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22 Pillow and Throw Combinations for Any Style

Photo by Tessa Neustadt for EHD

If there is one thing that we get asked more than anything it might be, ‘can you help me pick out some pillows for my couch?’ It is universally the thing that people seem to get hung up on most and for very good reason. Mixing patterns, sizes, styles and colors can be tricky and very overwhelming – especially when you need them to all work together with what you already have going on in the room.

Emily Henderson Pillow And Throw Combos Intro Pics 3
Photo by Tessa Neustadt for EHD

But a pillow-less couch is no solution and frankly something that no one is going to want to spend a lot of time lounging on as it just doesn’t feel as inviting as it could. A few pillows and a throw on a couch can instantly bring a pop of color, a tonal play of textures or a fun moment to your room and it is also one of the easiest things to stylistically purchase without regret because “I hate pillows and throws”… said no one ever. Even the most minimal of people will accessorize with a pillow or two and a nice throw on their couch. But it is easier said than done for a lot of people which prevents them from finding the right combo and is the whole reason we are here reading this post in the first place. You see although three pillows may look great together in concept but there are a few rules to mixing and matching pillows to make sure that visually they work together beyond just the colors and styles being a good match.

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Photo by David Tsay for EHD

Although we have walked you through the rules of how to mix pillow combinations before on the blog and given you a few suggestions, we have never pulled together a full list of pillow combos complete with a throw that works well with them. So we decided that it was time for us to pull together a few new combos for you. All of these have been stared at, measured to make sure the sizing of the pillows work together and thought through so that you don’t have to do any of the work other than finding one that works well with your overall style and adding it to your cart. So here we go – 22 pillow and throw combinations for your Friday browsing.

Emily Henderson Roundup Pillow Combos 2

1. Throw: Navy Throw & Pillows: Heike, Rook Ivory, Navy Velvet | 2. Throw: Fringed Waffle & Pillows: Otto, Beso, Black Suede | 3. Throw: Mohair in Cream & Pillows: La Nieve, White Linen, Spring in Grey & Black | 4. Throw: Neutral Gray Throw & Pillows: Oversized Textured in Blue, Winter Beach in Grey, Tassel Lumbar in Pink | 5. Throw: Green Throw & Pillows: Bias, Onyx SelamPom Pom in Black | 6. Throw: Chenille in Blue & Pillows: Indigo Tile PatternSolid Textured in Blue, Leather Lumbar | 7. Throw: Nublado & Pillows: Weaving Mill in Midnight, Peace, Striped Lumbar | 8. Throw: Woven in Natural & Pillows: Cereza, Pieced Corduroy in Burgundy, Faux Fur Round in Rose | 9. Diamanta in Blush & Pillows: Cotton Velvet in Dark Green, Natural Throw Pillow, Gridded Ikat Pillow in Dennis Green | 10. Throw: Chicha & Pillows: Sigrid, Soliel Mud Cloth, Leather Pillow in Pink Sand | 11. Throw: Marlee & Pillows: Chenille Euro in Cream, Reversible Painted Stripe, R Teta | 12. Throw: Super Soft Throw in Cream & Pillows: Blue Velvet, Blue and White Line Pillow, Turquoise Mother Child Pop | 13. Throw: Kaysa in Soft Pink & Pillows: Patterned in Rose, Blush Quilted, Geo in Pink | 14. Throw: Barnaby in Gold & Pillows: Linge in Brick, Petite Triangle, Cactus Silk | 15. Throw: Gauze in Snowflake & Pillows: Laguna in Ocean, Sheepskin in Ivory, Paisley in Cream | 16. Throw: Woven in Black & Pillows: Blakely Plaid, Plaid in Yellow, Lumbar in Hunter Green  | 17. Throw: Roped Fringe in Indigo & Pillows: Mandam in Pink, Ferdinand Ticking Stripe, Round Linen in Pink | 18. Throw: Linen Stripe & Pillows: Guida in Coral, Multicolor Fez, Chenille in Midnight Blue | 19. Throw: Ombre in Blue & Pillows: Alice, Linen in Taupe, Herringbone in Navy | 20. Throw: Cotton in Black & Pillows: Ripple, Linen Center Stripes, Toodle in Cream | 21.Throw: Gauze in Cream & Pillows: Carpet in Pink, Silk Fringe in Papaya, Minna Stripe | 22. Throw: Ecru Fringe & Pillows: Arverne Silk, Monks Belt in Slate, Chevron in Off-White

Let us know if you have any questions on any of these or how to combine pillows to make them work in your own home. Which ones are your favorite combos from the list?


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61 thoughts on “22 Pillow and Throw Combinations for Any Style

  1. Love this post! Picking out throw pillows is haaaaard (especially for someone like me that LOVES pattern) and this is a great resource for it. I just bought a couple of those yellow plaid pillows from Target (in #16) and am obsessed with them. I styled them out with striped pillows and a couple more plaid pillows (I know, I’m crazy). I just posted on my blog about it:

    Next up is trying to figure out the throw situation in my bedroom and thankfully I think I could use some of the ones that you sourced 🙂 Thank you!

  2. This is so good. Just look, click and perfect designer look. I love all the black too. Saving this for my next couch redesign. Pillows are the easiest way to change a room!

  3. Longtime reader, infrequent commenter. I’ve been thinking about your year-end most popular blog posts round-up and call for feedback, so I’d like to add: more process posts please! I’d love to hear more about specific challenges you faced, the different options you considered, and your ultimate choice–lessons that could be applicable to those of us facing our own design challenges, and in your unique and so honest voice. It would also help you get more content out of each project (instead of splitting the reveal into 2 posts like with the recent Project62 bedroom/bathroom refresh, you could have separate posts about specific issues like choosing art that can stand up to bathroom moisture, whether or not to add curtains if there’s already privacy, how to incorporate an existing dresser and modernize it with additional furniture/decor, etc.). This could work especially well for the new mountain cabin, Portland house, and any work you do for friends. You or the client lays out the things they don’t like about a room or house and you walk us through how you addressed them. Less potentially offensive than the “design mistakes” series (because you’re not pulling pics from other people’s houses) but still offers the same helpful advice as that series that we all loved!

  4. These are all ? I love 4, 16, 19, and 22 most! Our couch has just become a giant dog bed, so our pillows and throws just end up covered in black, white, and brown dog hair. I want new pillows but my priority is something super easy to clean that won’t absorb dog hair! Got a round up for couches
    duvets, blankets, and pillows that are animal hair repellant? ?

    1. Same! I want lovely throws with tassels, but I’m afraid the tassels will get gross from frequent washing. And fur always gets stuck in cable-knit anything. I always just end up with those boring, not styley (but soft and warm!) fleece blankets.

  5. I love these types of posts!! I don’t know how long they take to create and I don’t want to know (ignorance is bliss and I’m guessing they take a while). Keep up the good work!!

  6. I’d like to plug the IKEA pillow covers. If you are in an apartment like me and don’t have a ton of storage for extra pillows or you don’t want to be wasteful if a particular style isn’t your favorite anymore, pillow covers are a great solution. I have 4 pillow forms and a bunch of different colors and styles so I can switch them up seasonally or when I just want a different feel. Plus they are inexpensive! I’m also going to learn how to make my own so that I can create something custom for myself this year.

    1. I totally agree. Even though my dream would be to have a pillow and accessory closet, that’s just not my reality. Pillow covers take up so little space in comparison to actual pillows. They are usually less expensive as well. I go to IKEA for down inserts, as well as covers. H&M, Light in the Box, and West Elm (on sale) have great pillow covers too.

    2. Check out tutorials for envelope enclosures! They are great for beginning seamstresses because they don’t require a zipper but are still washable. Good luck! <3

  7. Wow. Thank you for this…I’ve been struggling with pulling the pillow deal together, ALL.OVER.MY.HOUSE. On another note…Santa left a Small Space Decorating magazine (BHG , 2018) in my stocking. There are some dining room chairs on page 43 (upholstered, mid-century, black and woodtone frames/legs). I love them! You are the stylist mentioned…can you help me source them?

  8. These are a great mix of high and low end. I love some of the textures! I would like to see a little more color. I’m getting so bored with neutrals and pastels (but I get they are universal and in fashion right now).

  9. How do people feel about a $150+ pillow? That price shocks me, but maybe I am totally oblivious to high quality pillows? Is there something I’m missing?

      1. I have a dog, a snotty toddler and a messy husband. Ain’t no way I’m spending $150 on a pillow.

    1. I think it’s mostly silly, but comparing the fabric quality, style and texture of a $20 cushion compared to an expensive one is where the price can come into play. A truly gorgeous fabric that’s soft with tassels or other special features makes it worth it…nothing worse than a scratchy or plasticky-feeling cushion.

  10. I just ordered two of the yellow plaid pillows (#16) from Target because of this post and added one of those gauze blankets from your bedroom refresh earlier this week. Thanks for doing the legwork for this single, works-full-time mom! Target is so smart to partner with you!

  11. Hi,
    Can you recommend some good quality pillow inserts? I’m interested in both down and polyester options.

  12. I LOVE this kind of post! I definitely struggle with mixing colors/textures/patterns for couch pillows. I’m not even kidding, but this is my process I used last time I refreshed our pillows. I took screenshots of potential pillows, and made a PowerPoint with pictures of the living room and couch. I moved around the different pillow cropped screenshots (scaled to size). This worked for me! It’s one of those things where you have to be able to visualize things actually in your space.

  13. yay–FAVORITE round-up yet! thanks for the time and effort of putting these together. lots of good combos here.

  14. I’m so appreciative of your blog, Emily! I completely agree with the other comments, thank you for doing the leg work for us! I just bought the round pillow from CB, based on the first photo.

  15. Dear Emily, I have two questions: Are Euro pillows no longer fashionable for the bedroom? Can you use Euro-sized pillows on a living room sofa (large l-shaped sofa for comfy family movie viewing)?

  16. I have always loved your style of writing (it is so off the cuff) and your styling as well. I just wanted to know how you could possibly style a chocolate brown sectional with beige upper cushions. I have mint cushions but I would want to use teal a little in my pillows or fuschia, Don’t know if that is a good combo but I have teal and fuschia accents in the room. What would you suggest because none of the pillow combos above have anything teal in them.

  17. This is great! I struggle with finding the right combinations. I tend to be boring in my choices. You gave me some different ideas that I am going to try. Thanks!

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    Thank you for your posts

  19. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I really struggle with trying to find the right combination of pillows and a throw. I just purchased 2 crimson recliners for our family room and I am in need of new throws and pillows for the couches. This was great help! I am hooked on your site!

  20. “I hate pillows and throws” seemed to be what my late dog thought – he would jump on the couch and use his front paws to knock every pillow or throw onto the floor. It was actually amusing to watch, even though it was annoying to pick them all up. Maybe he was just voicing his displeasure because I just didn’t fun pillow combos like you’ve shown? 😉

  21. This is amazing! Thank you! We have two very bare couches right now mainly because I didn’t know where to start. You are the best!

  22. Even though these aren’t quiiiite right for the project I’m working on right now (front/family room), it’s really helpful just to see the scale, patterns, textures, shapes, etc. of all these pillow and throw combinations so I can go out and get my own. Thank you so much for not just putting together a shopping resource, but an educational one, as well!

    P.S. Absolutely in love with looks 16 and 20, though. Tempted to scrap all plans for front room and just buy pillows and a throw for my bed instead. ha! OK time to practice willpower.

  23. I absolutely adore this blog, and Emily and the team, but as a hopefully constructive criticism, this post needs rewriting or at least editing. It’s great content though and I love the combinations; so useful!

  24. I may be overthinking here but I recall an older post in which you recommended not using the standard two pillows that come with the couch and I’m wondering if it always looks stodgy to have two matching pillows, even if you layer with decorative ones? We have a pretty simple grey West Elm couch and then discovered these…|adaptpdph1|sift_ics_recs_override|adaptpdph1|52962091|2

    Since they’re oversized, I had a hard time combining well with regular sized more decorative pillows, and since the color complements the couch to the point that they blend in a bit, AND since they’re the coziest pillows known to man, I just gave up and bought another one for the other side and then added a three additional varying pillows in an effort to be stylin. The couch is quite long so there’s still a little space for sitting left over. 🙂 Would be curious if anyone had any thoughts!

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