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30 Storage Beds – for the ‘storage deprived’

As you now know our new new house is wonderful in many ways, but it will never get an A + in the storage department. So as I was choosing our new bed I decided that a storage bed was the way to go. My goal was to bring in extra hidden storage in every single way possible. Now, once the room was arranged for the bed in front of the window I realized that an open headboard was the way to go, but before that I had researched the heck out of storage beds, so we wanted that effort not to go to waste – assuming that many of you might also have issues with storage.

As far as storage beds go there are a few different options, 1) Drawers that pull out from the foot of the bed, 2) Drawers that pull out from the sides of the bed, or 3) A spring system that lifts up the mattress to reveal storage under the bed. All of them are great and work best for different scenarios, but if you do go with one of the drawer options then keep in mind the space around the bed to make sure that you can pull out the drawers to make them functional (often your nightstand will block the drawer new the head of the bed). Because well, there is nothing worse than a storage solution that doesn’t actually solve anything.

Here you go – all different price points, and hopefully some with solutions.


1. Wyatt Bed with Storage Drawer | 2. Nash Storage Bed | 3. Marlo Bed with Storage Drawer | 4. Matera Bed with Storage | 5. Armeena Modern Storage Bed | 6. Nest Storage Bed | 7. Upholstered Storage Platform Bed | 8. Juliette Storage Bed | 9. Raleigh Upholstered Storage Bed | 10. Storage Bed | 11. Sarter Contemporary Grid Tufted Storage | 12. Allen Panel Bed | 13. Hampton Storage Bed | 14. Reflections Queen Storage Bed | 15. Elmsford Upholstered Platform Bed | 16. Upholstered Storage Platform Bed | 17. Meadow Platform Storage Bed | 18. Cambridge Upholstered Panel Bed | 19. Full Topside Storage Bed | 20. Damon II Queen Platform Bed | 21. Addison Sleigh Headboard Storage Bed | 22. Shelby Storage Bed | 23. Blair Queen Storage Bed | 24. Chesterfield Upholstered Storage Bed | 25. Avenue Reversible Storage Bed | 26. Verona Queen Storage Bed | 27. Costa Storage Bed | 28. Karsten Storage Bed | 29. Oak Storage Bed | 30. Chelsea Storage Bed

There are a lot on this list that I am very into. I love the simple upholstered versions like #1 and #3 but as mentioned, double check to make sure you have enough room at the foot of your bed to pull out a large drawer. If you are looking for something more modern and minimal then I love #25 from Target, or #29 from Muji. And, if you are looking for something for your kid’s room then I love #19 which has some closed storage on the sides and open storage on the side and front which would be perfect for books, stuffed animals or some decorative baskets or bins to help them keep everything corralled.

Have you guys tried any of these, or have a storage bed that we left off that is worth recommending. Let us know below, and let us know what you are wanting to see us round up next.

***Photo by Tessa Neustadt  and No, that bed is not a storage bed but it was the only bedroom we’ve done with a bed that somewhat looked like one of storage beds on the list. That one is from Living Spaces

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6 years ago

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susan tobocman
6 years ago
Reply to  Terry

What does this have to do with storage beds?

6 years ago

We have the BluDot Modu-licious bed ( and like it quite a lot. It’s very sturdy and stylish, which providing six drawers’ worth of space. Considering the fact that we have a mid-century home with no basement and very little closet space … it has been a life-saver.

6 years ago

Do any of the storage beds have some open air to vent the mattress? Too lazy to check…

6 years ago

We live in DC where space is a premium and apartments are tiny! When we first got married we lived in two very small apartments without much space, so spent all of our wedding gift money on the Pottery Barn’s Stratton Storage Platform Bed. It’s gorgeous, and with GENEROUS storage (seriously, we only need a small dresser), but I hate how heavy it looks on the floor. Looking for something with more visual space underneath it. I think we’ll probably sell it, now that we have a house (only 1300 sq feet, but that’s a VAST improvement on the 650 sq ft 2BR that we moved from!!). And we still live in the DC area, so we’ll probably be able to sell it easily!

6 years ago
Reply to  Sarah

I have the same bed from Pottery Barn. Also in DC! Does anyone have any ideas on how to not make it look as heavy, without just getting rid of it?

6 years ago

Where do the cream-and-black blanket and the gray-and-white pillow come from?

6 years ago

We have #23 and overall really like it. TONS of storage. Low profile which is nice because we have to put it against a window. Main complaint is the drawers are pretty sharp – we’ve both cut ourselves once or twice on them. Def be careful with kids and those sharp edges (don’t leave the drawers open etc.) One of the drawers also has had the bottom come apart a little (fixable, but annoying for a somewhat pricey bed.) Overall would recommend.

6 years ago

We have #1 from Room and Board and we love it!

6 years ago

Your # 18 looks just like this one from Wayfair my husband and I are eyeing: I don’t love the taupe-y color, but it gets great reviews and the price is right! I like that the the entire thing lifts up, so you truly have all the space under the bed to use as storage. With some of the beds with drawers, you’re losing a ton of space, and only getting half the bed-area (at most) back as drawers–especially the ones that are at the foot of the bed. We ruled out the Room & Board ones for that reason. We live in the DC area in a 1200sf 1953 rambler that is storage challenged. No basement, no garage. Our bed is also in front of a window. Anyway, this was timely. Thank you!

6 years ago

We have something very similar to the Land of Nod bed (#19) in our son’s room. Storage is great, but those corners are terrible! We are constantly getting bruises from the stupid corners and I’m honestly surprised nothing worse has happened. Next storage bed will definitely be one of upholstered ones-especially for a kid’s room!! Thanks for sharing some good options.

6 years ago

Not a bed…but I really love the new ROMSKOG under bed boxes from Ikea. They fit A LOT of clothes. I love that they’re canvas lined but have a wicker exterior so they’re not covered in pet fur (a problem at my house with any fabric bins/baskets). They’re not cheap at $50 each but they get the job done nicely without having to buy an entire new bed frame. I have one for my off season clothes and one for my boyfriend’s. Best functional purchase I’ve made in a while.

6 years ago

We actually have #1 and #19 for our kids. #1, while lovely, doesn’t have great storage – it’s a very shallow drawer, the frame can be seen around the mattress either at the head or the foot, and the drawer doesn’t stay totally closed. I probably wouldn’t get it again. We are very happy with #19, though. Great storage, great look.

Claire Conlon
6 years ago

The #2 West Elm Nash Storage Bed is the worst furniture I’ve ever purchased! I responded in detail to the IG post – please see that for specifics on damage. 4 beds and 3 dressers later, I can say without a doubt this line is garbage, and the customer support team was out to lunch. One person told me they hadn’t responded because most of the team was out with the flu. After this interaction, you’d think they’d be doing their best to make this right. Never again will I purchase West Elm products!!

6 years ago
Reply to  Claire Conlon

WE stuff generally looks so pretty in pictures, but a little cheap in person and definitely isn’t there quality-wise.

I’m always disappointed and glad I have a store nearby I can visit before ordering.

6 years ago

I love the number two one from West Elm!


6 years ago

I would *LOVE* to see a roundup of beds that are tall/high off the ground. As a tall person (with a tall husband), we’ve had trouble finding modern, high-quality beds that aren’t low to the ground.

6 years ago

Not an item, but I would love to have all the roundups listed in one place (like your “resources” tab). Whenever I need to buy something new for my apartment I find myself Googling “Emily Henderson + such-and-such roundup” to see if you have rounded-up what I’m looking for. 🙂

Thanks for the great tips per usual!

6 years ago

It’s a twin, but for a low-price storage bed, we LOVE the hemnes daybed from Ikea. (Actually, Ikea has tons of storage bed options!) Both of our daughters have their own hemnes in their shared room. I love that it has high sides because it makes the space very defined for them. It’s like their own little room within a room, and that was the goal. They HAD to share a room, but they are VERY different (typical…one messy, one tidy!) so we tried to personalize each girl’s spaces as much as possible without the sitcom-style masking tape down the center of the floor.

What I love the most is that it has the option to become a queen sized bed for guests. AND, we could get rid of their dressers and use the drawers. The drawers are HUGE. They’re almost as deep as the bed, not standard size like some other storage beds I researched.

We’ve been thrilled with them and get a LOT of compliments about how nice they look.

6 years ago

I have the muji bed for my son – it is his ‘big boy bed’ – the drawers roll out easier on hardwood as opposed to carped, but it’s pretty nice looking for the price point! we keep his spare linens as well as blankets and winter coats in there!

6 years ago

I wanted to get the lift up bed from Ikea but I couldn’t get my husband on board. He was okay with drawers on the side style but it wouldn’t work with our bedside dresser/ nightstands. They would partially block the first drawer …. one of the few times I figured something out BEFORE I bought it, hauled it home, assembled it and then discovered the space/floorplan issue.

Ikea lift top bed

6 years ago

My friend has number 1 or 3 from Room and Board, and she’s a total genius because she stores her dog beds in the end. Pulls the end out at night for her two huge labs to snuggle up, and then she slides it back in the morning to get the room back under control. The dogs don’t spend time in the bedroom during the day, so there’s no reason for their beds to be out.

6 years ago

I’m always looking for more storage but I can’t get away from not having a bed skit! Maybe in my daughter’s next room! Great roundup!

6 years ago

the room and board one –i can vouch for. it is really a lot of storage. We store our linens in it. it is 1/2 the depth of the bed. and we do slide the mattress down and store other stuff that we may need like once a year. so we are able to utilize the entire underside of the bed. BEST PURCHASE ever!

6 years ago

Love these options especially that West Elm Nash storage bed! Really need to look into these some more since we live in a 1,000 SF bungalow that ALWAYS needs extra storage. Thanks!

6 years ago

Love this roundup as I’ve been looking at storage beds for a while now for my small condo, the comments are great too! Restoration Hardware also has quite a few (pricey) storage beds with different options.

6 years ago

I have a roundup idea/request – dining room friendly rugs! I desperately need a rug to break up the wood floor + wood table, but get nervous about whether or not they’ll be spill friendly. You mastered spill-friendly chairs, so rugs should be a piece of cake 🙂

6 years ago

We have the Ikea BRIMNES bed for our guest room (not on this list). We would buy it again for that space. It has good storage for things like off-season clothes, blankets, etc, but I wouldn’t put anything too heavy into them for fear of sagging drawer bottoms.

Per a comment above, it does have venting for the mattress (slats).

We like it for the guest room and got around the nightstand problem by building a floating shelf at nightstand level. The handles are a bit sharp: if this were in our master or a room used more often, I would definitely invest in some different handles, maybe some leather ones since Ikea measurements can be hard to duplicate.

Thanks for the round up!

6 years ago

I wanted an upholstered bed so my husband and I made on very similar to #26. You can stash an unbelievable amount of stuff in there. I think it’s better for things you don’t need every day. Ours has suitcases, Halloween costumes, Costco packs of toilet paper etc. the gas shock lifters make it super easy to operate. You can buy plans and parts online. I just adapted for upholstery.

6 years ago

This post is AH-MAZ-ING. Thank you so much and just what I needed!

6 years ago

We just bought a lift storage bed from boconcept! Its plain white, and we have our old upholstered headboard propped up between the bed and wall.(
Its a game changer! I’ve had drawer storage beds before, and they hold limited amounts of stuff. As a city dweller in a small apartment, the lift storage bed is a game-changer. Ikea has an affordable lift storage bed option as well.

6 years ago

What size of bed are the prices you’ve listed? Either way, I believe the price for #13 is off, just fyi!

6 years ago

I like this bed

Susie Weston
6 years ago

I’m concerned about cleanliness of storage area. Drawers are not closed off from upper bed area, are they?

6 years ago

We have something very similar to the Land of Nod bed (#19) in our son’s room. Storage is great, but those corners are terrible! We are constantly getting bruises from the stupid corners and I’m honestly surprised nothing worse has happened. Next storage bed will definitely be one of upholstered ones-especially for a kid’s room!! Thanks for sharing some good options.