for giving us budget friendly options! 🙂

Brenda Turner

In my last home my husband wanted an expensive Toto toilet with straight sides. I was not happy but you have to pick your battles. Fast forward a few months, I liked it so much we put it in our second bathroom and now that we have moved into a new home and I have already replaced one and have plans to replace the second. The straight sided option is the only way to go!

How about a round up of flush mount lights that are affordable but not horrible? Or did you already do the? Can you collect all the Roundup posts from one page so we can access these guides as a group? Really love these posts.


We replaced two boob-lights with flush mounts and the hunt was tough. I needed short fixtures since my ceiling was lower than standard height, and there wasn’t much out there! Here’s what I learned:

– Most flush mounts require low-wattage bulbs because they’re right up close to the ceiling and high-wattage incandescents right there can pose a fire hazard. This makes it tough to get enough light, and this is why a lot of them use 2-3 low-wattage bulbs in one fixture.

– You can sometimes get around that by using LED bulbs — they have low wattage + bright light. They’re even starting to make LED Edison-style bulbs that look pretty cool.

– I found some nice (but sorta pricey) at Schoolhouse Electric, Cedar & Moss, and various Etsy shops.

– I ended up with this one from CB2, and I’ve been really happy with it: It was a little tricky to install, but once it’s up it looks great. And I saw it used in a super-swanky hotel recently, so I felt great about my life choices 🙂


This is just what I needed! I’m midway through a bathroom renovation that was supposed to take 6 weeks … and we’re now at 6 months and counting. EVERYTHING I thought would be easy has been hard. Thanks for making this part easy!

How about a bathroom vanity roundup? I had no idea those things were so expensive, or that most of the mid-priced ones were so ugly! Help a sister out?


I’m on the tail-end of a bathroom reno that has also creeped from 6 weeks to 6 months. We ended up using a vintage MCM dresser and having our contractor convert it to a double vanity and added honed marble as a countertop. We found the dresser on craigslist and saved a ton and it has so much more character than a ready-made/bought vanity. A good contractor should know how to alter the drawers to allow for the plumbing.

Roundup of recycling bins please! Or cute bins that are big and sturdy enough to be used as a recycling bin.


Yes, yes! I really need that, especially as here in Michigan we need two: one for recycling and one for bottle returns.

This web site is too good which bring happiness in life ….

I am new about this…. But I like to read your post…


Appreciate this post! Our toilets are getting old!

Likely unique side note – we use cloth diapers, and having a toilet WITH a lot of water helps for that purpose. When I have to use the (new) toilet at my parents’ house to rinse diapers, it’s much more difficult with that tiny pool of water!

Thus, kinda hate the new regulations, when toilets are “multi-purpose.” 🙂


We CD too! I bought a stainless bidet attachment thru amazon and spray our dipes. It was pretty easy to install and about a million times less nasty than dunking was.


We have the BumGenius sprayer attachment, which my husband uses happily to clean the dipes. To me, I feel like I’m spraying forever and it’s hard to get into all the crevices! So I go the quick and nasty way (dunk), and just wash my hands really well. 🙂

I will have to look into that bidet attachment – thanks!

This is much Interesting post. Please share more info here in this site. I like to make a progress. Thanks for share ..


Currently designing a new bathroom for an addition/reno and have been obsessively toilet shopping. Two things I’ve found important to note is whether or not a comfort height toilet makes sense for you (it does for us) and the differences between 2-pc and 1-pc toilets. One piece toilets are a bit more expensive (don’t see too many in your roundup because they probably exceed the price point) but are supposedly a million times easier to keep clean. Also, many come with a concealed trapway – also easier to clean. We went with a Kohler San Souci comfort height which is a bit more expensive but worth it, IMO. Also clicking through all the weird colors some toilets are available has been pretty entertaining! Does anyone actually have a “thunder grey” or “cashmere” colored toilet?!


I was also obsessed with finding a one-piece when we replaced all FIVE toilets in our new-to-us 70’s modern home. I had to find something that wouldn’t break the bank and was so excited when I found this one from Home Depot. I know it’s a store brand, but (knock wood) we’ve been super happy with all of them and the bonus is they are also dual flush:


Cost was only $179/ea!


that is really nice! nice work!


I used to have a grey toilet from the ’50s. No matter how much I scrubbed, it never seemed clean. The new white one is so much better!


Shower curtain roundup! 🙂

We just replaced all of the original water-guzzling toilets in our 1980s house with toilet #20 on the roundup and we cannot say enough about them! I never in my life thought I’d love a toilet so much (#adulting). For a low-flush, water saving toilet, that uses .8 gallons per flush, they work like a dream and save us tons on our water bill :0).


Kitchen islands!


these informational posts are amazing, keep them coming! and this is maybe an odd suggestion, but I am having trouble finding cute trash bins for the bathroom that have a cover (so guests don’t have to see what’s in there!).

also, we used the toto ultramax ( in our powder room and it’s been great. can’t remember the price but it was MUCH cheaper than the duravit wall mounts we used in our other two bathrooms (amazing, and great for space saving and cleaning.. floor is untouched so just mop right under them!! but surprisingly pricey in the US at least).


This isn’t a round up, buf I’d love to see a post on built in shelves. Do’s and don’ts /helpful tips for designing them etc. Love what both you and Orlando did with built ins in your homes. Wld love to hear what you learned about the custom work! Wld be a great to apply the styling tips from your book too!


Could you do a roundup of different coffee table and tray styles and how they would mix and match? I have a wooden coffee table and have found it annoyingly/surprisingly difficult to find a non-wood tray that works with my style (a little boho, a little Scandi, with a overdyed pink rug thrown in)

I helped a friend pick out this DXV adorable toilet that is low-flow and works in a vintage house:

Not cheap but totally worth it.

Round up ideas: good bath towels, counter stools, bed pillows (sleep not throw), flatware, ceiling fans, and BELTS (because you always have great accessories).


Wish you’d run a “general tips” column: 1. What to put under chair or sofa legs to anchor them to the wood floor so a burly guy who flops rather than sits, won’t push it six inches every time he flops down on it. Something that isn’t visually awful. 2. What to put under chair legs so they don’t scratch the floor as they’re scooted in and out from the table. 3. How much extra rug to have around a dining table so chairs won’t fall off the edges of it as they’re pushed out and back in. This results in a pleated effect that is a terrible tripping hazard. I often see this with cowhides under tables — they’re never large enough! 4. Is there a list of measurements for how things ought to be? For example, distance between a bulb and where you hold your book, how high the TV should be mounted for easy viewing from your armchair, how high the bathroom mirror should be if you’re over 6 feet tall, etc. 5. For your older readers, some bedside tables that accommodate things like bypap machines, glasses, clocks, and other junk; they don’t lend themselves to the… Read more »


Stylish, functional, affordable bathtub roundup, please! I’m having a terrible time finding good options that are longer/wider than usual (>6′ tall husband needs room to stretch) and though I’d love cast iron, that’s just a bad idea weight-wise in our second floor bathroom. It would be great to see a roundup of the best small/large, standalone/shower combo, cast iron/acrylic tubs . . . a guide to the best tub depending on what kind of thing you need, basically. You guys are lifesavers!


I used #15 in a recent reno and it was great! Would love a roundup of kitchen sinks that are affordable. I CANNOT understand how toilets can be so cheap (complicated! moving parts!) and kitchen sinks (simple! like 1 moving part!) can be so incredibly pricey.


HI Emily, Don’t you think so that you have given a link to one of the most inappropriates site, which is so scary and life threatning.


#8 and #11 include costs for half the toilet only (the tank and the bowl, respectively)… thought I’d mention that so someone doesn’t order just the half that’s included on the link and end up with 1/2 their project missing.

Cheers, A


Hi There,

I really appreciate your posts especially since I’m starting my bathroom reno mid-July. Eeek! It would be also nice to have mid range toilets and higher end toilets as well.

Anyhow I was hoping if you could talk about mixing metals in the bathroom/kitchen I love me some brass but I’m not sure I can handle ALL brass. I’ve noticed you and Brady used all brass in the bathroom but wanted to get your feeling on mixing metals (i.e. chrome and brass?).

Keep up the great content!


Ideas for floating kitchen storage/work surface, like buffets/sideboards.

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