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2018 Gift Guide: 30+ Awesome Stocking-Sized Gifts That Are a Step Above


I think I’m the official Christmas stocking blog correspondent as this is my second post covering this extremely important topic. In case you missed my first stocking installment on stocking hanging options and styling tips, head here. BUT let’s get back to why we are here today, stocking stuffers. I love the challenge of finding great but small gifts to fill up my family’s stockings. We have rounded up some awesome stocking-sized gifts that are a step above the also mandatory gum and candy. Let’s get right to it.

1. Do Something Dice, $12: Never will you be bored again. This fun and boredom-ending game helps you to create a spontaneous adventure. How fun is that? As someone who is VERY indecisive, this is a dream gift.

2. Rose Quartz Body Oil, $48: As winter continues to dry out our skin with all its icy power, this beautiful bottle will not only look great on display (always a plus) but will help naturally hydrate and soothe this lucky recipient’s skin.

3. Thayers Witch Hazel, $5: EHD approved. Most of the team has a bottle and we love it. It smells great, makes our skin look awesome and is super affordable.

4. Scented Erasers, $9: I am a sucker for beautiful office supplies and these erasers take the office party cake. Hello, chic 2019 desk decor.

5. “Green Juice” Gummy Bears, $7: I am in my 30s and still can’t properly swallow pills. So these vitamin gummies are the vitamins of my dreams. Plus who doesn’t love vitamins disguised as candy? I can feel all your hands raised.

6. Hardwood Yo-Yo, $8: Look, technology is great but a toy that doesn’t involve batteries is sometimes exactly what a kid (or adult) needs. I remember loving yo-yos as a kid but this one is by far the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen.

7. Chubby Stick Sampler Set, $25: Emily is a Chubby Stick lover (Chunky Cherry is her go-to lip color). This sampler gives you the whole Chubby line. A total win.

8. Affirmation Badge Set, $16: Little affirmation reminders are something everyone needs. These awesome pins are great for backpacks, jackets or even just some good ole home styling additions.

9. Butter Crew Socks, $10: I have them and LOVE them. They actually feel like butter. Also, socks are basically a mandatory stocking stuffer. Might as well give the softest option.

10. Ceramic Ring Holder, $6: Rings are very easy to lose track of and this cute ceramic ring holder is the perfect solution for anyone who has had a ring loss scare. I feel like that covers a lot of us. Emily had a very similar holder in her bedroom reveal and everyone loved it. It’s a guaranteed win.

11. Sheer Crew Socks, $14: So if you don’t want to go cozy with the socks then go VERY cool. These sheer guys are awesome and meant to be shown off. I have been eyeing them for a while and might need to tip off a family member. 🙂

12. Magic Hair Wand, $12: After watching an unsponsored beauty review by Refinery29’s beauty editor Mi Anne on this product, I was SOLD. It tames down those annoying spikey flyaway hairs along your part that are usually a result of heat damage. She raved about it so I am getting one ASAP.

13. Gingerbread Chocolate Bar, $12: Chocolate is another mandatory stocking stuffer. So for your favorite family member, you can up the candy game by getting them this seasonal and delicious chocolate bar. 

14. Edible Flowers Grow Kit, $34: If you have ever been on Instagram, you know the beauty and power of edible flowers. It ups the food styling game tenfold. You can now give the gift of almost never-ending edible flowers with this growing kit. If I didn’t have such a black thumb, this would be on my list.

15. Portable Charger, $40: As the queen of the “almost dead” phone, you can bet I have been through my fair share of pretty portable chargers. They always break and I am back to square one. This one I have heard is great and DURABLE. Music to my ears and probably someone in your family, too.

16. iPhone Charging Cord, $18: While I want a durable portable charger, I still want a pretty cord because it’s usually out in the open for all eyes (most importantly mine) to see. This cord is super cute and a whopping 5 feet long. Yes, please.

17. Tile Combo Pack, $60: I feel like I’m exposing a lot of my faults on this gift guide because I am also always looking for my keys. The Tile (which you attach to whatever item you want to keep track of via a special app) has been something I’ve thought about for a long time and am hoping I find it in my stocking.

18. Cell Phone Grip & Stand, $10: For some reason, I don’t have one and need to rectify this issue as soon as possible. It’s a selfie world people so why not make taking them easier with a Popsocket. I like this one because it’s simple and black.

19. Hot Honey Packet, $24: You just never know when you might need a little spice in your life. It’s a perfect addition to any stocking. Beyoncé would also agree.

20. Champagne Truffles, $10: Two of my favorite things in one name. This is a great stuffer for that person in your family who likes a bit of tasty decadence.

21. Reusable Sandwich Wrap, $11: Great for the environment, looks effortlessly chic and is easy to clean. I think the whole world should get this gift.

22. Reusable Shopping Bag, $10: Reusable bags are the best (and necessary in a place like LA where they charge for plastic bags at the grocery store) but there are a lot of questionable designs out there so stick with one like this plaid guy. It’s cute and can be carried easily in a purse for those unplanned shopping trips.

23. Glass Screen Protector, $16: Oh, hi lifesaver…another fun “fault” of mine is my constant need to drop my phone. I have this protector and not once has my screen cracked. Let’s hope I didn’t just jinx myself.

24. Top That Toast Game, $20: I LOVE a great toast and this gift makes a game out of them. Their tagline is: Turn any occasion into a celebration. Who wouldn’t be down for that? Also, if anyone has a really good toast and wants to share please leave it in the comments section. I’m not kidding, I love them.

25. Palo Santo Bundle, $12: I would dare to say there are VERY few people who couldn’t use a good energy cleansing. Especially toward the end of the year. When burned, palo santo is known to cleanse, heal, bring clarity, and spark creativity. All that and plus it’s a pretty decor piece. 😉

26. Sage Smudge Stick, $16: Much like the Palo Santo bundle, this smudge stick helps to get any and all bad energy out of your life. I am a total believer and this particular one is the prettiest bundle I have ever seen.

27. Bicycle Repair Kit, $18: For the cool cyclist in your family, this is such a cute and useful kit. You will be a hero when all of a sudden their bike needs a quick repair on the road.

28. Gold Manicure Set, $36: This a staple stocking stuffer in my family. How many times have you lost a nail clipper or can’t find your tweezers? It’s seriously a great and always useful gift.

29. Lip Mask Set, $25: I NEED this and I’m sure someone in your family does, too. Winter is tough on those lips and keeping them kissable is very important.

30. Metallic Sheet Mask, $14: Putting on a sheet mask is one of the simplest ways to indulge in some self-care. It’s the kind of gift everyone will love. I mean, dads and brothers need hydrated faces, too.

31. Classic Playing Cards, $12: A deck of cards is classic and this set is so pretty. Plus, you instantly have an activity once the present portion of the day is over.

Okay, there you have it. 31 awesome and size appropriate gifts for your family’s stockings. If you are jonesin’ for more, head to the Gift Guide page for a ton of additional ideas. Happy Shopping!

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Katie Stephenson
5 years ago

Love these! It would be so awesome if you had quickshop capability for these or at least click mapping. Maybe having several separate images with the text in-between, otherwise it’s difficult to scroll and see what corresponds to what.

5 years ago

I totally agree! I absolutely LOVE the round-ups, but scrolling up and down so much is a bit brutal. 🙂

5 years ago

I agree

5 years ago

We’re adding them to the last few we’re releasing so they’re easier to shop!

5 years ago

Hey EHD:

I know “smudge” sticks are “in” right now, but please do not support the whiteswashing of our sacred medicine.

5 years ago
Reply to  angelica

Glad you raised this issue Angelica! If non-Native people interested in Indigenous practices like smudging, support local Indigenous-owned establishments and find Indigenous practitioners who are willing to share their knowledge about the practice. And respect those who are not willing to share.

5 years ago

Y’all, those Baggu bags are LEGIT. I have a bunch in different sizes. They are super easy to carry around because they are light and tiny, and they are crazy strong.

5 years ago

Damn, I totally thought Top that Toast was a brunch mix and match game for making toast! I would love that!