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My Current Favorite Lightweight Trousers On My Body

Here we are – the transitional months where our bodies are so confused about what to wear to be comfortable all day long. It’s warm during the day but not hot, but could be hot if you are in the sun in the middle of the day, but probably too cold to leave the house in tiny shorts or skirts. And nobody but me has any color on our legs yet (obviously, mine is from a bottle) so people just aren’t ready for that level of exposure. So I shopped and tried on a bunch of lightweight comfortable trousers and found a few that I feel really good about recommending.

Very Comfortable Old Navy Linen Pants

Hat | Sweater | Linen Pant | Shoes

On my recent “Oh wait, Old Navy is so awesome” discovery, these linen pants were a big winner. With the right casual but elevated top and shoes, you can take these crazy comfortable pants and make them look/feel like you really care about your appearance.

Hat | Sweater | Linen Pant | Shoes

I bought this sweater at Free People because it’s that perfect slouchy, heavy knit that is roomy and boxy. It lands at the right place for me, is a good color, and feels high quality. It’s perfect for over a t-shirt at night in the summer (it’s a breezy knit so it has weight but it’s not hot if you know what I mean) and it doesn’t cling anywhere. It feels very throw-on-able.

Old Navy Trousers

Linen Trench | T-Shirt | Bandana (similar) | Trousers | Slides

I found these trousers at Old Navy which again, look so much more expensive than they are. They are your basic cool, straight-legged, boy-cut with a cuff situation which I like to dress down, but could easily be worn with a cute blazer for an office job. The white linen trench is from Target and is awesome, a white T-shirt from Madewell, a very old Madewell bandana, and Kelsi Dagger slides.

Lightweight Parachute Pants

Sweatshirt | Scarf (similar) | Pants | Sandals

This style of pant is having quite the moment, but most of them I found way too baggy for me. But since these are cropped I liked them more. I still like a slimmer fit for pants on my figure (LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE RETURN OF CAPRIS WHICH IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING RIGHT NOW!!!). But for those of you who like a wider fit, these are great and cool.

Sweatshirt | Scarf (similar) | Pants | Sandals

The sweatshirt though is awesome and I want it in more colors (from Free People and I find that I wear it most days because it’s so cozy, flattering, and easy to layer without being fitted or tight anywhere). Scarf by Clare V 🙂

Cargo Pants Because It’s 1997 Again

Hat | Blouse | Cargo Pants | Sandals

These pants are SOLID. They are Target, y’all, and look way more high-end. They are thicker than some of the others (so less “lightweight” and more medium weight) and the pockets are really flattering (I find that front-seamed square pockets like this are very slimming and make your tummy look flatter if you are into that). I rolled them up so that they were more cropped, which I felt better in. Blouse from Anthro, hat is Brixton and of course, those are my Birks!

Hat | Blouse | Cargo Pants | Sandals

I thought this was a super cute and appropriate spring outfit (comfortable in every way, and yet looks like I still care).

The Really Good Spulrge

Linen Trench | Striped Tank | Scarf (similar) | Purse (similar) | Trousers | Shoes

She’s really going for it with that smile!! I have no idea what I was laughing about – so awkward. But the outfit is a solidly cute spring assemble that I could totally wear to run errands or go to meetings.

Linen Trench | Striped Tank | Scarf (similar) | Purse (similar) | Trousers | Shoes

These pants are Frank & Eileen so they are far more splurgy. Are they great? YEP. And if you have the budget you’ll wear them forever. They wash well, the cut is so good (lower waisted though, which is my preferred cut) and the hem is unfinished so it gives it a bit of youth.

Linen Trench | Striped Tank | Scarf (similar) | Purse (similar) | Trousers | Shoes

My favorite, as far as what I’d wear the most often, is the linen stripe pant from Old Navy and these from Frank & Eileen. Both are so breathable and light, comfortable and cute plus check all the “lightweight trousers” boxes.

*Photos by Kaitlin Green

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8 days ago

Great styling! I usually wear such coats in autumn. Then I more often put on some sports shoes and colorful and fun socks. It always looks good.

7 days ago

I was at Old Navy this morning after reading this and picked up 3 pairs of pants. They’re really good at the moment!

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